Bharat Vyas – The Prolific Lyricist – II

I welcome the readers to the second part of the series (Yes! there is one more to go) Last week we enjoyed the songs from early days of his career and his associations with some of the prominent music directors, though his most popular associations were left untouched.
Today I will highlight his most prominent association with V Shantaram. For majorly of his films, the maestros Vasant Desai and C Ramchandra worked as composers. Bharat Vyas wrote for Desai mainly for V Shantaram films, though he was also called for some other banners as well for social & historical, mythologicals films by Desai. So I’ve included their association outside Rajkamal as well.

V Shantaram first worked with Pandit Bharat Vyas for the film, Toofan Aur Deeya, that was released in 1956. He was so much impressed with his pure Hindi lyrics and the richness of the content, that he called him for all the films thereafter, except for a couple of films. He at times changed the composer, but always insisted for the quality lyrics by Panditji. Navrang and Stree (Shakuntala) had C Ramchandra, whereas, Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti had Satish Bhatia.

V Shantaram even chose him for the remake of his Marathi classic, Pinjara. The Marathi movie, by the same name, was a major success of 1970. The Hindi remake was released in 1973 with the same composer, Ram Kadam. It is said that, V Shantaram first approached Laxmikant Pyarelal, who asked for Anand Bakshi. But Shantaram ji wanted only Bharat Vyas, so he chose Ram Kadam and left the thought of engaging LP. All the songs of Pinjara were sung by Lata Mangeshkar (The Marathi songs were by Usha Mangeshkar), the tunes were similar to Marathi, but not exact copies. It wasn’t a success in Hindi. For me too, the songs had no charm and by no means even close to the originals.
In 1977, again V Shantaram remade a film, Chaani (चानी) in Hindi. This time again, Bharat Vyas was called in along with composer Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar. A few song are worth mentioning, Tumhi Ho Mere Apne & Main To Jaoongi. Both sung by Lata Mangeshkar & the former appears to be the preliminary tune for ‘Yara Sili Sili’ from Lekin.
During the golden era, however, majority of V Shantaram films had either Vasant Desai or C Ramchandra as composer. The films composed by Ramlal had other lyricists.
So today let’s have a look at the association of Bharat Vyas with Vasant Desai & C Ramchandra. In late 1950s & 60s, Vasant Desai chose Bharat Vyas, for social films outside Rajkamal, like Goonj Uthi Shehnai, Pyar Ki Pyas. But majority of the films in 1960s, were mythological. They worked together for at least three of the films, based on Ramayana, Sampoorna Ramayana, Bharat Milap and Ram Rajya. Bharat Vyas wrote fabulous lyrics for those films. The lyrics conveyed the story very effectively and melodiously, and helped move the story forward.

I think now it’s time to move on to the songs. So here we go ………..

1. Nirbal Se Ladai Balwan Ki – Toofan Aur Deeya (1956) Manna Dey / Music – Vasant Desai
An inspirational song that describes the tough journey of a boy and his sister, through adverse circumstances and how they fights the obstacles and shine through. It metaphorically describes the story with the example of a small lamp that struggles for its existence in storm. This is a credits song and it tells the story in the film, to a most interesting point and the film starts. I must say that Bharat Vyas uses pure Hindi words, but still the songs appears contemporary and we can make out that its for a social film and not a mythological one! He had that vision. The song achieved fourth position, in hit parade, Binaca Geetmala in 1956.

2. Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum – Do Aankhen Barah Haath (1957) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Vasant Desai
It’s impossible to skip this Bhajan, it’s one of his best songs and to me one of the greatest songs of Hindi cinema. It addresses the divine power as ‘Malik’ and hence is not limited to any religion. I think, it’s a great thing in itself. The song is sung across India in a number of schools as morning prayer and I think outside country too! It talks about the incompleteness of human beings (बड़ा कमज़ोर हैं आदमी, अभी लाखों हैं इस में कमी) and how we all need a strong belief in a divine power that supports us in difficult situations. And always be on the path of goodness, avoiding the evil! A great composition!

3. Tim Tim Tim Taron Ke Deep Jale – Mausi (1958) Lata Mangeshkar & Talat / Music – Vasant Desai
Here we’ve a cute romantic duet from a social film by Rajkamal. The song compares the twinkling stars to the blinking lamps. The lyrics perfectly portray a romantic starry night.
The couple finds the night magical and the blooming flowers appear to sing a new melody for them.

आज कलियों के मन में नया गीत हैं
आज लहरों में जादू का संगीत हैं

4. Tere Sur Aur Mere Geet – Goonj Uthi Shehnai (1959) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Vasant Desai
What can I say about the songs from the movie? Each and every song competes with the other for rich and meaningful lyrics. As the film was based on a musician playing shehnai, all the songs are full of shehnai. This song’s not an exception!
This song would be one of those having small mukhda.
He didn’t hesitate to use Urdu words like तासीर, ख़याल to get exact impact. Nothing more to say, enjoy the melodious song.

5. Na Na Na Barso Badal – Samrat Prithviraj Chouhan (1959) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Vasant Desai
What a composition. Not only because it’s a semi classical song, and sung awesomely by Lata Mangeshkar, but look at the lyrics. Wow! These pure Hindi words are so soothing! In the current era of meaningless lyrics, this is like heaven.
Princess Sanyukta, in the song, requests the clouds, not to rain, as she can’t stop her tears. She has cried so much that now her eyes are dry. The lightning sets her heart on fire.

6. Badalon Baraso Nayan Ki Kor Se – Sampoorna Ramayan (1961) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Vasant Desai
In contrast to the earlier song, Seeta now requests the clouds to rain through her eyes and let the thunders light for the pain in her heart. She asks it to roar with her elegiac voice.
ओ घटाओ गर्जना को थाम लो
आज मेरे करूण स्वर से काम लो
बंध गया सावन नयन की डोर से।
जहर को अमृत समझकर पी रही
मीन जल बिन दीन होकर जी रही
प्राण तडपे भाग्य के झकझोर से।
What an excellent use of pure Hindi! The words suit the mythological film.

7. Chanda Dhale Pankha Jhale – Pyar Ki Pyas (1961) Lata Mangeshkar & Geeta Dutt (Separately) / Music – Vasant Desai
I chose this song, for the lyrics and also it’s like a theme song. The film is about a five year old orphan girl, who is adapted by a couple. They start treating her as their own child and pamper her, till they are blessed with a baby girl of their own! Then the poor child is treated like a servant, who ultimately wants to go back to the orphanage. The song makes its appearance three times in the movie. Firstly, when the couple adapts the girl, and shower their love on her. Secondly when the lady is singing the lullaby to her own child and the adapted child is reduced to a servant, as apparent from the video. Both these are sung by Geeta Dutt. The third time, when the girl is all alone in a jungle, frightened and remembers the lady. This is sung by Lata Mangeshkar.
The lyrics are full of maternal love and adoration. There’s a multilingual song as well in the movie, a stage performance at school gathering. The song talks about national integrity.

8. Chandrama Ja Unse Keh De – Bharat Milap (1965) Lata Mangeshkar & Mahendra Kapoor / Music – Vasant Desai
Again a semi classical song, from a mythological movie.
Bharat Vyas compares the eyelid to crescent of the moon, (पलकन की कोर). His mastery of using exact Hindi words is commendable.

9. Vandana Karo Archana Karo – Ladki Sahyadri Ki (1966) Pandit Jasraj / Music – Vasant Desai
This was a bilingual film, with the title इये मराठीचिये नगरी in Marathi. The story is about a maharashtrian girl who struggles hard for the family. Most of the songs are stage performances based on historical context. Bharat Vyas is at home with this project.
I selected this song as it’s one of the few songs, Pandit Jasraj ji has sung for Hindi films. The song praises the rich culture of India.

10. Kalpana Ke Ghan Barsate – Amar Jyoti (1967) Lata Mangeshkar & Mahendra Kapoor / Music – Vasant Desai
This song needs to be personally experienced than me commenting on it. The concept in the song can be summarised as, The songs are getting wet in the rain of imagination, your emotions running high like showers and your voice getting more mellow and soulful. What a brilliant idea. (Forgive my poor vocabulary)
It goes like this……..

कल्पना के घन बरसते
गीत गिले हो रहे।
भाव रिमझिम कर रहे हैं
स्वर रसीले हो रहे।

Listen to it with your eyes closed on quiet night. Just bliss!
Full marks to lyricist, composer and singers. I can call it my most favourite on the list.

11. Dar Lage Garje Badariya – Ram Rajya (1967) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Vasant Desai
Again a movie based on epic Ramayan. It’s the most outstanding song from the movie. The video of the song is not available, but it seems, Seeta sings it after Laxman leaves her in Jungle, on Lord Ram’s orders. A fine classical based song, excellent rendition by Lata Mangeshkar.

12. Shyamal Shyamal Baran – Navrang (1959) Mahendra Kapoor / Music – C Ramchandra
The poet in the film is in love with an imaginary woman (Mohini), who’s actually his wife, but the way he wants her to be. When his wife is angry with him, he spontaneous breaks into a song praising her beauty. And Bharat Vyas decorates the song with minute details, equally adoringly adorned by C Ramchandra, using sounds of various kitchen gadgets. The metaphors used in the song are adorable.

13. Aadha Hai Chandrama – Navrang (1959) Asha Bhosle & Mahendra Kapoor / Music – C Ramchandra
The movie had so many songs and all so excellent, that it was difficult to choose. The ‘Na Raja Rahega’ song, ‘Tu Chhupi Hai Kahan’, ‘Aa Dil Se Dil’, ‘Are Jare Hat Natkhat’ all are masterpieces. I must also mention, ‘Kaviraja, Kavita Ke’, that was sung by Vyas himself. Though it appears as a fun song in the movie, it was originally written by him very early in his career. Here’s the story behind it, in his own voice.
But this song describing the relish of incompleteness, is a delight to listen to.

The songs from the movie, Stree, are the main attraction for me. Just outstanding lyrics by Vyas. All the songs are wonderful, but at least four of them are completely mesmerizing. I was tempted to add all the four. But to limit the number of songs on the list, with heavy heart, I selected only two. I strongly recommend the other two, Jhilmil Jhilmil Leheron Ka and Kaun Ho tum, Kaun Ho.
What Hindi vocabulary Vyas Ji had! Rich in Sanskrit, still easy to understand and pronounce. I can’t stop praising the songs. Just bliss! And equal credit to playback singers and the composer, C Ramchandra.

14. O Nirdai Preetam – Stree (1961) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – C Ramchandra
Shakuntala is eagerly waiting for Dushyant, but she is not really heartbroken. She is more or less teasing him, as apparent from the video of the song. But she wants to make him aware of her agony, so she adds a few words of regret too. And the lyrics, soothing to ears and mind.We can see very young Mumtaz in the song.
ये चंदा शीतल कहलाता, फिर क्यों मेरे अंग जलाता
फुल सा कोमल बाण मदन का, शूल बनके तन में चुभ जाता
तुम मधुबन के भ्रमर सयाने, बन कि कली तेरा हृदय ना जाने
गुंजन में क्या, मन में क्या था, प्रीत या छल था क्या पहचाने
What a fine collection of words, just amazing! I’m completely hypnotized when I listen to it.

15. Aaj Madhuavatas Dole – Stree (1961) Lata Mangeshkar & Mahendra Kapoor / Music – C Ramchandra
A cute, intense and passionate honeymoon song, with extremely beautiful Hindi words. We get awestruck with the very fine soft words, sung like a whisper. I can’t stop myself mentioning the lyrics.

आज मधुवातास डोले, मधुरिमा से प्राण भर लो।
चांद को चुपचाप निरखो, चाँदनी में स्नान कर लो।

ये चमेली सी सुगंधित रात मधु मुस्का रही, झींगुरों की बीन की झंकार पर कुछ गा रही।
चहचहाते विहग भूले किस दिशा में खो गए, मौन हैं प्रकृति, जगत के सकल प्राणी सो गए।
मैं कहुँ कुछ कान में तुम, जानकर अंजान कर लो।
I can’t say anything more! Experience it!

Before I conclude today’s song list, I must add one of his most popular & much acclaimed song. It’s from a V Shantaram film, so it fits the theme too!
I already had it on one of my earlier lists, and it’s my absolute favourite!

Here is the bonus song………

§§ Yeh Kaun Chitrakar Hai – Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti (1967) Mukesh & Chorus / music – Satish Bhatia §§
The song has appeared on one of my earlier lists as well, but it is a must for a Bharat Vyas song list.
It’s more of a poem, just picturesque description of nature. The tall deodar trees, the firmly sitting mountain ranges resembling the sages in penance, the twisty roads looking like snakes, the beautiful rose gardens.
We keep on wondering ये कौन गीतकार हैं? who has such a great knowledge of Hindi and mother nature, metaphors and similes.

Would you add a song?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are from YouTube and have been used here only for the music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

14 Replies to “Bharat Vyas – The Prolific Lyricist – II”

  1. Anup ji ,
    एकसे बढ़कर एक
    आप लायें हैं गानें अनेक !!!

    Really , each nd every song is a classic .
    The narration , as usual , is also nice.

    Yes , I would like to add a नौटंकी of film Pinjara .


    1. Thanks for the appreciation Pramodji.
      The song you shared from Hindi Pinjara, sounds like a combination of two songs from Marathi Pinjara.
      But, I was totally disappointed with the Hindi songs from Pinjara.
      I did not like them, as I said in the post as well.


      1. Anup ji ,
        I totally agree with U that the songs of marathi Pinjara r 100 times better than the hindi ones .
        Yes , U hav got it right that the song posted by me is combo of
        छबिदार छबी nd मला लागली कुणाची उचकी

        Though I too don’t like the hindi songs , I liked the way of picturization of the gr8
        V .Shantaram. Many pple think the style of Sandhya is weird but I always hav been fascinated by each nd every of her performances .
        Sandhya was graceful nd hard – working nd devoted actress I must say . She was a director’s artist , dedicated herself to V.Shantaram nd his films .
        Anup ji , I apologize for this lengthy comment .


        1. Yes, I also thought of Sandhya’s dancing style as weird, But I share your opinion about her hard work & dedication.
          I was surprised, when after watching ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’, the most memorable were songs and Sandhya. I was shocked at my own thinking! As a child, I never used to like her, but now I think, I was totally wrong!
          She is fantastic! She really goes deep into the character she plays and performs great!
          I’m happy to see you sharing my opinion about her!
          Usually no one talks about her! But she deserves praise.


  2. Lovely songs, Anupji! Glad to see several here that were either on my list, or which I had shortlisted. Aaj madhuvaataas was a song that someone introduced me to when I posted my list, and it really blew me away with the beauty of its lyrics.

    BTW, Anita Guha doesn’t play Sanyukta in Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan: she plays the court dancer who falls in love with the king. And Nirbal ki ladaayi balvaan se, while it is a credits song, actually plays almost throughout the film – in fact, several of the verses that appear later in the film don’t appear during the credits. I had thought of including that song in my list, but it would be so long that I baulked at the thought of transcribing and translating all of it!


    1. Thank you Madhuji.
      Yes, there are many songs overlapping in this post.
      And I had no idea about Anita Guha playing a court dancer, in Samrat Privthiraj Chouhan. Though I had thought of it, when I saw another song from the movie.

      And for Toofan Aur Diya song, as well, I’d no idea. But I like it a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Anup ji ,
    Thnx for a detailed reply sharing Ur views about Sandhya .
    ” दे रे कान्हा ” nd ” तुम्हांवर केली मी मर्जी बहाल ” r her performances which I like the most .

    Nd yes , I m glad that the magic of Meena Kumari is gradually overpowering Ur mind . ( I read about it in Madhu ji’s post on
    ” Tamasha ” )
    80 % of the devoted cine – goers between the period 1950 – 1970 , no matter whether they were men or women , were gr8 fans of

    I know that being a doctor , U must b 2 busy in Ur work nd so I again apologise for my frequent nd lengthy comments .


    1. Pramodji,
      You don’t have to apologize for frequent or lengthy comments. The blog is run by readers and their comments! So there is no necessity to apologize!
      Meena Kumari was certainly charming in 50s, and she was talented and beautiful, and it was pity that she was typecast as Tragedy Queen, and she turned alcoholic in the later part of her career.


  4. Anup,
    Your series on Bharat Vyas is turning out to be very comprehensive. Part II takes forward your Part I. This contains at least two songs I absolutely adore: Dar laage garje badariya and Aaj madhuvatas dole. Congratulations.


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