Remembering Indeevar – II

(Celebrating 150th post on the blog)

Last month I presented a song list covering lndeevar’s association with major composers. Indeevar had a long, successful and most popular association with Kalyanji Anandji. As there are many songs to consider, I proposed to have a separate dedicated post in the honour.

Kalyanji Veerji Shah, the elder brother of the duo, started alone first with the film, Samrat Chandragupta. Indeevar was one of the lyricists and penned a couple of songs. The songs written by Bharat Vyas were the most popular, though the movie should be remembered as a starting point of the association between Indeevar and Kalyanji-Anandji. Both the songs were sung by Lata Mangeshkar and I’m adding one of the songs to start today’s list.

Khal Khal Chhal Chhal Behti Jaaun – Samrat Chandragupta (1958) / Lata Mangeshkar
Indeevar penned a couple of songs for this movie and it was his first wife Kalyanji Anandji. The songs written by Bharat Vyas were popular the most, the ones by Indeevar weren’t. I won’t call it a lyrically great song though the mukhda sounds good and rhythmic.

Kalyanji alone composed for a few more films like, Post Box 999, Bedard Zamana Kya Jane, Chandrasena, etc. Chandrasena had a few songs by Indeevar though those were not so popular.
It was followed by Madari, the next year, when Kalyanji’s younger brother, Anandji officially joined the team. Indeevar had only one song. That’s not popular either. So the initial couple of films of their alliance had no memorable songs by Indeevar.

Pyar Mera Majboor Pardesi Saiyan – Madari (1959) / Lata Mangeshkar
The song resemblances to a song from Nagin. Perhaps because Kalyanji was Hemant Kumar’s assistant during the making of Nagin. It’s a good song though I must mention I heard it for the first time during the research for the post. Again not a very great song lyrically, but expresses the grief quite efficiently.

Kalyanji Anandji worked with many lyricists, right from Bharat Vyas to Sameer. But his popular associations include, Gulshan Bawra, Anand Bakshi and Indeevar. In the initial years, Faruq Kaiser, Hasrat Jaipuri also penned songs for the duo. But Indeevar became their favourite. They worked together for more than 50 films.
It wasn’t like the association clicked right from the first movie. For a number of years, Indeevar was one of the lyricists. For films like Satta Bazaar, he wrote just a couple of songs while for Pyase Panchhi, just a single song.

Bada Khushnaseeb Hai Jise Tu Naseeb Hai – Pyase Panchhi (1961) / Mukesh
Again a song that I wasn’t aware of. But it’s fun to watch. Mehmood is head over heels for Ameeta and thinks of her continuously, even while bathing. And Indeevar does write a suitable song for the occasion. And very interesting picturisation too! There are very few bathroom songs featuring males. (Oh! That’s quite a good idea, to get a list of bathroom songs. I can think of some right away)

The journey arrived at Dulha Dulhan. That was a turning point for their association. Let’s listen to the songs.

Humne Tujhko Pyar Kiya Hai – Dulha Dulhan (1964) / Mukesh
A song picturised in a recording studio. Raj Kapoor, a singer, is pouring his heart out in an attempt to bring back Sadhana’s memory. Raj Kapoor’s expressions are good, so are the lyrics. It’s one of my favourites, and I’m sure the majority of the readers like it too.

रोए भी तो दिल ही दिल में, महफ़िल में मुस्काए
तुझसे ही हम, तेरा ये ग़म, बरसों रहे छुपाए
प्यार में तेरे चुप के चुप के, जलते रहे हम जितना, कौन जलेगा इतना

The success of the songs from Dulha Dulhan acted like a catalyst to propagate the reaction further. The same year saw Indeevar writing just a song for the Biswajit and Waheeda Rehman starrer, Majboor.

Jo Bhi Tujhe Dekh Lega – Majboor (1964) / Hemant Kumar
It was again the only song Indeevar penned for the movie. It seems Indeevar was good at ‘in her praise’ songs. This one’s not an exception either!

The next year saw he penned all the songs of the movie, Saheli. Till now he was sharing his position with lyricists like, Gulshan Bawra, Anand Bakshi, Faruq Kaiser, Hasrat Jaipuri. The latter four also had a successful association with Kalyanji Anandji. Of course, later, for a number of movies Indeevar again shared his position.

Jis Dil Mein Basa Tha Pyar – Saheli (1965) / Mukesh
The song topped Bianca Geetmala of the year. Though it also has a female version as well, Mukesh’s version is the most popular. Look how Indeevar portrays a heart broken lover, though the words do sound like self pity. He has lost all his hopes.

हम कौन किसी के होते हैं
कोई हमको याद करेगा क्यों,
अपने दो आंसू भी हम पर
कोई बरबाद करेगा क्यों,
उस मांझी से ही गिला हमसे
मझधार में जिसने छोड़ दिया

In the same year, 1965, Himalay Ki God Mein was released and Indeevar wrote the दो पहलूवाला गीत that became one of the highlights of the movie. Those were the couple of songs he penned for the movie, the others were by Anand Bakshi and Qamar Jalalabadi.

Ek Tu Jo Mila & Ek Tu Na Mila – Himalay Ki God Mein (1965) / Lata Mangeshkar
While Lata Mangeshkar spreads joy and happiness in the former song, the latter has deeper shades of agonies. How beautifully Indeevar depicts the contrasting emotions. Simple words arranged in a melodious way, no heavy Urdu.

इक तू जो मिला सारी दुनिया मिली
खिला जो मेरा दिल सारी बगिया खिली
इक तू ना मिला सारी दुनिया मिले भी तो क्या हैं

Kasme Wade Pyar Wafa – Upkaar (1967) / Manna Dey
While the film is well known for Mere Desh Ki Dharti, this one by Indeevar was the real winner. Indeevar how convincingly writes about the double standards, fake emotions and futility of these things.

सुख में तेरे साथ चलेंगे, दुख में सब मुँह मोड़ेंगे
दुनिया वाले तेरा बनकर तेरा ही दिल तोड़ेंगे
देते हैं भगवान को धोखा, इंसान को क्या छोड़ेंगे

Saraswati Chandra should be considered as the highest point of their alliance. Kalyanji Anandji received the National Award for the best composer for the film. All the songs were blockbuster hits and were written by Indeevar. It was very difficult for me to select songs for today’s list. I regret not being able to include Chandan Sa Badan.

Chhod De Sari Duniya – Saraswati Chandra (1968) / Lata Mangeshkar
Kumud (Nutan) marries Ramesh Dev and soon becomes a widow. She explains her lover, Saraswatichandra (Manish), the way of life. Love can’t be the ultimate aim of life. We have to bow to the circumstances and continue life as it comes our way. It’s enough to be able to enjoy the fragrance, even though we can’t admire the flowers. A simple lamp is enough for us, everyone doesn’t get the moon.

खुशबू आती रहे दूर ही से सही
सामने हो चमन कोइ कम तो नही
चांद मिलता नहीं, सबको संसार में
है दिया ही बहुत रोशनी के लिए

Phool Tumhe Bheja Hai – Saraswati Chandra (1968) / Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh
I think everyone is aware of the story behind this song, so I won’t repeat it. Very romantic way of expressing one’s love, to send a rose in a book. The song still is very popular.

The year 1970 was a successful year for Kalyanji Anandji, when four of his films had popular songs. Let’s listen to some of the popular songs.

Yunhi Tum Mujhse Baat – Sachcha Jhootha (1970) / Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar
A cute romantic song from the movie. To confess this one’s my only favourite song from the movie. Incidentally it’s the only song Rafi sang for the movie. I’m fond of the song. Please follow the link if the song doesn’t open on the page.

Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen – Safar (1970) / Kishore Kumar
Indeevar again scores a sixer in the ‘in her praise’ song. Safar was another feather in cap for both Kalyanji Anandji and Indeevar. The film and the songs were immensely popular and are still considered iconic. Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna both were in full form after the success of Aradhana.
All the songs of the movie became popular including the soulful song, ‘Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Ye Kaisa Safar’.

Hum The Jinke Sahare – Safar (1970) / Lata Mangeshkar
And I found myself choosing another song from Safar for the list. It was also mentioned by Dustedoff in her comments on the first part. The song fits perfectly to the situation.

Mose Mora Shyam Rootha – Johny Mera Naam (1970) / Lata Mangeshkar
Indeevar penned four songs for the movie, a couple of songs each were sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. While I don’t consider the songs sung by the latter as one of bests by Indeevar, the songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar were really good, soulful and meaningful in my opinion. Indeevar has chosen such words that one would consider the song as a Meerabai Bhajan.

Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet – Purab Aur Pachhim (1970) / Mahendra Kapoor
The song proudly describes the rich and prosperous heritage and culture of India. Indeevar writes about the legacy our scientists have left for the world. Besides this patriotic song, Koi Jab Tumhara Hriday Tod De is also an impressive song.

Their journey continued successfully in the 1970s and 80s, even in the 90s. Though he was the same, not all his songs were comparable to his earlier songs. Some of his songs were good and I will present a few songs.

Now, let’s listen to another दो पहलू वाला song, from Preet Ki Dori. Though the songs are not as popular as the ones from Himalay Ki God Mein, it’s worth mentioning them.

Mila Jo Humein Tera Pyar – Preet Ki Dori (1971) / Lata Mangeshkar
The happy one in Lata’s beautiful voice.

Mila Jo Pyar To Hum – Preet Ki Dori (1971) / Kishore Kumar
The sad counterpart of the song is here. Kishore Kumar sang it with apt expressions and highlighted the pathos further.

Samjhauta Ghamon Se Kar Lo – Samjhauta (1973) / Kishore Kumar
I wasn’t aware of the beautifully written song. Philosophy simplified. We all have to face sorrow sometimes, that shouldn’t let us lose hope. Trees do have new sprouts after the fall. It’s the law on nature. We all make mistakes, but we should learn from them without getting discouraged. Not to mention, Kishore Kumar excels in the song.

Hum Tumhe Chahte Hai Aise – Qurbani (1980) / Manhar Udhas
हम तुम्हें चाहते हैं ऐसे, मरने वाला कोई ज़िंदगी चाहता हो जैसे
Such simple and effective words to express the intense emotions. It was the beginning of electronic sound that later took over the real instruments, or so I think!

Har Kisiko Nahin Milta – Jaanbaaz (1986) / Sadhana Sargam & Manhar Udhas
A song that’s still very popular and I take it as a lyrically good song too. Again a song depicting passionate, intense love. Platonic love is considered superior to physical love. Sridevi’s fans always remember her in the song flaunting red sari. She looks gorgeous.

I end today’s list and the series here. It was a pleasant journey through Indeevar’s songs. Right from the 40s to the 90s. He certainly penned some of the most memorable and beautifully written songs of the golden era. He did write a few meaningless or at times vulgar sounding songs, which was a great shock to his fans. He told it to be a compromise to continue running the home. Still I tried to cover some of his good songs from the 80s and the 90s. I know in this part as well, I’ve left out a number of good and popular songs.
It’s now your turn to add your favourites to the list. Please join.

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

15 Replies to “Remembering Indeevar – II”

  1. Dear Anup ji,

    Truly a labor of love! Just deciding what to include and what to exclude is exasperating, to say the least. The final Post is like a well cooked meal, served in perfection, with the right blend of all the ingredients.

    I am taking the liberty of placing a Bangla Song, from the Film “CHALACHAL” (which also means “Safar”) , which was made by Asit Sen in 1956 :

    And placed below is the corresponding song from “SAFAR”, also made by Asit Sen, in 1970 :

    Needless to add, the dialogues in Bangla and Hindi convey the same meaning, of an impending long journey ahead.

    Looking forward to many such Posts from you about the Poet-Lyricists, without whom, no song would be complete.

    With warm regards



    1. Thank you Partha ji for your appreciation. It’s really difficult to select songs for a list. What to retain and what to drop is the main crux.
      Thank you for sharing Nadiya Chale from Safar and the original Bengali song. Beautiful songs!



  2. Dear Anup ji,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 150th post here.
    Wishing you many more milestones for a long time to come.



  3. Congratulations, Anupji! 150 posts already – that’s quite an achievement. Badhaai ho. 🙂 And, a good post, too. Some of the songs near the beginning were unfamiliar to me, but the ones beyond that are very popular as well as good.


  4. Anupji, a good compilation of songs and congratulations on completing 150 posts! Call it pure coincidence, but my post on Songs that Shun Love ( that I wrote just recently, included the song from Saraswati Chandra that you have listed. Further, the same team came up with a similar song in 1970 Jis Path Pe Chala for a movie called Yaadgaar (1970) which is also included in my post.


  5. Congratulations, Dr. Anup, for completing 150 posts.
    Looking forward to many more interesting posts ahead!

    An excellent post on the Indeevar- KA combination with a nice selection of songs which include many of my favourite ones. I am fond of all the songs of Safar & Saraswatichandra.

    The Samjhauta song is also the one that I like.
    And the Kishore version scores over the Lata one.
    There is another song in this film that I wanted to mention:
    Saikdon Kishore yahan saikdon Lata… roop dekhiye – Kishore

    Some more songs of this combination that I like:

    Upasana 1971
    Darpan ko dekha tu ne jab jab kiya singaar – Mukesh

    Dharmatma 1975 – Another ‘in her praise’ song
    Tere chehre mein woh jaadu hai – Kishore.

    Kalaakaar 1983
    Neele neele ambar par chand jab aaye – Kishore


    1. Thank you Dr Rajesh for your wishes.
      Actually I am not a KA fan, but Indeevar’s association with them definitely needed a separate post. There are so many good songs to consider.
      Thank you for adding some wonderful songs. Mainly the one from samjhauta was really good. And how did I miss Neele Neele Ambar Par? Oh! It’s my favourite too. Thank you for adding it.


  6. Among the lyricists, who had a successful association with KA, one more name should be added – Anjaan. He wrote many popular songs for KA, especially the Amitabh movies in 70s and 80s.

    Na kajre ki dhar na motiyon ke haar , a song written by Indeevar, was originally composed by KA and sung by Mukesh for a 1960s film which never got completed.

    It was later used by Viju Shah (Kalyanji’s son) for Mohra -1994

    Here are both the versions:


    1. Yes, Anjaan and KA did offer memorable songs. I’ll cover it someday.
      And, thank you for mentioning Na Kajre Ki Dhaar. I’m not fond of the song from Mohra, though I like Mukesh’s version. I dropped it, delighted to see it mentioned by you.


  7. Anupji
    Please accept my felicitations on crossing the 150th mark in posts. Your achievement is very admirable considering it is a lonely venture and the variety of topics you had dreamed up is also commendable. You are so young I am sure you will keep up this post and cross the 1000 mark eventually.
    I read both the parts and listened to some great songs from this lyricist. I had heard many of them in radio days.


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