Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal….

Today morning when I took my phone to check out new messages, all whataspp groups were flooded with the messages of the sad and sudden demise of KK. And unfortunately that wasn’t a rumour.


As the readers of my blog are aware, I’m also writing posts on the songs of the 90s and KK was a part of it after 1997 or so. My last yearly review of 90s songs has reached upto 1997 and KK has just made an appearance on my blog via the songs of Maachis. I remember hearing about him for the first time inn the year 1997 or it could be 1999 and if I’m correct his first non-film album was released in that year. Soon he sang for Ismail Darbar for the film, Hum Dil DE Chuke Sanam and then there was no looking back. He was a versatile singer and his fans would miss him a lot. His association with composer Pritam gave us many gems (can you forget, Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai from Gangster?) and his non film songs were popular too. 53 is certainly not an age for a singer to say farewell. But we are helpless! The destiny rules!

The song Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal was extremely popular and the name KK was etched in my brain. I remember the actor K K Menon also debuted around the same year and people always used to get confused between the two.

Sadly enough, I won’t be able to come up with a full post on his songs, at least not till the end of this month, as the other posts are lined up and are under process. But I genuinely felt an urge to pay a tribute to him. I will be adding just one song, his first hit, a nonfilm song, which I’ve already mentioned. I couldn’t get the other details of the song, like the lyricist and composer etc. Perhaps he himself composed the song.

भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली to KK.

Readers please add your favourites by KK.

11 Replies to “Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal….”

  1. What a loss! A really unique, soothing voice.

    Of course, most of his songs were awesome.

    Tadap Tadap ke…HDDCS.

    Dil kyon ye mera
    Zindagi do Pal ki…KITES.

    Tu hi meri shab hai…GANGSTER.

    Zara sa dil mein…JANNAT.

    Alvida….LIFE IN A METRO.

    Khuda jaane kyon…BAH.

    Oh! So many of them.

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  2. Such sad news! I don’t think I appreciated KK very well. Yesterday I could not have named you more than two or three songs of his, but now, having looked over his discography, I realize that I heard and enjoyed many of them. This song from “7 Khoon Maaf” I think is a great accomplishment:

    Although just one song, KK has to sing in several different styles in it. I recall having found it extremely creepy and effective in the context of the film. May his name be for a blessing.


      1. Yes,
        A fantastic song!
        Thanks for sharing it. KK was a versatile singer and very talented as well.
        If my plans go well, I should be publishing KK’s song post this month end. Let’s see!


  3. Anup,
    I did not ‘know’ much about KK, but the way he passed away was deeply saddening. I have mentioned his 3 songs in my tribute to him in my anniversary post which you have visited.


    1. Yes,
      The way he met his death was really sad.
      I’ll be publishing a post dedicated to KK this month end or so.
      A number of his songs have been popular and listeners used to go crazy for the songs.


  4. KK’s untimely and sudden demise is indeed unfortunate and disturbing.
    An age of 53 was too early to exit the world..

    It is ironic that despite advances in science and technology, life today often seems more challenging and stressful.
    These days, one often reads and hears about people in early 40s and 50s succumbing to sudden cardiac failures!

    In a short span, KK has left his indelible mark in HFM.
    Not posting any songs now, I am looking forward to your full post on him!!

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