‘Situational’ train songs

We have arrived at the end of our destination. I have already published four posts in the series, and today I'm posting the last part of the train songs. So far we have listened to the train rhythm songs, songs without a train rhythm but picturised on a moving train, and a few train scenes …

Train songs without a Train Rhythm

Welcome to the fourth post of the series based on the train songs. As I said already, the earlier couple of parts were dedicated to train songs with the train rhythm. And today's part has songs picturised on a moving train without a train rhythm to support. As expected these songs include songs of all …

(Part II) Songs with ‘Train Rhythm’

Welcome to the second part of, Songs with 'Train rhythm'. The first part had songs picturised on a running train, supported also by the train rhythm, from black and white films. I present today the second part which will focus on the songs from colour Hindi films. As the Hindi films progressed from BnW to …

(Part I) Songs with ‘Train Rhythm’

First of all, let me thank all the readers for responding positively and energetically to the theme. It encouraged me a lot. As it was a commonplace theme, I was a little hesitant, but still I decided to go for it. As I have already pointed out, the songs which are picturised on a running …

Mehfil announces the month of ‘Train Songs’

Trains, the train tracks, have been an important part of our Hindi cinema. There have been romantic songs on a train, or people separating from each other on a railway platform, singing soulful songs on the train etc. An equally popular scenario is of the hero traveling on the roads and the heroine traveling on …

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