Mehfil celebrates 5th Anniversary!

Today the blog completes five years and I’m on cloud nine. For the last couple of years, with the pandemic roaring around, it was difficult to celebrate. But now our lives are getting back to normal by and large, the tourist places and cinema halls are overflowing with visitors, I think now I am in a position to use the word celebrate. So today let’s celebrate blog’s fifth birthday!


This year we lost the nightingale of Hindi cinema, Lata Mangeshkar. I was planning an yearly review of Lata Mangeshkar’s songs and I opened the series on 6th February. I was also planning a post on her classical based songs. She has sung a lot of semi classical songs in various films under the baton of different music directors. These songs are particularly remembered for her perfect singing, accurate pronunciation and perfect diction.
I thought it to be a perfect song list to celebrate the fifth birthday of the blog. Of course, there are a number of raag based songs in the Hindi films. But all of those songs don’t fall in the semi classical category. So I’ve chosen songs accordingly. Here I must add that I’m not a classical music expert, and all the raag related information is obtained from the internet searches.

Before we start the celebration, I would take the opportunity to thank my family and well wishers. Their support and encouragement is my great driving force. Without their comments and wishes my posts are incomplete. What’s a blog without the readers!

Let’s come to the topic for today. Here I am with

‘Semi Classical songs by Lata Mangeshkar’

I have chosen my favourite one befitting song with a particular composer. I’ve tried to cover the majority of popular composers of the golden era. But of course I had to limit the number of songs as well.
Let’s start the journey. I guarantee it will be one of the most enjoyable, memorable and melodious journeys so far. The songs are in No particular order.

1. Manmohana Bade Jhoothe – Seema (1955) / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
The song is based on raag Jaijaiwanti (जयजयवंती). Shankar Jaikishan composed a lot of raag based songs for various movies. But this was the first song that came to my mind when I thought of a befitting song for the list. Sung wonderfully by Lata Mangeshkar, it is enacted excellently on screen by Nutan. Nutan was trained in Indian classical music and hence she could lip sync so well for the song. It’s as if she is really singing it, mainly the aalaaps are done wonderfully well.

2. Sanware Sanware – Anuradha (1960) / Pandit Ravi Shankar – Shailendra
The film opens with the song being played on the radio. The song is based on raag Bhairavi (भैरवी). Pandit Ravi Shankar employed four raagas while composing the four solos by Lata Mangeshkar. While all the solos are excellent and popular, I chose the one that showcased Lata’s talent in classical music the most.

3. Pawan Deewani Na Mane – Dr Vidya (1962) / S D Burman – Majrooh
This wonderful dance performance by Vyjayanti Mala is based on raag Bageshree. The song composed by S D Burman is a bit complicated classical based composition. It was Lata’s first released film after she cleared her differences with Burman da.

4. Ja Main Tose Nahin Bolun – Sautela Bhai (1962) / Anil Biswas – Shailendra
We can easily appreciate Lata Mangeshkar’s command over Indian classical music. Anil Biswas has used raag Adana as per the information available on the internet. It’s one of the most enchanting and captivating semi classical Hindi film songs. It’s picturised on Jeevankala and Rani. And it’s one of the few songs where a single playback singer lends voice for two actresses in a single song. Certainly one of Lata’s best with Anil Biswas.
I guess, the रागमालिका song, Ritu Aaye Ritu Jaye, from Humdard would be a better or at least equally good option for this spot. But I was looking for solos wherever possible.

5. Bedardi Dagabaaz Ja – Bluff Master (1963) / Kalyanji Anandji – Rajendra Krishan
I guess the beautiful song is overshadowed by the other songs in the movie. But that’s a very good semi classical song, based on raag Bageshree. Perhaps Kalyanji Anandji hasn’t composed many semi classical songs, but this one’s a masterpiece.

6. Balma Mane Na – Opera House (1961) / Chitragupt – Majrooh
Chitragupt has composed a good number of semi classical songs for Lata Mangeshkar and the majority of those are popular. This Malkauns (मालकंस) based song is a good representative, or so I think. It’s picturised on B Saroja Devi. I’ve no idea if she was a trained dancer or not, but she has managed to pull it off well.

7. Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya – Suwarna Sundari (1956) with Rafi / Adi Narayan Rao – Bharat Vyas
It was just too obvious to include the song on such a list. And it surely deserves to be. Composer has beautifully amalgamated multiple raagas in the song. He started with the raag Sohni, to travel through Bahar, Darbari and Jaunpuri, to end on Raag Yaman. Bharat Vyas has penned beautiful lyrics using शुद्ध हिंदी. I take the song as the most popular Raag mala song from Hindi films. Composer Adi Narayan Rao also directed the movie. It’s picturised on Anjali and Akkineni Nageswara Rao.

8. Suno Sajna Papihe Ne – Aaye Din Bahar Ke (1966) / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Anand Bakshi
The song, based on Yaman, was one of the first popular solos of Lata Mangeshkar. It not only popularized the film, but also helped Laxmikant Pyarelal cross the boundaries of B grade films. Aaye Din Bahar Ke was their first film with big stars. Till date they had composed for more than 10 films, but the majority of those films were mythological, religious, stunt – action films etc. All of the songs in the film were hugely popular and this song is still very popular. It’s sung extremely well by Lata Mangeshkar.

9. Balma Anadi Man Bhaye – Bahu Rani (1963) / C Ramchandra – Sahir
The song was inspired by the popular thumri by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Based on Raag Hemant, the song immediately captures the listener’s attention. The film Sargam (1950) also had a number of semi classical songs by Lata Mangeshkar, but I chose this one. The sitar backed song is very soothing to listen to, making it a must have for today’s list. It was the period when Lata Mangeshkar was singing for C Ramchandra on the condition that he won’t be there for the final recording. It could be a rumour. The songs of Stree and Bahurani brought back C Ramchandra’s magic.

10. Ghar Aaja Ghir Aaye – Chhote Nawab (1961) / R D Burman – Shailendra
The beautiful song is a mujra song, based on raag Malgunji (मालगुंजी) and has enchanting sarangi pieces throughout. R D Burman opened his career with this film and impressed everyone with this song. It was the period when Lata Mangeshkar had differences with Burman da and wasn’t singing for him. R D Burman however wanted Lata and only Lata Mangeshkar to sing his very first song. He requested her accordingly and she agreed to it. It’s also said that the song catalyzed the reunion between Lata Mangeshkar and S D Burman.

11. Ae Ri Jane Na Doongi – Chitralekha (1964) with Chorus / Roshan – Sahir
Roshan composed beautiful semi classical solos for Lata Mangeshkar in this movie. This one is a raag Kamod based composition and is a delight to listen to. As I’m not knowledgeable in Indian classical music, I won’t be able to elaborate on the subject. But it’s easy on the ears and extremely soothing to the senses.
The other songs that I had thought of were from Raag Rang, Ae Ri Aali Piya Bina and the raag mala from Mamata.

12. Baiyan Na Dharo O Balma – Dastak (1970) / Madan Mohan – Majrooh
Madan Mohan composed a lot of raag based songs for Lata Mangeshkar. But this semi classical number stands out as a gem. The song is based on Raag Charukeshi (चारुकेशी). What a beautiful song!

13. Thare Rahiyo O Banke Yaar – Pakeezah (1972) / Ghulam Mohammad – Majrooh
What can I say about this Raag Maand based composition! Ghulam Mohammad poured his heart and soul into the songs of Pakeezah. The raag is said to be very difficult to render and surely we can make it out after listening to it. Ghulam Mohammad had composed the songs in the mid 60s itself, but the film took a very long time in the making, and when it was released in 1972, Ghulam Mohammad wasn’t alive to experience its success. The film has five of Lata’s solos and this one’s my particular favourite. Meena Kumari looks gorgeous in the songs and lip syncs easily to the taans and aalaps.

14. Chham Chham Naachat Aayi Bahar – Chhaya (1961) / Salil Chowdhury – Rajendra Krishan
Salil Chowdhury had a long association with Lata Mangeshkar right from his first film. Over the years, he composed a few semi classical songs for her. This song based on Raag Bahar is an excellent dance performance by Asha Parekh. The stage performance is rendered so beautifully by Lata Mangeshkar. Salil Chowdhury has composed the song wonderfully. The other song that came to my mind was Jhanan Jhanan Baaje from Chand Aur Suraj.

15. Mohe Panghat Pe Nandlal – Mughal e Azam (1960) / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
The song is based on raag Gara and it is picturised on Madhubala, who presents a dance performance in the Royal court of Akbar during the Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. The song is very beautifully sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Madhubala despite her heart problem managed to pull off the dance well.
The song is actually believed to be a traditional Thumri and it has been sung by other notable singers of the early decades of the 1900s. The version by Lata Mangeshkar is nevertheless the most popular and widely known.

16. Sakhi Ri Sun bole – Miss Mary (1957) with Asha Bhosle / Hemant Kumar – Rajendra Krishan
And to end today’s celebrations, let me present a beautiful duet by the Mangeshkar sisters. Tuned in Raag Khamaj, the song is picturised on a very beautiful looking Meena Kumari and a girl who plays her student. It’s said that the Mangeshkar sisters were not on talking terms with each other, but professionally they used to co operate with the composers. Meena Kumari lip syncs perfectly to Lata’s voice, so does the other girl too. What a delight to watch and listen to.

I could have gone on and on….
But I am not going to add any more songs. Please add Lata’s semi classical songs by any other composer or of course you can repeat the composers already covered. I’m sure there are plenty of songs to add and the list of composers is also endless.
Please go ahead. Be a part of the celebration!

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

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  1. Hearty congratulations on the fifth anniversary of the blog. I can well imagine how happy you must be today. It’s like a proud father watching his child grow and marveling at his own creation. This blog is a beautiful piece as usual and especially endearing as the songs are classical based and leave an everlasting impression on the mind and soul. The selection is good and I’m sure there will be more blogs on this topic. Congrats once again.

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    1. Thank you so much Bhushan ji for your appreciation. I’m of course very happy.
      Glad you liked and enjoyed the theme.
      And you were missing for a few months on the blog. Glad you’re back.


  2. Nice compilation of beautiful songs & commentary befitting the 5th anniversary of your blog. How time flies! I have visited your blog after considerable time. I myself do not have any working knowledge of ragas, but that doesn’t reduce any enjoyment of the songs.

    May you have many more anniversaries.

    Congratulations! Keep it up.

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  3. Congrats for 5th anniversary. Your cinsistent and persistent wfforts are highly commendable unlike me who has a lot in mind but feel lazy to put on paper so frequently!!
    Very well written Anup, on my favourite topic -raag based songs by greatest Laraji. But good that you have not touched some songs which I was planning to include in mine🙂

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    1. Swanand,
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the concept and the song list.
      And more happy that our song lists didn’t cross much. Waiting for your list eagerly.
      Hope you’re planning it soon.


  4. Many congratulations, Anupji, and best wishes for many more years of blogging! And, a lovely post – such beautiful songs. My favourite by far (though I like most of the others too) is Thare rahiyo – so good. I also like Aaja bhanwar, which (according to some of the people commenting on this link) is in raag Brindavani Sarang.

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    1. Thank you Madhuji for your wishes and appreciation. I’m happy you liked the list.
      Thanks a lot of adding,
      Aaja Bhanwar by composer S N Tripathi. Excellent song!
      Actually I was wishing to add Tripathi, glad you added. He had composed a number of semi classical songs for Lata Mangeshkar.

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  5. Anupji, congratulations on completing 5 years of such a quality blogging.

    I am really fascinated by your consistency and deep study in a subject which is not your profession.

    Today’s songs choice is absolutely perfect and let me confess that today at least I know all the songs and definitely my favourite.

    Thanks once again.

    Keep blogging and keep spreading happiness.

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  6. Dr Anup ji,
    Heartiest Congratulation on completion of 5 years of your interesting blog.
    With increasing readership and more active participation by knowledgeable readers, I am sure that you will continue to prosper for a very long period.
    Keep up the novelty of your themes and have a mix of singers, lyricists, MDs and artistes of various departments of film making like directors, banners, arrangers etc.
    Here is wishing you all the very best.
    -Arunkumar Deshmukh

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    1. Arunji,
      Thank you so much for your appreciation and wishes. You have always been there for me whenever I face a problem with any post. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate your ever helpful nature.
      I’ve been thinking about coming up with posts on production houses and banners. I’m sure you will help me.
      Let me think about it.


  7. Anup ji,

    A high five for the glorious five years. Good posts consistently 👏.

    BAHURANI was the remake of ARDHANGI, 1955, based on a Bengali novel, SWAYAMSIDDHA, by M Bannerjee. Remade in Tamil as PENNIN PERUMAI, 1956, Kannada as MALLAMMANA PAVADA ( also incorporated B Puttawamayya’s novel ‘s portions ). Also , JYOTHI, Hindi, 1981.

    In Bengali, it was made as SWAYAMSIDDHA in 1975.

    BETA, it ‘s original ENGA CHINNA RASA, Tamil, other language versions, ABBAIGARU ( Telugu ), ANNAYYA ( Kannada ), SANTANA ( Odia ) ,were all inspired by the same theme.

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  8. Congratulations Dr. Anup on fifth anniversary of your blogs.
    I highly appreciate your perfection, selection of innovative themes, remembering forgotten and lesser known artists along with popular ones.
    Today I add Lata’s song from film Subah (1983) penned by Pt.Narendra Sharma and composed by her beloved brother Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar. The song is based on Raga Yaman Kalyan.

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  9. Film -Sapna 1969
    Music composer-Jaidev Verma
    Lyrics- V/B. N. Mangal
    Adding this uncommon, beautiful song.
    I couldn’t get information about Raga of this song.


  10. Dear Anup ji,

    Hearty Congrats on passing a Milestone! There will be many more to pass by.

    About that Song at Serial No. 16, the “girl” who plays Meena Kumari’s student was actually some 15 years older than Meena Kumari but looks younger than her. Patrons of Marathi Cinema would immediately identify her as MEENAXI SHIRODKAR (real name RATAN) who scandalised the civil Society of those days when she appeared in a swimsuit in her very first film “Brahmachari”, a Marathi Film, in 1938. Watch this song which is still popular among the older fans of Marathi Cinema (the song is sung by Ms Shirodkar herself) :

    (Yamuna Jali Khelu Khel ……)

    [ The Hero in the scene is Master Vinayak, father of actress Nanda ].

    Meenaxi (1916-1997) was the paternal grandmother of Namrata and Shilpa Shirodkar who were both actresses in Hindi Films till recently.

    I would like to add a song from the Film “AARAM” (1951)

    It is sung in Raag Darbari.

    With warm regards


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    1. Thank you for your appreciation and your wishes Patha ji.
      And thanks for the information.
      यमुना जळी खेळू खेळ is my favourite.
      The song from Aaram is so fantastic. I just love it. Thank you for adding it.


  11. Very nice post, however would love to see ‘Ae Ri Main To Prem Diwani Mera Dard Na Jane koi’ from Naubahar. Such a beautiful song.
    A suggestion– Rafi Sahab death anniversary falling this month on 31st, why not have a double both these great singers through your favorite duets.

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    1. Thank you Naghmaji for your appreciation.
      Ae ri main to Prem deewani is a fabulous song. The choice of a song would be different for all.
      Let me add the link here.
      The song is scattered throughout the film and the clip on Tom Daniel’s channel combines all the songs in a single video. I’m sharing it

      Thanks for the suggestion. I won’t be an easy task compliling the duets of Lata Mangeshkar and Rafi. I’ll have to think about it to plan it.


  12. Congratulations on completing five years of blogging, Anupji!

    It is so much of a coincidence that Shankar Jaikishan composed a classical song in Raag Jaijaiwanti sung by Asha Bhosle too; it is a real gem – Sooni Sooni Saans Ki Sitar par from the movie Lal Patthar.

    I would like to add a song from Rudali in the Raag Brindavani Sarang, The music director is Bhupen Hazarika.

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  13. An innovative but grand way of celebrating fifth anniversary of the blog creation and running. You have ploughed a lonely furrow and kept the blog flowing smoothly with a variety of subjects of film songs. In the initial years of film song, the main basis was the classical variety. Even when other varieties were invented, this approach was never abandoned and you continue to get raag based songs even now. You had also managed to cover Lata Mangeshkar. Rafi is another great singer of this variety. I will add a few more songs of this genre sung by Lata Mangeshkar mainly.

    Jare Badra Bairi Ja(Raag Yaman) from Bahaana(1960), Rajinder Krishan, Music Madan Mohan

    Saiyaan ja (Raag Desh) – Janak Janak Paayal Bhaje (1955), Hasrat Jaipuri/Vasant Desai

    The song Yeri maito from Nau Bihar is Raag Bheempalasi.

    Beqas pe karam keejiye (Raag kedar)(1960), Shakeel Badauni/Naushad

    Maanena maanena (Raag Ragesri), Jagir (1959), Raja Mehdi Ali Khan/Madan Mohan

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    1. Rangan ji,
      Thank you so much for your wishes and appreciation.
      And, what a beautiful set of semi classical songs!
      एक से बढकर एक
      Excellent choice. All are my favourites. Thank you for these.
      I should have remembered Jhanak jhanak payal baaje by Vasant Desai. All songs are my favourites.


      1. Bagesri was a favourite of C Ramchandra. I will list two duets and one solo by Lata Mangeshkar.
        Daag dard ishkh by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar – Anarkali
        Aadha hai chanda mama raat aai – Asha Bhonsle and Mahendra Kapoor from Navrang

        Another lilting piece from Azaad in this raag – Na bole nabolere

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  14. Dear Anup ji,

    Here is one more (hope no one has mentioned it already)

    Of the many compositions by Hansraj Behl, the most outstanding are the one filled with pathos, lending credence to Poet Shelley’s famous quote about sad songs being the most melodious. Listen to this composition, where Lata holds her sway with the minimum of instrumentation, a mix of Raag Darbari and Raag Kafi – a trifle high pitched though :

    (हाय जिया रोये ….., from the Film “MILAN”, 1958)

    [ one that Lata herself holds in high esteem, sung with just a tabla, a flute and a sarangi as accompaniment ]

    With warm regards


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    1. Partha ji,
      Thank you for adding one of my favourites.
      Hansraj Behl was an underrated composer, who had a number of melodious songs by Lata Mangeshkar. This one’s the most popular and most acclaimed.


  15. Dear Anup ji ,
    पाचव्या वर्धापनदिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !!! 💐

    सेलिब्रेशन के लिए बहोतही शानदार थीम चुनी आपने ..
    हर गाना मानो रत्न समान हैं … और साथमें आपने किया हुआ विश्लेषण तो मानो सोने पे सुहागा

    About 40 + posts in this 5th year nd all were innovative , informative , melodious nd with a variety of subjects .

    The musical marathon series about our Latadidi is the best thing in this 5th year .

    Let the sixth year be full of gr8 themes nd wonderful write – ups .

    अनूपजी ,
    “महफिल में मेरी” के इस संगीतमय सफरमें हमारे शुभाशीष हमेशा आपके साथ हैं ।

    Let me add a semi classical song based on राग भूपाली ..composed by our own सुधीर फडके
    Film भाभी की चूडियाँ
    “ज्योति कलश छलके ”

    With lots of best wishes nd blessings ,
    Pramod Godbole .

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    1. Thank you Pramod ji for your appreciation and praise.
      I was waiting for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the theme and liked the posts in the past year.
      How I missed the best of Lata’s semi classical song! Jyoti kalash is the most wonderful and the most adored semi classical song of Lata Mangeshkar. Thanks a tone for adding it to the list.
      I hope I’ll continue to write interesting posts in the sixth year as well. It’s the encouragement and support from readers like you that boosts my confidence.
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.


        1. Yes,
          The internet sources say, it’s deshkar. Some of the sites mention as raag Bhoopali which is similar to deshkar, as per the information 9n the internet.
          Sudhir Phadke has rendered it equally beautifully. Let me add the link


  16. Dear Anup ji,

    As you may be aware, sometime ago a Survey was conducted about Hindi Film Songs based on Raags.

    Shri KL Pandey, a Retd Officer of the Indian Railways undertook a study spread over a period of almost 20 years and his findings are reproduced below :

    Since the onset of talkie films in 1931 till June 2020, more than 13,200 films, containing more than 81,000 songs, have been certified by India’s Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)

    As many as around 15,000+ of these songs are not traceable, as of now, because either the records were not cast, or the films have not been preserved. Which leaves a balance of approx. 66,000 songs.

    Mr. Pandey has short-listed some 20,000 songs (from 6,200 films) from among these 66,000 songs. The songs that he has selected are essentially well-known and have a fair degree of classical bend in the composition.

    Pandeyji has been able to decipher 174 raags from among these 20,000 songs.

    Raag Pahadi tops the list with 5,300 songs.

    [ Raag Yaman Kalyan lies at a distant 10th position with some 600 Songs ]

    I would like to take the liberty of placing this Song, composed in Raag Pahadi, although it is debatable whether it would fit your definition of “semi-classical” :

    Spare a thought for the tireless effort of the uploader who has tried to match the clips of a Telugu Film to the words of the Song.


    With your permission, I would also like to add the following song from the Indo-Russian Film “PARDESI” (1957), composed by Anil Biswas

    It is based on Raag Gaud Sarang

    With warm regards


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    1. Partha Ji,
      Thank you for adding information about Mr Pandey. He has indeed done a stupendous job. And,
      Thank you for adding the wonderful song from Pardesi. My absolute favourite. I was hoping someone would mention it. It’s such a beautiful composition and Padmini’s flawless dance to make it more appealing and charming.
      About the Jaidev song,
      You guessed it right!
      That doesn’t fit my idea of a semi classical song. But I’m not a classical music expert. So that’s just my perception.


  17. Dr. Anup,
    Heartiest congratulations on completing 5 glorious years of this excellent blog.
    It is indeed remarkable and commendable the way you have come up with interesting and innovative posts one after the other, with extensive research and diligence.
    Look forward to many more such posts for a long time to come..
    This one, too, is a great post with a wonderful list of songs.

    Though I am not at all an expert on raagas, here are some songs that I like:
    Na jiya laage na – Anand ( based on raag Malgunji)

    Laage na mora jiya – Ghunghat ( raag Shivranjani)

    Suniyo ji araj mhari – Lekin ( raag Vihangini)

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    1. Thanks a tone Dr Rajesh for your appreciation and wishes. Your are very kind.
      And, I was sure you would add great songs. And you indeed added such a wonderful set of semi classical songs by Lata Mangeshkar.
      You added the composers, Ravi and Bhupen Hazarika to the list. Great!
      The ones from Anand and Ghoonghat are my particular favourites.
      I hope my further journey would be equally enjoyable to the readers.


  18. Anup ji
    Hearty congratulations for completing 5 years and celebrating it with a superb collection of songs rendered by Lataji.
    Two of my absolute favourites have been already posted ( aye ri main to by Naghma ji and Jane kitne bar by Shrikhande ji).
    My picks are
    Megha chaye aadhi raat – Sharmilee – Neeraj – SDB
    Jiya na lage mora – Budha mil gaya – Majrooh – RDB
    It’s my personal view that post 70 Lataji’s voice under the batons of father and the son sounded much better than the others barring few exceptions.
    Kudos again for the milestone and wishing many more to come

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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Thanks for joining the celebration. Saw you after a very long time. I hope and wish you visit more frequently to the blog.
      Always a delight to go through your comments.
      I too share your view about the Burman father and son duo.

      Thank you for adding beautiful songs.
      I have read that the song from Sharmili is based on Raag Patdeep. Let me add the link too,

      Jiya na lage mora from Buddha Mil Gaya

      Thanks again for joining the celebration.


  19. Anupji,
    I have arrived very very late. Sorry for the inordinate delay.
    But, it is better to be late than never.
    Congratulation for the successful completion of 5 years of your blog.
    Indeed Great. My best wishes for many more years of fruitful blogging.

    You have selected an apt post for celebrating the occasion.
    Semi-classical songs of Lata Mangeshkar.
    You have posted 16 songs and I find more in the comments section.
    And I am sure there are many more.

    Let me post a Hindi song from a 1965 Bengali film Alor Pipasa, directed by Tarun Majumdar, who passed away recently on 4th July 2022, based on story by Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay “Banphool”.

    Lip-synched by Sandhya Roy, wife of Tarum Majumdar, you will find Pahadi Sanyal and Asit Baran too. The song is mainlybased on Gaud Malhar, I believe.

    Ghir Aayi Badariya, Piya Nahi Aaye, lyrics Kaifi Azmi, music Hemata Mukherjee.

    You have mentioned the 1966 film Mamta. Posting a song from the film.

    Vikal Mora Manwa Un Bin Hai, lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri, music Roshan
    Actually this is the last part of the Raagmaalika , Hum Gawanwa Na Jaibe, Ho Bina Jhoolani.
    This part, as I gather, is based on Kiwani and Piloo


    1. Thank you Venkatramanji for visiting and commenting.
      I’m so glad you got time!
      Thank you for sharing the two beautiful songs.
      Loved the first one, heard for the first time.
      The Raagmala from Mamata is wonderful! Vikal Mora Manwa is an excellent song!

      I hope you get time and energy to visit the blog more frequently. I’m sure not only me but many of the blog readers were also missing your comments.
      So happy I’m!


  20. Posting a song based on Maru Bihag from a Marathi comedy film Chimukla Pahuna (1967), directed by Shubha Khote Balsavar
    Tuja Saathi Shankara, lyric P Savlaram, music Snehal Bhatkar


  21. Dear Anup ji,

    One more to add to an already long list, but what superb rendition and instrumental support!

    [ Raag Malkauns ]

    With warm regards


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  22. Dear Anup ji,

    At this rate it will be ANUP-SONG-A-DAY (to respectfully borrow from another famous Blog) 🙂

    Here is one more, from the Film “AJI BAS SHUKRIYA” (1958)

    बेदर्दी नज़रे मिला के कह दे क्या है तेरी मर्ज़ी …..

    [ Raag Sohini ?? ]

    With warm regards



  23. Dear Anup ji,

    I missed out on 2nd August due to the ongoing Commonwealth Games and the superb achievement of Indian Ladies winning Gold in the little known LAWN BOWLING.

    Today’s song is a Meera Bhajan from “GARAM COAT” (1955), composed by AMAR NATH CHAWLA, a disciple of Ustad Amir Khan.

    (जोगिया से प्रीत किये दुःख होय ……)

    [ Raag Jogiya ]

    It is said that Ustad Amir Khan had come personally to attend the recording of this particular song. Lata refused to accept payment for the songs rendered by her in the Film and returned the cheque, with the words “After many years of singing, these songs have moved me immensely. Yours is a co-operative venture – let this be my contribution towards the making of the film”. For those not in the know, “Garm Coat” was the only Film that Pt. Amarnath composed for. The song “Jogiya se ” has been featured by Lata as among her ten best songs!

    Wth warm regards


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wah!
      A beautiful Meerabai bhajan. Excellent rendition of course.
      One of my most favourites. Thank you for adding it.
      And thanks for sharing the trivia. I wasn’t aware of it.
      I really have no idea about Lawn Bowling. I’ll see.


  24. Dear Anup ji,

    Today’s song is dripping with melody and Lata Didi has put a woman’s heart bleed on song that will remain in memory for long.

    ( जो मैं जानती बिसरत हैं सइंया …..)

    [ Raag Ashavari ]

    With warm regards


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    1. Parthaji,
      I must appreciate your energy and consistency in posting semi classical songs by Lata Mangeshkar.
      Thank you for adding yet another beautiful song picturised on gorgeous Nutan.


  25. Dear Anup ji,

    Missed out on 5th August again due to ongoing Commonwealth Games – just couldn’t get away from the TV, with so many Medals for India!

    Today’s tune is a fairly common one, from the Film “BUZDIL” (1951)

    ( झन झन झन झन पायल बाजे……)

    The song was earlier rendered by SD Burman in Bangla and he, in turn, had based it on the original rendering by Ustad Faiyaz Khan. Read below :

    At the Bengal Music Conference in 1934, inaugurated by Rabindranath Tagore, Sachin Dev Burman was asked to sing after Ustad Faiyaz Khan. Here too he displayed his knack for improvisation. Ustad Faiyaz Khan had finished with ‘Jhan, jhan, jhan…’, a song that spellbound the audience. Sachin Karta began with the same song in Bangla, ‘Jhan, jhan, jhan – manjira baaje’. The audience roared in unison and Karta extended the song to last more than half an hour. Ustad Faiyaz Khan came to the stage and hugged Karta.

    Listen to both the renderings, first by SD Burman in Bangla

    and to top it all, the Original Classical rendering by Ustad Faiyaz Khan

    [ Raag Nat Bihag ]

    With warm regards


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    1. Thank you Partha ji for continuing the songs on the subject.
      And what an addition!
      Absolutely delightful! One of my great favourites.
      Though I knew it had a Bengali version sung by Burman da, I had not heard it earlier. Thank you for sharing it and the original one by Ustad Faiyan Khan. Marvelous indeed!
      Thanks a lot for taking efforts and pains to post songs on the list.
      I really appreciate this gesture of yours.


  26. Dear Anup ji,

    Had to tear myself away from the TV to add today’s song.

    This is one of my favourites, picturised on my favourite heroine Meena Kumari, from the much delayed Film “KINARE KINARE”, finally released in 1964.

    (हर आस अश्क़बार है , हर सांस बेकरार है …….)

    [ Raag Bilawal ]

    Have to rush to catch the Cricket Match against Australia – hope we win Gold.

    With warm regards


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  27. Dear Anup ji,

    Missed out again due to the Games yesterday when it was raining Medals for India – at one time there were 4 events, all featuring Indian Players simultaneously on the four Sony Channels! Thankfully, the Games have ended.

    Today’s Song is by a Composer who did not get his due – JAMAL SEN.

    (सपना बन साजन आये …….). The Audio leaves room for improvement. Picturised on debutant actress KAMLESH THAKKAR aka Kamlesh Kumari Jr.

    [ Raag Yaman Kalyan ]

    With warm regards


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  28. Dear Anup ji,

    I wonder if you have heard of this Film “MADH BHARE NAIN”, released in 1955. It was based on a Bangla Story by Shailen Roy and starred Kishore Kumar and Bina Rai, among others.

    Almost bordering on the semi-classical, is this melodious Lorie by Sachin Dev Burman

    With warm regards


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  29. Dear Anup ji,

    This one is to make up for the missed song yesterday. The Film “NAATA” was Produced by Madhubala and the Music was by Madhubala’s favourite composer S MOHINDER.

    [ Raag Darbari Kanada ]

    With warm regards


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  30. Dear Anup ji,

    This man SHAILESH MUKHERJEE need not have done anything else after composing this immortal song. But he was a multi-faceted person, at once a Singer, Composer, Handsome Hero, PR Man and finally Interior Decorator, but not all at the same time.

    ( जल के दिल खाक़ हुआ…..). Lyricist Keshav Trivedi’s words portray pure Pathos.

    The opening sher is attributed to one MAHTAB RAI TABAN who wrote the sher way back in the 18th Century when he was only 12 years old!

    With warm regards


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  31. Dear Anup ji,

    For today’s song there is more Trivia than Song. But first listen to the Song, sung in Raag Shivranjani

    ( Piya Milan Ki Aas ….)

    The song is in the higher octave as is characteristic of the compositions by SN Tripathi and his favourite Shehnai adds flavour to maintain the high pitch, typically to express the anguish of a woman’s cry of loneliness and despair.

    Although the Lyrics of the song are by Bharat Vyas, the opening lines of that song are a couplet by by Baba Sheikh Fareed (1173-1266), real name FARIDUDDIN GANJSHAKAR, considered by some as the first Punjabi Poet and the person who helped enrich the Punjabi Language and raise Punjabi Literature to a new height.

    The Baba, as he was known, composed hundreds of verses to spread the message of peace and love in a Region which was reeling form the after effects of a hundred years of ravage and plunder by the likes of HALAKU (grandson of Chengez Khan), TAIMUR LANG and their respective followers. The poems had a calming effect on the hapless populace of Punjab and continued to be recited/sung by succeeding generations, Hindus and Muslims alike.

    So impressed was Guru Nanak by the writings of Baba, that he had included the following couplet in the Adi Granth, the forerunner of the Guru Granth Sahib :

    Farida galliye chikkad, door Ghar Naal Pyaare neho
    Challan TaanBhijjey kambli rahan taan tootay neho

    (Far away lies my Destination
    And muddy are the pathways to my beloved’s abode
    If I step in, this cloak shall get muddy,
    And if I step not, the bond of attachment shall break)

    Subsequent Gurus added hundreds more of Baba Sheikh Fareed’s “shlokas” in the Holy Book of the Sikhs.

    Returning to today’s Song, the Baba’s famous couplet reads as under in original Punjabi :

    Kaaga karang Dhadoliya saglaa Khaaiyo Mass
    Aey Do Nainaan Mat Chhuchho pir dekhan ki aas

    which has been translated into many languages, in particular Hindi, as :

    “Kaga sab tan khaaiyo chun chun khaiyo maas
    Do naina mat khaaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas”

    With warm regards


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  32. Dear Anup ji,

    If I am boring you, tell me when to stop.

    Today’s Song is from the 1957 Film “SAMUNDAR”, set to Raag BHAIRAV.

    As one expert has put it,

    “Raga Bhairav (which is distinct from Raga Bhairavi) is the Raga that has the picture of a stern patriarch inviting you to get out of bed and join him in prayer. Raga Bhairav is a raga associated with Lord Shiva. Some musicians also call it Raga Bhairo or Bhairon.

    Bhairav is considered to be an incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Shiva who is fierce and associated with destruction. It is believed that Bhairon is connected to the Southern face and relates to the Mahavidya goddess named Bhairavi. Bhairav is considered a masculine Raga and its consort is Raga Bhairavi (another melodious late morning Raga)”.

    About this particular song, one reader has commented as under

    चैन नहीं आए, कहां दिल जाए, सजनवा हो , बलमवा हो …
    ”समुंदर” की ये मदन मोहन जी की रचना मुझे आज भी याद है कि सिवाय रेडियो सिलोन के अन्यत्र बहुत ही कम बजती थी और मुझे बेहद पसंद थी । मुझे याद है इसकी फरमाईश भी कई बार मैनें भेजी पर कभी पूरी नहीं हुई … शायद उस दौर में अन्य बेशुमार लोकप्रिय नगमों की फेरिहस्त के नीचे ये दब कर रह गई ।
    मदन जी का शास्त्रीय संगीत का ज्ञान कम था पर सुरों की नैसर्गिक पहचान इतनी जबरदस्त थी कि शास्त्रीय संगीत के योद्धा भी हर बार उनकी शास्त्रीय रचनाओं को सुनकर दंग होते रहे । आम रागों की लीक से हटकर भी उन्होनें, कम प्रचलित रागों का उपयोग भी बखूबी किया … ”बैयां ना धरो…” और ” चैन नही आए …” ऐसे ही दो उदाहरण है ।
    इस गीत की प्रील्यूड में ही जो कशिश, बैचेनी और तड़प साजों (पियानो और वायोलिन) पर मदन जी ने उतारी है वो बेमिसाल है और बाद में तो लता जी का साथ, उन्हें हवा मे लहराते हुए सात समुंदर पार ले जाता है ।
    क्या दुर्लभ कंपोजिश्न और गायकी थी ।।

    With warm regards


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    1. Thank you Partha ji for the beautiful song. It’s one of my favourite Madan Mohan songs.
      And thank you for adding the information on Raag Bhairav.
      Actually I wait for you to add a song for the day. Continue as you wish.
      There’s no end to Lata’s semi classical songs. The list is eternal.


  33. Dear Anup ji,

    Here is one more Song in RAAG BHAIRAV. The tune would be familiar to you

    (from the Film “EK DIN RATRE”)

    And while we are in the Bangla domain, here is another Song, in the Raag which bears its name, with Manna Dey accompanying.

    A piece of trivia which you would be aware of, but worth repeating.

    It is said that while composing Music for “Amar Bhupali”, Music Director VASANT DESAI just could not get the correct scale in which Honaji Rao would have composed his immortal songs.
    In desperation, he sought out Honaji’s house near Shaniwarwada in Pune and was surprised to find his Tanpura still kept intact in the attic. At last he could get the Pitch. The rest, as they say, is History.

    With warm regards


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    1. What a beautiful addition. I knew Jago Mohan Pyare would have a Bengali version. But hadn’t known about घनश्याम सुंदरा.
      And wasn’t aware of the trivia related to Amar Bhupali. Thanks for sharing it.


  34. Dear Anup ji,

    Here is one more where the Film itself is named after a Raag and the Song is also sung in the same Raag – MALHAR

    (गर्जत बरसत भीजत आईलो……)

    What melodious composition by Roshan ji! You can’t help liking it.

    With warm regards


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    1. Oh yes!
      What a wonderful composition!
      But I like the Suman Kalyanpur, Kamal Barot duet based on the same raag and tune more.
      But the original is of course equally impressive. Though it’s lesser known than the one from Barsaat Ki Raat.


  35. Dear Anup ji,

    Yesterday was my day off as I had entered the last year of the 7th decade of my life. In school we got many liberties on our Birthdays – no early morning PT and we were excused from wearing the School Uniform.

    Today’s song is in RAAG KHAMAJ, the second most popular Raag in HFM after Raag Pahadi. I have deliberately selected the Audio version as the Sound Quality in the Videos, featuring the gorgeous Nutan, left a lot to be desired.

    As you would be aware, the Song appears twice in the Film, the second time with slightly altered Lyrics.

    This one is. dripping with Melody

    (जोगन बन जाऊंगी सैय्यां तेरे कारण …….)

    With warm regards



  36. Dear Anup ji,

    No excuses for missing out yesterday.

    Today’s Song is set to Raag BHIMPALASI. This what an expert has said about this Raag.

    “The ati-madhur and ati-priya Raga Bhimpalasi has the penetrating power to infect the human mind and control it for days and weeks on end. There is as yet no known antidote to the Bhimpalasi contagion. Fortunately, it strikes only those with a mind and so the damage is restricted to a very small fraction of humanity”.

    Dear Anup ji, If you come across any patient who is down in the dumps and totally depressed, play this Song for him/her and the result will be remarkable. It is a rare Happy Song, although you may question whether it meets the criteria of a semi-classical song.

    (आज मेरे मन में सखि …..)

    [ If you look closely, (@ 00:35) even the stallion is matching his pace and his head movements to the beat of the song ]

    On a personal level I find this song extremely cheerful and like to listen to it to get out of a sad mood.

    And when I am particularly Happy, I like to listen to this Sad song, set in Raag JAIJAYANTI

    (बांध प्रीती फूल डोर …..)

    and its bangla version sung by Hemant Kumar

    from the Film “SHAPMOCHAN” (1955)

    [ although the Bangla Film was a good four years after “MALTI MADHAV”, there is no evidence that Hemanta Babu gave any Credit to SUDHIR PHADKE for copying his Original Score ]

    As Poet Shelly said,

    “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought”

    With warm regards


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    1. Thank you Partha ji for continuing ASAD 2.
      I’m at present working on Lata Mangeshkar – 1952 list and I’ve added Aaj Mere Man mein Sakhi on the list. I love the song.
      Baandh Preeti Phool dor is a great favourite too.
      Thank you for sharing the trivia.


  37. Dear Anup ji,

    Today we return to RAAG PAHADI, which, as we have seen earlier is the most popular Raag for HFM, easily more than 60% of the Songs being composed in this Raag.

    Here is what one expert says

    “Peace, power, pathos, poignancy: these words together constitute an apposite expression of the aesthetics of the raga Pahadi. The raga is like a lover, unruffled in union, serene in separation, powerful enough to achieve eternal union, but resigned to the painful parting ordained by destiny.”

    It, the Raag, appeals straight to the heart as the following two songs selected by me, will show (I have deliberately avoided the Video versions since they have shortcomings on the Sound Quality) :

    (प्रीत ये कैसी बोल री दुनिया ……..)


    (बहारें फिर भी आएँगी ……)

    In fact, one can stay up all night with Raag Pahadi. Late KHAYYAM used this Raag in many of his Compositions and had earned the nickname of “Pahadi Khayyam”. Was it Sajjad Hussain who had quipped, tongue-in-cheek about Khayyam “वो तो अभी पहाड़ों से उतरे ही नहीं “?

    Here is one Composed by Khayyam ji from the Film “NOORIE”, a duet

    (आजा रे वो मेरे दिलबर आजा …….)

    And while on the topic of Raag Pahadi, here is a NFS which will surely propel you to quaint CHAMBA

    (चम्बे जाना ज़रूर ……)

    Well, that is two songs too many. I hope you like them.

    With warm regards


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    1. Yes,
      Raag Pahadi is one of the most commonly used in HFM. And it’s been used in such a wide range of genres. Right from the soulful Baharein phir bhi aayengi to the romantic, Aaja Re Mere Dilbar Aaja.
      Thank you for adding the wonderful songs.
      And the last song is good too.


  38. Dear Anup ji,

    Today’s Song is from MUGHAL-E-AZAM based on Raag BIHAG, picturized on the mischievous Suraiyya played by SHEELA DALAYA (1938-2000). Hailing from a Marathi Christian family from Pune, this was the only Film that Sheela acted in as she got married to a Naval Officer soon after the release of M-E-A.

    It is said that Prithviraj Kapoor was a student of Sheela’s father during their days in Peshawar and it was on the recommendation of the elder Kapoor that K Asif enrolled her for the Film.

    With warm regards



  39. Dear Anup ji,

    Today’s song is also an immortal classic, in RAAG AHIR BHAIRAV, from the 1957 Film “DEKH KABIRA ROYA”. Another heart bleed song!

    (मेरी वीणा तुम बिन रोये ……)

    With warm regards


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  40. Dear Anup ji,

    The next few additions will be songs composed by SHYAM SUNDAR, who left behind some immortal melodies.

    In reverse order, this song from his last film “ALIF LAILA” where he collapsed in the recording studio and passed away. His Assistant MADAN MOHAN had to complete the remaining part of the background score. Ordinarily, Lata ji would not have sung this song since she had stopped singing for him due to his abusive behaviour under the influence of alcohol. But she changed her mind for some reason

    (बहार आयी खिली कलियाँ ……)

    [ song picturized on ASHA MATHUR who had been introduced along with BINA RAI in the Film “KALIGHATA” by KISHORE SAHU. Sometime in the late sixties ASHA married well known Director MOHAN SEHGAL and left Films ]

    Which Raag? Who cares?

    With warm regards


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  41. Dear Anup ji,

    It is said that Composer SHYAM SUNDAR would not have used Lata if his favourite Noorjehan had not crossed over to Pakistan.

    In 1949 he composed for the Film “LAHORE”. It is just coincidence that Shyam Sundar also hailed from Lahore as did Karan Diwan and Actor Om Prakash, both featured in the Film.

    There is a saying in Punjabi which goes like this

    “जिन लहौर नी वेख्या,ओ जम्या ई नंई ।”

    (= जिसने लाहौर नहीं देखा वो समझो कि इस दुनिया में पैदा ही नहीं हुआ )

    If you see the Film, it opens with the following commentary, against a heer tune playing in the background with visuals of the cityscape

    बहुत घूमी हैं हमने दिल्ली और इंदौर की गलियां, न भूली हैं न भूलेंगी हमें लाहौर की गलियां | लाहौर पंजाब का दिल है …….|

    The Film LAHORE was made in Bombay Talkies then owned by Ashok Kumar and Rai Bahadur Chunilal (Madan Mohan’s father) amongst others. It was Directed by one ML ANAND who could be part of the Anand Family that migrated to India, whilst the elder JC ANAND (Actress Juhi Chawla’s मामा ) remained behind in Pakistan and made many memorable films (today his grandchildren continue in the Film Production and Distribution business in Pakistan).

    Lata ji sang this song, in the Film “LAHORE”, set to RAAG PAHADI

    (बहारें फिर भी आएँगी, मगर हम तुम जुदा होंगे …….)

    Some years later, MADAN MOHAN who had assisted Shyam Sundar earlier, composed a similar sounding tune, also set to RAAG PAHADI, for the Film “BAGHI” (1953)

    (बहारें हमको ढूढेंगी न जाने हम कहाँ होंगे ……)

    The discerning listener will see the similarity in the tunes as also the meaning behind the Lyrics.

    With warm regards


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  42. Dear Anup ji,

    We wind up the SHYAM SUNDAR part with this mellifluous rendition by Lata ji for the Film “BAZAAR” (1949), also in RAAG PAHADI.

    (साजन की गलियाँ छोड़ चले….)

    Here is some Trivia about the Film

    “The Producer Director of this film, had earlier produced a picture “Shohrat”,on the same story. The picture bombed at Box office.Normally any producer would have washed his hands to the story of a flop picture. However, K.Amarnath produced film “Bazar” on the same story. This time it was raging hit. The credit goes to music of the film rather than the film itself”.

    With warm regards


    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh!
      thanks for the trivia. I didn’t know it.
      Sajan Ki Galiyan is such a soulful song!
      Heart touching rendition.
      Though I must say, the song does not fit my idea of a semi classical song.


  43. Dear Anup ji,

    Yes, not all the songs placed here will be termed as Semi-Classical, but rest assured, they are all CLASSICS!

    Here is a song from the distant past, from a Telugu Film “SANTHANAM” released in 1955, starring Savithri and ANR (Nagarjuna’s father) and intended as a Lullaby.

    (Nidurapora Thammuda…..)

    The song appears three times in the Film, picturised on different characters but weaves a bond among the siblings. There is a duet version between Lata ji and noted Telugu singer GHANTASALA (1922-1974), who is perhaps the only Indian Singer to be honoured by the US in a Postage Stamp!

    Here is some more Trivia

    “In 1954, while in Madras (now Chennai) to record a song at the Vauhini Recording Theatre, she gave an interview to a local film magazine where she expressed her desire to sing for a south Indian film. Around that time CV Ranganath Das was planning “Santhanam” with ANR, Savitri and Sriranjani Jr and its music director Susarla Dakshina Murthy, after seeing the interview approached Lata to sing for his film and she immediately agreed”.

    Got to rush to catch the Finals of the Women’s World Cup Football, between Spain and Japan, being played in Costa Rica 🙂

    And with the US Open Tennis beginning tonight, I may not be so regular in disturbing you everyday :):)

    With warm regards


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  44. Dear Anup ji,

    Although you had covered Naushad in that cheerful song from “AAN”, I wanted to add this melancholic song from “DEEWANA” also released in 1952.

    (तीर खाते जाएंगे आंसू बहाते जाएंगे…..)

    Raag Bhairavi, the Maestro’s favourite.

    About SUMITRA DEVI (real name Neelima Bannerjee), who had a very unhappy married life, noted actor UTTAM KUMAR had once proclaimed as the “most beautiful woman on earth”.

    As I might miss tomorrow’s Mail due to too many Sports Features on TV, I would like to add the following NFS in the relatively new RAAG JOGKAUNS. This Raag was created by Jagannathbuwa Purohit (“Gunidas”) (1905-1968). If you go by the name it is perhaps a combination of Raag Jog and Raag Malkauns. But first listen to this beautiful composition by VASANT PRABHU

    (रामा हृदयी राम नाही ……)

    You may recall VASANT PRABHU from this Film Song in RAAG HANSADHWANI

    (आली हासत पहिली रात्र…..)

    With warm regards


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Partha ji for adding the songs.
      A good song from Deewana.
      And the Marathi songs are my favourites. Mainly आली हासत पहिली रात. The film was remade in Hindi as Dr Vidya and if I’m correct, the corresponding song from Hindi film is खनके कंगना चुडीयां हॅंसे.
      Thank you for the additions.


  45. Dear Anup ji,

    Speaking of DR. VIDYA (1962), here is a song based on RAAG BAHAR

    (पवन दीवाने …….)

    Many years earlier, 1934 to be exact, SD Burman had sung in the same tune, composed by Himangshu Datta, as a NFS

    With warm regards



  46. Dear Anup ji,

    I am sorry, should have checked. No excuses, just my bad!

    As punishment, I am going into exile for the next two weeks or at least till these late night Sports are over.

    There is one difference though – you have mentioned the song based on Raag Bageshri where I found it to be Raag Bahar. You may like to cross check.

    With warm regards


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Rekha's Sousaphone

"Geet, beet, bazao baajaa!"


The spice of life

Evergreen Indian film music

Great film music and great music directors

Conversations Over Chai

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

Songs Of Yore

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

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