Triad of Singers

Let me first explain my idea behind the title Triad of Singers. Usually a single playback singer sings all the songs for a particular character in a movie. There are instances where a couple of singers lent their voices for a single actor or actress. This is relatively common and usually doesn’t evoke an interest to look into it. But when more than two playback singers sing for a single character in the movie, we tend to look at it as an exception, or a change from the routine. Today I’m presenting such songs where three (or more as the case may be) playback singers sing for a single actor or actress in a single movie. This theme was in my mind for a long period, even before I started my own blog.

I always used to wonder why the composer might have chosen different playback singers for different songs. Let me put my way of looking at it. I’m sharing my thoughts on the subject. No intention to accuse or defame anyone. No allegations intended. Just my observations or a curiosity to find possible circumstances leading to it.

One of the possibilities is that the composer considers a particular singer suitable for a particular song. The limitations of one’s voice have to be considered after all, before choosing a singer. So a playful song to one playback singer, a sad one to another, a classical based to yet another etc. I think the scenario changed when all rounder singers entered the industry and had such a wide range that the composers no longer wanted to search for another option. This holds true for many playback singers including Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Rafi, etc. There were a few, who got typecast for a particular genre and were offered the same type of songs. Even If the singer proved his/her talent by singing songs of all genres, the stamp was non-washable. The prime example of this kind is Manna Dey.

Then afterwards when Lata Mangeshkar stopped singing songs with Rafi, many composers opted for Suman Kalyanpur, perhaps due to close resemblance between the voices. Still further it is said that, when Lata Mangeshkar had differences with Shankar from the duo S J, the latter called in Sharda. In some cases Suman Kalyanpur, Asha Bhosle were also called in. This resulted in one actress singing on screen in multiple playback singer’s voices.

Thirdly it could be an attempt on the composer’s part to give opportunity to multiple singers. After all a particular song is liked by the listeners if it is sung by his/her favourite playback singer. And a popular song boosts a film, indirectly boosting the careers of the actors and composers as well.

I have tried to find triads with different singers. I won’t repeat a triad. So let’s start the journey. Among the composers, Shankar Jaikishan appears frequently on the list, followed by S D Burman. The latter always had a definite vision of a song and when he used to fix a singer for a particular song, he was unshakeable. This led to a combination of singers in a few of the films. I want to mention an interesting thing about the film Sawan. The songs were composed by Hansraj Behl and he called in three female and three male singers for the movie. Though I’ve highlighted only the female triad in the post, the male triad is also worth mentioning. As I had the male singer triad already on the list with another composer, I didn’t mention it with the movie Sawan.

Enough of the discussion now, let’s hit the list. I have added the song link in the discussion, you can click on the song name to listen to it.

1. Geeta Dutt, Lalita Deulkar & Surinder Kaur
Film – Shaheed (1948)
Actress – Kamini Kaushal
Composer – Ghulam Haider

The first triad is of female singers who were very popular those days. The maximum number of songs (3) were sung by the newcomer, Surinder Kaur, among which, Badnaam Na Ho Jaye is the most popular. Lalita Deulkar had a couple of songs, followed by Geeta Dutt, who got to sing only one song, Aaja Bedardi Balma, which is popular too. Surinder Kaur sang all sad songs, so did Geeta Dutt. A playful, romantic piano song, Bachpan Ki Yaad, was sung by Lalita Deulkar, who also sang a patriotic song as a stage performance, picturised on other characters. The piano song is still very popular and is among the most popular songs of Lalita Deulkar.

2. Shamshad Begum, Lalita Deulkar & Geeta Dutt
Film – Shabnam (1949)
Actress – Kamini Kaushal
Composer – S D Burman

In the film, actually Geeta Dutt is the preferred choice for Kamini Kaushal, who sings a couple of songs. Mera Dil Tadpake Kahan Chala is a solo with interesting and funny picturisation. This song is also picturised separately on Paro and is sung by Geeta Dutt again. But the most popular song of the film, picturised on Kamini Kaushal, Ye Duniya Roop Ki Chor, is sung by Shamshad Begum. Shamshad was chosen perhaps because of the multilingual nature of the song. And she has indeed pronounced the Marathi word, कळी accurately. She otherwise sings for Paro, who has a good number of dance songs. Lalita Deulkar is chosen for a playful song, Hum Kisko Sunaye Haal. She was a popular singer then. I couldn’t find the video of the song, though I’m sure it is picturised on Kamini Kaushal.

3. Rafi, Talat Mahmood & Mukesh
Film – Ek Phool Char Kaante (1960)
Actor – Sunil Dutt
Composer – Shankar Jaikishan

As I said in the introduction, Shankar Jaikishan would appear frequently on the list. This is the first film. Ek Phool Char Kaante was a fun film, with an enjoyable theme. Shankar Jaikishan opted for three voices perhaps to portray different personalities Sunil Dutt tries to play to impress Wahida Rehman’s four uncles. Just one question, why a totally classical based song, Matwali Naar Thumak Thumak to Mukesh? Of course, the composers would be the best judge of that! But still! Rafi sings both for Sunil Dutt and Johnny Walker. He sings O Meri Baby Doll, a rock n roll song with perfect expressions for Sunil Dutt. A soft romantic song, Dil Ae Dil Baharon Se Mil goes to Talat Mahmood, who sings it impressively with Lata Mangeshkar.

4. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle & Suman Kalyanpur
Film – Chhoti Si Mulaqaat (1967)
Actress – Vaijayanti Mala
Composer – Shankar Jaikishan

Shankar Jaikishan’s Second film on my list. I’ve already tried to explain the possibilities behind choosing three different female singers. Suman Kalyanpur was chosen for Tujhe Dekha Tujhe Chaha, because of the rift between Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. Asha Bhosle was chosen for a western influenced song and a bubbly song, Mat Ja Mat Ja Mere Bachpan, with which Vaijayanti Mala makes her entry in the movie. Lata Mangeshkar sang a couple of songs, perhaps composed by Jaikishan, a beautiful dance performance, Kal Nahi Paye Jiya and a sad song picturised in a recording studio. It’s worth noting that the most popular song (or so I think) from the movie is sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

5. Lata Mangeshkar, Sulochana Kadam & Shamshad Begum
Film – Dholak (1951)
Actress – Meena Shorey
Composer – Shyam Sunder

While Lata Mangeshkar (who sang a couple of duets with Rafi) appears to be the original choice for Meena Shorey, it is said that she left the project due to differences with Shyam Sunder. The latter allegedly used bad language under the influence of alcohol, which Lata Mangeshkar didn’t tolerate. I would mention one of the duets, Ek Pal Ruk Jana Sarkar. The differences of course resolved and Lata Mangeshkar sang for him again in Alif Laila, which turned out to be his last film. He later offered songs to Sulochana Kadam, who was a newcomer and needed a godfather in the industry. Shyam Sunder offered her a good number of songs in Hindi films. She sang a couple of solos and a couple of duets for Dholak. Chori Chori Aag Si Dil Mein is a classic favourite. All the songs achieved popularity and are considered iconic. Shamshad Begum had a couple of songs and one of those was picturised on Meena Shorey completing the triad of singers. The song was a duet with Rafi, Halla Gulla Laai La.

6. Lata Mangeshkar, Shamshad Begum & Suman Kalyanpur
Film – Sawan (1959)
Actress – Ameeta
Composer – Hansraj Behl

Sawan should be considered a special movie, as far as this post is concerned. Ameeta had three female playback singers singing for her for three duets. And the duets have three different male playback singers as well. I’ve no idea, nor could I guess, why the composer selected three singers. While the peppy song with tonga beats, Bheega Bheega Pyar Ka Sama went to Shamshad Begum and Rafi, the song depicting two contesting moods, Nain Dwar Se Man Mein Woh Aake, was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh. The lesser known song, Tum Ne Kaha Chhoo Maine Chhoo Liya was offered to Suman Kalyanpur and Mahendra Kapoor. The song is good, the tune is good. Suman Kalyanpur’s high pitched voice sounds a bit different.

7. Rafi, Mukesh & Mahendra Kapoor
Film – Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962)
Actor – Bharat Bhushan
Composer – S N Tripathi

I may be wrong on this triad, as I couldn’t locate a few of the videos. The songs sung by Manna Dey that are available on YouTube aren’t picturised on Bharat Bhushan. The film required playback singers with a good classical base, and majority of the classical based songs were offered to Rafi, including Diya Jalao Jyoti Jagao. Mahendra Kapoor sang a couple of duets for Bharat Bhushan, including the romantic, beautiful song, Badli Badli Duniya Hai Meri. Again, a song with a strong classical touch, Jhoomti Chali Hawa, was offered to Mukesh and he sang it well. The song is still very popular and perhaps the best known song from the movie.

8. Talat Mahmood, Kishore Kumar & Jagmohan Bakshi
Film – Taxi Driver (1954)
Actor – Dev Anand
Composer – S D Burman

S D Burman was the one who always believed in his own choice. He never hesitated to follow his heart when it came to selecting a particular singer for a song. And his choice never failed. While his choice for the soulful, Jayen To Jaye Kahan was Talat Mahmood, the playful bubbly song, Chahe Koi Khush Ho, required someone like Kishore Kumar to do full justice. Composer Jagmohan Bakshi was given a chance to sing a romantic song, Dekho Mane Nahi Roothi Haseena, which was a duet with Asha Bhosle. I think he never sang again for any movie. Was he a junior assistant to Burman da? But the film credits mention only Jaidev as an assistant. Jagmohan Bakshi later formed a composer duo with Sapan Chaktaborty.

9. Asha Bhosle, Suman Kalyanpur & Sharda
Film – Suraj (1966)
Actress – Vaijayanti Mala
Composer – Shankar Jaikishan

I think it was Sharda’s first Hindi film as a playback singer. She sang a couple of solos for the movie and was endorsed by Shankar, from the duo S J. Her song, Titli Udi, was very much popular. Other songs with female voices were duets. Kitna Hai Tum Se Pyar was sung by Suman Kalyanpur with Rafi. A couple of duets were sung by Asha Bhosle and Rafi, and among those I’ll mention, Kaise Samjhau Badi Nasamajh Ho. In all I’m not much fond of the songs from Suraj.

10. Manna Dey, Mukesh & Rafi
Film – Mera Naam Joker (1970)
Actor – Raj Kapoor
Composer – Shankar Jaikishan

It’s Shankar Jaikishan again. This time for none other than RK himself. Though Mukesh was the preferred voice for Raj Kapoor in this movie as well, a couple of songs were also offered to Manna Dey. He was awarded the best male playback singer Filmfare award for Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo. The film will always be remembered for Mukesh‘s soulful, Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan. Though the songs were popular, the film couldn’t perform well at the box office. In comparison, Rafi‘s, Sadqe Heer Tujh Pe Hum, was a bit less known. The RK camp was no more the same, Shailendra had already left, there were alleged differences between Shankar and Jaikishan, Lata Mangeshkar was not a part of the project. And suddenly a few months after the release of Mera Naam Joker, Jaikishan left for heavenly abode. The musical team of RK was broken.

11. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle & Geeta Dutt
Film – Milap (1955)
Actress – Geeta Bali
Composer – N Datta

Milap was N Datta’s debut film as a composer. He was also working as an assistant to Burman da and it could be a reason why he chose all the three leading ladies in Burman da’s musical team. But among the songs, Lata Mangeshkar sang only one song, Ye Baharon Ka Sama, for Geeta Bali. Asha Bhosle also had only one song, Piya Khul Ke Na Nain Milaye. Geeta Dutt had three solos and a duet for Geeta Bali, making her N Datta’s choice for the movie. Among the songs, Jate Ho To Jao, is the most popular in my opinion.

12. Rafi, Mukesh & Subir Sen
Film – Aas Ka Panchhi (1961)
Actress – Rajendra Kumar
Composer – Shankar Jaikishan

Another film by Shankar Jaikishan on the list. The duo offered a chance to Subir Sen, whenever they could. And in the film, he gets a solo, Dil Mera Ek Aas Ka Panchhi and a duet. Mukesh also gets a couple of solos, and a duet. I will mention Ae Dil Pyar Ki Manzil, among his solos. Rafi however got only one solo, Ab Char Dinon Ki Chhutti Hai. It’s a good song, though I think it’s not very popular.

13. Rafi, Hemant Kumar & Manna Dey
Film – Manzil (1960)
Actor – Dev Anand
Composer – S D Burman

We have got Burman da’s favourites together. He was more inclined to Rafi than Kishore Kumar from the late 1950s. Rafi sang two beautiful duets, one with Geeta Dutt, Chup Ke Mile Pyase Pyase, another with Asha Bhosle, Dil To Hai Deewana Na. Hemant Kumar sang, दो पहलूवाला गीत, Yaad Aa Gayi Woh Nasheeli Nigahen. And undoubtedly he was a perfect choice. Manna Dey was also offered a couple of songs. Though one of those was a solo, I would add his duet with Asha Bhosle, Ae Kash Chalte Milke. In all, I’m very much fond of the duets from the movie, Manzil.

And now, let me add a couple of tetrads of playback singers.

14. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Suman Kalyanpur & Mubarak Begum
Film – Teesari Qasam (1966)
Actress – Wahida Rehman
Composer – Shankar Jaikishan

If you’re wondering about the fourth singer, I think I should add the song by Suman Kalyanpur first. She sang the female version of Duniya Banane Wale Kya Tere Man Mein. I think it was never released on a 78 rpm record and so never became popular. But it’s there in the movie all right. Among the Mangeshkar sisters, the songs were equally divided. A couple of songs each for Waheeda Rehman. I’ll mention, Lata‘s, Aa Aa Bhi Ja and Asha‘s Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamaro. I’ve always liked both Asha’s songs more than Lata’s. In my opinion, the singers were assigned the songs in accordance with the mood and expressions of the song. Lastly, not forgetting Mubarak Begum’s Nautanki song. What an impressive rendition by the singers in the song!

15. Hemant Kumar, Rafi, Mukesh and Shamshad Begum
Film – Bluff Master (1963)
Actor – Shammi Kapoor
Composer – Kalyanji Anandji

I kept this one as an icing on the cake. In the interesting tetrad of singers, we have three male and one female playback singers lenting voices to Shammi Kapoor. This record is unlikely to break. I think, Kalyanji Anandji was fond of Mukesh and so they did get a song, Socha Tha Pyar Hum Na Karenge, sung by him. A soulful song, Ae Dil Ab Kahin Na Ja, was offered to Hemant Kumar and perhaps his only song for Shammi Kapoor. Rafi was, of course, the chosen voice for him, who had a solo, Govinda Aala Re Aala and a duet, Husna Chala Kuchh Aisi Chaal. Shammi Kapoor disguised as a female received Shamshad Begum‘s playback for the song, Chali Chali Kaisi Hawa Ye Chali. Isn’t that a great set of singers singing for Shammi Kapoor?

Before I say goodbye, I remember a couple of interesting occasions that I want to mention, as those sound in contrast with today’s theme.

Firstly a single playback singer sings for two or more characters in a single song.
At the top of my head one example is Asha Bhosle in Padosan, for the song, Main Chali Main Chali. Her part is lip synced by a few extra artists in the song.

Second is that the song is a duet but a single character lip syncs to it on screen. There is only one example, as far as I remember. Ameeta alone lip synced to Janeman Ek Nazar Dekh Le, a duet by Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, composed by Naushad.

So that’s it. I know I’ve left out a few popular combinations of singers. Would you like to add a new triad/tetrad of singers to the list?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

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  1. I notiçed that for third song from movie “Shabnam” the credit for Music is given to Shri SD Batish, while for first two songs it’s SD Burman.
    Choice of your theme is unique and your elaboration superb.


  2. Anup ji,

    Good Theme.
    As you have rightly noted, there could be multiple reasons for such acts including, maybe ,compulsions from producers.

    SJ in their very first film Barsaat gave a solo to Rafi on RK. But, then it was a background song.
    They always counted Mukesh on RK, the next choice being Manna da.

    Deviating from the topic, Chamkee 1952 had music by MannaDey. One solo which was actually Manna Dey’s forte was given to Mukesh. One can never know the reasons.

    Kalyanji Anandji experimented with multiple singers on same hero often with successful results.

    One can try Pyase Panchi 1961, where multiple singers sang for Mehmood.

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    1. Mahesh ji,
      thank you for your appreciation. As I have pointed out, the producer’s angle is important too. I missed it.
      And you are correct, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey and Mukesh are the singers for Mehmood.
      Manna Dey,
      Babu Bol Kaisa Roka

      Bada Khushnasib hai

      Hemant Kumar
      Tumhi Mere Meet Ho

      To top it all, Ameeta sings in three voices too,
      Suman Kalyanpur, Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar.
      The former two songs are already there.

      The one by Lata Mangeshkar,
      Mit Gaye Hum Tere pyar Mein,

      Thanks a lot for pointing out the film.


  3. Anup ji,
    Well done. Your topic is very interesting and you have taken much efforts to find such songs.
    Today I have a song which is converse to your theme. How many characters will get playback from one singer in one song. Sometimes more than one, two or may be even three.
    However in the song ” BA,MA,Ph.D., ye diploma ye degree” in film ” Badnam Farishte”-1971, Mohd Rafi gave playback to 12 actors in just one song. Can you believe this ? If not, see this video of the song.

    I know this song does not fit in today’s theme but since it is an unique song and playback to multiple actors is involved, I am putting it here.

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    1. Arunji,
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. It took efforts to add the singers. And more than that it took more nearly two hrs to add links to the 49 songs mentioned in the write up.
      Thank you for adding the song from Badnaam Farishte, I wasn’t aware of it.
      Couldn’t believe it! This record is unlikely to break either!
      And, the song is not completely out of today’s theme.
      As I have added (the songs from Padosan & Mere Mehboob) that contrast today’s theme, your addition also goes with it.


  4. Anupji, the concept for your post is very novel. It makes you think about a lot of movies and their songs. Here is my contribution. In Jewel Thief(1967) there are three singers singing for Dev Anand.
    1) Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara The playback singer is Kishore Kumar.

    2) In Dil Pukaare Aa Re Aa Re Aa Re, it is Md. Rafi

    3) In Hothon Pe Aisi Baat, it is Bhupinder Singh. Though the third is not a song where the male singer has an equal role, but the vocal prelude and the Shaaloo part is sung by Bhupinder. It is more of Lata in the song but technically it is a duet and Bhupinder sings for Dev Anand.

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  5. Very interesting theme, Anupji, and most of those hadn’t occurred to me. The one film that I thought of immediately was Bluffmaster, so was happy to see that one your list! And yes, I wonder too if that record will ever be beaten. 😀

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  6. Anup,
    It is an excellent idea. The challenge is Tetrad and more. I am sure there wouldn’t be too many songs in this category. There were not that many singers in reckoning at any point of time. In ‘Bluff Master, KA had to include a female voice.


    1. AKji, a tetrad may be very difficult to zero in on.

      But I was wondering about multiple lyricists who have penned songs of one movie. There could be more scope there. Saawan Ko Aaane Do(1979) is one such movie. There are 7 lyricists for a total of 10 songs in the movie – Indeevar, Gauhar Kanpuri, Maya Govind, Puran Kumar Hosh, Fauq Jaami, Abhilaash and Madan Bharti.
      And yes the songs of this movie perfectly fit Anupji’s theme. There are 3 singers singing for Arun Govil – Yesudas, Jaspal Singh and Anand Kumar.
      1) Tere Bin Suna Mere Man Ka Mandir – Yesudas

      2) Saawan Ko Aane Do Jaspal Singh

      3) Patthar Se Sheesha Takrake Anand Kumar


  7. Dr. Anup,

    A new exciting theme!!. Indeed interesting to locate such films and their songs.

    One film that I could immediately recollect is Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai -1982
    RD Burrnan employed 3 voices for Rishi Kapoor.

    Dil lena khel hai dildar ka – RD Burman

    Pari ho aasmani tum & hoga tume pyara kaun – Shailendra Singh

    Puchho na yaar kya hua – Rafi

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  8. Two more triads from SJ:

    Budtameez – 1966
    Lata, Asha and Suman sing for Sadhana

    Soorat haseen hai – Lata

    Pehla pehla pyar hai – Suman

    Sirf tum hi to ho – Asha (with Rafi)

    Pyar Mohabbat – 1966
    Asha, Lata, Sharda sing for Saira Banu

    Tukjho dekh kar noorullah – Asha

    Hello hello sun sun re balam – Sharda

    Humne tumko dil diya – Lata

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    1. Oh yes!
      Such kind of triads with Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle joined by either Suman Kalyanpur or Sharda became a common with S J in the late 60s. And it’s quite evident from the triads posted on the list and posted by you here.
      Happy to see that readers are finding the theme interesting and are contributing to it.
      Afterall the blog is nothing without the readers and commenters.


  9. Yet another one. Actor: Dev Mukherjee; Film: Ek Baar Muskura Do; Music Director: O.P. Nayyar; Singers Mukesh, Rafi, and Kishore for Chehre se zara aanchal; Zamane ki Aankhon ne; Savere ka Suraj.

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  10. Anupji, here is one more from the movie Saawan Ko Aane Do. There were three singers singing for Arun Govil – Yesudas, Jaspal Singh and Anand Kumar.
    1) Saawan Ko Aane Do Jaspal Singh

    2) Pathhar Se Sheesha Takraake Anand Kumar

    3) Tujhe Dekhkar Jagwale Yesudas

    Something unique about this movie is that there were 7 different lyricists who penned the ten songs – Gauhar Kanpuri, Indeevar, Maya Govind, Puran Kumar Hosh, Fauq Jaami, Abhilash and Madan Bharti! Not sure any other movie had so many lyricists.


    1. Oh yes!
      Thank you for adding the triad and the actor, composer to the list.

      The lyricists writing for films is an interesting topic. I think 3 or 4 lyricists per film would also be a common occurrence. But the example you’ve put is really good. At least I haven’t come across such a huge number.
      For films like Barsaat, Anhonee etc I think there are four lyricists.
      I wonder if any film has broken this record?


  11. Talking about tetrads, here are two of them, male & female, from the same film.
    Film: Chandni 1989
    Rishi Kapoor had 4 singers giving him playback:
    Chandni o meri Chandni – Jolly Mukherjee
    Tere mere honthon pe – Babla Mehta
    Tu mujhe suna main tujhe sunaoon – Nitin Mukesh
    Parbat se kali ghata takrayi – Vinod Rathod

    Sridevi also had 4 voices singing for her(including her own):
    Chandni o meri chandni – Sridevi
    Tere mere honthon pe / Mere haathon mein – Lata
    Parbat se kali ghata takrayi – Asha
    Main sasural nahin jaaungi – Pamela Chopra


  12. Some sort of a record, I guess!
    Padmini Kolhapure had 9 singers singing for her in 3 songs in the film Vidhaata – 1982, music composed by KA.
    In the infamous song Saat Saheliyan khadi khadi, 7 female singers sang for Padmini – Anuradha Paudwal, Alka Yagnik, Sadhana Sargam, Kanchan, Hemlata, Shivangi Kolhapure & Padmini herself.

    Also, Lata & Asha sang a song each:
    Udi baba udi baba – Asha
    O saathiya saare sahare toot jaye – Lata


  13. Yes! I couldn’t find the video link for Saat Saheliyan and was not keen to post the audio one. I have it in my collection though but not as a link.

    Here’s one more tetrad: This is from a very successful disco movie of the 80s.- Disco Dancer – 1982
    Four singers sing for Mithun Chakravarthy, who plays the title role:

    I am a disco dancer – Vijay Benedict
    A o aa zara mudke mila ankhen – Kishore Kumar
    Yaad aa raha hai tera pyar – Bappi Lahiri
    Kirshna dharti pe aaja tu – Nandu Bhende

    Not too fond of the songs, so not posting the links.

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    1. Yes!
      I remember listening to the songs in childhood. Very popular the songs were.
      But not memorable for me too.
      Fit the theme perfectly. Thank you for adding tue tetrad and a new actor and composer to the list.


  14. There is a nice mention of the multiple lyricists for Saawan Ko Aane Do by Trivia (sorry, not sure if that’s the actual name to be addressed to).
    Actually, total 8 lyricists wrote songs for this movie. The missing name is Purshottam Pankaj. He wrote the popular song – Chand jaise mukhde pe bindiya sitara.
    8 lyricists writing for one MD is special. Need to check if there are other films with more.

    Of course, these days we do have multiple lyricists and multiple music directors for one film. Though many songs are not included in the film or often only a small part of the song is there.

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    1. Hello, Dr. Deshpande! This is Anita here and my blog is called Trivia – The Spice of Life. Please do visit my blog if you find the time. (
      You are right when you say 8 lyricists. The site I referred to wrongly attributed Chaand Jaise Mukhde Pe to Indeevar. I think the large number of lyricists could do with the fact that Rajkamal – the music director – himself was not prolific and so felt the need to encourage newcomers. I am not sure whether any of the lyricists wrote songs for other movies. But one aspect that needs to be noted is that one of the lyricists is Maya Govind – a lady who later went on to pen meaningful songs for quite a few movies like Jhoothi. There aren’t too many female lyricists. Wonder why!
      Apart from Maya Govind, the only names I can recall are Indu Jain, Amrita Pritam and Saroj Mohini Nayyar. In fact, as an (occasional) RJ of a retro channel, I had dedicated a show to the lesser known lyricists – especially women.


    2. Thank you for the update. I’ve very less knowledge of the 1980s. I am aware of only of the popular songs and very superficial knowledge of the basics of those.
      And I agree, now a days we have multiple singers, lyricists and composers for a single movie. And I appreciate your observation regarding the songs.


  15. Anitaji,

    Thanks a lot your reply and mentioning your blog. I will definitely visit your blog soon.
    I would like to add two female lyricists to your list. One is Rani Malik, who wrote some popular songs in the 90s for films such as Baazigar, Main Khiladi Tu Anari etc. In fact, she and Maya Govind had both written lyrics for some common films.
    And in recent times, we have Anvita Dutt whose one song that I can instantly recall is London Thumakda from Queen.

    Among the lyricists of Saawan Ko Aane Do, besides the 3 known ones (Indeevar, Gauhar Kanpuri and Maya Govind), Abhilash and Madan Bharti had written songs for other movies too. No idea about the remaining three..

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  16. Anupji, was watching Pyaar Kiye Jaa (1966) over the weekend. Here too there is a triad. Rafi, Manna Dey and Mahendra Kappor sing for Shashi Kapoor.
    The three songs are
    1) Gore Haathon Par Na Zulm Karo – Rafi

    2) Phool Ban Jaoonga – Mahendra Kapoor


    3) Sunle Pyaar Ki Dushman Duniya – Manna Dey


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