Remembering Kedar Sharma

(A tribute to Kedar Sharma, on his 20th Death Anniversary)

Kedar Sharma or Kidar Sharma (as he was popularly known) was a well known film producer and director, who has a number of films to his credit. He was the one, who gave break to famous names of Hindi cinema. The names include Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Madhubala (as a main Lead), Tanuja, Bharat Bhushan among the actors, Snehal Bhatkar and Roshan among the composers. He was also instrumental in children’s film society.

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Kedar Sharma was born in 1910 (He hasn’t mentioned his birth date anywhere in his autobiography) in Sialkot. After he completed graduation in English, his father wanted him to join a college as a teacher. But he always had a zeal for cinema. In early 1930s, he ran away from home to arrive in Kolkata (then Calcutta) and joined the ‘New Theaters’ as a poster painter. After a clash with B N Sircar, he left New Theater and came to Bombay (now Mumbai).
He joined Ranjit Studios with a handsome salary. He directed for the first time for ‘Dil Hi To Hai’, that was released in 1939. His popular movie, Chitralekha was released in 1941. He asked Ustad Jhande Khan, the composer of the film, to compose all the songs in Raag Bhairavi. Later, for the film, Suhag Raat in 1948, he again wanted all the songs in Raag Pahadi and Snehal Bhatkar did this job aptly. He directed around 25 films, the last one being, Pehla Kadam, released in 1980. His films may not be super hits, but with films like Jogan, he proved himself for best handling of sensitive issues. He himself didn’t like the remake of Chitralekha, in 1966, though he was the director of both the movies. He did nearly all the aspects of film making, including acting, singing, script writing, dialogues, direction, production, except perhaps music direction. He tried launching his son, Ashok Sharma, as an actor. But it wasn’t a successful attempt.

Another lesser known aspect of his career was his work as a lyricist. He was offered to write the screenplay and the dialogues for ‘Devdas’ in 1935. Later he was asked to pen the songs as well. He took the responsibility seriously, Devdas was a classic and to write for it was a challenge. But he was spot on on both the fronts. Later his songs for, Vidyapati, also became popular. He mainly penned songs for his own movies, but also for other movies occasionally.
His earlier associations (in 1930s) include, with R C BoralMillionaire (1936), Vidyapati (1937), Sapera (1939), Haar Jeet (1940)
In the above films, Kanan Bala or K L Saigal were the singers, and these Vintage Era songs are still popular.
After he came to Bombay (now Mumbai), his association with Khemchand Prakash was memorable, with films like, Vishkanya (1943), Gouri (1943), Bhanwara (1944) etc.
In 1941, he met Vasudev Bhatkar and was very much impressed with his musical talent, he offered him to compose for his next venture. Kaliyan (1944) was the first film, Kedar Sharma offered Bhatkar as a playback singer. For many years, the association was intact and successful. For the film Neel Kamal (1947) he composed with a pseudonym ‘B Vasudev’, and with Suhag Raat (1948) it was changed to Snehal Bhatkar. The name remained forever.
Kedar Sharma was kind enough to offer a film to Roshan, who was a budding name and wanted a break. Sharma told Bhatkar about it, and the latter agreed to it, he always was generous and believed in healthy competition. So Roshan’s journey started with ‘Neki Aur Badi’ in 1949. Even though it was a box office and musical failure, Sharma was confident about Roshan’s talent. He offered him his next venture, Baware Nain, and the rest is history!
His other associations were,
Jamal Sen – Shokhiyan (1951)
Hansraj Behl – Duniya Ek Sarai (1947)
Bulo C Rani – Jogan (1950) – Just a single song, Dagmag Dagmag Dole Naiya

In all he wrote about 300 songs in 37 films. Rajkumari has sung many of his songs in 40s, and by various singers in 50s-60s. In comparison, Lata Mangeshkar has sung less number of songs, penned by him.

Let’s start with the songs now. As usual the songs are in no particular order…….

1. Dukh Ke Ab Din Beetat Nahi – Devdas (1935) K L Saigal / Music – Timir Baran
The classic song from the original Devdas. What can I say about it? The pathos it creates is something that should be experienced. Saigal’s divine voice singing the song, makes it a treasure.

2. Main Kya Janu Kya Jadu Hai – Zindagi (1940) K L Saigal / Music – Pankaj Mullick
In contrast, this is a pleasant song! Of course Saigal exceeds in this genre too! Sheer pleasure to listen. A song talking about the magic, her enchanting eyes did, on his soul.

3. Tum Jao Bade Bhagwan Bane – Chitralekha (1941) Ram Dulari / Music – Ustad Jhande Khan
One of his earlier popular films. First be a human being, then talk about the God. I haven’t come across any song by the singer,other than this film. If anyone knows about Ram Dulari, please share the information.
Later, the same situation had the song, ‘Sansar Se Bhage Phirte Ho’ in 1966 Chitralekha.

4. Jaiyo Na Bides Mora Jiya – Neel Kamal (1947) Rajkumari & Vasudev Bhatkar / Muisc – B Vasudev
With the film, Bhatkar started his musical journey with Kedar Sharma. Very young Madhubala and Raj Kapoor acted in the movie. The songs were good, and were reasonably popular. Here’s a song, the lady sings to stop her man. Bhatkar’s voice sounds good in the typical vintage style.

5. Jao Jao Na Satao – Suhag Raat (1948) Rajkumari / Music – Snehal Bhatkar
An expression of pretend anger! The lady curses her love, asks him to go away, she would weep whole night, but won’t request him to stay back for a while. She explains in a cute way how she would handle the situation, but won’t surrender to him.

6. Maa Dekh Ri Maa – Duniya Ek Sarai (1947) Meena Kumari / Music – Hansraj Behl
I knew about Meena Kumari’s zeal for music, I wasn’t aware of the song. A young girl is metaphorically compared with a small cloud (बदली). A mother always considers her daughter a little girl. But once she is grown up because of orthodox culture, she dreams of her marriage. It’s so beautifully described in the song. We can make out Meena Kumari, as an amateur singer. But still it appeals.

7. Sapna Ban Sajan Aaye – Shokhiyan (1951) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Jamal Sen
Shokhiyan was a prestigious project for Kedar Sharma, though it was a fantasy story woven around a kingdom. It wasn’t a success at the box office, but is still remembered for its songs. Suraiya’s Raaton Ki Neend Chheen Lee and Lata’s mentioned solo are still considered one of the finest songs of Hindi Cinema. Lata Mangeshkar of course sang for the second lead, but nevertheless, the sweetness of the tune and Sharma’s divine words immortalized the song.

8. Mujhe Sach Sach Bata Do – Baware Nain (1950) Mukesh & Rajkumari / Music – Roshan
The film songs usually have some conventional conversations with formal words. The song has very simple, day to day words, as if the couple is really having a word. And such a excellent selection of words.
Baware Nain had some magnificent songs by Kedar Sharma. I must mention, at least three of the songs, ‘Sun Bairi Balam’ by Rajkumari, Teri Duniya Mein Dil by Mukesh and ‘Khayalon Mein Kisi Ke’ by Mukesh and Geeta Dutt. The songs are remembered not only for the tune or the rendition, but also for the excellent lyrics. We can have a list of best of Kedar Sharma, just with the songs of ‘Baware Nain’ and ‘Hamari Yaad Aayegi’.

9. Dil Ne Diya Dhokha – Bedardi (1951) Mukesh / Music – Roshan
A soulful song from an obscure film. Nevertheless, the quality of his lyrics is distinct. The couple is separated, but he hasn’t yet recovered from the trauma. He still remembers her beauty, her manners. And he believes, she’s the one who has forgotten everything. Sorry for an average audio quality.

10. Khali Jeben Ho Kadaki Ho – Chhora Chhori (1955) Rafi / Music – Roshan
Here’s the surprise song on the list. Did you expect such a song? A lighter song, mixes various western styles with qawwali. I think, a, surprise from Roshan’s side as well!

11. Hum Jage Jag Soye Ri – Rangeen Raaten (1956) Lata Mangeshkar / Music – Roshan
A lady experiencing sleepless nights, wonders when she would be able to meet her love? His meeting will help restore her happiness. A lady’s emotions are very well portrayed by Sharma.

12. Kabhi Tanhaiyon Mein Yoon – Hamari Yaad Aayegi (1961) Mubarak Begum / Music – Snehal Bhatkar
What can I say about this song. It’s one of the finest works, of the trio. It brought instant fame and recognition to Mubarak Begum. I don’t know why it only has one stanza? And it feels like she is cursing her lover. Her memories will set his world on fire, it will be destroyed to ashes. He would neither be able to die, nor live with ease. I wish I knew the situation in the song, why does she say thing to her lover? And such interesting word is ‘कौंध’, used instead of ‘चमकना’, makes it sound completely different.

13. Sochta Hoon Yeh Kya – Hamari Yaad Aayegi (1961) Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh / Music – Snehal Bhatkar
It was impossible for me, to have only one song from the movie. I was torn between the two songs, and I finally decided to include both! Another masterpiece by Sharma-Bhatkar duo. The couple is wondering why do they love each other so much? Why do they feel the need for such a heartache at all? She’s is stranger to him, and he thinks of her as a liar, then why does he like her? He’s not that good looking, she says to herself, a button nose with short stature! still she can’t get over him!
Sharma writes all this with simplicity, such a cute song!

14. Woh Dekho Dekha, Dekh Raha Tha – Fariyad (1964) Suman Kalyanpur & Mahendra Kapoor / Music – Snehal Bhatkar
The song catches your attention, because of the frequently but aptly used word ‘Dekhna’. And it has such a fast rhythm. It doesn’t allow you to think a bit, and to take a breath. It goes on and on…….

15. Baithe Baithe Dil E Nadan – Maikhana (1967) Rafi / Music – Brij Bhushan
Haven’t ever heard of this movie, but it has a few memorable songs of Kedar Sharma. This ghazal by Rafi, could feature among his best songs. Another song, Ek Shab Ke Musafir Hai Hum To, is also worth listening to.

Would you add your favourite song by Kedar Sharma?
Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners.

15 Replies to “Remembering Kedar Sharma”

  1. I think my favourite Kedar Sharma song would be one you’ve already mentioned, Kabhi tanhaaiyon mein yoon. I first saw (and heard) it on Chitrahaar as a child, and liked it so much that when the film was shown on DD, my sister and I sat and watched it all. (The film itself I remember as being pretty boring).

    Dekho dekho dekh raha thha papiha would come a close second – that too I saw on Chitrahaar as a child, and totally loved!


  2. Anup ji,
    Good post with some very nice selections.
    I would mention one song for it’s history.

    Beeta hua ik saawan ik yaad tumhari…
    Recorded for SHOKHIYAN,1951, this Lata song was used three decades later in PEHLA KADAM,1980.


  3. Anup,
    Kedar Sharma’s lyrics evoke one image, ‘elegant’, and your selection proves that (except the fun song ‘Khali jeben hon, karki ho’. My special favourites are all the songs of ‘Vidyapati’, whether by Kanan Devi or KC Dey. You have as usual given a very nice overview of his career. Nice post.


    1. Thanks AKji for the appreciation.
      Yes, you named it perfectly! ‘Elegant’ to the word to describe his songs.
      The songs from Vidyapati are of course very good, my favourite from the movie are ‘Ambua Ki Daali’ & ‘Dole Hriday Ki Naiyya’


  4. I got confused between Narendra Sharma and Kedar Sharma when I spoke to Anup yesterday butI realised my mistake.
    Rangeeli raate Hum jage jag .. is one of my favourites. Along with Sapna ban sajan.
    K L S immortal songs, the first 2 in your list are unforgettable even after 70 years.
    There were 2-3 songs from Rangeen Raate like more balma…,I also watched his program on Vividh Bharti on YT.
    What you say was right. He introduced many new stars.
    There were 1-2 songs that I had not heard but I enjoyed them.
    Thank you.


  5. Kedar Sharma was sure multi-faceted. I cannot offhand remember any of his songs now, but “Dekho dekha dekh raha tha paphia” has been a favourite since Chitrahaar-Rangoli days.


    1. Yes,
      He surely was a multi faceted artist. He was good at many things associated with cinema. And he worked in all the departments of film making, right from poster painting to directoin and production.


  6. Anup ji ,
    Namaste 🙏
    Nice post on Kidar Sharma , the multi -talented name in Hindi cinema .
    I was surprised to see his name as the lyrics -writer of the very famous ” दुख के अब दिन ” nd ” मैं क्या जानूँ ” . I didn’t know that. Thnx.
    I was unaware of Rajkumari’s song” जावो जावो ना सतावो ” from ” सुहागरात . What a sweet song !
    One more thnx for providing the meaning of ” कौंध ” nd one more for that Meena Kumari no.
    Yes, he failed in promoting the career of his son Ashok , but I liked Ashok Sharma ‘s performance in both ” हमारी याद आएगी ” nd ” फरियाद ”
    ” आपने हुजूर मुझे ” was a nice song from the latter one.

    Anup ji , thnx for this post. I will b back with comments on remaining posts .

    – Pramod Godbole, Thane.

    I hereby add my favourite Mukesh no. Of
    ” हमारी याद आएगी ”
    ” फरिश्तों की नगरी में मैं आ गया हूँ ”
    The tune , the joyful Mukesh , the different kind of picturisation nd above all Ashok Sharma ‘s playful acting – everything is notable.


    1. Thanks Pramodji!
      Kedar Sharma was an all rounder and he was a genius. His career as a lyricist was a little underrated.
      Thanks for the song from Hamari Yaad Aayegi. I already had a couple of songs on the list. So I skipped it, and it’s not my favourite either.
      And when many heroes were popular just because of the songs in the movie, Ashok Sharma failed despite good songs. Destiny! What else!


  7. Thank you for your article about my grandfather, I much appreciate it! I just want to clarify that my father “Ashok” Sharma’s acting career was indeed successful, but that he chose to leave India to move on to study Art & Design. In case you’re interested, my Grandfather’s Birthday was on April 12th. And here’s a better link for Woh Dekho Dekha, Dekh Raha Tha:
    Best regards, Renuka Sharma

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Renuka Sharma Ji,
      Welcome to Mehfil!
      It’s an honour to have you on the blog.
      It’s for the first time that an immediate relative of a stalwart of Hindi films commented on the blog.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting.
      There’s very little known about Mr Ashok Sharma. It would be great if you provide a few details about him.
      Thanks for the link of the song. I’ll update.
      And thanks once again for confirming Kedar Sharma’s birthday.



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