1954 – Lata Mangeshkar

Continuing the yearly review of Lata Mangeshkar songs, I today present my favourites from the year 1954.
Lata Mangeshkar was already ruling the recording rooms of all the major composers of Hindi cinema. She was the Queen of melody and all the composers were in awe of her voice. She was the favourite with the entire nation.

This year saw her singing for 40+ films, with a total of 170+ songs in total. It included around 140+ solos, 22 duets with male singers, 5 duets with female playback singers and one triad with her sisters, Usha and Meena Mangeshkar for the film, Chandni Chowk. The ratio of solos and duets is around 6.5:1.

If we consider her duets with male playback singers, she sang seven duets with Hemant Kumar, five duets with Talat Mahmood, only a couple of duets with Rafi. A lesser known playback singer, Shaminder had a couple of duets (Vishwas Nerurkar’s book mentions a third duet as well, called Dil Na Dukhana Sawariya, which I couldn’t find mentioned anywhere else) with Lata Mangeshkar for the film, Pilpili Saheb under the baton of composer, Sardul Kwatra. She sang one duet each with Kishore Kumar, Chitalkar, Shyamal Mitra, T S Moti and Hridaynath Mangeshkar.
Among female playback singers, she had one duet each with Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt, Sudha Malhotra, Chandrakanta and one duet with an unknown female singer in the film, Bahut Din Hue.

Before we go to the list of my favourites, let me present a summary

  • The main composers for the year as per number of films are, C Ramchandra (5 films), S D Burman and Hemant Kumar (4 films each) and Shankar Jaikishan (3 films)
  • She sang for a couple of films for Naushad, Anil Biswas and Roshan
  • Madan Mohan, K Datta, Ghulam Mohammad had only one film with Lata Mangeshkar. Except K Datta’s Rishta, the other two films are now forgotten
  • Mohammad Shafi’s Bazooband had the popular song, Bazooband Khul Khul Jaye and the film is still remembered just for the song
  • Salil Chowdhury had just a couple of songs by Lata Mangeshkar in 1954, one solo for Naukari, and a duet with Shyamal Mitra for Biraj Bahu
  • Sardar Malik, Shailesh Mukherjee and Sardul Kwatra had one film each with her and all the films had at least one of her memorable songs
  • Sudhir Phadke (for the film, Pehli Tarikh), Manna Dey (for the film, Shiv Kanya), Arun Kumar Mukherjee (for the film Samaj) had only one solo each by Lata Mangeshkar in the year
  • For the film, Suhagan, she sang for Vasant-Ramchandra. Let me add a few details about the duo. It was a duo formed by an alliance between Vasant Pawar and Ramchandra Wadhawkar. Both of them were active in Marathi films and Vasant Pawar has a number of popular Marathi film songs to his credit. He was joined by Ramchandra Wadhawkar and they formed a duo. The latter was a harmonium player at Prabhat, but also played organ and sitar. The duo composed for five Hindi films during 1952-54. The films were
    Nanhe Munne (1952), Mahatma (1953), Suhagan (1954), Kalakar (1954), Savdhan (1954).
    All the films were produced by Datta Dharmadhikari under the banner of Aalhad Chitra
  • The film Pensioner had one Lata Mangeshkar solo, Dil Ki Duniya Loot Kar, under the baton of composer Hansraj Behl. The song was recorded for and included in the film, Jaggu in 1952. It was reused for Pensioner
  • Neenu Mazumdar recorded a couple of solos by Lata Mangeshkar for the film, Bhai Sahab. The songs however were neither included in the film nor were the records released

It’s time now to visit the song list, so here we go. I again found myself arranging the songs composer wise, which I think is the easiest way to go about……

1. Naushad –
Being a choosy person, Naushad never accepted a lot of films. In 1954 he had just a couple of releases and both films, Amar and Shabab, were musically superb. In both the films, Lata Mangeshkar was a clear choice for the main lead, though Asha Bhosle also had a couple of solos in Amar. Those were perhaps her firsts with Naushad. Also Hemant Kumar sang his first for Naushad in Shabab.
Naushad continued composing Indian classical based songs and mainly in Shabab, he had absolutely marvelous semi classical songs.

Tere Sadqe Balam – Amar (1954) / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
Lata Mangeshkar sang for Madhubala and Nimmi both in the film. However a couple of songs picturised on Nimmi were sung by Asha Bhosle. The film is full of great solos by Lata Mangeshkar. Perhaps, ‘Janewale Se Mulaqat Na Hone Payi’ and ‘Khamosh Hai Khevan Haar Mera’ would be the picks from the movie. But this beautifully rendered playful melody, picturised on absolutely gorgeous Madhubala is my most favourite from the movie. The song has enchanting interludes and it’s in general a typical Naushad melody. And what can anyone say about Lata’s flawless rendition! Just blissful!

Man Ki Been Matwari Baje – Shabab (1954) with Rafi / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
I was surprised to watch the song as it perfectly suited the theme of my last post, Special Duets. The couple can hear each other, though there’s a curtain in between as an obstacle. They are not facing each other. The song is perhaps based on raag Basant. What a beautiful song! A pleasure to watch and listen. Nutan looks beautiful of course. While Hemant Kumar’s duet with Lata Mangeshkar, Chandan Ka Palna would be the most popular song of the movie, I am equally in love with this gem. Lata and Rafi’s semi classical duets are just a treasure.

2. C Ramchandra –
Lata Mangeshkar had a maximum number of films (5) with C Ramchandra, the highest with any composer for that year. The films were Kavi, Meenar, Nastik, Subah Ka Taara and Pehli Jhalak. Lata’s personal as well as professional relationship with C Ramchandra was at its peak in the early 50s. Chitalkar’s inclination was slowly shifting from his signature peppy, fun filled, light hearted songs (which he had sung with Shamshad Begum) to a more serious stuff. I don’t mean he had more sad songs, but such light hearted songs were definitely lesser in number now. But when he got the opportunity to do so, he had Charandas Ko Peene Ki Jo Aadat in Pehli Jhalak. Lata Mangeshkar was his obvious choice for his films and he also introduced Usha Mangeshkar to Hindi films when she sang her first Hindi film song for Baby Rajshree in Subah Ka Taara. Surprisingly, the film Kavi had only one duet by Lata Mangeshkar.

Mehndi Lagi Thi Mere Haath – Meenar (1954) / C Ramchandra – Rajendra Krishan
The song has a beautiful orchestration with excellent use of percussion instruments. It has an amazing rhythm and Lata Mangeshkar’s excellent singing. The tune of the song is otherwise not very impressive, a stereotypical Chitalkar song. Yet it manages to grab our attention.

Kanha Bajaye Bansuri – Nastik (1954) with Chorus / C Ramchandra – Kavi Pradeep
The film is best remembered for the song, Dekh Tere Sansaar Ki Haalat by Pradeep himself. In addition Gagan Jhanjhanaa Raha is also my most favourite. For today’s list, I’ve selected a beautiful dance number picturised on Nalini Jaywant and other dancers. The song has enchanting garba rhythm and excellent lyrics.

Gaya Andhera Hua Ujara – Subah Ka Taara (1954) with Talat Mahmood / C Ramchandra – Noor Lucknowi
I just love this optimistic song, full of joy and exuberance. Surely the best from the film.

Kaise Bhaye Sakhi Rut Sawan Ki – Pehli Jhalak (1954) / C Ramchandra – Rajendra Krishan
An excellent semi classical composition. One can only praise the lady for her flawless rendition. Very peaceful and soothing melody. It happens to be my most favourite from the movie.

3. S D Burman –
Burman da had very few songs with Lata Mangeshkar in 1953, but in 1954, he had four releases. The films were Angaaray, Taxi Driver, Radha Krishna and Chalis Baba Ek Chor. While all the songs of Taxi Driver were very popular and are still remembered, the ones from Radha Krishna are hardly remembered today. A couple of songs from Angaaray and Chalis Baba Ek Chor are maintaining their popularity at least with the hard core fans of HFM.
For today’s post, I’ve selected songs from three films. Let’s have a look at my selection,

Dil Se Milake Dil Pyar Kijiye – Taxi Driver (1954) / S D Burman – Sahir
One of the best club songs of Hindi cinema. While Lata Mangeshkar sang for both Kalpana Kartik and Sheila Ramani, Asha Bhosle also sang a solo for Sheila Ramani and a duet for Kalpana Kartik. In that era, where club songs used to be reserved for Geeta Dutt or Asha Bhosle, Burman da offered the songs to Lata Mangeshkar. She sang it with equal ease and proved her versatility. In addition to this club song, I’m a fan of Ae Meri Zindagi, which is yet another club song by Lata Mangeshkar picturised on Sheila Ramani.

O Piya Pyare – Chalis Baba Ek Chor (1954) / S D Burman – P L Santoshi
Though the song is not very popular, the sweetness of the melody is unparalleled. The tune is very pleasant and Lata’s honey dipped voice is just perfect for the occasion.

Tere Saath Chal Rahe Hai – Angaaray (1954) with Talat Mahmood / S D Burman – Sahir
Time to revisit this beautiful but forgotten duet from Angaaray. What a wonderful melody and such a different orchestration. I hadn’t heard it in this clear quality ever and was awestruck with the amazing song.

4. Shankar Jaikishan –
After having sung for 5 films in 1953, Lata Mangeshkar got to sing for three films in 1954. While the songs of Mayurpankh and Badshah are still popular, Lata’s solos from Pooja are not much talked about despite being good. I’ve highlighted my favourite from the latter. Let’s visit my selection,

Tandana Tandana Tandana – Mayurpankh (1954) / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
The film has one of my most favourite Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar duet, Ye Barkha Bahar. But it has already featured on a few occasions on the blog. The film has many songs to choose from and I decided to go for this catchy and joyous song, though it’s not picturised on the lead characters. The film also features a very young Helen singing, Mohabbat Ki Dastan Aaj Suno, yet another gem by Lata Mangeshkar. SJ surely used the tune again with few changes. The verses did remind me of ‘Woh Chand Khila’ from Anari.

Aa Neele Gagan Tale – Badshah (1954) with Hemant Kumar / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
What can I say about this one? One of my most favourite duets by Lata Mangeshkar and Hemant Kumar. The song is so amazing, I just love the tune and the musical arrangement.

Bata De Ae Dil – Pooja (1954) / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
The film had three of her solos and a couple of duets with Rafi. I must confess I am not very familiar with the songs, though I had heard the songs before. I’ve chosen the song which I liked the most.

5. Hemant Kumar –
He offered songs to Lata Mangeshkar in four Hindi films in 1954. It includes the most popular songs of Nagin. Not only it fetched best music director Filmfare award for Hemant Kumar, it highlighted him as a composer in bold. He had three more releases in the year and offered songs to Lata Mangeshkar in all the films.
For today’s list I’ve selected my one favourite from each of the films.

Jadugar Saiyan – Nagin (1954) / Hemant Kumar – Rajendra Krishan
A great task was to select a song for the list. Though I love all Lata solos from the movie, top three would be Jadugar Saiyan, followed very closely by Tan Dole Mera Man Dole featuring the mesmerizing Sapera dhoon and of course, Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja. And what an enchanting melody it is! The flute interludes are excellent too.

Dekho Woh Chand Chhupke – Shart (1954) with Hemant Kumar / Hemant Kumar – S H Bihari
The most popular song from the movie is obviously, Na Yeh Chand Hoga, with Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt singing their versions separately. But this Lata Mangeshkar and Hemant Kumar duet is equally popular. I hadn’t watched the video earlier, so wasn’t aware of the pair. I couldn’t recognise the hero. The song is a confession of love.

Yeh Khamoshiyan Yeh Sama – Samrat (1954) / Hemant Kumar – Rajendra Krishan
The film had two versions, a happy version by Asha Bhosle and sad version by Lata Mangeshkar. A beautiful song. It creates a perfect aura of pathos.

Chand Se Puchho Sitaron Se Poochho – Daku Ki Ladki (1954) with Hemant Kumar & Chorus / Hemant Kumar – S H Bihari
I’m glad I could get a good audio of the song. It’s one of my great favourites. The film must have been evidently B grade, the song is really good. Very good use of Chorus singers.

6. Anil Biswas –
Anil Biswas had four releases in 1954, Maan, Naaz, Waris, and Mahatma Kabir. Lata Mangeshkar was a part of the first couple of films.

Allah Bhi Hai Mallah Bhi Hai – Maan (1954) / Anil Biswas – Kaif Bhopali
I like the lyrics, the tune and Lata’s rendition. It is said that the song was actually recorded for a movie, based on Anarkali. Some books mention that the film was Mughal e Azam, but the song was ultimately included in Maan, it was picturised on a beggar. What a poignant song! Just experience a short pause in the second verse, after the sentence, Kya Maut Ki Aamad Aamad Hai. I get goosebumps. I always wonder exactly which song to declare the best by Lata Mangeshkar sang for Anil da!
The film also had other memorable songs, like Dum Bhar Ka Tha Daur by Mukesh, Mere Pyar Mein Tujhe Kya Mila by Lata Mangeshkar.

Jhilmil Sitaron Ke Tale Aa – Naaz (1954) / Anil Biswas – Satyendra Athaiya
A cheerful song, with a fast rhythm. Lata Mangeshkar sang five solos for the film. Though all of those are good, I chose the one I like the most.

7. Roshan –
Roshan composed for a couple of films with Lata Mangeshkar. Mehbooba and Chandni Chowk.
For the film, Mehbooba Roshan composed four songs, Lata Mangeshkar being a part of all. It’s said that director K Amarnath wanted a commercially successful composer, which Roshan wasn’t at that time. So he was replaced by O P Nayyar. Lata Mangeshkar was against this.

Aa Ke Ab Aata Nahin Dil Ko Qarar – Mehbooba (1954) / Roshan – Tanveer Naqvi
The song has a great pathos. Lata Mangeshkar has excellently portrayed the emotions. I think among the songs, this solo and her duet with Talat are relatively popular ones.

Banno Ke Haath Bhari Mehndi – Chandni Chowk (1954) with Usha Mangeshkar & Meena Mangeshkar
Meena Kumari starrer Chandni Chowk wasn’t perhaps a popular film, but it had a few good Lata Mangeshkar solos. But I’ve always been a fan of this triad by the Mangeshkar sisters. Perhaps their original relationship added an apt angle to the song. It was also the only triad by Lata Mangeshkar for the year. It sounds like a wedding song and we just have to keep on guessing about the picturisation, as the video is not available at present. Let’s enjoy the song.

8. Other Composers –
I’ve so far covered all the major composers of the golden era of HFM. Still a few of the forgotten and a few of the second rung composers need to be mentioned as their contribution may appear small, a few of their songs are still considered Lata Mangeshkar classics. I’ve included a forgotten composer K Datta, who was a popular composer of the 40s but wasn’t successful in the 50s. Then I’ve added Mohammad Shafi, Sardar Malik, Shailesh Mukherjee, Sardul Kwatra and E Shankar Shastry, all of them had a wonderful and memorable Lata Mangeshkar solo to their credit and for me their inclusion was a must on today’s list.
Let’s start ………

Bedard Zamane Se Shikwa Na Shikayat – Rishta (1954) / K Datta – Pandit Fani
I’ve a couple of my favourites from Rishta. Sajan Se Pehli Baar is the other song, which is in complete contrast to the added song. Both the songs are beautiful.

Bazooband Khul Khul Jaye – Bazooband (1954) / Mohammad Shafi – Prem Dhawan
The original song is I think a traditional thumri and has been sung by the majority of the stalwarts of Indian classical music. But the film version sung by Lata Mangeshkar must have helped it reach a common man, who doesn’t really care for classical stuff. The song is wonderfully composed and superbly sung. A video of the song is available, there’s a poor and distorted audio quality at least in the beginning of the video.

Chanda Chamke Gagan Mein – Bahut Din Hue (1954) / E Shankar Shastry – Pandit Indra
The film had two composers, B S Kalla and E Shankar Shastry and it’s interesting to note that only one song was composed by E Shankar Shastry and that’s the one I’ve added to the list. Beautiful Madhubala playing a string instrument, perhaps a Rudra Veena. The song is very melodious and sung with apt expressions.

Hui Ye Humse Nadani – Chor Bazar (1954) / Sardar Malik – Shakeel Badayuni
Sardar Malik was an underrated composer and couldn’t get many opportunities in big banners. But most of his songs are good. The song from Chor Bazar would top the list, at least for me, if I were to compile the bests by Lata Mangeshkar under Malik’s baton. The song has an exquisite tune and orchestration. No need to say, sung excellently. It’s picturised on Chitra.

Jalke Dil Khak Hua – Parichay (1954) / Shailesh Mukherjee – Keshav Trivedi
The song starts with a Hindi couplet that creates a very apt aura for the song. The lines were originally written by Mahtab Rai Taban, who was a Urdu poet from 18th century. The song has been very popular over the years, though no one really cared for the composer. The song finds a place in best of Lata Mangeshkar surely.
It would be appropriate to add a little information about Shailesh Mukherjee. He was a singer and composer primarily, who composed for only three Hindi films. He has sung the most popular song, Dekh Chand Ki Orr from Aag. He also tried acting in a few films, the prominent ones being Miya Biwi Raazi (1960) and Pyar Ki Pyas (1961).

Jinhe Hum Yaad Karte Hain – Pilpili Saheb (1954) / Sardul Kwatra – Majrooh
The song and the film are not very popular, but a good song. Sardul Kwatra was a popular Punjabi composer, who composed for several Hindi films as well. Listen to the wonderful melody and meaningful lyrics.

Would you like to add your favourite from the year by Lata Mangeshkar?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

14 Replies to “1954 – Lata Mangeshkar”

  1. Dear Anup ji,

    I distinctly recall seeing BADSHAH in my boyhood and was extremely disturbed at seeing the character played by USHA KIRAN being killed by arrows. As you would be knowing, the Film is based on Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and, I think, it was Mala Sinha’s first Hindi Film.

    This song, which was picturised on Usha Kiran was quite popular (of course no match for the romantic duet posted by you)

    (गुल मुस्कुरा उठा ……)

    Keep up the good work.

    With warm regards


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Anup ji,

    They say Doctors are quite emotionless when dealing with Patients and rightly so, for if emotions and feelings come in the way, the Doctor would not be able to render proper treatment.

    But that does not mean that you should be devoid of emotions and feelings in your choice of songs. Oh, how heartless you are! How could you possibly overlook this beautiful romantic duet?

    (अरि छोड़ दे सजनिया …….)

    And that “unknown” Actor in that song from “SHART” (1954) was one Deepak Kumar Mukherjee from Bengal who was roped in by the Director BIBHUTI MITRA and to the best that I know, he went back to Bengal after this Film.

    With warm regards


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  3. Anup,
    Lata Mangeshkar was at the very top pf her vocal quality in the 50s. And what songs the music directors created!. From many of my favourites let me add two:

    ‘Na Milta gham to barbaadi ke afsaane kahan jaate’ from ‘Amar’ – Naushad

    ‘Marna teri gali me, jeena teri gali me’ from ‘Shabab’ – Naushad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AKji,
      I completely agree with you. Her voice quality was at its best in the 50s.
      Thank you for sharing the wonderful songs.
      Both the films by Naushad had a few of Lata Mangeshkar’s best songs.


    1. Yes,
      Absolutely fabulous melodies in the list. Very difficult to select one song over the others.
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      Majority of the songs by S H Bihari for Hemant Kumar were popular.


  4. Anup ji ,
    One more melodious post in this musical marathon of Lata-songs .

    What I liked the most …
    The summary ,
    the segment of other composers
    song from पिलपिली साहेब .

    My addition
    A song from नौकरी .. Salil Choudhary .. wonderful piece of music …
    Two unusual things .. a very very different अवतार of शीला रामाणी nd the मुखडा nd its tune .

    “ओ मन रे , न गम कर , ये ऑंसू बनेंगे सितारे ”

    Anup ji ,
    Njoyed Ur analysis of Lata – songs in 1954 .
    Thnx .

    With best wishes ,
    Pramod Godbole .

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