The ‘Intezar’ Songs

Just the other day, I was waiting at a theater for my wife to join me. I was feeling a bit irritated, ‘Why can’t these women get ready on time, eh?’ was my first reaction. But we still had 15 minutes for the movie to start. Later I became frustrated, still 10 minutes for the movie. No sign of her. A few more minutes passed, and I started getting nervous and tense. ‘Why isn’t she here yet?, usually she is on time. Is the two wheeler playing up? Or is it something else?’ I was really getting worried, when a familiar voice called me, that of my wife’s! Thank God! The titles of the movie had just began as we entered the hall, me beginning to get angry now. It’s so awkward to pass in front of the audience watching the movie. They stare at you as if, you have done something unpardonable! (By the way, I do the same, when I happened to be on the other side)

Intezar, Intezar, Intezar

The ‘Waiting’ incidence put the idea of this post into my head. To make a list of ‘Songs of Waiting’. But I wasn’t going to include songs that depict waiting. I wanted to make the list of songs with the word ‘Intezar’ in the opening lines. I started looking for songs. I gathered quite a good number of songs, and I started short listing those songs. The ones having different situations was my target and I was busy doing that for a few days.
Finally here I’m with the song list. Some of the songs may share a similar situation, but that’s my fault. I may have been a little biased about a particular song. The situations in a song having the word ‘Intezar’ are quite obvious, the common one being, She is waiting for him or vise versa. The couple is in love and is desperate to meet each other. You may also find it in songs of separation, where the couple is beyond each other’s reach and yearn for the partner. My list even has a seductive song. I think I must have aroused curiosity about the songs on the list!

So Here we go, Ten songs with the word ‘Intezar’ in the opening lines. The songs are in No particular order.

1. Hum Intezar Karenge – Bahu Begum (1964) Asha Bhosle & Rafi / Roshan – Sahir
Zeenat Begum (Meena Kumari) is waiting for Yusuf (Pradeep Kumar). Her closest friend, is accompanying her and making gestures to tease her. She is sure about his arrival, but is ready to wait for him till the end of the world! And if he’s really making an appearance after a disaster, she is ready to face it. At least he would come. Of course, that a poetic way to describe things. Finally he comes singing the last verse.
A romantic song, wonderfully sung! Ashanti Bhosle’s expressions are mind blowing. It shows shades of desperation and confidence, so very easily.

2. Tum Pukar Lo – Khamoshi (1969) Hemant Kumar / Hemant Kumar – Gulzar
Here we come to a serious stuff! A song that portrays intense emotions! I’ve not been able to decipher it completely. The lyrics suit Dharmendra’s state of mind, but so do Waheeda Rehman’s. Her eloquent face says it all. She finally realizes that she never was the love of his life.She would never be his partner! The song disturbs me sometimes. Hemant Kumar composing and singing it, very extraordinarily brilliant, leaves me dumbfounded. The song certainly has a haunting quality. It penetrates deep into your thoughts, almost impossible to overcome its impact.
And I found at the end that, the video has only one verse, the second one is missing!

3. Intezar Aur Abhi – Char Dil Char Raahen (1959) Lata Mangeshkar / Anil Biswas – Sahir
Yet another melancholic song! She gets tormented by waiting for him. He never arrives! And she keeps on waiting and waiting. But of course, it’s not the actual situation in the song.
She has been requested to sing for a man, experiencing sleepless nights.

4. Aaja Ke Intezar Mein – Halaku (1956) Lata Mangeshkar & Rafi / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
A genuine song of separation, the lady stood him up, and the agitated man opens his heart to sing a song full of agony. A song that is popular till date, the public may or may not remember the movie or the on screen performers.

5. Aaiye Aapka Tha Humein Intezar – Mahal (1969) Asha Bhosle / Kalyanji Anandji – Anand Bakshi
I’m a huge fan and admirer of Farida Jalal. I have always thought of Farida Jalal as a simple, cute girl next door! And her sweet smile and chubby cheeks never portray her as a seducing sensuous hottie. But we see her in a glamorous role, trying to seduce Dev Anand. And the fog, the playful attractive gestures of the lady, and Asha’s excellent performance make it an audiovisual delight.

6. Yeh Sama Sama Hai Ye Pyar Ka – Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965) Lata Mangeshkar / Kalyanji Anandji – Anand Bakshi
Again a song with a sensuous touch! Nanda dreaming about her mate. The young lady awaits someone on a pleasant evening. She is absorbed in deep thoughts about the romance in the air, so much so that she does not realize that someone has arrived and watching her.

7. Karke Jiska Intezar Mera Dil – Humrahi (1963) Lata Mangeshkar & Rafi / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
The song is not about literal waiting for some person. The couple had some misunderstandings and differences, that are now resolved. They have been waiting for the reunion. She has realized her mistakes and confesses about them, he always wanted reconciliation. Both of them are happy that, now the good days are back.

8. Kahin Karati Hogi Woh Mera Intezar – Phir Kab Milogi (1974) / R D Burman – Majrooh
A romantic duet, talking about the couple’s rendezvous. Though Mukesh sings it well, I like Lata’s expressions more!
I must admit that I got to know about the song when the remix was released (which I wasn’t aware being a remixed). Later when I heard the original, I fell in love with it. There is something about it, the tune attracts me a lot! And later, I came to know about the original song ‘The lonely bull’ by Herb Alpert. Still I like the Hindi song a lot.

9. Koi Nahi Hai Phir Bhi Hai Mujhko – Patthar Ke Sanam (1967) Lata Mangeshkar / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Majrooh
The song appears as an introductory song of Waheeda Rehman, very early in the movie. She is a simple village girl waiting for someone special. Such kind of songs highlighting the innocence of the heroine or her playful attitude towards life, were common in those days. Many films of the 60s used to have such a song.

10. Chali Bhi Aa Ki Tera Intezar – Shatranj (1956) Chitalkar / C Ramchandra – Rajendra Krishan
And, to end the list, a beautiful Ghazal like composition! The song is actually being played on a record, no one is lip syncing to it. It talks about how futile his life is without her. A nice composition, Chitalkar singing in Talat’s style.

Which song would you add?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are from YouTube and have been used here only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners.

43 Replies to “The ‘Intezar’ Songs”

    1. Welcome Ashokji to Mehfil!
      Nice to see you here. And thanks for adding a wonderful song by Noorjahan
      I was particularly looking for songs of different genres for the list. So I didn’t include it evenif it’s my favourite!
      Here it is for all the readers
      Aa Intezar Hai Tera from Badi Maa


  1. When I read the title of the post the first that came to mind was ‘Hum intezar karenge’, and as I went down you have included all the songs one associates with the theme. Nice selection.


  2. Anup ji,
    Ditto as above. For some reason,Hum intezar karenge…is the first song to come to mind. I am familiar with all the songs except the last one.

    One iconic song that deserved a place in the post is..
    Jiya beqarar hai
    Chaayi bahaar hai
    Aaja mere balma
    Tera intezaar hai…
    Lata, Hasrat Jaipuri,SJ.

    Ye kali kab talak phool ban ke khile
    Intezar intezar intezar karo… Intezar karo..
    ( lots of Intezar here!)
    Lata Mangeshkar, Mahinder Kapoor; Anand Bakshi,LP.


  3. A vintage beauty:
    BADI MAA,1945.
    Aa Intezar hai
    Dil bekarar hai
    Aa jaa na sataa
    AA jaa na rulaa..

    Noor Jehan,Zia Sarhadi, Dutta Korgaonkar.
    ( The movie where Lata has sung a song.)

    Kab tak uthaye aur ye gham Intezar ka
    AA jaa Chirag bhuj rahi hai tere pyar ka…
    Lata Mangeshkar,Rafi; Prem Dhawan, Govind Ram.


  4. SAZAA,1951.

    Aa jaa as jaa Intezar hai
    Tujhe doond raha mera pyar hai…

    Lata Mangeshkar,Talat Mahmood; Rajinder Krishen, SDB.


    Ghadi ginee hai maine tere Intezar ki
    Kya tumhe bhi khabar hai dil e bekarar ki…

    Lata Mangeshkar,Prem Dhawan,Anil Biswas.


    1. Thanks Pradeepji for the flood of comments, so much awaited on my blog.
      Jiya Beqarar Hai is indeed an iconic song, But the word comes a little too late, So I skipped it. But here it is.

      Same is the case for Yeh Kali Jab Talak , the word comes too late.
      Badi Maa song is mentioned by Ashokji, and I’ve added the link too.
      I like Ghadiya Gini Hai And song from Sazaa too,
      I had one song of separation already on the list, So didn’t think of the Naqaab Song, but it’s worth adding the link. A beautiful song of course!
      And, such a clearer version here on YouTube
      Kab Tak Uthaye Aur Yeh Gham

      Thanks for adding the songs.


  5. A unique Anil Biswas_ Lata Mangeshkar song from LAADLI,1949.
    Nazim Panipati.

    Intezaari mein teri September beeta
    Rote rote teri furkat mein November beeta
    Aahe bhar kar ye Calendar kehta hai mujhse
    Hichkiya lete huye saara December beeta…
    Khula hua hai dil ka darwaza re
    Aath roj ki chutti lekar aajaa re…


    1. Thanks for adding this not so popular song.
      Though it starts with the word, Intezari, It’s such a fun and so rare to find it in Anil Biswas film!
      So I’m going to add the link too,

      And, the mention of the lyricist, ‘Nazim Panipati’ made me think for the discussion going on, on SoY. Nazim was also a lesser popular lyricist, but he has written many good songs, that may or may not be popular.


  6. Some relatively new movies…

    Jiska mujhe tha intezaar…

    Meri kismat mein tu nahin shayad
    Kyon tera intezaar karta hoon..

    Kisi nazar ko tera intezaar aaj bhi hai…

    Ae mere Humsafar
    Ek Zara Intezar…

    Aayiye aap ka Intezar tha..


  7. Ye na thi hamari kismat
    Ke visaal e yaar hota
    Agar aur jeete rehte
    Yahi Intezar hota…

    Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal is sung by every singer of note.
    I can recall it being used twice in Hindi movies,both times sung by a female.

    MIRZA GHALIB,1954.
    Suraiya, Ghulam Muhammad.

    Usha Mangeshkar,SJ.
    ( I am curious to know are there any male singers’ versions in any movies? There are N Number of Non Film Songs, though!)


  8. Some really good songs here, Anupji! The first song that came to my mind was Intezaar aur abhi – it’s such a lovely one about waiting.

    Here are a couple of others I like:

    From Aab-e-Hayat, Aaja hai tera intezaar:

    And from Aaye din bahaar ke, Yeh kali jab talak phool banke khile, intezaar karo:


    1. Yes,
      Intezar Aur Abhi is my favourite too! But I was disappointed to find it as a sort of Mujra Lullaby song. I don’t know what to call it. I had thought of it as a genuine song of desperate waiting.
      Do you remember the exact situation, I haven’t seen the movie, but the YouTube song had a scene preceding the song.
      I liked the Ab E Hayat song.
      I don’t like the other song, so I skipped it. And The word comes too late in the Mukhda.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’ve seen Chaar Dil Chaar Raahein, and the situation of Intezaar aur abhi is of course an unusual one – but it leads to something very sweet. Because the nawab (Anwar Hussain) has given orders to his driver (Ajit) to drive the gaanewaali to her home in the morning – which the driver does, but unwillingly, because he doesn’t want to even sit in the same car as a ‘fallen woman’. This happens several times, and eventually he realizes that she’s a sweet and good woman, and they fall in love. An unusual start to a romance, which was why I especially like this song. 🙂


        1. Oh!
          That means the song has got meaning. It indirectly denotes that the budding romance is underlined by the song. But the nawab tells her sing so that he can sleep peacefully. That sounded so insulting.
          As I wasn’t aware of the background, the song made no sense to me!
          Thanks for explaining the situation in the song.

          Liked by 1 person

  9. And ,of course, Ek do teen chaar paanch che….
    ….Tera karoon gin gin gin ke Intezar…


  10. INTEZAR,1973.

    Idhar Intezar Udhar Intezar
    Tum bhi bekarar
    Hum bhi bekarar…
    Mukhesh, Varma Malik, Chitragupt.

    AMIR GARIB,1974.

    Kahin janab ko mera toh Intezar nahin?…
    Lata Mangeshkar, Rafi; AB,LP.
    ( The opening lines by Lata,too, have the word Intezar in them..)


  11. ZEEL KE US PAAR,1973.

    Anand Bakshi,RDB.

    Chal chal ae Dil…
    …Kar kisi ka Intezar
    Jheel ke us paar……. Lata Mangeshkar.

    Kya nazare kya sitare
    Sab ko Intezar sab hai bekarar
    Tu kab sab dekhoge…… Kishore Kumar.


    1. Thanks for the songs of 70s!
      I heard the songs from Intezar And Amir Gharib for the first time.
      In comparison,
      Jheel Ke Us Paar songs were better.
      Chal Chal E Dil, the song has a haunting nature, I think it’s so in the movie. I haven’t seen the movie.



  12. DARD,1947
    Uma Devi, Shakeel Badayuni,

    Afsana likh rahi hoon
    Dil e bekarar ka
    Ankhon mein rang bhar ke
    Tere Intezar ka…


  13. PYAR KA SAAGAR,1961.
    Asha Bhonsle,Prem Dhawan,Ravi.

    Raat raat bhar jaag jaag kar Intezar karte hain
    Hum tumse pyar karte hain…

    Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar; AB, RDB.

    Nahin nahin abhi nahin
    Abhi karo Intezar…


    1. Yes,
      Some Lovely songs there!
      The Dard song was there on my list, but as the word appears too late, I dropped it.
      Raat Raat Bhar Jaag Jaag Kar is also a good song, I think it’s comparatively lesser known.
      Jawani Deewani song is so much popular, It’s one of my favourite albums of 70s.
      Now that, I have started a series on 90s, I should do a 70s series as well!
      May be after I finish with the 90s posts.


    1. Yes,
      The Sailaab song has appeared on my Top songs of late 80s, and Deewana would be there in the series of the 90s.
      But, Thanks for mentioning the songs here.
      I have a complaint! You do not follow up the comments. I had asked you a few questions in my reply to your comments on some of the earlier posts.
      Of course, you must be a busy person!


  14. ANAMIKA,1973.
    Asha Bhonsle, Majrooh Sultanpuri,RDB.

    Aaj ki raat koi aane ko hai re Baba
    Intezar…aur thoda Intezar…
    ..Shubu Shubu Shubu….

    Kiska hai tumko Intezar main hoon Na..


    1. Oh Yes!
      Fit the theme of course!
      Anamika song brought a different genre. A club song that too with the rains on stage.
      Here it is

      And I like Main Hoon Na song. Sonu Nigam has sung such wonderful songs in early 2000s.


  15. I don’t think I can add any other song. Most of them are either on your list or in comments. And all of them are great.


  16. Anup ji,
    Nice selection of songs.
    I liked the introductory part also.

    Here is one from recent times
    ” मैं तेनू समजा़वा की….. मैं करुँ इंतज़ार तेरा…. ”
    from ” हंप्टी शर्मा की दुल्हनिया ”
    Comparatively the word ‘ इंतज़ार ‘ comes late in the song , but describes the feelings of the hero, who is somewhat underestimated by his girlfriend.

    the other one is from the other side of the border
    It is by मलिका – ए – तरन्नुम नूरजहाँ from 1956 movie ‘ इंतज़ार ‘
    ” गजब किया तेरे वादोंपें ऐतबार किया,
    तमाम रात कयामत का इंतज़ार किया ”
    That’s all , the word ‘ इंतज़ार ‘ is only in the adlib nd not in the song .
    Then U must b wondering why hav I added it here ???!!!
    I request U to just listen to this melody


  17. Mere liye wo game intezar Chod gaye by Lataji in Anokha Pyar. Music is by Anilda. It is one of her very good songs. This song is sung by Meena Kapur also.
    Karke jiska intezar in Humrahi. I think you have already posted the song.
    Theme is good. It is a universal fact that Intezar is common in everyday life.
    We are always waiting for a person to come for a meeting or to watch a movie or a party and so on.
    Good that Anupji thought about it.


    1. Thank you Mohan Ji!
      Glad you liked the theme. It wasn’t actually something very different or innovative, but as I said in previous replies as well, I wanted to explore songs of diverse situations with the word Intezar.
      The song from Anokha Pyar is my great favourite. Nice to see it here.
      Let me add the links too,
      Mere Liye Woh Gham E Intezar

      Firstly Meena Kapoor’s song from the movie,

      Lata’s version from the records



  18. Serendipity is thy name when it comes to stumbling on themes to develop. A common place occurrence – intezar – woven into a nice post. Enjoyed all the songs. Only song I could think of has already been mentioned. You do not lack in imagination to write posts on themes. Once again I thank you for giving me some good time to listen to songs again in video format.


    1. Had to see the dictionary for the first word, and was happy to know what it means!
      Thanks a lot Ranganji!
      And, you are most welcome. Coming the comments from someone like you means a lot to me.


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