Mehfil completes 4 years!

Today I’m ecstatic as my blog turns four. I can’t believe it’s been four years and this is my 165th post. Quite an achievement for me.

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Before I begin today’s post, let me extend my gratitude to my family, including my eight year old daughter and my sister, Anagha. All of them help me directly or indirectly for my posts. My fellow bloggers, Madhulika Liddle (from the blog, Dustedoff), AKji (from the blog, SoY), and Anu Warrier (from Conversations over Chai) are my inspirations. Their writing has always inspired me. Though I haven’t met them in person, I’m sure they are always there to guide me and help me. And a blog is nothing without the readers. Thanks a lot readers for reading, liking and commenting on the blog. I want to mention a few readers, who’s comments encourage me, inspire me to continue the blog. Most of them have been commenting regularly on my blog. Dr Ravindra Shrikhande, Pramod Godbole, N Venkatraman, Aditi, Dr Rajesh Deshpande, are a few names. And last but not the least, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, who is a constant source of encouragement. Whenever I have a doubt, he’s always there to clear it. His help has been very valuable to me.

The impediment in today’s celebrations is the gloomy and frightening covid scenario in the world. The pandemic still continues and more and more lives are at stake. Every single day there’s news of an acquaintance getting affected. To add to the ghastly scenario, many patients are experiencing post covid complications with a possibility of long term consequences and disability. Right from arthritis to myocarditis and from a benign post covid rash to lung fibrosis. The addition of mucormycosis makes it more frightening! As doctors, we are continuing our services and now our morale is also getting affected. We also have families to look after and this scary pandemic is really draining our confidence and trying our patience.

And now, let me try to keep the pandemic aside and focus on today’s post. I was searching for a topic for the 4th anniversary post. But I wasn’t able to concentrate on this and finalize a topic. Then a couple of months back, Dustedoff, posted an interesting list of songs on her blog. It was about composers singing for themselves.
In reply to my comment on the post, she suggested a version of the post to me. That was a good idea. In the same post, she did mention about ‘one composer singing for another composer’. And then and there I found the topic for my 4th anniversary post. So I want to thank her. She has always been very helpful towards me and this is yet another time.

So here’s today’s post on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of my blog.

‘one composer singing for another composer’

As I started collecting information on the topic, I realised there were a few things that needed to be clarified.

§ Firstly, I divided the composers into two broad categories, though a few would fall in both the categories. And there would be a few who wouldn’t strictly fall in any of these.

  1. The composers who sang for other composers after they started composing independently for Hindi films.
  2. The composers who sang for their mentors, as they assisted the latter and started composing independently for Hindi films later in the career.

§ Secondly, I decided Not to consider singers who composed for a few films. They were primarily playback singers, who for reasons of their own, composed for Hindi films. So I kept aside Manna Dey, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, S D Batish and Amirbai Karnataki.

§ Thirdly, I was confused about Hemant Kumar, who was a popular composer as well as playback singer of Hindi films. When I went through the early years of his career, I came to know that he started as a singer in Bengali as well as in Hindi, both for film and non-film songs. He started composing later. But on both the fronts he was equally popular. So I decided not to include him either on today’s list. But when any other composer has sang for him, I have included the songs.

I was wondering why the composers were called for the playback by the other composers? At any rate, very competent playback singers were available. The composers wouldn’t have thought of establishing themselves as playback singers, still they accepted the proposal. Obviously such proposals must have been rare. For composers like Chitalkar, a certain genre was said to be his forte and his open-throated, cheerful lively voice used to offer full justice. But when it came to Usha Khanna, who sang a number of duets where her contribution was very small as compared to the other singer, I really wondered! Was it just for the sake of friendship with her colleagues?
In contrast, we can understand why an assistant sang for his mentor. Did the mentor want to promote or encourage his assistant? Is it possible that the assistant sang for the mentor because of an emergency situation like unavailability of the originally proposed singer? And later the song is retained either by chance or because the composer really liked the rendition!

Anyways, before it gets too complicated, let’s visit the list of composers. Here I’m with the list of ten composers, who sang for other composers. The list is in no particular order.

1. C Ramchandra –
It was very interesting when I found that Chitalkar can be included in both the categories I mentioned. He started composing independently in 1941, but still he was an assistant to Mir Sahib in 1944 for the film, Lal Haweli. Nevertheless, with a successful career as a composer in the 50s, he sang for other composers as well. The songs are of course far and few between than he sang for himself, but there was a category of songs which his voice suited the most. Chitalkar sang for a number of composers.

Let’s start with his song when he assisted Mir Sahib.

For Mir Sahib –
Tum Bhool Ke Phande Mein – Lal Haweli (1944) Chitalkar / Mir Sahib – Shams Lucknowi
A light hearted song. Chitalkar was really an expert in such types of songs. The song is addressed to the other men and warns against falling in love with a lady. There’s a different charm in his voice that attracts even if the song sounds flirtatious.

For Chic Chocolate
Now, let’s reverse the scenario. Chic Chocolate was his assistant. And when he composed for a Dev Anand film, Chitalkar sang for him too. He sang three duets, two with Lata Mangeshkar and one with Geeta Dutt. He sang for Dev Anand as well as other supporting characters.

Chalti Hui Gaadi Jo – Naadan (1951) Lata Mangeshkar & Chitalkar / Chic Chocolate – P L Santoshi
A song that is fun and motivational and optimistic. Chitalkar sings for Dev Anand and a sage, both, in the song.


Dilon Ke Melon Ka Naam – Naadan (1951) Chitalkar, Geeta Dutt & Chorus / Chic Chocolate – P L Santoshi
In the absence of video, we can’t be sure about the picturisation. It could be a group song, picturised on various junior artists. But it’s a good song.

For Roshan
For the film, Baraati, Roshan called Chitalkar for Agha’s playback. He sang a solo and a duet. He was the sole male voice of the movie.

Teri Nazaron Ne Humko Chheda Hai – Baraati (1954) Chitalkar & Asha Bhosle / Roshan – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Picturised on Agha and Peace Kanwal, it’s a good romantic song. The playful and naughtily romantic mood is aptly captured by Chitalkar.

Dhak Dhak Kare Dil – Baraati (1954) Chitalkar / Roshan – D N Madhok
Mukhda has rhyming words, jhat-pat and is sung at a fast speed. Though it’s a song of separation, it also has a touch of humour. And Chitalkar offers it full justice. There is a feeling of pain in his voice, yet it manages to convey the intended humour.

For Anil Biswas –
I have included a couple of songs sung by Chitalkar for Anil Biswas. Though these songs were also on my Anil Biswas list, I repeated the songs. In my opinion, both the songs are really good.

Koi Shyam Rang – Veena (1944) Chitalkar / Anil Biswas – Narendra Sharma
What a cute song! The man praises his lady, whom he finds superior to any other lady he comes across. I know, the film, Veena, is more popular for songs by Mukesh and Amirbai Karnataki. But this one’s good too.


Bhool Jana Chahti Hoon – Jwarbhata (1944) Chitalkar & Parul Ghosh / Anil Biswas – Narendra Sharma
I’m aware, the solo version of this song by Parul Ghosh is perhaps more popular than the duet. But till I hadn’t heard the duet, I was in love with the solo. Now I’m in love with both the versions.

For Usha Khanna –
O Meri Jaan Bachna – Faisla (1965) Chitalkar & Mahendra Kapoor / Usha Khanna – Asad Bhopali
Not a great song, not even an average song! I agree. But fits today’s list.

For Vasant-Ramchandra –
Aayi Aayi Re Gadi – Mahatma (1953) Chitalkar / Vasant Ramchandra – Ehsan Rizvi
Vasant Pawar and Ramchandra Wadhawkar both were composers from Marathi films. They formed a duo and composed for a few Hindi films. I’m not sure if the video linked below has the original voice or not!

For S D Burman –
When S D Burman started composing for Hindi films, he wasn’t acquainted with the conduction of the orchestra. C Ramchandra had already composed for Hindi films, and he wasn’t a junior. But he helped Burman Da in the recording of his first film, Shikari. C Ramchandra never made an issue of it. Later Burman Da also offered him a song in his next film, Eight Days.

Ek Nayi Kali Sasural – Eight Days (1946) Chitalkar & Meena Kapoor / S D Burman – G S Nepali
If I remember correctly, this was Meena Kapoor’s first released Hindi film song. She had sung for another film, but the songs and the film got delayed and Eight Days was the first to release. It’s a very cute song, perhaps picturised as a wedding song.


Teriya Teriya – Chalis Baba Ek Chor (1954) Lata Mangeshkar & Chitalkar / S D Burman – P L Santoshi
Though he has very little to sing, it’s certainly an enjoyable song. And just experience the sweetness of the tune and of Lata’s voice. It was Kamini Kaushal’s home production, who obviously acted in it too.

For Hemant Kumar –
He sang for Hemant Kumar for a couple of movies, Samrat (1954) and Lagan (1955).

The first one from Samrat was a duet with Rafi.
‘Haath Seene Pe Jo Rakh De’

The second one from Lagan was a solo,
‘Sunaau Ek Majnu Ka Haal’.
Both the songs are not available on the internet at present.

For Laxmikant Pyarelal –
When L P had yet to find their feet, they were signed for a few films. The film Chhaila Babu was one of their early films. It got delayed and was ultimately released in 1967. By that time, L P had a few superhit films to their credit. They even had the Filmfare best music director trophy for Dosti. Chhaila Babu couldn’t create the magic. C Ramchandra was experiencing a downfall in those days. And the song is not impressive in my opinion.

Dekhoji Behke Na Chaal – Chhaila Babu (1967) Chitalkar & Asha Bhosle / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Taj Bhopali

For N Datta –
This song was mentioned by Dr Rajesh Deshpande in his comments almost a year back, on the post, Marathi songs by C Ramchandra.

Ek Don Teen – Ek Don Teen / Chitalkar & Mahendra Kapoor
It was N Datta’s first Marathi film. It’s a good song. I could recognise Raja Gosavi, but the other actor is not known to me.

2. Usha Khanna –
One of the female composers, who successfully composed for Hindi films in the male dominated industry. While she sang a number of songs for herself, she also sang for other composers.
The notable composers include Iqbal Qureshi, Kalyanji Anandji, Shankar Jaikishan, Dilip Roy, Ravi, O P Nayyar, Prem Dhawan, Roshan, Sonik Omi, Madan Mohan, Robin Banerji, Suresh Kumar, etc. A mixed bunch of first and second or even third rung composers. There are a few solos and a number of duets. It’s very interesting to note that, for the majority of the duets, Usha Khanna’s contribution is small.
Let’s have a look at some of the songs.

Na Koi Raha Hai Na Koi Rahega – Johar Mehmood in Goa (1965) Mukesh & Usha Khanna / Kalyanji Anandji – Qamar Jalalabadi
I wasn’t aware of the song, though my father told, the movie and the song were extremely popular during the release. It’s really a good song, which ignites patriotism.

Phir Aane Laga Yaad Wohi – Yeh Dil Kisko Doon (1963) Rafi & Usha Khanna / Iqbal Qureshi – Qamar Jalalabadi
Usha Khanna barely sings half a line. But I am a huge fan of the song. It surely needs to be mentioned, though her presence is hardly remembered.

Chehra Kya Gulab Hai – Dilli Ka Dada (1962) Rafi & Usha Khanna / N Datta – Jan Nisar Akhtar
A playful song of teasing. It has a catchy rhythm and the singers make it a wonderful song. Usha Khanna’s voice closely resembles that of Asha’s voice.

Kya Dhadak Dhadak Dil Dhadke – Aji Bas Shukriya (1958) Asha Bhosle & Usha Khanna / Roshan – Usha Khanna
It’s a female dance duet picturised by a sea shore. Instead of having a romantic duet for the main lead, Geeta Bali and Suresh, a performance is shown that expresses their love. The dance is picturised on Cuckoo and (?) Young Jeevankala. The song was written by Usha Khanna and she is credited as well in the opening credits. An enjoyable song. Usha Khanna had not debuted then as a composer, nor did I know about her being assistant to any of the composers.

Mere Dil Zindagi Safar Hai – The Killers (1969) Asha Bhosle & Usha Khanna / O P Nayyar – Aziz Kashmiri
A song picturised in a circus, on Helen, Madhumati and Dara Singh and the circus crew. The song has a waltz-like rhythm. It’s a good song, if not particularly great. The video quality is not up to the mark.

3. Dilip Dholakia –
He was an assistant to Chitragupt for a long period. He also assisted Chitragupt’s mentor, S N Tripathi. Though he started his Hindi film career as a playback singer in the 40s, he later concentrated on music direction, let that be as an assistant or arranger, or an independent composer. He was Chitragupt’s assistant for nearly a couple of decades, starting from 1951. So I’ve taken into account his contribution as a playback singer in the 50s and 60s.

For S N Tripathi –
He sang for a single film, where he was offered a solo and a couple of duets. As the latter is more popular and more known to music lovers, I’m starting with it.

Door Gagan Par Chamke Sitare – Ram Hanuman Yuddha (1957) Geeta Dutt & Dilip Dholakia / S N Tripathi – Ramesh Chandra Pandey
It’s a good romantic song picturised on Nirupa Roy and I couldn’t recognize the male actor. What a beautiful melody, alas S N Tripathi couldn’t get recognition as a first rung composer. And I won’t call Dholakia’s voice particularly good. But the song is among my favourites. Please follow the link to watch it on YouTube.

Bhaj Ram Ram Siyaram – Ram Hanuman Yuddha (1957) Dilip Dholakia / S N Tripathi – Ramesh Chandra Pandey
Dholakia sings for Hanuman and completes the entire story of Ram in the song. A good devotional song, and very melodious. Tripathi directed as well as composed for the film.

For Chitragupt –
He sang three solos for three films, one solo per film. The films were Sakshi Gopal (1957), Naya Rasta (1953) and Mahasati Savitri (1955). I’m adding one of the songs, though all the songs are available.

Runjhun Baaje Paijaniya – Sakshi Gopal (1957) Dilip Dholakia / Chitragupt – Bharat Vyas
Though I was aware of a few songs from Sakshi Gopal, I didn’t know about this one. The song is soulfully sung without any rhythm instrument and has very beautiful flute pieces.

4. S N Tripathi –
He is certainly one of the underrated composers of the golden era of Hindi films. He started as an assistant to Saraswati Devi. During that period, he sang for a couple of films under her baton. Let’s listen to the songs,

Ari Daiya Lachak Lachak – Jeevan Naiyya (1936) S N Tripathi / Saraswati Devi – Jamuna Swaroop Kashyap Naatwan
I was very much surprised to watch an excellent quality video of the song. A semi classical stage performance which was picturised on young S N Tripathi. A party is going on and a live song performance is on too. Very good rendition by Tripathi.

Nahi Dekh Behtar Satana Kisika – Bhabhi (1938) S N Tripathi / Saraswati Devi – Jamuna Swaroop Kashyap Naatwan
I can’t say anything much about the song. It’s being played on a radio in a club or something.

5. S D Burman –
Most of the songs he sang for Hindi films were background songs. By that I mean, the songs run in the background and no one lip syncs to it.
He sang some memorable songs for himself. He didn’t sing for too many composers. I could find only a couple of composers. If I have missed a song, please add it in the comments section.

For R D Burman

Doli Mein Bithaike Kahar – Amar Prem (1972) S D Burman / R D Burman – Anand Bakshi
It’s a credit’s song, sung very soulfully by Burman Da. One of his popular playbacks.

For Madhulal Damodar Master –

Prem Ki Pyari Nishani – Tajmahal (1941) S D Burman / Madhulal Damodar Master – Pandit Anuj
Burman da was formally trained in classical music, though his inclination to folk music was apparent. The strong classical base to his singing is well evident in this song. Those who criticize his voice, should listen to it. It’s a perfect answer to all their criticism. With minimal instrumental help, he has rendered the song beautifully.

6. Sapan Chakraborty –
More popularly known for assisting Pancham da, he also Composed for four films during 1972 to 1975.
The films were,
Naya Nasha (1973)
36 Ghante (1974)
Jab Andhera Hota Hai (1974)
Zameer (1975)
And sang for Pancham da during 1977 to 1981.
So he fits into the ‘assistant singing for the mentor’ category. Because though he didn’t compose for a film after 1975, he continued assisting Pancham da till the end.
Some of the songs were solo, while others duets or trios. Recently, while I was looking for beggar’s songs on the train, I came across a befitting song, a solo from Kitaab. So I won’t repeat it here. Still, let me add a couple of songs.

Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab – Golmaal (1979) R D Burman & Sapan Chakraborty / R D Burman – Gulzar
This song is still extremely popular and will continue to be. A very apt opening song for the excellent film.

Aao Re Aao Khelo Holi – Balika Badhu (1976) Sapan Chakraborty & Chorus / R D Burman – Anand Bakshi
An excellent Holi song with a touch of folk music. I haven’t heard it much, but it certainly is good and enjoyable.

7. Sudhir Phadke –
He sang for a few of his own films. As far as other composers are concerned, I could find only a couple of composers, C Ramchandra and B Laxman. While I was able to locate the song by C Ramchandra, the other one wasn’t found.

Tu Har Ek Museebat Ka – Aanchal (1960) Sudhir Phadke / C Ramchandra – Kavi Pradeep
An optimistic, inspirational song. It’s picturised on a blind beggar, who sings it while Nirupa Roy and Lalita Pawar weep silently, worrying for their future. Sudhir Phadke has sung it nicely, though it’s not a very popular song from the movie.

8. R D Burman –
In comparison to senior Burman, junior Burman’s contribution to playback singing is more. But he nearly always sang for himself, and I found only one song under S D Burma’s baton.
Let me add it, not a favourite of mine.

For S D Burman
Raina Soyi Soyi – Yeh Gulistan Hamara (1972) Lata Mangeshkar, S D Burman, R D Burman & Chorus / S D Burman – Anand Bakshi
I couldn’t bear the video after watching Sharmila’s atrocious outfit. And as I said already, not my favourite. Perhaps it’s only historical importance is that it’s the only song Burmans sang together.

9. Jagmohan Bakshi –
He is one of the composers, who don’t fall into any of the categories I mentioned. He wasn’t an assistant to Burman Da, when he sang for him. He didn’t compose for Hindi films, when he was a playback singer. And after becoming a composer, he never sang.
I was under the impression that Jagmohan Bakshi sang just one song for Hindi films. But I came across an article on Atul’s blog, written by ArunKumar Deshmukh, and I understood that he has sung a few more songs for hindi films.
Jagmohan got his first break as a playback singer in Taxi Driver, for a duet with Asha Bhosle, under the baton of S D Burman. Later he sang three more songs, a duet with Rafi in Hamlet (1954), a trio with Balbir and Sudha Malhotra in Zindagi (1956) and a trio with Usha Mangeshkar and Lata Mangeshkar for Piya Milan (1958). Ramesh Naidu composed for the films, Hamlet and Piya Milan, while Mohammad Shafi composed for Zindagi.
It’s interesting that he never sang a solo for Hindi films. And furthermore, after starting composing for Hindi films with Sapan Sengupta as Sapan Jagmohan, he didn’t sing a song. Their journey began with Begaana in 1963.

Let me add a couple of songs,

For S D Burman
Dekho Mane Nahi Roothi Haseena – Taxi Driver (1954) Jagmohan Bakshi & Asha Bhosle / S D Burman – Sahir
Picturised on Kalpana Kartik and Dev Anand, it’s one of the popular songs of the movie. I’m not very much fond of Bakshi’s voice, though it’s a bit unconventional.

For Ramesh Naidu
Ghir Ghir Aaye Badarwa – Hamlet (1954) Rafi & Jagmohan Bakshi / Ramesh Naidu – Hasrat Jaipuri
I hadn’t heard the song before, but it sounds really good. It has a touch of north Indian folk song.

10. Ravi –
Ravi was Hemant Kumar’s assistant and I could find him singing for his mentor for four Hindi films.
Bahu (1955), Lagan (1955), Arab Ka Saudagar (1956) and Yahudi Ki Ladki (1957).
Ravi started his independent career with Devendra Goel’s ‘Vachan’ in 1955. It’s possible that he sang the songs (at least some of the songs) while he was still with Hemant Kumar as an assistant. Out of the four songs, one was a solo and others were duets. I could locate only the song from Bahu.

Door Door Se Kya Gaata Hai – Bahu (1955) Ravi and Bela Mukherjee / Hemant Kumar – S H Bihari
Bela Mukherjee was Hemant Kumar’s wife and she has sung a few songs for Hindi films. It’s a fun song, with a linguistic mixture of Awadhi and Parsi Hindi. It’s very interesting that Ravi sang yodeling nicely in the song. It appears the song was picturised on a comic side plot of the movie.

I was unable to find the other songs on the internet. Khol Ke Aankhe Dekh Zara from Lagan, Idhar Bhi Ek Nazar from Arab Ka Saudagar and, Ae Khuda Tere Bandon Ke Dil from Yahudi Ki Ladki.

I haven’t gone much beyond the 70s, though the new generation of composers have also sung for other composers. Off hand, I could think of Anu Malik, Shankar Mahadevan, and Vishal Dadlani.

Please add a composer (s) to the list.

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

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  1. One can only imagine the amount of research that must have gone into this post. Well done, Anupji! And congratulations on completing four years of blogging. Wishing you all the best for many more years too.


    1. Thank you so much Madhuji!
      As I have mentioned it was indeed your post that made me take up this hard task. It really took a long. I finished it yesterday evening itself and uploaded last night.
      BTW, I have created a facebook page for the blog with the same name and I’m already following you. Plz visit the page and like it.
      I added it a bit late, perhaps when you read it today morning, the page link wasn’t added.

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  2. Dear Anup ji,

    Heartiest Congratulations on completing 4 years of your Blog.
    Here is wishing you all the best for future and many many more Anniversaries to your Blog.

    Whenever I visit your Blog, I feel happy that the younger generation is also into the Old film music enjoyment and the kind of enthusiasm your readers show through their comments is very pleasing. It is a reflection of your Blog’s increasing popularity.

    Once again, All The Best.



  3. Great going, Anupji.
    Heartiest Congratulations on the four-year-journey.
    May the blog continue to flourish for many more years and grow from strength to strength.

    You have selected a nice theme for the celebrations. I would go through the post and come back.


  4. Heartiest Congratulations.
    Very well written. Good vocabulary. Mast, chan. Keep it up.
    Great this your 4 th year. Best wishes for years to come.


  5. Going through the post and songs, I could understand and appreciate the amount of effort you must have put to bring forth the (roughly) 40 songs rendered by the 10 MDs for other composers. A good work indeed. The inclusion of S D Burman’s first song from the film TajMahal (1941), reiterates my point.

    It appears C Ramchandra had a monopoly in this category.

    Besides the four films mentioned by you, it appears Ravi also rendered two more duets for Hemant Kumar. One was with Shamshad Begum for the film Daku Ki Ladki (1954) and the other one with Balbir for the film Lalten (1956). Please correct me if I am wrong. Both the songs are not available in YT.

    And now a note on my leather hunting; does not add any value to the post. YET……

    The first name that came up in my mind was that of Hridaynath Mangeshkar. He was a MD of repute and had scored music in Marathi (since 1955) and Hindi films (much later in the late 60s or early 70s, I believe). He approximately scored music for fourteen Hindi films. And he had rendered six songs for other composers. 5 solos – two for Naushad and one each for Roshan, S D Burman and Ghulam Mohammad – all in the early fifties. The remaining one was a duet, with Sadhana Sargam in 1998 for the film Qila, composed by Anand Raj Anand. The few lines he sang was lip-synched by Dilip Kumar.

    Another trivia; the 1958 film Do Mastane, for which Hemant Kumar was the MD, had a duet, ‘O Janewali, Tadpanewali’ rendered by Chitalakar and Lata. But it was a recycled song from the 1951 film Ustad Pedro, the MD being CR himself.

    Thus going by the strict norms set, all the above songs, which I thought would fit in, got nullified.

    Would try to come up with something of value.


    1. Venkataramanji,
      It was really tough task and as I said in my reply to Dustedoff, I completed the post yesterday evening! Minute corrections, links of the songs, re-verifying the facts and all the other things one needs to do for a post!
      You are absolutely right, Ravi alias Ravi Shankar Sharma rendered two more songs for HK. I could not find the one from Daku Ki Ladki, but could locate the one from Laalten.
      But, as both the voices are rarely heard, I could not differentiate between the two.
      Here’s the song.

      Main mar gaya to – Balbir and Ravi

      And anything that you add IS OF VALUE. Because it reminded me that the song by Hridaynath Mangeshkar from Babla is known to me and I like it too. I could have mentioned it in the post anyway.
      The song from Qila fits the bill, but it isn’t at all impressive. Still it wouldn’t be out of place.
      Here’s it

      I wasn’t aware of the song from Ustad Pedro, but now I do remember you mentioning that on my blog or perhpas on SoY some months ago. I’m not sure.

      Thank you for the insightful comment.


  6. Anup ji,
    Here are some songs for your consideration.
    1. Chitalkar/Shamshad Begum for S N Tripathi..Film Tilottama-54
    2. Bulo C Rani for Khemchand prakash in film Mulaqat-47
    3.Hemant Kr. for Sudipta in film Taj aur Talwar-56
    4.Snehal Bhatkar for K.Datta in film Harihar Bhakti-56
    5. Bhushan for Nissar Bazmi in film Bhala Aadmi-58
    6. Sailesh Mukherjee for Suresh kumar in film Suhag Sindoor-53 and
    7. Usha Khanna for Madan Mohan in film Ladka Ladki-66


    1. Yes,
      Songs fit
      But the song from Tilottama is credited to Chitragupt & Shamshad Begum.
      Here it is,
      Duniya Na Tere Baap Ki

      Mulaqat – Kal Chalte Chalte Unse Mulaqat
      Wonderful Solo by Bulo C Rani for Khemchand Prakash.
      Opens with lovely Jaltaarang and great lyrics.

      Dil Ki Baaten Dil Hi Mein – HK for Sudipt

      *(Would you tell us about Sudipt? I don’t know much about him)

      Snehal Bhatkar for K Datta
      Chhan Chhan Bole

      I came across songs from Bhala Aadmi last month, when I was going through Chandrashekhar’s career. But had no idea about Bhushan. In fact I still don’t know who he is?

      Here’s the song,
      Saiyan Chhodo Bhi Kalai

      About Sailesh Mukherjee, is he the same who sang for Ram ganguly in Aag, Dekh Chand Ki Orr. And he composed for Parichay (1954) with Lata’s song, Jal Ke Dil Khaak Hua?

      Mere Laadle Balam from Suhag Sindur, Geeta dutt & Sailesh Mukherjee

      I had the Chana Zor Garam song from ladka Ladki on my list, but couldn’t get it on the net, so I skipped it.

      Thanks a lot for adding so many songs to the list.



  7. Chitragupt started his career as an assistant to S N Tripathi. He assisted Tripathi from 1946-50.
    Later, he rendered 7 songs under his mentor’s baton. Two of them were solos,

    Posting nice solo from Saudamini (1950)
    Kali ghata hat gayi, neele gagan me nikla chand hai,

    And a peppy duet with Shamshad Begum, film Nav Durga (1953), lyrics Ramesh Pandey
    Ek teer chalake gauri bijli girake, mohe chhodke akeli kahan jaye re

    These songs should fit the bill!


    1. Thank you for adding Chitragupt to the list. He is my favourite composer and still I missed his name.
      Glad to see it here.
      Both the songs are good.
      Mainly the second one from Nav Durga is funny and peppy. It reminded me Shamshad’s duets with Chitalkar. Doesn’t that sound like one?
      Thanks a lot!


  8. Anup ji ,
    Heartiest Congratulations !!!💐💐💐

    All the 45 posts in this 4th year were full of detailed research , variety of themes , interesting narrations nd melodious songs.

    This anniversary special post is भन्नाट !!!

    Looking forward for many more such entertaining posts in the 5th year .

    With lots of best wishes nd blessings ,
    Pramod Godbole .


  9. A monumental achievement to persist with this venture over four years despite your noble profession, columna nobis, as a physician. I am extremely proud of your efforts in thinking out of the box various novel themes and writing successful posts on them. The one I am viewing is one such attempt and what a plethora of songs to ferret out. You have successfully adopted qualities I will describe as net aspera terrent in continuing your exacting endeavour to keep on writing. Being as young as you are will prove to be a strong link to preserve golden era songs for future. I will conclude by – ad astra per asperaet per ludum.


    1. Thank you Ranganji for your wishes and appreciation.
      Your vocabulary includes a number of french or Latin words, which I find difficult to decipher.
      Nevertheless I can get what you mean,


      1. In my enthusiasm for your monumental efforts to post so many obscure songs from equally obscure films and the fact that for four years you have been churning out many wonderful posts I was carried away and introduced a few latin words which give a better emphasis on what I intended to convey. Let me give meaning of them.
        Columna nobis – personal work
        Net aspera terrent – Difficulties do not terrify us
        As astra per asperaet per ludum – to the stars through hard work and fun
        Ram Hanuman Yudha the male could be Monhar Desai or Prem Adib. You have to identify as I find you have a penchant for identifying even minor actors in the videos you post.
        Once again my congratulations on your four years journey and wishing you further venture for long time to come


        1. Oh! Thank you Ranganji for explaining and thank you for the kind and encouraging words.
          In Ram Hanuman Yuddha,
          I think Prem Adib played Narad. So it seems, Manhar desai played Hanuman.
          But I’m not sure.


          1. I also remember Anil Biswas singing for other composers in the very beginning of his career. Cannot place the songs readily. Will look for the same. Lyrist Bharat Vyas had also sung in films.


          2. Yes,
            I found only one film, Lalaji (1942) where he sang for Vasant Kumar Naidu. I found a solo on YouTube, though he probably sang a few more in the same film.

            Nindiya khoye diyo

            *[I confirmed with ArunKumar Deshmukh ji, Anil Biswas sang three songs, a couple solos and one duet with Kusum Mantri. Naidu was his assistant earlier.(Updated)]*

            And, yes Bharat Vyas has sung for S K pal in the early 40s. I had three of his songs in the opening post of the series based on his career.


  10. Congrats and best wishes!!
    Good blog topic, must have done a lot of work.
    Kudos to Madhulal Shyamsundar for the courage shown!! Otherwise singers like RD, SD, Anu Malik and HR are not preferred singers for any other composers.

    Does Pt. Hrudaynath fit in your criteria. I believe he has sung for other composers.


    1. Thank you Swanand!
      We will leave it to the composers to decide about their preferences for the playback!
      In my write up also I discussed in short about what could be the reason for choosing the other composers when competent singers were available. But I didn’t mean to criticize anyone.
      Anyways, thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Hope to see you commenting more often!


  11. Congratulations, Anup ji. I can only imagine the effort (not to mention the time) that went into finding songs that fit this theme.

    I will listen to all the songs you listed and that others have covered in the comments. My Sunday is set. 🙂

    All the very best for many more years of blogging.


  12. Anup,
    Four years, 165 posts, and each post quite substantive, written with great sincerity and research – this is a supelative achievement. You have maintained a steady canter. Your blog is an important contribution to popularising old Hindi film songs. Heartiest congratulations, may you go on like this forever.

    In this post I find many fascinating songs. Chitalkar is highly talented as a singer. From the light classical ‘Koi shyam rang gori’ for Anil Biswas to Kishore Kumar-style ‘Dekhoji bahke na chaal’ for LP is quite a range. And when needed, he could sing a song like Talat Mahmood.

    I can see your dilemma about Hemant Kumar. But I think you could have made an exception about his songs for his protege Ravi. He sang some fabulous songs for him as was his wont: Muskurati hui chaandni; Bedard zamana tera dushman hai to kya hai; Ye jhoomte nazaare.

    Congratulations again.


    1. Thanks a lot AKji for your appreciation and wishes!
      I’m overwhelmed with emotions.
      I couldn’t decide about HK as he sang sung for all the prominent MDs of the golden era, so there was no surprise element in it. So finally I decided to skip his name. But I agree, in the early years of his career, Ravi did offer his mentor very good melodious songs.
      Thank you again for visiting and thanks for guiding me directly or indirectly.
      I hope someday I would meet you personally.


  13. Thanks
    Superb collection.
    Like verymuch.
    During lockdown period I started reading about C ramchandra& blogwriters like you are providing me a lot of material.


  14. Anupji,
    Congratulations on the 4th anniversary of your blog.
    Keep churning such interesting and informative posts.
    All the best for the future.


  15. Dear Anupji,

    Congratulations for completing four years of Mehfil.

    Mehfil has always added a new dimension to the way you look back to Hindi film songs.

    Best wishes for Mefils to continue………………………..


  16. Dr. Anup,
    Heartiest congratulations for the 4th anniversary of this wonderful blog.
    Despite your medical practice and the current covid19 pandemic challenges, you have been consistently posting on average of 3+ posts/month.
    This is indeed a remarkable achievement, giving the readers a well-researched, comprehensive and informative post on a new and interesting theme each time.
    All the best for the future and look forward to many such posts in coming years!!

    Here too, one can see your efforts and dedication in providing an elaborate list of composers singing for other composers with nice songs!!

    The SDB-RDB combo reminded me of Sudhir Phadke singing for his son Shridhar Phadke in Shridhar’s debut movie as a composer – Laxmichi Paule (1982- Marathi). Sridhar has composed a beautiful and everlasting duet, sung by his father with Asha – Phite andharache jaale jhale mokle aakash

    Sudhir Phadke has also sung many Marathi film songs for other composers – Ram Kadam, Vishwanath More, Anil- Arun, Prabhakar Jog etc.
    His song from Pinjra (by Ram Kadam) is famous: kashi nashibane thatta aaj mandli


    1. Thank you so much Dr Rajesh. I’m overwhelmed with your kind words of appreciation. Thank you for your wishes. I’ll try my best to continue the blog.
      In addition to covid, the flood situation is slowly getting bad in my town. I’m really getting nervous.
      I wanted to publish a post tomorrow, but couldn’t complete it.
      Anyways, the blog must go on.
      Thank you for mentioning Sudhir Phadke songs.
      फिटे अंधाराचे जाळे is my favourite song. So is कशी नशीबाने थट्टा आज मांडली.
      The songs are अवघाचि संसार, sung by Sudhir Phadke, composed by Vasant Pawar are my favourites too.


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