1995 – My Favourites

The year 2020 is (finally) heading toward the most awaited end. The first wave of Covid pandemic is subsiding in India, though the frightening stories of the second Covid wave in Europe, send chills down my spine. It's far too depressing. But life continues. The show must go on. Let's try and distract our minds …

The 1990s – Hindi Songs with Whistling

When I started the blog, in 2017, I had a theme in my mind. The theme was about the songs with whistling. Let it be in the prelude or interlude or anywhere. It should be an integral part of the song and I've observed many times that such whistling parts form an identity of the …


The spice of life

Evergreen Indian film music

Great film music and great music directors

Conversations Over Chai

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

Songs Of Yore

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

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