Hindi Songs With Whistling

Whistles symbolize fun, happiness and a carefree attitude. Bird's chirp when happy, we whistle to express ourselves. May not be music to others! Whistling is ubiquitous in hindi movies and in the songs as well. Sometimes it comes as a part of 'Chhed-Chhad', some times of romance! Many a times whistling is a part of …


Rainy Days

  I was eagerly waiting for the monsoon to set in and me writing this post about the rain songs. I think I am too late for this. Half of the monsoon is already over. But it’s better late than never. It’s not for me to be romantic or poetic and go on about the …

Welcome Readers

Hello, I welcome you all to my blog. I will try to write about hindi film songs, from 1940s to 1970 mainly, Very soon, i will publish my first post, i hope you like it!