(Part 8) Boat Songs

The 7th part based on 'Boat Songs' was published in April this year and I had said that I was to take a break from the series, and return with the last post. So far I have covered 70 songs and if we add the songs in the comments, it crosses 100. The first part …

(Part 7) Boat Songs

So far I've covered boat songs under various categories. But there were songs which were kept aside as 'not fitting' into any particular category. I tried to sort that list into subcategories to present for today's post. I want to call it atypical boat songs or Miscellaneous Boat Songs Some of the songs were also …

(Part 3) Boat Songs

Continuing the boat series ahead, let me present today my next subset. Since the beginning of the series, I came across songs sung by boatmen. So far all the songs in the initial couple of parts were sung by the passengers on a boat. I strictly avoided songs sung by boatmen. Finally I am here …

(Part 2) Boat Songs

Last month I started the series on Boat songs. As I was not sure to complete the series in a month, I decided to publish the parts as per my convenience. As I went through the boat songs, I could think of dividing those into several categories. The first part was about the boat songs …

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