1950 – Lata Mangeshkar

After covering the initial three years of her career, let's have a look at her songs from the year 1950. I was a little taken aback after looking at the total number of songs in 1950, it's around 20 songs lesser (140+) than the previous year (160+). The solos outnumbered the duets with the ratio …

Paisa Paisa Paisa (I)

Money, the money! It forms an important part of our lives, though not the most important! But still it does have a great impact on our daily lives, our performance at the workplace, our mental health and our lifestyle in general. Many things of leisure can be bought by money, but not relationships. We need …

C Ramchandra – The 1940s

(C Ramchandra : 12th January 1918 to 5th January 1982) Welcome to the second part of the series. It's his 37th Death Anniversary today and he surely deserves to be remembered. In today's post, let's take a look at the early years and the first decade of his career, the 1940s. Born on 12th January …

The Classical Music Giants contribute to Hindi Cinema – II

I’m late to come with the second part of the series. I was busy with other work and couldn’t really manage to look at this part for a week or so. It has been nearly more than two weeks, from my last post. But, better late than never! Here I'm with the second part of …

A Mixed Bag

Science, Literature, Sports n more ............

Evergreen Indian film music

Great film music and great music directors

Rekha's Sousaphone

"Geet, beet, bajao baaja!"


The spice of life

Songs Of Yore

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

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