The ‘Professional’ Songs

We have weekly bazaar at various places in my city on different days of the week. In my area, it’s on Sunday. A few weeks back I went there with my family, I saw a large mob of people. I was curious and went there to find a hawker selling toys. He was shouting interesting taglines. The audience was getting attracted and children were insisting for the toys. Of course, my daughter wasn’t an exception! A set of kitchen appliances was her demand. Even though I could make out its average make, the seller’s taglines were too good to ignore. It was not very costly, I finally bought the set.
His advertising skills were really good, compelling the customer buy the product. I remembered the incident and my thoughts led me to today’s theme.

toofan aur diya - Halki Bahar Hai

The songs that describe one’s profession or occupation. The song may or may not actually mention the profession, but it should be obvious enough to guess. The character is promoting or talking about the profession. The song may be the actual profession of the character, or it may be a part of enacting. The character could be doing it as a part of a plan or trap. For example, to help someone out of a problem, in an act of spying or undercover cop catching criminals.
But I’ve avoided stage performances. So you won’t find, ‘Main Hoon Ek Khalasi’ or ‘Chana Jor Garam Babu’ on the list. Also I have avoided the songs, whose videos are not available. In that manner, I turned down a few songs. For me, the post has to have video songs. Only audio wouldn’t be much exciting!

I think, I have aroused your interest, and you might have started thinking about such songs already. So let’s see if our choices match or not!
Let’s start the song list. As usual the songs are in No particular order.

1. Lelo Ji Lelo Gudiya – Suvarna Sundari (1958) Lata Mangeshkar / Adi Narayan Rao – Bharat Vyas
The woman sells beautiful, cute dolls on the streets. She adores her dolls and talks about their uniqueness. She keeps the toys away from penniless mavericks. I would have bought all the dolls, if I happen to meet her. Such dolls need no advertisement, their delicate appearance and cuteness are sufficient attractions.
I’ll always remember the song for the cute, adorable dolls and Lata’s absolutely wonderful, flawless rendition. The aalap at the end of antara and each verse, is so difficult. But each time, it sounds so easy.

2. Main Rickshaw Wala – Chhoti Behen (1959) Rafi / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
Here’s a Rickshaw wala, who actually carries all the weight of the passengers by himself. It’s not even a cycle rickshaw. It’s such a strenuous physical activity.
He appears to enjoy the ride. He has some regrets about his past, but still he continues his journey. And he is kind enough to donate all his earnings to beggars, though he himself is in need of money. The song has a touch of philosophy too!

3. Sar Jo Tera Chakraye – Pyaasa (1957) Rafi / S D Burman – Sahir
What can I say about the iconic song? The film, Pyaasa is memorable in a number of ways, Johnny Walker’s champiwala, also counts among it.
Champiwala, happily roams around, singing about the advantages his massage offers! He claims it relieves the stress of any type, is also helps to control baldness and dandruff. He even carries a foldable chair, for customers comfort.He Even assures safety,but people appear to run away from him. Finally he gets one customer, who’s expressions don’t appear so favourable! A fun song, enjoy!

4. Mere Phoolon Mein Chhipi Hai Jawani – Anokha Pyar (1948) Lata Mangeshkar / Anil Biswas – Behzad Lakhnavi
The film opens with this lovely song, Bindiya (Nalini Jaywant) sings to herself. She sells flowers and Gajre comparing them to youth. She picks flowers throughout the song and collects in a small basket. She has Champa, Chameli, and Juhi to say a few. Though she is not actually singing to promote her profession, she speaks about it. It metaphorically symbolizes her own youth, or so I think! Nalini Jaywant was a fine actress, but looks very awkward and her movements too appear artificial. I wonder why?
But I absolutely love the song, so I retained it.

5. Zindagi Hai Kya – Maya (1961) Rafi / Salil Choudhari – Majrooh
Maya is a story of Manmohan (Dev Anand) trying to find his own identity in the society. He’s the son of a wealthy man, but on his own birthday comes across a bitter truth. His friends and even his girlfriend are with him only for his money or his position. They don’t really are what they appear to be! Disappointed Manmohan assumes a false identity of a poor man and tries to make money on his own. He tries selling ice-cream and we can see him selling mouth-watering kulfis. He is generous enough to offer it free to poor kids, who don’t have money. He has finally understood the futility of just having a lot of money, and the importance of loving relations.
For me, Dev Anand somehow never really looks poor. He still behaves like Dev Anand. I think, the readers get my point!

6. Hum Matwale Polish Wale – Boot Polish (1954) Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle & Madhubala Jhaveri / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
John Chacha explains to the kids about the presentation of his promotional song. The kids do it perfectly well. When every hawker and seller advertises their product, why should the shoeshine boys be left behind?
The kids are proud of their sincerity and honesty. David, Ratan Kumar and Baby Naaz all make the song more enjoyable.

7. Le Lo Chudiyan Main Laya – Ghar Ki Laaj (1960) Rafi / Ravi – Rajendra Krishan
An entertaining chudiwala awaits us! When we’ve Johnny Walker playing a character and Rafi singing for him, a perfect song is guaranteed. The song isn’t an exception! If the film was in colour, we could have enjoyed the vibrant colours of the bangles.

8. Muliram Aur Bhindimal Ka Nikal Gaya Hai Diwala – Dulhan (1958) Rafi / Ravi – S H Bihari
One of the important persons in our everyday routine is ‘Bhajiwala’. Agha plays a green grocer, who calls himself pride of the Ahmadabad city. He has a collection of vegetables, from across famous cities of India. He sells carrots, which are from Patna. The snake gourd is from Surat, tomatoes from Delhi, potatoes from Mumbai, bitter gourds from Meerat. Fenugreek comes from Moradabad, and aubergines from Calcutta (now Kolkata). Such a dynamic person he is. His vegetables are fresh and affordable, and every husband should buy vegetables from him before going home, to make the wife happier.

9. Phoolon Ke Haar Le Lo – Inspector (1956) Hemant Kumar / Hemant Kumar – S H Bihari
Ashok Kumar, plays an undercover police officer. He pretends to be a garland seller, to solve a murder. He says he hails from Banaras, and adds that his garlands are made of carefully picked tender buds, very suitable for the occasion. He visits kothas, where women are dancing. He particularly checks the pockets of men enjoying the dance.
It was a pleasant surprise to watch, Ashok Kumar, dancing a bit, and Hemant Kumar singing in such a carefree mood! H K has sung very few of such songs.

10. Lelo Ji Hamare Gubbare – Bandish (1957) Rafi / Hemant Kumar – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Here’s the next song, with a balloon seller. He calls them the flowers on the earth and stars of the sky. He declares the balloons, a faithful friend of children. Balloons are definitely better than humans, he further adds, as these would stay with you. See how a simple balloon is glorified! That’s a good advertisement.
Bhagwan Dada selling balloons, Rafi matching his singing style perfectly. I think, my list has maximum of Rafi songs and he has excelled in all. Such an open throated, powerful voice, yet gentle.

11. Kehta Hai Joker Sara Zamana – Mera Naam Joker (1970) Mukesh / Shankar Jaikishan – Neeraj
Raj Kapoor announces himself a Joker attracting audience to his circus. He always appears happy and bubbly no matter how he’s feeling inside. The song also uses clips from ‘Shree 420’, in Charlie Chaplin style. The kids watch it, as the Joker continues his song. In a way, it’s heart touching!
I’m not sure if Joker is to be taken as a profession. But it should be, as it’s quite courageous to portray oneself as a funny chap and let others laugh at your expense, or at times at one’s physical appearance or shortcomings. Hats off to all those who work as a clown or Joker in a circus.

12. Chakku Chhuriya Tez Kara Lo – Zanjeer (1973) Asha Bhosle / Kalyanji Anandji – Gulshan Bawra
The film, Zanjeer had Jaya Bhaduri is a different role. She plays a knife sharpener, who’s advertising her skill and on the spot demonstrating the same. Just look at the way she advertises! The knife, she sharpens is no less than a sword. The sharpened knife looks like silver, that too in just ten paisa! Moreover she explains the advantages of carrying a knife by women. They help teach a very good lesson to teasing men. She gives an example of her own, where she brought a hoodlum to his senses with the knife she was carrying. Really a great advertiser. She declares the homes with knife as safe, as no thief dares to enter it.
Really a unique song, portraying such a different kind of profession.

Bonus track

§§ Hai Naam Mera Ramzani – Alladin Aur Jadui Chirag (1952) Chitragupt & Shamshad Begum / S N Tripathi – Shyam Hindi §§
And to end the list, let’s go to the fantasy world. Here’s a song, where the wicked magician wants to get hold of the magic lamp. The lamp is now with Aladdin, but Jasmine knows nothing about its magical powers. When the magician appears as a seller of lamps, she allows the exchange.
It’s such a unique idea to have a song at this point. The magician calls himself Ramzani from Iran, and he exchanges old lamps for the brand new ones.
“तादिर हूँ ईरानी, हैं नाम मेरा रमज़ानी, काला लेकर उजला देना, सौदा हैं सुलतानी”
He speaks very highly of his lamps, and the ladies pull his leg a lot. They call him, goat with funny beard, give him a hard time. But he tolerates everything, as he identifies the lamp in the hands of a maid servant from Aladdin’s palace. Though it’s not a great song it’s definitely a good one and fits the bill.
Is it B M Vyas, playing the magician?

Would you add a song?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

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  1. Anup ji,
    Interesting theme, good selection and presentation of the songs.

    A doctor reacting to a doctor’s post on Professional songs can’t do away without mentioning some song belonging to our own profession….a comedy song of absolute Vintage value. The song is so good, I, for once, urge you not to say ‘doesn’t fit’ because only audio is available on the YouTube.

    DO DEEWANE, 1936.

    Chorus; RasKavi Raghunath Brahmabhatt;
    Pransukh Nayak.

    Hum ban gaye sab bade Doctor
    Physician aur Surgeon
    Patients hamara dilbar
    Chaaku hamara nashtar….

    The song goes on to talk about Nine Pills, Powder, Tonic , Lotion and Tincture..!
    Of MBBS and FS!!
    I wonder how the all important Injection got left out!

    I will keep coming back. There are scores of songs on the theme.
    Happy Navratri.
    God bless all. 🙏
    Today is still more significant for the lovers of Written words, Arts, Music etc….Mata Saraswati’s installation day.


    1. Firstly Happy Nav Ratri to you and all the readers.
      And, Today’s also celebrated as the day of Saraswati Pujan. Thanks for reminding about it.
      about the song,
      I loved it absolutely. When I was researching for the post, I came across some songs that fitted the theme, but videos were not available! I couldn’t enjoy the songs. So I decided not to include such songs.
      your song is so refreshing and good, for once I would bend the rules and allow it.
      Thanks a lot for the song!
      How do you remember such songs? I always wonder about it.
      Here’s it for all to enjoy!

      HUm Ban Gaye Sab Bade Doctor from Do Deewane (1936)



  2. Great post, and one of which I’ve read one very extensive version (on Harvey’s blog, when Harvey was still blogging) – I remember lots of people commented, and I think listed somewhere close to at least 50 songs relating to people selling things (or services). I also have a list planned on this theme, but only for people selling services rather than things. 🙂 I liked that you had a couple of songs there (the muliram one was one) that I had never heard of before.

    Here are a couple that fit the idea of people selling things:

    Lelo re lelo babu pi lo nariyal paani:

    Mera naam Abdul Rehman pistawallah main hoon Pathan:

    And, a non-Hindi song that offers a service. Bhaande kali kara lo is Punjabi, but you should be able to understand some of it. 😉


    1. Thanks Madhuji for the appreciation. I hadn’t known about Harvey’s post on his blog. I’ll try to read it too!
      Both the songs, suggested by you, were on my list.
      I dropped both. Once Bhajiwala appeared on my list, I skipped similar like Nariyalwala. I similarly dropped a Tanjua song ‘Ber Liyo’.

      I thought a lot about Bhai Bhai song, to sell Pistachio is not actually his profession, so I took it as similar to a stage performance. Just that it is performed on a street than a stage.
      I could understand nothing of the Punjabi song
      What does it talk about? Roughly I could guess, they are talking about some kitechen utensils, Patila and something similar.
      Please explain.

      Have you recognised the screen shot in the post? I think you would have!


      1. I must admit the screenshot looks very familiar, but I can’t put a name to that song right now! Please tell. 🙂

        Yes, you’re right, Mera naam Abdul Rehman is a bit of a performance, so it doesn’t qualify.

        Kalai karna’ is the art of ‘tinning’ copper utensils, to retain their usefulness and safety. I don’t think it’s a common profession any more, but my mother remembers people coming around, offering to ‘kalai karo’ your pots and pans. More here:


        1. Oh yes! Of course I know about the Kalai. We do it as well. In fact, I had a copper utensil done just last week itself!
          For some recipes, the copper vessels do offer a good and different taste. So still tinning is done regularly in my home.
          As for the screen shot,
          It’s from Toofan Aur Diya
          Aaya Re Aaye Re Bhajiwala. I liked it, but I already had a Bhajiwala on the list. So skipped it.
          Here it is,


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  3. I am not sure whether this will qualify, for the Ladies in this song are not exactly selling the subjects of the song, but they sure intend to put them to good use on the villain. From the Film AL-HILAL, the song “CHAKUWALA CHHURIWALA”, picturised on SHAKEELA and NASREEN (?) released in 1958 :

    With warm regards


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    1. Partha Chanda,
      Welcome to Mehfil! I have seen you commenting on dusted off very often.
      Thanks for commenting!
      The song, Chakuwala Chhuriwala made me think of Ina Mina Deeka. I think both the songs are in Rock N roll style, that’s why sound similar. I’m not good at western music styles, so I may be wrong!
      But sorry! It doesn’t fit the theme. The song has mention of a profession, but it talks nothing about it later.


    2. May I butt in here and add the second version of this song? That’s where the profession is really shown. Shakeela’s character in the film doesn’t sell knives, she sharpens them – while disguised as a boy. This song doesn’t talk much about the profession, but it shows her at work:


      1. Thanks Madhuji for adding the second version!
        I loved it. I am humming it continuously ever since I heard it! It’s very catchy and energetic. Shakeela really looks lively there, I must say.
        Though she doesn’t look like a boy at all! She looks beautiful instead.
        She mentions her profession in the song, though doesn’t talk much about it actually.

        See the evolution of heroines, the one who needed disguise to sharpen knives in 1959, to Zanjeer in 1973, where Jaya Bhaduri openly sings Chakku Chhuriya Tez Karalo.
        Though Al Hilal sounds (and looks) like a period drama, than actually set in era of 1959.

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  4. Thanks Madhulika for bailing me out there. I owe you one 🙂

    And thanks Doc for your kind words of welcome.

    If a Punjabi song can be posted, then why not one in Bangla and one which has smatterings of Hindi? Even today, street hawkers in Calcutta will cry out in Hindi, perhaps to reach out to a wider Customer base.

    It’s Durga Puja time in Bengal, but come immersion day, even the most die hard of all Bengalis will shout “DURGA MAI KI JAI”.

    Here’s that song in Bangla, picturised on UTTAM KUMAR and sung by HEMANT KUMAR

    I too found that screen shot quite intriguing. Pl do divulge.

    With warm regards and Happy Navratri to all,


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    1. Happy Navratri to you too!
      Song from any language can be posted, of course! Though I do understand only Hindi, Marathi And English.
      I think, your song talks about a hawker, selling nearly all daily products. I could make out powder, lip stick, some toys, perhaps a umbrella too in the last stanza.
      Nilam wala is translated as a man doing Auction, on google.
      The word appears to have its roots in ‘Nilaami’. You can throw better light on the song.
      The tune was good, and I liked it.
      Thanks for the song.
      I have already mentioned about the screen shot and the song is also posted in my reply to Madhuji’s comment.


  5. Nice theme, all songs fits perfectly.
    Just want to add song from “Pyar ka bandhan” where a tangewala singing to attract potential customers.


  6. Anup ji,
    I have a number of good songs lined up.
    Will post from time to time.

    Tel Maalish and Boot Polish combination…

    BARAAT, 1960.

    O Babu Tel Maalish
    Kara lo Boot Polish…

    Rafi, Manna Dey; Majrooh Sultanpuri; Chitragupta.

    Ajit and Mukri.


    Ek aana Boot Polish
    Do aana Tel Maalish…

    Mukesh & chorus; Prem Dhawan; Chitragupta.
    ( Usually, it is Rafi or Manna Dey singing for the roadside sellers. Mukesh,rarely.
    And, normally, it is comedians or orphaned, impoverished children.)

    ? Sheikh Mukhtar


    Tel Maalish Boot Polish…

    Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar; Anand Bakshi; LP.

    Moushumi Chatterjee, Sarika.
    ( I bet it is not a common occurrence that two beautiful maidens go about giving oil massage and doing shoe polish!)


    1. Thank you Pradeepji!
      The Baarat and Tek malish Boot Polish songs were there on my long list. But as I had separate songs of each of the specialty, I skipped both.
      I’m specially Happy to see the songs here. Chitragupt melodies are always welcome on my blog.
      O Babu Tel Malish from Baarat

      And, the one from Tel Malish Boot Polish -1961
      Both sweet songs by Chitragupt.

      I agree, Mukesh singing such songs is a rarity too!

      The last song from <Jyoti Bane Jwala
      The ladies are thieves in disguise.


  7. Rajesh Roshan made an impression with the songs of his debut movie KUNWARA BAAP.

    Main hoon ghoda
    Ye hai gaadi
    Mere Riksha sab se nirali…

    Kishore Kumar, Mehmood; Majrooh.

    There are the quintessential Mehmood’s Hyderabadi dialogues. As a bonus, for Anup ji
    Ek rupaiya bhada
    Passenger itna jhada
    मला नाकोरै नाकोरे नाको….😀


  8. Ravi, in my opinion,is the composer with the most number of ‘profession’ related songs.
    In your list there are two .
    A few more:


    Again , Johnny Walker.

    Laia ki ungliya bechoon
    Majnu ke pasliyan bechoon…


    Kaali dibba Kaali botal…


    Lelo Champa Chameli Gulab lelo..


    Ber leo, ber leo…


    1. I think, you have a point there!
      Ravi certainly has a good number of professional songs to his credit. My list too has a couple of his songs.
      As I had a song already from ,Ghar Ki Laaj, I skipped Laila Ki Ungliyan
      Had already green grocer, so skpiied ‘Ber Liyo’ too!
      Thanks again!
      Nice to see the skipped songs in comments section.


  9. MASOOM, 1957.

    Enjoy Raj Kapoor as a choodiwala singing in Rafi’s voice in PAAPI, 1953.
    Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, S Mohinder.

    Le le Gori
    Pahan le Chori
    Gori gori kalaiya mein
    Kaali Kaali choodiyan…
    Le lo choir(d)iyan…
    Munawwar Sultana, Zubeida Khannum.

    Mentioning this Pakistani movie because it starred Rattan Kumar, the child star of BOOT POLISH, who migrated to Pakistan in 1956.


    Le lo choodiyan
    Ji le lo
    Neeli peeli laal hari aasmaani..

    Kishore Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar; Rajinder Krishen, RDB.
    ( Have only heard this song . No idea whether it is a stage performance.)


    Choodiyan le lo choodiyan…

    Usha Mangeshkar, Dilraj Kaur; Kavi Pradeep, Usha Khanna.

    Mentioning the following song for it’s vintage value.
    Choodi main laaya anmol re…

    ACHHUT KANYA, 1936.
    Mumtaz Ali, Sunita Devi; J S Kashyap; Saraswati Devi.

    Mumtaz Ali, Mehmood’s father, is fantastic as the effeminate bangle seller.
    We can see the very pretty Devika Rani hurrying in to watch the performance.
    Main ban ki chidiya… from the same movie brought huge fame to Saraswati Devi, the most celebrated female music director of the 30s and the 40s.


    1. Chudi Main laya Anmol Re

      Thanks a lot for this one! Absolute vintage classic. Let it be a stage performance, I have added its video. I had never seen Mumtaz Ali dancing, though had heard of him as an excellent dancer of that era.

      Raj Kapoor as a bangle seller, again a rare occurrence! I always enjoy Raj Kapoor, outside R K Banner. He is completely different! He is absolutely carefree, more enjoyable outside R K! I don’t know if anyone shares my opinion!
      And, Rafi singing for him, again relatively rare.


  10. PREM PUJARI, 1970.

    Taaqat watan ki humse hai…

    AAKRAMAN, 1975.

    Fauji gaya jab gaaon mein…

    FAUJI, 1976.

    Vardi hai Bhagwan
    Fauji mera naam…

    I bet this one is new to most of the readers. Had heard it just once in my school days, and searched for it today.

    Rafi, Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle,Meenu Purushotham and chorus; M G Hashmat; Sonik Omi.

    Of course, the beautiful songs from HAQEEQAT and BORDER portray our brave soldiers.



    Daakiya daak laaya…

    A rare Gulzar_ LP combination.


    Ek Ritu aaye Ek Ritu jaaye…

    ( The postman Vijay Arora, in his uniform,is taking Shashi Kapoor to the village on his bicycle.)


    SitaRam SitaRam SitaRam SitaRam
    Chitti aayee na pathi aayee
    Aayaa na telegram re..

    In this Shyam Benegal movie, Shreyas Talpade ( nephew of Jayashree T and Meena T)is a letter writer for the illiterate villagers.

    Even the postmen used to write letters for the villagers in the early days.
    Like Asha Parekh, in this stage performance, asking the postman to..
    Khat likh de Saanwariya ke Naam Babu


    Mumtaz Ali had a long standing association with the Bombay Talkies.
    The ACHUT KANYA performance was his debut on the silver screen.
    In JHOOLA, 1941, he was the assistant to the post master, heroine Leela Chitnis’s uncle, one who delivers the post ( I think, the term postman was not used then) and a dancer!! How I draw connections!!!
    His elder daughter Minoo Mumtaz had a long career in the movies. Mehmood, of course, made a mark for himself as a comedian, hero, singer, producer, director. The youngest son Anwar Ali ,an actor, was one of the first friends Amitabh Bachchan had in Bombay. AB stayed in his room.He was one of the 7 protagonists in AB’s debut film SAAT HINDUSTANI, 1969. Through him, AB landed the hero’s role in BOMBAY TO GOA.
    Anwar Ali was the driver Rajesh to Mehmood’s conductor Khanna, completing Rajesh Khanna!

    The title track Bombay to Goa … chorus and the Kishore Kumar version O mehki mehki thandi hawa ye bataa…can fit here. It shows the driver, the conductor and the passengers singing with Kishore Kumar who is shown as Kishore Kumar.
    Mumtaz Ali’s last screen appearance was in KUNWARA BAAP in the song Saj rahe gali teri Maa chunari gote mein… where you can see him dancing with gay abandon with the Hijras.
    Information overload!!!


    1. Nice postman songs there!
      I should have thought of a postman song too! Thanks for completing the deficiency.

      Dakiya Daak laya

      Ek Ritu Aaye, dosen;t talk about the profession.

      And, thanks for the information about Mumtaz Ali.


  12. PEHLI RAAT, 1959.

    Once again
    Rafi, Majrooh,Ravi & Johnny Walker.

    Dilbar pe ho na khaboo
    Photo kichwale Babu…

    HEERA PANNA, 1973.
    Kishore Kumar, Anand Bakshi,RDB.

    Main tasveer khichta hoon…

    Debonair Dev Saab as photographer.

    BUDHA MIL GAYA, 1971.
    Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle; Majrooh Sultanpuri; RDB.

    Bhali bhali si ek soorat
    Bhala sa ek naam…

    Photographer Deven Varma is busy clicking photos of Aruna Irani.

    The iconic movie about photographers, JAANE BHI DO YAARON doesn’t have a song fitting the theme here.


  13. Anup ji,
    One profession you should have included is that of the farmers.

    Many of our movies …DO BIGHA ZAMEEN, MOTHER INDIA, UPKAR, KHANDAN, LAGAAN have suitable songs.

    Apni Kahaani bhool jaa..
    Mausam beeta jaaye….

    Dukh bhare din beete re bhaiya
    Ab sukh aayo re…./
    Duniya mein hum aaye hain toh
    Jeena hi padega…

    Aayee jhoom ke bahaar…

    Neel gagan mein udta baadal aa aa aa
    Dhoop mein jalte khet hamara…

    Ghanan ghanan ghan gir aaye badra…

    The last two, inspite of being rain songs, are essentially related to the farming profession.

    The 1936 movie KISSAN KANYA had a suitable song, but can’t find it on the YouTube.


  14. BILLU BARBER, 2010.

    Arre poocho nahin mooche tarase talwari
    Mooch hi toh dekh ke Kaurav ki fauj haari..
    Billu bhayankar Billu bhayankar…

    Gulzar, Pritam Chakraborty.

    In the lines Billu se bada hajjam nahin re.. the word hajjam is muted because the barber community took offence.


  15. What about teaching profession?

    From the beginning of the talkies we have songs about teachers, teacher student relationship etc.

    Aao bachchon tumhe dikhaye jhaki Hindustan ki…. JAGRITI.

    Insaaf ke dagar pe bachchon…GANGA JAMNA.

    Rukh jaana nahin tu kahin haar ke… IMTHIHAAN.

    A aa e ee Master ji ki chitti aayee….KITAAB.

    Sir Sir O Sir ,we love you…SIR.

    Kholo kholo…..TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.

    Aye Khuda…..PATSHALA.

    Hum deep Shiksha ke hain
    Jagmagayenge jag mein…..CHALK N DUSTER.

    And many more.


  16. COOLIE, 1983.

    Saari duniya ki bhoj hum uthate hain…

    COOLIE NUMBER 1, 1995.

    Coolie Number One
    Main Coolie Number One..


  17. Taangewaali


    Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai…
    Haathon mein chabuk ,honton pe gaaliyan
    Badi nakhrewaliyan, hote hain Taangewaaliyan….


    Dilliwali dil ko jalaaye
    Agrewali aag lagaye..

    Naam hai mera
    Dilruba Taangewaali….

    Chali re Chali Babu
    Chali re Chali Chaila

    Basanti Taangewaali….
    ( No wonder the iconic Basanthi of SHOLAY will later have a clone!)


    TAANGEWAALI, 1955.

    Surprise! Surprise!!
    It is Taangewaala singing.

    Dekho Taanga mera nirala…

    Chal mere ghode chal chal…..Rafi.


    Mard Taangewaala…


    1. Dekho Tanga mera nirala was there on my list, but as the video wasn’t available, I skipped it.
      About the other songs,
      Mard Tangewala isn’t my particularly favourite.
      Basanti Tangewali was new to me.


  18. CHOR / CHORNI( Thief!!!)

    DO CHOR, 1972.

    Kaali palak teri Gori..

    Ek Chorni ek chor ke ghar karne chali hai chori…

    CHORNI, 1983.

    Chorni hoon main Meri soorat pe mat jaana
    Apni jeb ko bachana…

    RAJA RANI, 1973.

    Main ek chor Tu meri Rani…
    SIPAHI ( Police)

    Only in our movies will we find Police officers singing and dancing…..
    Udd dhabhang dhabhang!

    If that’s strange, stranger is a Sipahi singing with a Chor!

    CHOR SIPAHI, 1977.

    Bade maje mein gujar jaayegi ye Zindagi
    Hum dono mein agar ho jaaye dosthi
    Jaise bhi jaaye gujar jaayegi ye Zindagi
    Chor Sipahi mein hoti nahin dosthi…

    RAM BALRAM, 1980.

    Ek Rastha Do Raahi
    Ek Chor Ek Sipahi…

    Both of these
    Rafi, Kishore Kumar; AB; LP.


  19. Bioscopewaali/ waalaa

    DUSHMAN, 1971.

    Dekho dekho dekho
    Bioscope dekho
    Dilli ka Qutub Minar dekho…

    ( Yes, it is a Film’s title with Danny Denzongpa in the title role.)

    Aaya aaya aaya


      1. Thieving IS a Profession, only not one that commands respect. Strictly speaking, any Occupation from which one receives payment is a Profession. By that token, so is begging but we shouldn’t go down that path. On the other hand, Street Singers (and dancers) are more musically relevant. Witness this from MUSAFIR (1957) :

        With warm regards



        1. Yes,
          you are correct in a way.
          And, I agree, Street singers are actually not beggars. They sing and dance, they speak about the relevant public issues. They used to be a part of Jan Jagruti.
          Thanks for the song. I had heard and seen it once, but remembered it because lyricist Shaliendra makes an appearance as harmonium player in the song and sings in Manna dey’s voice. The song is also one of the few duets, Manna Dey sang with Shamashd Begum.
          you didn’t tell about the bengali song. What’s it all about?
          Or my guesses were correct?




    Mehnatkash Insaan jaag utha…

    MAZDOOR, 1983.

    Hum mehnatkash is Duniya se
    Jab apna hissa maangenge…

    Mazdoor ke mehnat par hum ab
    Mazdoor ka kabza maangenge…


  21. Anup ji,
    Since asapmar ji corrected you, I am adding my bit.
    Thieving IS a profession. As rightly observed by him, not a respectable one or one someone will aspire for.
    As a rule, I don’t argue with a blog master and just move on in spite of putting in great efforts to post songs. With a good memory and an ability to recall even some obscure songs , I , normally , mention only ones fitting the theme.
    Just a clarification.
    Moving on:

    CLERK, 1989.

    Suraj ugte maine na dekha
    Chand chamakte maine na dekha
    Kyon ki main Clerk hoon…
    ( This was Manoj Kumar’s last movie as a director/ hero.
    Had the Pakistani couple Zeba and Muhammad Ali in it.
    Failed miserably at the box office.)

    Meri pyari behniya
    Banegi Dulhaniya..

    Bhaiya Raja bajaayega Baaja…

    PAINTER BABU, 1983

    Painter Babu, I love you…
    ( Produced by Manoj Kumar to launch his brother Rajiv Goswami, it was also the debut film of Meenakshi Sheshadri.)


    Main hoon Hero Hiralal…


    Main Heroine hoon…


    I am a Disco Dancer….

    AGNEE PATH, 1990.

    Hum lungi utha thi
    Tumko Disco dikha thi
    I am Krishnan Iyer M A
    I am naariyal paaniwala…


    Main hoon ek number Gawaiya….

    MANU , THE GREAT, 1987.

    Main ban gaya Bawarchi…
    ( Kishore Kumar, Music/ Lyrics: Ravi.)


    Daffliwale daffli bajaa…
    Mujhe mat roko…

    Daffliwale ko daffli bajaa ne do…


    Tayyab Ali pyar ka dushman….
    Lakdi beche, ladki ka armaan na samjhe
    ( Mukri is a firewood merchant!!!😀)


    Main hoon Paanwali…


    Main Jaadugar
    Hai Goga mera naam…


    Aaya re khilonewala…

    AAS PAAS , 1981.

    Main phool bechti hoon
    Main hoon phoolwali..
    ( This Dharmendra Hema Malini starrer had Rafi’s last recorded song…Tu kahin Aas Paas hai dost.)

    Many more to come!!!!


  22. Interesting theme. Right one the discussion of thieving as a profession reminded me of a song I had included in my Mohd Rafi-Manna Dey duets post. It’s vendor song, but obviously the magical powder being sold is spurious. The song is “Le Lo babu pudiya” from Madan Manjari.


  23. Anup ji,

    About that “Nilaam Wallah” song, it is derived from the old Hindi expression
    “हर एक माल साढ़े छे आना”, where a Hawker is auctioning all his goods at a fixed price set by him. So, your guess is right.

    Warm regards



  24. NAYA ZAMANA, 1971.

    Aaya main laaya
    Chalta phirta Hotel….

    Manna Dey, Mehmood; AB; SDB.

    NASEEB, 1981.

    Rafi, AB, LP.

    John Johnny Janardan
    Tara Ram Pam…

    Ye filmon ke sitare….

    Har picture dekh ke socha
    Main bhi Actor ban jaaoon
    Kismet ne ghumaya
    Hotel mein le aaya…


  25. A good and innovative concept. Enjoyed the post.
    Avadhesh Dubey. A salesman who sold children’s toys in train became an internet sensation. A video of him become viral. While he was selling, a passenger made a video and posted it on social media. His punchlines were so on point, that video soon gained attention all over the social media. His unique way to sell toys and his rhymes made him quite famous. But this also meant trouble for the salesman. He got arrested for selling his toys in the train without a permit and he was soon arrested after that.
    Here is a clip

    This was in May 2019

    Anil Biswas rendered a song in 1955 in the film Farar, lyrics Prem Dhawan, music Anil Biswas.
    A travelling salesman in train

    Had collected many such profession songs for a post in future. Will do it some time late next year.


    1. Thank you Venkataramanji.
      Glad you enjoyed the post.
      And thanks a lot for posting the Anil Biswas song from Farar. I hadn’t heard it before. So enjoyed a lot!
      I do remember the recent salesman video.


  26. Anup ji,


    Kaifi Azmi, SDB.

    1) Washermen/ women.

    Banke gulgule Jal ke bulbule
    Yaar chulbule Sun re pagle…
    Kishore Kumar & chorus.

    2) Multiple professions:
    Farmer, Maison, Sculptor, Potter, Goldsmith, Musical instruments maker.

    Apne haathon ko pehchan
    Moorakh, in mein hai Bhagwan..


  27. मेरा नाम अब्दुल रहेमान
    A song from भाई भाई….Kishore kumar selling pistachios
    ले लो नारीयल पानी
    Mumtaz in apna desh
    बाईस्कोप देखो
    Again mumtaz in dushman


    1. मेरा नाम अब्दुल रहेमान
      I had thought of the song, it was also suggested by dustedoff. But I said in the reply, it’s not actually a professional song. Kishore Kumar is not actually a pistachio seller. It’s like a stage performance, but actually a ‘performance’ on road. As I was not going to include any performance, the song dose not fit.
      The other two songs, ले लो नारीयल पानी and बाईस्कोप देखो have been mentioned by other readers as well, and they fit perfectly.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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