सुमनताईंची मराठी गाणी

I had thought of a post on Suman Kalyanpur’s Marathi songs for today. It was suggested to me four years back by blog reader, Pramod Godbole. Another blog reader, Dr Rajesh Deshpande had also suggested the same. I even had a rough idea of the post, dividing it in two parts, for Marathi film songs and non film songs. But thanks to my busy schedule, I was unable to complete it. Also I was preparing for a post which would be published in a couple of days. Yesterday when I finished it, I looked for the incomplete post to find only five Marathi film songs on the list.

But I decided to go for it. So here I’m with my top five favourite Marathi film songs sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

जिथे सागरा धरणी मिळते – पुत्र व्हावा ऐसा

इथून दृष्ट काढिते – एकटी

तुझ्या कांतीसम रक्त पताका – अन्नपूर्णा

कशी करू स्वागता – मुंबईचा जावई

शब्द शब्द जूळवुनी – सुखाचे सोबती

I will come up with full posts next year. But I tried to keep my promise.

तुम्हाला सुमनताईंची कुठली गाणी आवडतात?

कृपया कॉमेंट्स मध्ये सांगा

13 Replies to “सुमनताईंची मराठी गाणी”

  1. Dear Anup ji,

    That song जिथे सागरा is immortal!

    As most of us know, her early education was in Bangla and that is why she is so fluent in her Bangla. Here is a song from long ago, but still heard over the PA Systems in Calcutta during Festive Season

    To the best that I know she has several other Songs in Bangla, a total of 15 songs, all extremely popular.

    Apparently, she has recorded only one song under the Direction of OP NAYYAR and she has one Duet with Lata Didi, that too under Hemant Kumar’s Direction.

    Wishing her Many Happy Returns of the Day!


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    1. Thank you Partha Ji for sharing the beautiful song. The tune sounds familiar, but couldn’t place it.
      Her song with O P Nayyar would be the trio, Mohabbat karlo jee bharlo, which was for the film version.

      Her lines are missing in the record version.

      And, she had only one duet with Lata Mangeshkar, film Chand under Hemant Kumar.
      Her biography mentions one more for the film, Ghazal. But it’s film version has Meenu Purushottam. Though both the songsare available on YouTube, it’s difficult to exactly identify. The other voice appears the same to me. Her lines from the third verse are missing in the record version, making it more complicated.

      The film version, Unse nazare mili aur hijab

      And the record version, which is supposed to have Suman Kalyanpur as a co-signer.


  2. प्रिय अनूप जी ,
    नमस्कार .
    सुमन पोस्ट पाहून छान वाटलं .
    ५ च गाणी दिसली … दुधाची तहान ताकावर असं काहीसं करावं लागलं .. पण तुम्ही निवडलेलं एक एक गाणं मास्टरपीस ..
    “शब्द शब्द जुळवूनि ” प्रथमच ऐकलं . छान निवड .
    पुढील वर्षीचा वायदा केलाय . उत्सुकता ताणली जाणार आहे .

    वरील गाण्यांव्यक्तिरिक्त मला आवडणारं सुमन – गीत

    चित्रपट बोलकी बाहुली

    ” देवा दया तुझी की ही शुद्ध दैवलीला
    लागो न दृष्ट माझी माझ्या च वैभवाला .”

    धन्यवाद अनूप जी
    नवीन वर्षाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा .

    प्रमोद गोडबोले .

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    1. हो,
      या वर्षी जमलं नाही. पण पुढच्या वर्षी नक्की.
      तुम्हाला गाणी आवडली, वाचून बरं वाटलं. शब्द शब्द जुळवूनी हे खरंच एक उत्कृष्ट गीत आहे. बहुतेक फारसे प्रसिद्ध नाहीये. पण मला खूप आवडते.
      देवा दया तुझी की हे गाणं माझं आवडतं आहे. यादीत समाविष्ट केलंत त्याबद्दल धन्यवाद.
      ता. क. – उद्या अजून एक पोस्ट प्रकाशित होईल, तीही तुम्हाला आवडेल अशी आशा आहे.


  3. Dr. Anup,

    Glad to read this excellent short post on Suman Kalyanpur’s Marathi songs.
    Thanks for taking up the suggestion.
    I am now looking forward to the full-length post.

    All the 5 songs are her best ones and my favourites.
    Deva daya tujhi posed by Pramodji is another one favorite too.
    (wanted to write in Marathi but had a font issue in my laptop).

    Some more of her film songs that I am fond of:
    1. Ughadle ek chandani daar – Malhari Martand

    2. Bahinabai Chaudhari’s poem- Are sansar sansar – Manini

    3. Sang kadhi kalnar tula – duet with Mahendra Kapoor – Apradh

    4. And her most popular song from late 70s –
    Nimbonichya zada mage – Baal gaoo kashi angaai

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    1. Dr Rajesh,
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      In fact I accidentally came across one of our conversations on one of the earlier posts, where I had promised you to come up with Suman Kalyanpur posts in January 2022. So I thought to give it a try, let that be incomplete without any commentary on songs.
      माझी अर्धवट पोस्ट गोड मानून घेतल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद.
      Thank you for adding a set of wonderful songs, all of which are my favourites.
      Thank you


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