‘Not Quite Usual’ Songs

Before you get confused with the title, let me explain what I mean by a ‘usual song’. In a song picturised on two characters, both receive a separate singer’s playback and if a character sings alone, only one singer sings it. For the majority of the songs, this rule is followed. But for a few songs, the situation isn’t the same. I have tried to collect such ‘unusual’ songs in today’s post.

I would mainly highlight two broad categories.
1 (Single song-one singer-two characters)
2 (Single song-two singers-one character)

This theme sparkled in my mind when I was researching for G S Kohli’s post in July 2018, more than three years ago. While I was watching his songs, I came across a dance song by Asha Bhosle. Though it was recorded as a solo, it was picturised on a couple of dancers, both lip syncing to Asha’s voice. Though I thought of it as an odd thing, I remembered the song just for that. Two different characters lip syncing to one voice in a single song!
Usually one playback singer sings for a single character in a film, but it’s not unusual for a playback singer to sing for two different characters in two different songs in a single movie. But to sing for two characters in a single song is a bit uncommon.
During these three years, I came across a number of songs as a part of research for various posts. And slowly but surely the number of songs fitting the theme went on increasing. That was a difficult period for me, because I was getting impatient. When would I get enough songs to make it a post? I not only managed to get ten songs, but also got a few variations of the theme.

amardeep - Padmini Ragini

I was enchanted with the idea right from the beginning. A chain of thoughts followed soon. Why would the director of a film opt for such a thing? It’s usually customary to employ two different voices for two characters singing together. Then why so?

I could think of a few possibilities.
– Firstly the idea of picturisation of the song is not finalized when the song is recorded, and at the last moment the plan changes. It could be on the insistence of the main lead to incorporate him/her in a song, which was originally thought to be a solo performance by a supporting character. Or the producer or director thought of adding the main lead to a song.
– Secondly a few songs on the list are picturised as dance numbers on supporting characters and even if there are two actors or actresses, no one would care for two singers for them. At times such duet dance numbers are offered to second rung singers and of course two singers are chosen. But I found a few exceptions.
– Thirdly there could be a connection to the budget of a film, though this factor doesn’t seem important.

Let’s start the list.

Firstly, I’m here with songs where two characters lip sync to the voice of a single playback singer in a single song. Both the characters could be together or far away, but on my list, in most of the songs the characters are together during the song. Here it’s obvious to remember, Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar from Amar Akbar Anthony, where Lata Mangeshkar sings for all the three heroines, who are at three different places.

So here we go,

(Single song-one singer-two characters)

1. Nigahon Mein Mohabbat Ka – Jung Aur Aman (1968) Asha Bhosle / G S Kohli – Hasrat Jaipuri
Though it’s not a well known song, I put it at the first position because it was the first song that attracted my attention and I thought of the theme. It’s a dance performance picturised on two dancers, both lip syncing to Asha’s voice. The song is picturised in a unique way, very clever of the director! The dancers dance in a single frame only during the interludes, otherwise they appear separately on screen. I couldn’t recognize the dancers, though one of them appears familiar.

2. Jab Naam E Mohabbat – Kala Pani (1958) Asha Bhosle / S D Burman – Majrooh
The song is picturised on Nalini Jaywant and Heera Sawant. It seems both of them are not at the same place. But both of them lip sync to Asha’s voice. In addition, the mood and tempo of the two parts are different. Nalini Jaywant sings to the Indian orchestration and at a slow pace in a melancholy mood. Whereas Heera Sawant sings cheerfully to a western orchestration at a fast pace. The difference is quite clearly appreciated.

3. Ja Main Tose Nahi Bolun – Sautela Bhai (1963) Lata Mangeshkar / Anil Biswas – Shailendra
Picturised as a Mujra on Rani and Jeevankala. It’s one of my favourites by the Lata Mangeshkar and Anil Biswas duo. Excellent rendition. I think the composer couldn’t avoid the temptation of offering it to Lata Mangeshkar even though it was to be picturised on two dancers. That’s just my guess! I doubt if any other singer would have rendered it so perfectly!

4. Chham Chham Ghungroo Bole – Phagun (1958) Asha Bhosle / O P Nayyar – Qamar Jalalabadi
It’s one of my favourite songs from Phagun. I had never seen the video before. Last month, when I was watching the videos for Asha Bhosle post, I found the song accidentally. Madhubala and Nishi both dance, lip syncing to Asha’s voice. By this time, Nayyar was so obsessed with Asha’s voice that he might have ignored the picturisation.

5. Ye Desh Hai Veer Jawano Ka – Naya Daur (1957) Rafi & Balbir / O P Nayyar – Sahir
A dance performance by Dilip Kumar, Ajit and company. Though it’s a duet, the singer Balbir is reduced to just a few lines when both the singers sing the last stanza. Otherwise the remaining stanzas picturised on Ajit and Dilip Kumar individually, are sung by Rafi alone. I don’t know why the singers were not offered equal opportunity while singing the duet.

6. Jai Jai Hey Jagdambe Mata – Ganga Ki Lehren (1964) Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus / Chitragupt – Majrooh
I had this song on one of my earlier lists as well. I also thought of it for my Kumkum post last year. But I avoided it. Savitri and Kumkum both worship the goddess, lip syncing to Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. Again I am at loss understanding employing only one singer for the song.

7. Meri Zindagi Tere Pyar Mein – Jee Chahta Hai (1964) Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur / Kalyanji Anandji – Hasrat Jaipuri
The song is primarily picturised on Shyama and Rajendra Nath. Joy Mukherjee enters very late in the song and sings a few lines. Rafi sings for both of them. I came across the song when I was going through Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur duets this January.

8. Aaju Re Baaju Naju – Sharda (1957) Asha Bhosle, Kamla Shrivastava and Joe Alvares / C Ramchandra – Rajendra Krishan
This one’s a lesser known song from Sharda. The song is with अनोखे बोल. Though it’s a trio, Asha Bhosle sings for the main dancers Sai and Subbulakshmi both. Kamla Shrivastava sings for an unknown actress. The singers Joe Alvares and Kamla Shrivastava were not regulars for Hindi films. I read in a post on Atul’s blog by Arunkumar Deshmukh that the former could be Chitalkar’s assistant Johnny, while the latter could be a singer from Lucknow who sang on AIR, and later retired as a teacher from Bhatkhande Music school, Lucknow.

9. Shehar Ki Pariyon Ke Peechhe – Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (1992) Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam & Chorus / Jatin Lalit – Majrooh
After the songs from the golden era, I’ve a song from the 90s. In the song, two couples sing the song. Udit Narayan sings for Amir Khan and Mamik both, while Sadhna Sargam sings for Ayesha Jhulka and Kiran Jhaveri both. I was very surprised with the song, I wasn’t expecting it from a song from the 90s. The song however wasn’t very popular, though I like it. I guess the song is more or less forgotten now.

10. Haan Tumhe Tumhe Tumhe – Ajnabee (2002) Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan with dialogues by Akshay Kumar, Kareena, Bobby Deol and Bipasha Basu / Anu Malik – Sameer
And while I wasn’t expecting such a song from the 90s, I remembered this one from the 2000s later. Alka Yagnik sings for Kareena and Bipasha, while Udit Narayan sings for Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol. The song also has dialogues by all the actors involved in the song. The song is not great, though it’s still popular.

Now it’s time to enlist a few variations of the original theme.

11. Holi Aayi Re Kanhai – Mother India (1957) Shamshad Begum & Chorus / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
Till now, both the characters were from the same time period, whether they are together or not. In this song, both Nargis and Kumkum lip sync to Shamshad’s voice. But Nargis remembers her younger days as a flashback, while Kumkum sings in the present times. Also one more expressionless actress also sings it, or so it seems. She hardly cares to lip sync to the lyrics. Her lip movements are so irritatingly subtle that it’s difficult to confirm if she lip syncs to Shamshad’s voice or not. If she does, Shamshad Begum has sung for three actresses in a single song.

12. Dhadkte Dil Ki Tamanna Ho – Shama (1961) Suraiya / Ghulam Mohammad – Kaifi Azmi
There’s an interesting situation in the song, Nimmi sings the song for the hero, while the latter imagines Suraiya singing it. So one of the actresses is imaginary. And of course the song has a rare instance where Suraiya offers a playback to Nimmi. After debuting as a singing actress, I think Suraiya never sang for anyone, except this song. The song is beautifully written and sung with intense emotions. The song is still very popular among old Hindi film song lovers.

13. Aake Seedhi Lagi Dil Pe – Half Ticket (1962) Kishore Kumar / Salil Chowdhury – Shailendra
I was about to forget this song, when I suddenly remembered it. Here it’s a deliberate attempt to sing for both the characters involved in the song. And funnily enough, Kishore Kumar sings as a male for Pran, singing in a woman’s voice for himself. But I never liked his disguise as a woman. But the song is very popular, many times sung by singers in a talent hunt show.

14. Hum To Kharab Hue Sanam – Samson (1964) Lata Mangeshkar & Usha Mangeshkar / Chitragupt – Majrooh
The situation is different from the other songs. Lata Mangeshkar sings for Amita. And when Lata Mangeshkar and Usha Mangeshkar sing together, the focus shifts to the dancers (Jeevankala and Madhumati), who lip sync to their voices. So Lata Mangeshkar sings for two characters. And the song is somewhat equally divided into a solo part by Lata Mangeshkar and a duet part by both the singers.

After listening to some of the interesting songs, let’s move on.

(Single song-two singers-one character)

I’m presenting a couple of songs which are much more interesting than the previous ones.
In both the songs, one actor or actress lip syncs to two playback singers in a single song. One of the songs has already appeared on my blog.

15. Janeman Ek Nazar Dekh Le – Mere Mehboob (1963) Asha Bhosle & Lata Mangeshkar / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
A few years back, while going through comments on one of the posts (I couldn’t remember the post) on Dustedoff, someone (I forget the name) commented about this song being special. My apologies for forgetting the details of the post. When I watched carefully, I realised the song was perhaps meant to be picturised on two characters, but finally was picturised on Amita. The latter lip syncs to the voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle both. It’s one of the rare occurrences where one actor lip syncs to two voices in a single song.

16. Dukh Bhare Din Beete Re Bhaiya – Mother India (1957) Asha Bhosle, Shamshad Begum, Rafi, Manna Dey & Chorus / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
I found out about this song when I was exploring the Mother India songs. I was surprised to find that Nargis and Kumkum lip sync to the voices of Asha Bhosle and Shamshad Begum, when they sing the opening lines of the stanzas. Their voices come in succession. The lines, देख रे घटा घिर के आयी by Shamshad Begum and रस भरभर लायी by Asha Bhosle are sung by Nargis alone. Similarly Raj Kumar lip syncs to the lines, छेड ले गोरी मन की बीना by Rafi and रिमझिम रूत छायी by Manna Dey. The story repeats when the second stanza is sung by Kumkum and Rajendra Kumar. You can see yourself to believe it.

The last song on the list is actually a quiz for you. Listen to the song carefully and tell me what’s special about it? Of course it has something to do with today’s theme. Please comment.

17. Tu Mi Piaci Cara – Bewakoof (1960) Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle / S D Burman – Majrooh

Have you thought of adding a song to the list?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

49 Replies to “‘Not Quite Usual’ Songs”

  1. The song from Kismat, in which Kishore Kumar sang for both hero and heroine, is missing.
    A couple of songs are less heard though a few others are quite popular even today.
    You have done an awe-inspiring job.


    1. Thank you for your appreciation Dattatray ji.
      You are correct, a number of songs on the list are popular, though routinely we don’t think of the video of the song.
      Which song are you referring to? I am not been able to recollect the song from Kismat.
      Would you please mention it?


      1. The Mother India Holi song has not 3 but 4 actresses on which Shamshad’s playback is used:
        1. Nargis
        2. Kumkum
        3. Chanchal (with the bangle Sunil Dutt is after, she sings when dancing around him).
        4. Azra (the expressionless)

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  2. Excellent compilation of one actor two singers and vice versa. I remember one song Meri Jaan Meri Jaan from Yahudi. Here Lata’s voice is used for Meena Kumari and one line picturised on Minoo Mumtaz at end.


    1. Welcome to Mehfil and Thank you Gandhivp for your appreciation.
      And, You are a keen observer I must say! I couldn’t recollect the Yahudi song at all. Meenu Mumtaz does sing just a few words in the end. I’ll add the link here,

      Thank you for adding the song.


      1. Anup ji ,

        शुभ दशहरा !!!

        Full marks for the theme , songs nd narration .
        What a deep research .. just gr8 .

        I njoyed the comments also .

        Regarding the सुहागरात song
        गंगा मैयामें जबतक के पानी रहें
        the marathi actress is
        सुषमा शिरोमणी .

        Let me add a song in the category of
        1 singer 2 actresses
        It is from the film
        दुल्हन एक रात की
        Lata sings for पद्मा खन्ना and मिनाक्षी
        ” कभी ऐ हक़ीकत – ए – मुन्तज़र ”

        Anup ji ,
        Thnx a lot for such a nice post .

        With best wishes ,
        Pramod Godbole.

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  3. Anup ji,
    Thanks for this unusual theme. Such different themes increase interest of the readers. Songs selected are also good.
    As far as the quiz song from film Bewaqoof-1960, there are number of things that are unusal about it.
    1. The film was B & W, but this song was in colour.
    2. You have mentioned two names of singers- Asha and kishore, HFGK adds the name of Manna Dey.
    3. However, actually there were in all 5 singers in this song.
    Manna Dey
    An unidentified Male voice No. 1 and
    An unidentified male voice No. 2
    I had discussed this song in 2015, on atulsongaday.me .
    I wonder, why Manna Dey was roped in only for just one small line of few words !
    Here we go –
    Song-Tu Mi Piaci, Cara hoon hoon hoon grazia (Bewaqoof)(1960) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics–Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-S D Burman
    Manna Dey
    Unknown male voice 1
    Unknown male voice 2


    grazia (Unknown male voice No.1)
    tu mi piaci cara ( same )

    ye kaun si zabaan bol rahe hain
    ye Italy ki jabaan hai (Unknown male No.2)
    tu mi piaci cara ( Same)
    ka matlab (Same)
    main tumhe pyaar karta hoon (Same)
    aur grazia ka matlab (Same)
    shukriya (Same)
    ladki achchi hai

    Shan toshe shishu
    shanta re zu u
    u u u u
    shantara zu
    u u u
    tara ra ra raaaa
    Tara ra ra ra ra ra ra raa
    raa aa aa

    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia
    Salaam lo hamaara
    ho ho ho shukriya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia
    Salaam lo hamaara
    ho ho ho shukriya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia

    Nayi gali naya shahar
    sambhal ke chaliye haan
    Pukaar ke kahoonga main ke tu hai meri jaan
    Nayi gali naya shahar
    sambhal ke chaliye haan
    Pukaar ke kahoonga main ke tu hai meri jaan
    Main aur teri jaan
    arre ladkhada gayi jabaan
    Hosh mein nahin ho tum
    kuchh aaj pi gaye ho kya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia
    Salaam lo hamaara
    ho ho ho shukriya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia
    ho ho ho
    ho ho ho
    aa haa haa
    aa ha ha
    ho ho
    ho ho
    ho ho ho
    ho ho ho

    Ye ajnabi nazaare
    hum pe hans na de kahin
    Kahoge khoob muskuraaye hum ko gham nahin
    Ye ajnabi nazaare
    hum pe hans na de kahin
    Kahoge khoob muskuraaye hum ko gham nahin
    Ye ghair ka hai desh
    arre dil pe deejiye na thhes
    Koi dekh le to phir kaho hamen kahega kya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia
    Salaam lo hamaara
    ho ho shukriya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia

    haa ha ha ha haa
    he he he he
    ho ho ho ho
    haa haa haa haa
    he he he he
    ho ho ho ho ho
    haa haa

    Hato ji meri baahen kyun pakad rahe ho tum
    Haseen ye sama hai
    ismein ho na jaao gum
    Hato ji meri baahen kyun pakad rahe ho tum
    Haseen ye samaa hai
    ismein ho na jaao gum
    Ji phir to hum chale
    arre dil mera jale jale (Manna Dey line)
    Ungli thhaam thhaam tumne haath bhi pakad liya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia
    Salaam lo hamaara
    ho ho ho shukriya
    Tu Mi Piaci, Cara
    hoon hoon hoon grazia


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    1. Arunji,
      Thank you for the appreciation.
      I knew Manna Dey also sang a few lines of the last stanza. And that was the answer to quiz. So I didn’t mention it in the post.
      Yes, the film was BnW but this song was in colour.

      I watched the video carefully. I think the initial conversation may not be taken as a part of the song and skipped. Out of the two gentlemen, one would be Kishore Kumar himself in my opinion. The video quality is so bad we can’t see anything clearly.
      In comments on one of the videos of this song on YouTube, it’s mentioned that KK had incorrectly sung those particular lines of the last stanza and he wasn’t available for re-recording. So Manna Dey was asked to sing those few words. Of course this is just a story, which can’t be confirmed now.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting.


  4. Dear Anup ji,

    Pl excuse the delay in commenting. I had to go to the Market to buy a Hat so that I could say “Hat’s Off”! Next time you are in Goa, there’s a Hat waiting for you.

    Just some brief comments on an usually Excellent Write up on “unusual” songs. Re: that Holi song from MOTHER INDIA, if you look closely, Shamshad Sings for 4 (four) Actresses, namely NARGIS, KUMKUM, CHANCHAL and AZRA (the expressive expressionless that you mention) 🙂

    Re the other Song from MOTHER INDIA, I had read somewhere that Mehboob ji or perhaps one of his Assistants had made a goof up during the shooting and forgot about the other characters who were supposed to lip-synch to the different singers. It is said that Naushad Saab was alarmed by this, but Mehboob assured him that the Song was so good that no one would notice the error. In any case, re-shooting such a complex set was out of the question. In fact, Mehboob ji took a wager with Naushad saab. Who knew that it would be many years before a certain DOCTOR would discover the error?

    A song I would like to add is this one from JEWEL THIEF where Asha sings for both Helen and Fariyal

    Pl keep them coming Anup ji, more Hats in line for you.

    With warm regards


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    1. Sir,
      Jewel Thief song is the first experiment by SD Burman (or RDB) as voice overlap technique. Another example is Kya Jaanoo Sanam by Lata from Bahaon Ke Sapne. The dancer with Helen in this song is not Fariyal. Can some one help me in identify her?

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      1. Gandhivp,
        I have read somewhere that Kya Janoo Sajan was recorded with Usha Mangeshkar singing the overlap parts while Lata Mangeshkar sang the main part. I don’t know what’s correct!
        I used to think the same for the jewel thief song. But I haven’t read about it. It’s my assumption.
        The other dancer’s face is hardly visible to identify her correctly. I don’t know who she is!


        1. Sir,
          RD Burman always tried to do something new and different. “Kya Jaano Sajan” was recorded first by my mono head. Second track was recorded on the original song by addition another recording head and disconnecting Erase Head on magnetic tape. Another example of this experiment was in the song from Ijaajat (1987), Katara Katara Milti Hai (Asha, RD) .
          Kersi Lord had mentioned it in one of his interviews.

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    2. Partha ji,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation.
      I haven’t been to Goa a long time ago, nine years back. Next time I’ll be in touch with you.
      I watched the Holi song carefully, initially I thought Chanchal is lip syncing to Shamshad’s voice, but later I decided against. I think she doesn’t.
      Oh! That actress’s name is Azra. Oh!

      I later came to know that the song Dekh Bhare Din Beete Re Bhaiya was already mentioned with that error by a YouTube uploader, so I’m not the first person to catch it.

      About the Jewel thief song, I used to think of it as a duet, the another voice being that of Usha Mangeshkar. But today I felt it was Asha’s voice. So I think it fits.


      1. No, Anup ji,

        Chanchal is definitely lip syncing to Shamshad’s voice. Watch closely @ 03:40 of the song to the words

        काहे छोड़ी रे कलाई
        काहे छोड़ी रे
        काहे छोड़ी रे कलाई
        संग चलके सुनादे जरा बांसुरी

        If you still doubt it, there is only one way to settle it. A Boxing Match next time you are in Goa – pl bring your boxing gloves along 🙂

        With sincere best wishes


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        1. Parthaji,
          I should have watched the song more carefully! You are correct, Chanchal does lip sync to Shamshad’s voice.

          “A Boxing Match next time you are in Goa – pl bring your boxing gloves along 🙂”


          Now I should really plan Goa trip soon.


  5. Anupji, you have captured the variations very well! One song that baffles me is this one from Kashmir Ki Kali where Shammi Kapoor clad in a burqa sings in a male voice even when Pran smells a rat and comes to check on him. And surprisingly, Pran doesn’t see anything wrong with this and continues to believe that it is a burqa clad Pathan woman singing. Ideally, when Pran comes around, a female playback singer should have taken over temporarily.
    Subhanallah Haseen Chehra from Kashmir Ki Kali.

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    1. Oh My God!
      Anitaji, You added one of my most favourite songs! I was wishing someone would add it.
      The film and majority of the songs are so wonderful!
      Thanks to Madhuji who posted a review of the film few years back and I happen to watch it after reading it.
      Absolutely delightful!
      Thank you for fulfilling my wish.


  6. Anup,
    This is a very interesting classification. We are so much engrossed in the song that we do not notice such discrepancies. One song I remember from the film ‘Saathi’ (1968). We know it as Mukesh solo ‘Jo chala gaya use bhool ja’, but its opening with the words ‘Bhool ja, bhool ja’ at high octave is sung by Mahendra Kapoor. If you don’t know it you won’t notice it.

    An information about #12. Suraiya sang several songs in her early career for Mehtab. One well-known is ‘Panchhi ja’. I do not know if she has sung for some others too.

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    1. AKji,
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      And you’re right, even after listening to the song many times I hadn’t noticed the difference in the voices.
      Thank you for adding the song.
      However it seems, in the film version, the initial high octave lines were removed and the song starts with Mukesh’s voice, also it’s a bit shorter than the record version.

      Let me add both the versions

      Film version,

      And, the record version,

      About Suraiya,
      I know she started her career as a playback singer when she was a small girl. Mehtaab – Panchhi Ja
      That’s why I wrote ‘after starting her career as a singing actress’ she didn’t sing for any other actress.



  7. Good post, Anupji! Coincidentally enough, just two days back, I compiled a post on ‘Two Faces, One Voice’ – the same thing as one singer, one song, but two characters. Interestingly enough, my list and yours only have two songs in common – Holi aayi re Kanhaayi (Shamshad sings for Azra and Chanchal in addition to Nargis and Kumkum) and Aake seedhi lagi. I will not give all the other songs that were on my list but not on yours, but here is one; Manna Dey sings for both Kumud Tripathi and Dhumal in Apradhi Kaun; the song is Phir wohi dard hai phir wohi jigar hai:

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    1. Thank you Madhuji.
      And now I’m very much eager to read your post. Can’t wait.
      And, ‘great minds think alike!’ 😉
      Thank you for adding a fun song from Apradhi Kaun! I wasn’t aware of it.
      When are you planning to publish your post?

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  8. I clicked on the link after seeing your ‘unusual’ title, Anupji. 🙂 It’s indeed an unusual theme, and while we have all remarked on these strange instances, hats off to you for writing it up as a post.

    Here’s one for you – from Inquilab (1956) – Geeta Dutt sings for both actresses (one is Shyama, I can’t identify the other one) in Dilbar se pyaar.

    And here’s Asha Bhosle singing for both Sadhana and Azra in Love ka matlab pyaar while Rafi playbacks for Joy Mukherjee in Love in Simla

    Re: Dhadakte dil ki tamanna – that was not the only song in which Suraiya gave playback to another actress. Taqdeer starring Shyama was released in 1958, and the producer used two Suraiya songs that had been recorded for an incomplete film. So while she never sang for another heroine per se, she ended up being the playback voice for Shyama.

    Dhadakte dil ki tamanna was never intended as a two-person song. It was meant to be picturised only on Suraiya. However, I think she was winding up her career and just wanted to be done with the sets, and therefore, wasn’t available for shooting. She had wrapped up Rustom and Sohrab as well, but that only released in 1963.

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    1. Thank you Anuji for the appreciation.
      Thank you for sharing the song from Inquilaab. I also couldn’t identify the actress.
      And, I wasn’t aware of the film Taqdeer
      I tried searching for the videos on YouTube. but drew blank.
      Poor Suraiya!

      And, thanks for sharing the trivia about the Shama song.
      Thank you so much for visiting, commenting and sharing some unknown facts.


  9. Great collection Dr. Anupji. I must admire your efforts to collect so much detail of a song which is not very famous.
    Since this time you did enlist new songs, a new song ‘ae meri joharajobi’ from fir hera pheri suits here. Himesh Reshammiya has sung for both Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar.. Beautiful song..


    1. Thank you Swanand for your appreciation.
      Yes, the first song that I found accidentally isn’t popular at all. But to find details wasn’t difficult, once you watch the song, you get what you want.
      But Majority of the other songs on the list are popular to some extent but obviously we never go in such details regularly.
      Thank you for adding a befitting song, though I must admit it’s not my favourite.


  10. Anup ji,
    I am presenting a special song here. It is SPECIAL because in this song Mohd. Rafi sings for 12 actors ! Yes, 12 actors in ONE song !
    The film is Badnaam Farishtey-1971.
    The song is ” BA, MA,Ph D, yeh Diploma Yeh Degrees…”
    Singer- Mohd. Rafi
    Lip Synched by 12 actors…
    Atma Prakash
    Arvind Rathore
    Amrit Patel
    Bharat Kapoor
    Mahendra Zaveri
    Yash Tandon and

    Happy listening, Happy Viewing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arunji,
      Thank you so much for adding the song.
      I think that must be like a record in itself, one singer singing for 12 characters in a single song.

      Here I remember a song shared by Dr Shetty for this theme. He sent it to me personally. I think I should add it here.
      From Dus Lakh
      Rafi sings for Om Prakash and Firoz Khan, while krishna kalle sings for Babita and Seema Dev.

      Ajab Teri karigari


  11. Dr. Anup,

    Commenting little late on this excellent post on unusual songs.
    I have always been perplexed with this somewhat impossible and strange concept in HFM , wherein one voice is used for more than one person in the same song.
    One can find many such songs in the multi-starrer movies of the post 70s, where Lata and Asha often sang for multiple heroines/ characters.
    I remember mentioning this as a possible theme on Madhuji’s post on Impossible duets wherein she mentioned that she was working on it.

    Bit surprised that the Padosan (1968) song didn’t make it to the list or comments.
    Main chali main chali has Lata singing for Saira Banu while 5 of her sahelis lip-sync to Asha’s voice

    One from Caravan (1971)
    Ab jo mile hai to bahon ko bahon mein –Asha sings for Aruna Irani in the first half and then for Asha Parekh

    Will add some more….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr Rajesh,
      Actually both the songs from Mere
      Mehboob and Padosan were already mentioned in one of my previous posts. As I already put the latter, I preferred not to add the former.
      But it fits.
      Also I wasn’t aware of the picturisation of Ab Jo Mile Hai To.
      After reading the comments, it seems the idea of singing with one voice for two characters in a song is not very uncommon.


  12. Some more songs:
    Baaton Baaton Mein (1979) was a simple nice movie by Basu Chatterji with a good musical score.by Rajesh Roshan.
    Two songs from the movie fit the theme.
    Uthe sabke kadam dekho ram pam pam – Lata, Amit Kumar
    Lata sings for Tina Munim & Pearl Padamsee while Amit songs for Amol Palekar & Ranjit Choudhury

    Na bole tum na maine kuchh kaha – Asha, Amit Kumar
    Amit again for Amol & Ranjit Choudhury and Asha for Tina and Shobhini Singh

    Kabhi Kabhie (1976) – Kishore & Lata. Lata sings for Neetu Singh & Naseem
    Tera phoolon jaisa rang

    Sanyasi (1975) – Tu mera din hai main teri raat aaja – Mukesh & Suman with Suman singing for Helen, Jayshri T and Arpana Choudhury

    Naatak (1975) – Zindagi ek naatak hai,- Moushumi, Jayshri T and Snehlata lip-sync to Asha’s voice

    Suhaag (1979) – Teri rab ne bana di jodi – Rafi, Asha, Shailendra.
    Asha sings for both Rekha and Parveen while the two heroes have individual singers.

    Ghar (1978) – Botal se ek baat chali hai – Rafi, Asha, Asha sings for Rekha & Prema Narayan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for adding all these songs.
      I was aware of Baaton baaton mein songs, though couldn’t remember at the time of compiling the list.
      Among the rest of the songs, kabhi Kabhie and Ghar songs are favourite. Though the song from Ghar is overshadowed by Lata Mangeshkar songs, I like its tune and Asha’s rendition.
      Thank you.

      And I again come to the conclusion that such songs are not so uncommon than I had thought of.



  13. Yes, such songs are indeed not uncommon.
    I know many songs from 80s and 90s that fit to this theme.

    Posting two songs from The Burning Train (1980).
    One is the qawwali that I am fond of, right from my school days:
    Pal do pal ka saath hamara by Rafi and Asha.
    Asha sings for Asha Sachdev and Neetu Singh

    Meri nazar hai tujhpe by Asha. She sings for both Hema Malini and Parveen Babi,


  14. Dear Anup ji,

    Would this song from “FAULAD” (1963) qualify? I was not sure if someone hadn’t mentioned it already.

    With warm regards



    1. Partha ji,
      In the last week of October I published my tribute to Minoo Mumtaz. I included this song on my list. Otherwise it was not mentioned in connection with this post in the comments.
      Thank you for adding it. I like the song.



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