A Story of Broken Dreams

Everybody dreams. Every person chases the dream!

My dream was to start a blog of my own. With the help of seniors in this field (mainly Madhulika Liddle from dusted off) who guided me, I finally gathered up my courage to begin.
Though dreams are the visions we see or experience during sleep, the word also represents our ambitions, desires and aspirations.
In Hindi film songs, it is used for ambitions and desire for a romantic future with the person one loves.

Our lyricist have incorporated various words for the dreams, the most popular ones being ‘Sapna’, ‘Khwab’ or rarely ‘Tassavur’. Hindi films songs do revolve around dreams very often. These songs describe either the dream or desire the character sees, or he /she sings a song on fulfilling them. Such songs are full of hope, optimism and energy. The songs can even inspire us to dream or encourage us to chase our dreams .
But some songs are melancholy. These talk about the dismay, a character faces, when fail to fulfill their dreams. Such songs touch our soul and it’s the talent of the lyricist to convey that pain. Of course the tune and the expressions of the singer, play equally crucial role.
The songs on the list actually describe the broken dreams.

dreams broken

Everyone must have experienced this at some point. Let it be a small shock or a big enough to cause complete break down. Unfulfilled dreams make us sad. We lose interest.
Though the songs on the list have mainly to do with broken dreams due to failure in love, some also have other reasons.
I am presenting some interesting scientific information about dreams
A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions or sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.
Dreams have been a topic of scientific, philosophical, and religious interest throughout the history. The scientific study of dreams is called ‘Oneirology’. Dreams mainly occur during REM stage of sleep, the stage named after the Rapid Eye Movement during the process. The brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. If a person awakes during REM sleep, he is likely to remember the dream.
Many theories have been put forth for assessing the meaning of dreams. Dreams reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions and they assist in memory formation, problem solving etc. Another theory says it as a product of random brain activation.According to modern theory, dreams have a connection to the unconscious mind leading to dreams of various types, such as frightening dreams, exciting or magical dreams, melancholic dreams or sexual dreams.
Dreams can at times, encourage creative thinking and can give a sense of inspiration.

Now, before you fall asleep and dream of killing me, I will conclude the prologue here!
Let’s quickly turn to today’s song list. The songs are from pre70s films and are in no particular order.

1. Raat Ne Kya Kya Khwab Dikhaye – Ek Gaon Ki Kahani (1957) Talat / Salil Choudhari – Shailendra
This was the first song, that I thought of while collecting songs. The night enchanted him with false colourful dreams, which all broke and left him in the darkness of sorrow. He tried to forget about those dreams, and made his mind not to think of them. But his soul cheats him by their sad remembrance.All he wants to do now is to follow his destiny. He thinks he would be better amongst strangers, where his past memories won’t worry him.
Talat has sung Shailendra’s poignant meaningful lyrics wonderfully well. His simple but meaningful lyrics leave us with a gloomy feeling of sorrow and we can literally
feel the pain of broken dreams and its deep impact on the character’s life. Talat was also in lead role in the movie, with Mala Sinha. He is seen travelling in a ghoda gadi
going away to a destination unknown. Talat had a soft, expressive voice of excellent quality, he never became a successful actor, but for his acting skills!

Click here for video song

2. Mera Sundar Sapna Beet Gaya – Do Bhai (1947) Geeta Dutt / S D Burman – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Again a song with anguish! Her love is not successful and leaves her broken hearted . All her beautiful dreams of a bright future are over. The agony, she is going through is too much for her. She is cursing her life and wants to live no more! She is feeling so helpless and hopeless that she says what’s the use of blooming flowers to me now, when I’m alone and my beloved has left me. Really! broken dreams can leave such an impact .
One of Geeta Dutt’s first songs with S D Burman, that started their successful association.

3. Toote Hue Khwabon Ne – Madhumati (1958) Rafi / Salil Choudhari – Shailendra
Anand (Dilip Kumar) and Madhumati (Vaijayanti Mala) are in love, but Ugranarain (Pran) is also mad about her. When she doesn’t appear to subdue, he plans a trap. He sends Anand away to town, and tortures helpless Madhumati, who finally commits suicide. Anand comes back to find her missing. He tries to search for her, but obviously without success. He is completely heartbroken and finds no interest in life. All his dreams of union with Madhumati, are torn apart. He loses himself in depression. Shailendra’s touching lyrics are the best part of the song, for me. I just love each and every word of this song. It’s so expressive. One of the best sad songs ever in Hindi film songs.
“Lout Aayi Sada Meri Takrake Sitaron Se
Ujadi Hui Duniya Ke Sunsan Kinaron Se”

4. Chand Kabhi Tha Bahon Mein – Sapan Suhane (1961) Sabita Bannerji / Salil Choudhari – Shailendra
She is remembering her old days, though not all the memories are not happy ones! Someday in the past, she was happy. Her life bloomed like flowers, but now all her dreams are shattered, leaving her tearful.
Third song on my list with the Salil Choudhari-Shailendra Combo. This song is my favourite, rendition by Sabita Bannerji is very good in my opinion. Though, her voice tends to crack and break at higher notes, the expressions are perfect!

5. Jeevan Sapna Toot Gaya – Anokha Pyar (1948) Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh (sung separately) / Anil Biswas – Zia Sarhadi
This is a love triangle between Dilip Kumar (Ashok), Nargis (Asha) and Nalini Jaywant (Bindiya). The story takes some usual turns with the result, Ashok & Asha are in love. Bindiya also loves Ashok, but he is unaware. He is a novelist and gets accidently arrested for murder of a publisher, who actually has committed suicide. Bindiya sings the song standing outside the prison wall. Of course, he is soon released from the prison. ( Bindiya is not aware of his innocence, and takes it as an end of her love)
Meanwhile, some misunderstanding separates Asha & Ashok, where Asha thinks Bindiya to be his wife. This shock makes Ashok sing this song.
Both the versions are my favourites, mainly Lata’s! In fact the movie is treasure trove of songs, all excellent, as expected from the maestro Anil da.

Now, Lata singing for Nalini Jaywant

6. Toot Gaya Hai Sapna – Nishani (1942) Naseem Akhtar / Pandit Amarnath – Aziz Kashmiri
I was unable to correctly grab the mood in this song. This appears to be a happy song, though it talks about a broken dream! This time, I think the song does actually describe a real dream. She is memorising the dream, which was full of happiness. This is a typical old Hindi song, with the typical orchestration and very impressive rendition by Naseem Akhtar.

7. Toot Gaye Sab Sapne Mere – Parwana (1947) K L Saigal / Khurshid Anwar – D N Madhok
K L Saigal plays a sensitive man’s character in the film, who is soft hearted and always wants to help others. He has to marry against his will and his wife never understands him. His dreams are all lost and his hopes die. He painfully sings the song. The aspirants of love and rejoice are now helpless and he is in sorrow. His eyes always remain tearful.
The pathos in Saigal’s voice is something to experience at least ones. The lyrics are rather simple, but convey the feeling well. This was Saigal’s last film and released after his death.

8. Sapane Toot Gaye – Daak Babu (1954) Asha Bhosle / Dhaniram – Prem Dhawan
Song from an obscure film, by a lesser known composer. He one blossomed love in her mind, now wants her to forget their love. She is not allowed to question anything!
His heartless behavior further annoys her and her lost dreams make her cry with discontent.

9. Sapna Toot Gaya – Suhagan (1954) Lata Mangeshkar / Vasant Ramchandra – Ehsan Rizavi
Geeta Bali weeping in deep anguish. Her soul is singing the song, as she imagines it in a mirror. Her own image in the mirror sings the song as if consoling herself.
Interesting picturisation! A good song, though not very great! The credit for music direction is jointly given to, Vasant-Ramchandra. Some information about the duo. Vasant Pawar & Ramchandra Wadhawkar , both of whom were composers in Marathi films. They jointly composed for 5 Hindi movies. They were never associated with big banners, but their music was really melodious. ( I got the info from another blog, ‘SoY’ where Mr Arun Deshmukh shared it. I Thank him and SoY)

click here for video song

10. Toot Gaya Meri Mata Ka Sapna – Hum Ek Hain (1946) Zohrabai Ambalawali / Husnalal Bhagatram – P L Santoshi
A different situation now! Here we don’t have a broken dream of love. A daughter sings this song in disappointment for her mother’s broken dream. Her mother wanted her children always united and live together. The sister remembers them all, playing together in childhood, their petty quarrels and reunions. But all are now separated and behave like enemies.
She feels as if the family has lost God’s blessings, and an unknown enemy has destroyed her family. We can also take the song as a symbol of division of India, that happened the next year in 1947. The word Mata applies to ‘Bharat Mata’.


Which other songs would you like to see on the list?

9 Replies to “A Story of Broken Dreams”

  1. I see what you mean about our posts being similar – but yours does have a very distinct subtopic of the ‘dream’ theme. And the overlapping songs are very few. Nice collection; some of these were new to me.

    Here is another which I think fits, and which I like a lot: Swapn jhade phool… kaarvaan guzar gaya:


    1. Thank you Madhuji,
      That why I said, it has a different central theme, even if the topic is similar. Two songs are overlapping.
      The song shared by you is my absolute favourite. It was there on my list, too. but later I dropped it.
      Actually to confess, I am keeping it for my other post,


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