(Part – 2) The Bicycle Saga

I started the series on Bicycle songs in November last year and presented the first part. It was based on the songs picturised on a group of bicycles. I must confess that it wasn’t an easy task at all. As I was looking for songs picturised on bicycles for the full length of a song, I faced difficulties. Though I finally got an adequate number of songs for the list, I decided to be a bit lenient for the next parts. In the majority of the bicycle songs, the bicycle made too brief an appearance to call it significant from my point of view.

So when I started looking for songs for the next part, I was a bit skeptical. But I could get songs for it, as I didn’t let my stringent criteria get on me. So the theme for today’s post is,

Couple on a Bicycle

I still made it sure that I could get the couple on a bicycle for a significant period of time. It of course feels very romantic when we get to travel as a couple on a bicycle. And in the 50s and the 60s, when even a bicycle had the glamour to appear in a Hindi film, many films made it a point to include a bicycle song in the movie. As can be expected, most of the songs on the list feature a romantic couple. But I got a song or two where there’s no couple in the conventional way.
And in a couple of songs or so, I’ve the tandem bicycle. So the couple rides a tandem bicycle and sings the song.

Here I want to add that, there should be only one bicycle, so I’ve excluded the songs with a couple riding on two different bicycles. I’ll include them in one of the future parts of the series.

So let’s pedal through the list……

1. Hai Maine Qasam Lee – Tere Mere Sapne (1971) Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar / S D Burman – Neeraj
It was the first song to think of, I think that’s quite obvious. One of the most popular and the most romantic bicycle songs of Hindi cinema. Dev Anand and Mumtaz riding a bicycle, double seat. And the couple is on the bicycle for quite a long time, almost more than half the length of the song. He carries her first on the top tube of the frame and later on the carrier. Their journey along the green farms and colorful flowers makes the song more enjoyable. And not to mention, the beautiful evergreen tune and perfect rendition by the singers.

2. Michael Hai To Cycle Hai – Bewaqoof (1960) Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar / S D Burman – Majrooh
Quite a catchy song I must say! Kishorer Kumar and Mala Sinha ride a tandem bicycle and travel across the town singing merrily.
Songs from the movie, Bewaqoof are perhaps not very popular, but if we listen to the songs now, we do enjoy a few. I’m fond of a couple of duets from Bewaqoof. And both the songs have a few things in common. Both are picturised on a vehicle, both have a few lines sung by Manna Dey for Kishore Kumar. It is said that the lines of the songs were changed later and Kishore Kumar wasn’t available for re-recording. Manna Dey did the needful, and so Kishore Kumar received Manna Dey’s playback for a few lines in a couple of songs in a single movie.

3. Kaise Bheege Bheege – Apna Ghar (1960) Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur / Ravi – Prem Dhawan
Nanda and Moti Sagar riding a bicycle, sing this beautiful romantic duet. The couple is on the bicycle till the end of the first verse. There’s picturesque nature around.

4. Bach Ke Balam – Johny Walker (1957) Rafi & Geeta Dutt / O P Nayyar – Hasrat Jaipuri
A typical Nayyar melody, with his signature interludes and orchestration. Shyama and Johnny Walker riding the tandem bicycle on the streets of Mumbai, and dreaming about their future journey together. They imagine themselves as a Mughal Empire and his Begum, a couple from Kolkata etc. Quite a cute imagery in the dreams. Though not for the whole song, the bicycle is there long enough.

5. Humko Hanste Dekh Zamana – Hum Sab Chor Hain (1956) Rafi & G M Durrani / O P Nayyar – Majrooh
I think this would be the song with the shortest bicycle scenes. A fun song picturised on I S Johar and Majnu. The latter was a popular Punjabi comedian who also directed a few Punjabi films and his pairing with Johar was very popular in Hindi cinema. They make you smile and laugh in this song. Not only the pair, but the police constables also use a similar tandem bicycle to catch them. The first non romantic couple on today’s list.
G M Durrani used to be one of the most popular male playback singers of the 40s, but couldn’t hold his place in the 50s. Click here for the video.

6. Nainon Mein Darpan Hai – Aarop (1974) Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar / Bhupen Hazarika – Maya Govind
I wasn’t aware of this beautiful melody until very recently. What a soothing and refreshing tune. And though I’m not a fan, I liked Saira Banu, perhaps because of her simple attire. She looks good. The bicycle is very much there in the song, mostly they both ride on it, but at times Vinod Khanna rides it alone.

7. Ek Ritu Aaye Ek Ritu Jaye – Gautam Govinda (1979) Kishore Kumar & Chorus / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Anand Bakshi
Second song on the list with a non romantic couple on the bicycle. The song is quite sombre, and the scenario it depicts, needs the mood. Vijay Arora rides on the bicycle carrying Shashi Kapoor perhaps to a remote village. The road is rocky and mountainous, with a little greenery. The song has good orchestration and use of the bicycle bells in the mukhda sounds good.

8. Bhanware Ne Khilaya Phool – Prem Rog (1982) Lata Mangeshkar & Suresh Wadkar / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Narendra Sharma
Yet another song with the bicycle for a short time. Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure ride on it. The song is picturised on the beautiful tulip gardens. Miles and miles of tulips all over, so many shades and colours. Too beautiful! I was looking at the colours of the flowers for the entire song, and only just managed to listen to the lyrics.

And, I have a couple of songs from the 90s to end the list. So today’s list had songs from the 50s to the 90s.

9. Is Jahan Ki Nahin Hain Tumhari Aankhen – King Uncle (1993) Lata Mangeshkar & Nitin Mukesh / Rajesh Roshan – Indeevar
Shah Rukh Khan during his early years. He had a different charm and an innocent smile, which I miss now. He and Naghma ride on a bicycle and travel across the beautiful trees and flowers. The bicycle remains in focus for quite a long time. I’m not very fond of the song, so this wasn’t my favourite during its release, though I remembered its picturisation on a bicycle.

10. Dheemi Dheemi Bheeni Bheeni – 1947 Earth (1999) Hariharan / A R Rahman – Javed Akhtar
It’s definitely one of my favourites by Hariharan. No loud orchestration, no conventional rhythm instrument. Just Hariharan singing in the background! Rahul Khanna and Nandita Das on the bicycle. Very passionate sounding, yet very gentle and soulful! Full of expressions! And a perfect fit for today’s post.

Here I end today’s journey. It was a bit difficult, but very entertaining and melodious. I know you must already have thought of a befitting song! Would you like to add it?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube and Dailymotion, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

24 Replies to “(Part – 2) The Bicycle Saga”

  1. I was excited when I saw the title of this post, and you’ve done it full justice, Anupji. Some really wonderful songs here. All the songs I could think of that fit, you have already included so I have nothing to add. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, another nice post on the bicycle series with quite a few songs that I like – from Aarop, Tere Mere Sapne, Gautam Govinda, 1947 Earth, King Uncle.

    Its good that you are open for songs where the bicycle is only for a short period.

    How about Jaanu meri jaan from Shaan 1980?
    Shashi and Amitabh share a tandem bicycle in the first part of the song.

    And this one – Zindagi ke safar mein na jaane – Damaad 1978

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your appreciation of the post. I’m glad you liked the post.
      Coming to the songs you’ve added, I think both the songs fit. I didn’t think of Janu Meri Jaan, as I mainly associate it with the BEST bus than the bicycle. But it’s a fit for today’s post.


  3. I had not heard “Ek Ritu Aaye Ek Ritu Jaye” before. A lovely song, and very different in character than what I picture when I think of a bicycle song.

    The only example that sprang to my mind was “Jaanu Meri Jaan,” which 1) Dr. Deshpande already mentioned above, and 2) has only a little bicycling in it. But it is a tandem bicycle, which I suppose is exotic!

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  4. Would Saanvle salone aaye din bahaar ke from Ek Hi Rasta fit this theme?

    Nainon mein darpan hai darpan mein koi from Aarop is another one that I remember, though I think they get off the cycle after the first antara.

    And then there is Guzar jaaye din din din from Annadata, which is a lovely Salilda composition though that is a solo venture, not a couple. So perhaps that does not fit?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anuji,
      I’ve reserved the song from Ek Hi Rasta for the future parts. There’s a child with the couple, so I didn’t include it.
      Nainon Mein Darpan is already on the list.
      And the one from Annadata would feature on the next part which is based on solo bicycle songs.


  5. Anupji
    I just wrote a single post on bicycle in SOY and never imagined it could be split into different categories. Your song selection is exquisite and fits the theme . I have heard a few songs from above. As expected they are purely transitory and will not stick to mind all the time. The very theme is a restriction as the couple riding it have little liberty to throw themselves around and sing with gusto. I very much appreciate your themes. Unless I have it in memory, suggestion of song is next to impossible for me. Please keep up your enthusiasm and come out with more novel posts in future.


  6. And Dildara from Ra.One 2011, where there are some brief moments of SRK with the kid and then Kareena on a bicycle.


    1. “Here I want to add that, there should be only one bicycle, so I’ve excluded the songs with a couple riding on two different bicycles”

      This was the criteria. So both the songs with two different bicycles do not fit.


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