‘Heroine teasing Hero’ songs

A few months back, I had a song list with the phrase ‘Dil Lagana’. There was a song from Badtameez on the list, where Sadhna along with her friends teases Shammi Kapoor and gives him a hard time. That song put the idea in my mind about collecting songs on this theme. (I later realized, I’m posting this on Sadhna’s birthday, so I dedicate the post to her)

Hero ‘Chhed Chhading’ the heroine is a relatively common scenario in Hindi films, but the exact opposite is not that common. Many a times, the hero teases her in the first place. The hurt lady decides to get her own back and catches the man at some critical moment. Then she tries to defame him in public by making fun of him and sings a teasing song to annoy him. She may think of him as a loafer and ask him to beware of her, she wants to remind him she is tough and strong and can defend herself. One of the song on the list has this threatening touch to it. But it’s not necessary that each time, the opponent would get annoyed or his life becomes really miserable! Sometimes he may enjoy the moment. Sometimes he may become embarrassed or may break into a song.
At times it could be a just a praising song, and not actually teasing! The scene changes ! ‘She’ is now following ‘Him’ and proposing to him. So even if it’s not actually teasing, it’s similar.
But no seductive songs are included, as those songs are usually a part of a trap arranged for the hero. So even if it sounds like a teasing song, they don’t count. And, the target should be one single person and not men in general or a group of boys. That’s why songs like ‘Yeh Aaj Kal Ke Ladke’ are not included. In case of duets, She should be the first to tease, and He only as a responder.

So here I’m with ten songs of heroine teasing hero, all from pre70s films, in No particular order.

1. Kashmir Ki Kali Hoon Main – Junglee (1961) Lata Mangeshkar / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
I think this is the perfect example of a song that suits the theme! Shammi Kapoor appears a favourite target, he is in the song, that actually inspired this theme and you will find him in one more song on the list!
He plays an irritating snobbish brute, in the movie, and she teaches him to live like a human being, rather than a emotionless robot. She really annoys him a lot, he even slips accidentally in a puddle. And I love his expressions in the song! I think, Saira Banu has very little to do here, Shammi Kapoor and Lata Mangeshkar along with SJ steal the show.

2. O Mere Sona Re Sona – Teesari Manzil (1965) Asha Bhosle & Rafi / R D Burman – Majrooh
She appears to conciliate him actually, but in the process she ends up irritating him a lot. He is angry and hurt, he pays no attention to her requests. She confesses her mistake and asks for forgiveness. But he seems in no mood to do so! Finally he warns her against such mistakes in the future. He seems hurt than angry.
Again I liked Shammi Kapoor’s expressions. I think he was very good at this.

3. Hum Ko Samajh Na Lijiye – Kalpana (1960) Asha Bhosle / O P Nayyar – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Here Ragini threatens Ashok Kumar to behave himself. Both of them are traveling in the same compartment of train. Of course he just requests her to be quiet as it’s getting late and she’s memorizing her dance steps aloud. She breaks into dance (which she does well of course) and boastful song.She is warning him to behave,she is not a weak girl, she can fend for herself. He is a spoiled brat, but instead of getting angry he enjoys her performance and looks quite impressed. It just so happens that she goes for an interview in dance school the next day where, u guessed it he is the professor.
Ragini isn’t my favourite, but I have to say she does impress. This is again a perfect song for today’s theme.

4. Auraton Ke Dabbe Mein – Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (1960) Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur / Hansraj Behl – Prem Dhawan
A fun song! Bharat Bhushan in a light hearted role, unusual and funny to watch him behaving like a tapori hero. Anita Guha really looks dashing in her modern attire! He (?) accidentally gets into a women’s compartment of a train. Women are threatening him and he asks what’s his fault? The answer is ‘He is not a woman, and not wearing a jumper and Sari’. She asks him to say sorry to all, and regard them as motherly figures. After his denial, all women throw him out of the train.

5. Ladi Re Ladi Tujhse Aankh – Shola Aur Shabnam (1961) Jagjit Kaur / Khayyam – Prem Dhawan
The song starts with a whistle! It’s a song with Punjabi flavour. The film is a love triangle. Dharmendra and Tarla Mehta are childhood sweethearts but they are separated. She is about to get married with Dharmendra’s friend when she finds out the truth. She is trying to persuade him to at least look at her once. She says it’s a deep bond between them won’t break easily. They belong together.She tries to make him realize that he still loves her. And she also commits herself to him. But all this happens in a light hearted teasing mood.

6. Aaye The Huzoor Bade Tan Ke – Main Bhi Ladki Hoon (1964) Asha Bhosle / Chitragupt – Rajendra Krishna
She is mischievously teasing him, he came there with overconfidence, with a stylish hairdo and all. He looked very sure of himself and what happened now? Why is he leaving with his tail between his legs? With a little nokzok they suddenly break into dance I don’t know why.
She dares him to look into her eyes and admit he isn’t in love with her. He melts a bit and smiles at her.

7. Main Ka Karun Ram – Sangam (1964) Lata Mangeshkar / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
Again a song that suits perfectly! She calls him coffin-dodger (बुड्ढा) and pulls his leg a great deal. The lyrics at places really sound insulting and shallow, than sounding funny. It is said that Lata didn’t like the song and wasn’t ready to sing. But was ultimately forced to sing and had a conflict with SJ.

8. Tie Lagake Mana – Bhabhi (1957) Lata Mangeshkar / Chitragupt – Rajendra Krishna
A cute song, that has appeared on my blog once earlier as well. Nanda teasing Jagdeep, who played the second lead in the movie. She declares him zero in studies. Let him be wearing a smart tie, he will remain a big zero. My only disappointment was Jagdeep wasn’t given a chance to show annoying expressions. Major focus was Nanda, who shows her glaring eyes, making them as big as possible frequently. So the teasing part is limited to the lyrics, but can not be enjoyed on screen.

9. Qusoor Aap Ka Huzoor Aap Ka – Bahar (1951) Shamshad Begum / S D Burman – Rajendra Krishna
Vaijayanti Mala teasing Karan Dewan. She’s gently reminding him that she is a force to recon with. She says he has lost his marbles and should get himself tested. She teases him for accepting defeat with a woman. So better not blame it on her cos its his fault. He is trying to apologize but can’t get a word in edgewise. Vaijayanti Mala looks cute with two plaits and smart Jodhpur trousers.

10. Jani Tum To Dole – Dr Vidya (1962) Lata Mangeshkar / S D Burman – Majrooh
Vaijayanti Mala again, this time teasing Manoj Kumar. They are married, but he is countryman and has no faith in townies. He thinks them to be not following Indian culture and traditions. So he leaves her (who’s from a town) even without looking at her face after marriage. She goes back to her father’s place and completes studies to become a doctor. But she wants to clear his misconceptions about the people from cities, so she comes back to him, and introduces herself as a rural girl. He is little bewildered, but he is completely unaware of her real identity. He later saves her from drowning and falls for her.

Would you add a song to the list?
Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri claims no credit of any image or song posted on the site. The images are copyright of their original owners. The song links shared from YouTube are for the music lovers to enjoy. The songs are the copyright of their original owners.

19 Replies to “‘Heroine teasing Hero’ songs”

  1. Wow !! U were absolutely right I liked this so mch!! In fact for me this is by far the best uploaded post on ur blog sir !!!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻


  2. Anup ji , full marks for the theme nd selection of the songs.
    अरे भाई , कहाँसे ढूँढ निकाले हो ये सारे अनोखे गीत !!!

    5 out of 10 songs were new for me nd I njoyed them a lot.

    In song no.5 , Shola aur shabnam ,
    The actress is nt Sulochana ,
    She is Gujarati stage – cinema actress Tarla Mehta.

    Yes , I too agree with Dr.Micky that by far this is the best post on Ur blog.


  3. Nice! I really liked this post. And almost all the songs that occurred to me when I read the introduction, were there in the list (and some that hadn’t occurred to me, too). Here’s another one, I’m not sure if it fits: Pagdi pehenke turredaar akadta kyon hai:


    1. Thank you Madhuji,
      The song shared by you does fit the theme.
      Meena Kumari appears so thin and young, at first I could not recognize her. But the lyrics, the scenario, the friends, everything suits perfectly!
      In fact, I should have thought of it, as I know the song very well, but wasn’t aware of its video!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Anup ji , which of the following fit in this theme ?
    1 Nutan teasing Dev in
    movie ‘ Barish ‘
    ये मुँह और दाल मसूर की

    2 Suchitra Sen teasing Dev in
    ‘ Bambai ka babu ‘
    देखने में भोला हैं दिल का सलोना ( My wife suggested this song , nd yes she also liked Ur post . )

    3 Kajal Kiran teasing Tariq in
    ‘ Hum kisi se kum nahi ‘
    ये लडका हाये अल्ला कैसा हैं दिवाना

    U hav given the train song of ‘ Mud mud ke na dekh ‘ . My wife told me a same situation song of movie
    ‘ Chamatkar ‘ Urmila Matondkar teasing Shahrukh Khan in train
    बिच्छू ये बिच्छू मुझे काँट खाएगा

    Well , U made our Sunday pleasant by Ur post.Thnx a lot.


    1. Pramodji,
      I’m doubtful about ‘Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai’. As Suchitra Sen is welcoming her brother, and teasing him. He is not her love interest. So from her point of view, he is not hero, but her long lost brother. But otherwise, it may be said to fit the bill. And its my favourite Too!

      I liked Barish song a lot! I heard it for the first time and it’s a good song. If the song was known to me before, I would have included it for sure.
      I’m sharing its ink too!

      The other two, seem to fit too!
      Bicchu Yeh Bicchu was very famous when it was released, I was in school then. I don’t particularly like it, but it fits perfectly!
      Here it is for others to enjoy!


    1. Thank you AKji.
      Pagadi Pehen Ke Turredar fits perfectly. It was also suggested by dustedoff.
      I’m not sure about Dekhne mein bhola hai. As per the title of my post, it has heroine teasing hero.
      But in my opinion, she is adoring him, describing her long lost brother to her friends. Only in last stanza, she asks him him to be aware of the girls. She is saying so actually to her brother, and not to her lover. So even if the couple is hero-heroine, the song dosen’t fit.
      But you are senior, what’s your opinion about it?


  5. Anup ji , I hav found out one more song of this kind .
    Hema teasing Amitabh in
    ” Desh Premi ”
    जाते हो जाओ , पर इतना सुन लो ,
    थोडी चूडियाँ पहन लो ,
    एक घागरा सिलवा लो ”
    Does this befit ?

    One more thing
    I hav mentioned about U nd Ur blog in a comment posted today on Madhu ji’s blog , if possible plz.go thru it.


    1. Thanks Pramodji for your comments on dustedoff.
      You have encouraged me and cheered me up!
      The song ‘Jate Ho Jao’ from Desh Premi does fit the bill!
      Though I didn’t particularly like it, it seems to fit perfectly.


  6. Very unusual & interesting theme with a couple of songs not heard by me before. The dialogues before the songs make it even more appealing.

    This must involve a lot of homework & hours on net to come up with this kind of quality post. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


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