Songs of ‘Dil Lagana’

This song list is with me for a long time now! Meantime, I was busy with other lists, some newly formed, some older than this. So this list, though I liked it, remained
aside like an old neglected toy, kept aside by a child. Now that I remembered about it, let me present it today.
The meaning of ‘Dil Lagana’ is to love someone, to like someone, to get involved with someone. The person with whom you get attached, is someone you care for! You always think of him/her, you even see them in your dreams, his thoughts occupy your routine work. People think of you as a crazy.
The word is also means perseverance, a constant commitment to a person. It has quite a serious meaning in this sense.
The word is used in nearly all sorts of songs, as evident from the list. You will find romantic songs, sad songs, a stage performance, a Mujra song, and club songs as well on the list.

So let’s now concentrate on the song list. As usual the songs are from the films before 70s and are in No particular order.

1. Dil Lagakar Hum Yeh Samajhe – Zindagi Aur Maut (1965) Asha Bhosle / C Ramchandra – Shakil Badayuni
This poignant song talks about the emotions of a girl who gets hurt in a relationship. She says, after committing herself in a relationship, now she realizes the actual meaning of infatuation, deep love and casual love. She accuses him of neglecting her altogether. She realizes now, what rudeness means! He even hasn’t cared for their friendship.
This song also has the word ‘Dillagi’, which is used in Hindi songs for a non serious flirting or infatuation. Just a casual relationship. Asha’s perfect rendition further uplifts the impact of the song. The use of piano in the song is also impressive.

2. Agar Dil Kisi Se Lagaya Na Hota – Bada Aadmi (1961) Rafi / Chitragupt – Majrooh
The film is about an orphan, Kishan (Subiraj) brought up by a Tonga driver, falls in love with his classmate, Radha (Vijaya Choudhary). Both of them love each other, but she is already engaged to someone else. She refuses to continue the relationship with Kishan. Kishan is heart broken, and regrets his involvement with her. A soulful ghazal, sung with deep emotions. The relationship has given him only sad memories and grief.

3. Thoda Sa Dil Lagake Dekh – Musafir Khana (1956) Shamshad Begum & Rafi / O P Nayyar – Majrooh
Johny Walker & Shammi dancing on O P Nayyar’s tune. A simple but sweet tune, that enchants us.
She asks him to be carefree and enjoy the life to its fullest. Be in love with someone and see how your life changes! Rafi just in a supportive role, creates wonders. The sheer happiness in his voice makes us smile and think ‘Life is really beautiful’.

4. Dil Lagake Kadar Gayi Pyare – Kala Pani (1958) Asha Bhosle / S D Burman – Majrooh
A Mujra song, performed by Nalini Jaywant. She plays a courtesan, who adores handsome men with shayarana andaz. Dev Anand, searching clues to his father’s innocence, tries to impress her. She owns an important letter which can prove his father’s innocence. She is undoubtedly overwhelmed by his charm, as evident in the song.
The male voice, is said to be Burman da’s. A different styled song with beautiful pieces of Sarangi and Tabla.

5. Kisi Na Kisi Se Kahin Na Kahin – Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) Rafi / O P Nayyar – S H Bihari
Raju (Shammi Kapoor) is on his way to Kashmir, singing this beautiful song. He is sent on a vacation, away from home, where his marriage is being discussed a good deal and he doesn’t approve of it. The picturesque scenes on the way make him sing. He enjoys the beautiful nature and feels intensely to love someone. He even has her image in his mind.
Rafi’s ultimate singing along with O P’s tune compels us to tap our feet. Enjoy the song.

6. O Dilwalon Dil Ka Lagana – Patanaga (1949) Shamshad Begum & Chitalkar / C Ramchandra – Rajendra Krishna
A delightful stage performance by Nigar Sultana & Yakub. A fun song, both of them making their point on ‘Dil Lagana’. She is supporting and he is against it. Must be a pretend drama.
A typical C Ramchandra song. He always had such light hearted fun songs in Shamshad’s voice, in nearly all movies. As Lata slowly took over her place, such songs slowly faded away in early 50s. For me, shamshad is a must for such songs. Listen how she sings! Just effortless and the sharpness of her voice is so cute. (I must write a post on her someday)

7. Dil Ka Lagana Is Duniya Mein – Smuggler (1967) Lata Mangeshkar / Ganesh
A club dance by Helen. I came across it while searching songs for the post.
It’s an Impressive song indeed. Helen is unable to decide, whom to trust. Many men falling for her, bit difficult to spot a real committed one! Her dilemma appears genuine.
Ganesh was a talented composer, who is said to fell prey to alcohol and unfortunately ruined his career. He was composer Pyarelal’s (from L P duo) younger brother and assisted him for a few movies.

8. Ek Dil Ka Lagana Baki Tha – Anokha Pyar (1948) Meena Kapoor / Anil Biswas- Zia Sarhadi
Meena Kapoor sang for Nargis in the movie. I’ve outlined its storyline in my post on ‘broken dreams’. She says, she wasn’t in love, so she tried loving someone. But that was nothing but painful. She is now confused what she wants exactly. The more she tries to forget, the more she remembers him.
‘Ek baar bhulana chaha tha, Sou baar woh hum ko yaad aaya.
Ek bhulanewale ko humne sou baar bhulake dekh liya’

9. Dil Lagana Tu Kya Jane – Commander (1959) Geeta Dutt / Chitragupt – Sarshar Sailani
A club song, at least it sounds like one ! The song most likely highlights the situation where the hero breaks off with heroine. It then may convey the feelings, the heroine is going through. The man who doesn’t care for her, can’t love her. And it’s difficult for her to continue such relationship.
A great combination of Chitragupt and Geeta, makes us enjoy it even more than anticipated.

10. Surat Haseen Lagata Hai Deewana – Badtameez (1966) Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
A little hearted fun song, to end the list. Picturised in and around a swimming pool in ‘Sun & Sand’. We have seen many songs where Hero with his friends teases heroine and makes her life miserable. But for a refreshing change, Sadhna teases and annoys Shammi Kapoor, catching him alone in a swimming pool and giving him a hard time.
Sadhna declares him unfit for love. She calls him by various names, that makes him furious. But the poor soul bears it all.


Would you like to add a song?

Disclaimer –

Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

13 Replies to “Songs of ‘Dil Lagana’”

  1. That’s an interesting theme! The first song which popped into my head was the very first one on your list – I like both the female and male versions of that song. Some of the songs here were new to me, and some – like the Kashmir ki Kali one – had completely slipped my memory.


  2. Doctor Saheb , namaste.
    ” Dil lagana ” — to think of such a हटके theme is absolutely काबिले तारीफ
    बहोत खूब !!!
    Enjoyed all d songs , some of them were quite new ones for me.
    Plus d notes about d songs r also very nice.
    It is a very rare case that many moods occur on a single theme.
    With regards ,
    Pramod Godbole.


  3. It’s a really good theme. Several songs were not known to me still enjoyed them as well as the info about the songs. I wonder how do you find time in your busy schedule to consistently keep blogging and that too quality blogs. Your song collection must be huge. Keep up the good work. All the best.


  4. The song(s) that come to my mind are:
    Dil E Betaab Ko Seene Se Lagana Hoga – Palki (1967)

    and not using Dil Lagana exactly as it is

    Dil Lagake Aapse Pacchata Rahe – Around The World (1967)

    and while looking for YT links for these two, I landed upon–
    Zehar Kahana Magar Dil Lagana Nahi – Shhesh Mahal (1950)


    1. Thanks for sharing the songs Ashokji.
      The song from, Around the world was a new to me, and I didn’t know, Amita acted in it. Was it Amita or not with Rajashree?
      The Sheesh Mahal song was also a new introduction! I liked it more than the former.
      To confess, songs from Around the world are not my favourites!
      Tha Palki song is wonderful, but as you said, it doesn’t exactly fit the theme.


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