The Classical Music Giants contribute to Hindi Cinema – II

I’m late to come with the second part of the series. I was busy with other work and couldn’t really manage to look at this part for a week or so. It has been nearly more than two weeks, from my last post. But, better late than never! Here I'm with the second part of …

Remembering S N Tripathi

A tribute to S N Tripathi on his 31st death anniversary. It's time now, for a post on one more forgotten composer! He was talented, in fact he was an all rounder, he composed, he sang, he acted, he directed, he produced films, he wrote stories & screenplays for some of his movies, he was …

Bharat Vyas – The Prolific Lyricist – III

We have reached the third & the final part of the series (Did I hear a sigh of relief?) It was a wonderful experience going through the career of legendary lyricist, Pandit Bharat Vyas. It was very unfortunate and total injustice to remember him or label him for mythological or historical films only. He has …

Happy Birthday Usha Mangeshkar!

(Wishing a very Happy 83rd Birthday to Usha Mangeshkar) This post was in the air for quite some time. When I started searching for the post, I was troubled by a few things. The first important obstacle was to confirm the exact date, as I found three different birth dates mentioned on three different sites. …

Rekha's Sousaphone

"Geet, beet, bazao baajaa!"


The spice of life

Evergreen Indian film music

Great film music and great music directors

Conversations Over Chai

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

Songs Of Yore

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

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