(Part 8) Lata with Forgotten / Lesser Known Composers

Welcome to the eighth part of the series. When I started the series, I wasn’t at all prepared for such a long series. I was expecting it as a five part series at the most. But as the parts got published, the comments by the readers encouraged me to search further, also some of the readers helped me in the search.

I don’t know how many readers are actually enjoying the songs or the posts. Surely I’m enjoying it a lot. My sister, Anagha who helps me, even commented that the list of lesser known composers seems much longer than the well known ones. Jokes apart, it’s a fact! So many of the composers tried their luck in the uncertain world of Hindi films. Some of them got limited success and they survived composing for mythological or religious films. First rung composers usually don’t accept such films, which ultimately land up in the hands of others. Unfortunately once you compose good tunes and popular songs for these films, the film industry typecasts you and your dream of composing for social films never comes true. So many talented composers never got an opportunity to compose for big banners. Some of them started composing for regional films and achieved acclaim and popularity.

Coming to today’s post. I have presented some of the composers who started in the late 1970s or 1980s. For most of them, Lata Mangeshkar sang only for a single film or even just a song for a film. Let’s get started, the names are in no particular order.

1. Amar Utpal –

amar utpalWell known music arranger and background-music composer Amar Haldipur and Anil Biswas’s son Utpal Biswas came together to form the duo Amar Utpal.
Amar Haldipur is also known as a violinist. He has worked as a music arranger for renowned composers like Shankar Jaikishan, Khayyam, Madan Mohan, Laxmikant Pyarelal, to the newer generation composers like Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Rajesh Roshan, Nadeem Sharavan, Anu Malik etc. He also has background scores of around 150 films to his credit. He also arranged for Meeraz E Ghazal which brought together the legends Asha Bhosle and Ghulam Ali.
The duo had their first film released in 1981 called, Pyar Mein Sauda Nahin. In spite of composing good songs, they couldn’t get new films for a few years. In the late 1980s, again they got a film called, Ghar Mein Ram Gali Mein Shyam (1987). They stirred air when they composed for Amitabh Bachchan in 1988 for Shehenshah and Main Azad Hoon in 1989. But the films couldn’t help them strengthen their career. In the 1990s, after the failure of a few films, Aaja Meri Jaan (1993) somewhat brought them in limelight for a while. But later they were unable to maintain the popularity.
They also composed individually for a few films, but Utpal Biswas could not achieve fame and popularity. Still Amar Haldipur was acclaimed for his later films, Shahid E Mohobbat Buta Singh (1998), Amrita (1999) and Dr Babasaheb ambedkar (2000). His private album named Payam e Ishq was also successful. It is very strange that even the talented composers like them had to face failure.

amar haldipur
Amar Haldipur

And, as for today’s post, Lata Mangehskar sang for him in a couple of films, Pyar mein Sauda nahin (1981) and Shehenshah (1988) with a total of just three songs. And on further division, a couple of songs are duets from the latter film, leaving behind the only solo that obviously qualifies for the post.

Tu To Na Aaye – Pyar Mein Sauda Nahin (1981) / Amar Utpal – Majrooh
A slow paced melodious song. The lady awaits her beloved, who doesn’t turn up. The tune and the rhythm are catchy, we can easily hum the tune. Listen to the brilliant musical arrangement! Makes it a pleasant listening experience. Excellent saxophone piece in the interlude. Lata Mangeshkar as usual sings with perfect expressions.

2. Uttam Jagdish –uttam singh

The second duo on the list is Uttam Singh and Jagdish.
Jagdish Khanna composed for a film, Gunahon Ke Raste (1970) And the film is remembered for Mukesh songs. He later worked as an assistant to Sapan Jagmohan. He met with Uttam Singh, who was also an assistant there.
Uttam Singh is quite a popular name in Hindi Cinema. Starting his journey as a violin player in the 60s, he was joined by Jagdish in later years and they started as music arrangers in Hindi films. They also composed for a few films, debuting with the film, Chann Pardesi in 1980. Their other films include, Painter Babu (1983), Teesra Kinara (1986), Waris, Kabrastan and Paanch Fauladi, all in 1988 and Clerk (1989). In 1992 Jagdish died and Uttam singh continued the innings alone. Some of the notable films in the later years are, Dil To Pagal Hai (1997) for which he got the Best Music Director Filmfare Award, Dushman (1998), Hum Tum Pe Marte Hai (1999), Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001), Baghban (2003) and Pinjar (2003). He came into limelight after the grand success of Dil To Pagal Hai. I’m not going to include the films he alone composed for.

And for today’s post let me present,

Tun Tun Tun Tun – Clerk (1989) / Uttam Jagdish – Manoj Kumar
Certainly a catchy rhythm, the repetitive use of rhyming words also makes it attractive. But I won’t count it as a great song.

3. Jugal Kishor Tilakraj –

jugal kishor tilakraj

The duo was formed by two brothers, who are the sons of a composer. The composer himself has appeared on one of the earlier lists of the series. He is Pandit Shivram. Jugal Kishor and Tilakraj jointly composed for a few films, namely,
Bheegi Palken (1981), Sulagate Armaan (1985), Samay Ki Dhara (1986), Tere Bina Kya Jeena (1989), Bandook Dahej Ke Seene Par (1989), etc.
None of the films would be well known, though I think Smita Patil, Raj Babbar starrer Bheegi Palken would be counted as his popular film.
To add a song, only one song qualifies.

Janam Janam Ka Sath Tha – Bheegi Palken (1981) / Jugal Kishor Tilakraj – M G Hashmat
The composers were fortunate to have Lata Mangeshkar in their first film. The sad version of the song is as good as the happy version. Smita Patil is very natural as usual.
Here’s the link for the happy version of the song, which is a duet.

4. Jeet Tapan –

jeet tapan

It is a music composer duo from Northeast India. They were the first from Assam to compose for Hindi movies. They used to sing and compose for the local orchestra at their native place, Jorhat in Assam. They moved to Mumbai in 1972 and composed for a number of movies in Hindi, Assamese and many other Indian languages. Their first film was Sampoorna Sant Darshan (1978). Their other prominent films include, Oonchi Oodan (1984), Ganga Kinare (1985), Nasamajh (1986), etc. They continued the journey in the 90s as well. It’s their versatility that stands out.
They have composed in all genres, from Bhajan to Pop. They composed title tracks for a number of popular TV serials in the 1980s-90s. ‘Air Hostess’, ‘Reporter’, Ajooba, Chhoti Badi Baaten etc.
Their private albums featuring ghazals, and devotional songs were popular too. They believe in originality and hard work.
Lata Mangeshkar sang only one song, for a single film, Nasamajh (1986).

Meri Mehndi Rachayenge – Naasamajh (1986) / Jeet Tapan
The song is not available. I couldn’t even get it’s audio.

5. Hemant Bhosle –

hemant bhosle

I have been very ignorant, missing him in my earlier posts. He was the elder son of Asha Bhosle, who sang one of her popular Marathi Bhavgeets, Sharad Sundar Chanderi Raati (शारद सुंदर चंदेरी राती) under his baton. The song is enough to portray his potential as a composer. But it’s a mystery that he couldn’t be a prominent name in spite of being a good composer and so closely related to the Mangeshkars. No allegations intended to anyone.
His Hindi film started with the film Taxi Taxi (1977) that had a melodious and soulful duet by the Mangeshkar sisters. The other prominent films are, Jadutona (1977), Anapadh (1978), Daamad (1978), Nazran Pyar Ka (1980), Sweety (1980), Shradhhanjali (1981), Teri Meri Kahani (1982), Dharti Aakash (1982),Beta (1983), Raja Jogi (1983), Bandhan Kachhe Dhagon Ka (1983), etc. None of the films were major successes. His name was never associated with a big banner and he remained a lesser known composer. He also composed for Marathi films, but I’m not aware of them. He died of cancer on 28th September 2015 in Scotland.
Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar clearly were his choices for a majority of the films. Particularly Asha Bhosle has sung quite a good number of songs under his baton. Certainly I will try to post his songs dedicated to his memory.

As far as today’s post goes, he offered only a few songs to Lata Mangeshkar. Though my series focuses on solos, I will take the opportunity to post a solo and a duet.

Layi Kahan Ae Zindagi – Taxi Taxi (1977) with Asha Bhosle / Hemant Bhosle – Majrooh
What a song! Just this song is enough for showcasing his talent. So what if he didn’t get big banners or A grade films. His talent was wasted for sure. He deserves a separate post, and I’ve already planned it on his coming death anniversary.

Bandhan Kachhe Dhage Ka – Bandhan Kachhe Dhage Ka (1983) / Hemant Bhosle – Anjaan
It’s a good song, though not as impressive as the previous one. It’s surprising that Lata Mangeshkar could sing just a few songs for him.

6. Manoj Gyan –

manoj gyanIt denotes the composer duo Manoj Saran / Bhatnagar and Gyan Varma. Nothing is particularly known about their personal life. After starting the career with a Hindi movie, Roohi in 1981, they continued their career with Tamil movies. They composed for around four Hindi movies in the 1980s, and the duo split in 1989. Their individual careers in the 1990s were mainly focused on Tamil movies, and I think as compared to Hindi film industry, they got fame in Tamil industry.
Their Hindi films include, Roohi (1981), Ek Missal (1986), Hum Farishte Nahi (1988) and Bahar (1988).
I don’t think these names would ring a bell for any of us. And for today’s topic let me present the only song, Lata Mangeshkar sang for them in their debut film.

Badi Der Ki Meherbaan Aate Aate – Roohi (1981) / Manoj Gyan – Manoj Yadav
The song has two parts. The second part has a haunting quality to it. It’s picturisation also supports the theme quite well. A lady wearing full white clothes walking apparently aimless and a man following her. The tune is quite good, and I think Lata Mangeshkar has done full justice to the song.

The first part is as good as the second.

7. Nitin Mangesh –


The duo composed for four films. They started with Samanta (1972), but were far from success. Their later films, Qaid (1975) and Aafat (1977) and Khanjar (1979) were also not popular.
Lata Mangehskar was a part of a couple of films, composed by the duo. Qaid and Aafat have songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar. I didn’t much like the one from Qaid, but a couple of songs from Aafat seem to be good, mainly because the songs belong to a different genre. Usually Lata Mangeshkar wouldn’t get to sing such types of songs.

Ye Nasha Jaan Meri – Aafat (1977) / Nitin Mangesh – Maya Govind
Jayashree T swinging and singing under drug intoxication. I don’t know how Lata Mangeshkar agreed to sing it. I agree it’s not a vulgar song, but still usually she steered clear of such songs. Nevertheless she is perfect in her expressions and emerges as a winner.

Koi Kahe Main Khanjar Hoon – Aafat (1977) / Nitin Mangesh – Maya Govind
Another song from the same movie. And the song is not the one, a composer would offer Lata Mangeshkar very often. It looks like a climax song. But not as impressive as the previous song.

8. Mahesh Naresh –


The pair of Mahesh and Naresh is very popular in Gujarathi films. Naresh, from the duo, also tried his luck as a hero in Hindi films. But he failed, whereas he was successful as a hero in Gujrathi films. Mahesh besides composing songs, is also active in politics.
Their early films, ‘Awara Ladki’ (1975) and ‘Maje Le Lo’ (1975) were not successful. The latter film had a song, ‘Mere Angane Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai’ which was a traditional song and later was included in Lawaris, sung by Amitabh Bachchan.
Their comparatively known film is ‘Meri Dosti Tera Pyar’ (1980). Naresh acted in the film, Chhota Aadmi (1986) for which they composed as well. The film could not create magic.

Lata Mangeshkar sang only one song for the movie, Meri Dosti Tera Pyar.

Tera Naam Leke Jeete Hai Hum – Meri Dosti Tera Pyar (1980) / Mahesh Naresh – Prakash Pankaj
A good song, Lata Mangeshkar pours deep pathos in it.

9. Govind Naresh –
The duo seems limited to mythological films. Starting their career with the film, Balak Dhruv (1974), they went on to compose for a few more films in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Maya Machhindra (1975), Meera Shyam (1976) are their comparatively known films. Though the songs were good, the films were not so popular and after a couple of films in the early 1980s, the duo disappeared from the screen.
The playback singers, they offered songs to, were Asha Bhosle, Krishna Kalle and Rafi. Govind himself was also a good singer and had learnt Indian classical music as well.

Lata Mangeshkar sang only one song for the film, Meera Shyam (1976)

Sanware Mat Ja – Meera Shyam (1976) / Govind Naresh – Narendra Sharma

If you listen to it without knowing the film, you won’t be able to guess it as a mythological film. Very melodious song, beautiful flute pieces in interludes and throughout the song as well. I should listen to their other songs, I expect some really good songs.

10. Vijay Singh –

vijay singh

He is related to a Royal family, he is the fourth and the last Maharaja of Sangli, a city in Maharashtra. His Highness Vijaysingh Raje Patwardhan, can also be introduced as father of popular Hindi film actress, Bhagyashree.
He never misses the Ganpati festival in Sangli and usually his full family accompanies him. He joins the procession that takes place on the 5th day of the festival. The Ganpati Pratisthan charitable trust also maintains social responsibility and it runs projects to help the poor and needy.
Coming to his musical journey. He took formal training in music from a very young age. He was fond of Violin, but later he also learnt Banjo, Accordion. He is an engineer and a lawyer too. Starting his career with Road To Sikkim (1969), he was not successful. But the film is still remembered for Mukesh’s soulful, ‘Tum Jahan Ho Wahan Kya Yeh Mausam Nahin’. After experiencing another failure with the film, Khoon Khoon (1973), he decided to compose for his own films. He produced and directed a few films, like, Dimple (1977), Apmaan (1982), Partner (1982) etc. Kabhi Ajnabi The (1984) had cricketer Sandeep Patil in the lead role and Vijay Singh had his best tunes for the movie. Unfortunately the songs were not popular and the composer faced failure again. His later films, Hum To Chale Pardes (1988) and Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi (1992) were also not popular, though he composed good songs. Destiny sometimes behaves cruelly to some people. Though they are talented, they could not create a mark of their own.
As far as today’s post goes, Lata Mangeshkar sang seven songs for him. Kabhi Ajnabi The had her four solos and a duet (with Suresh Wadkar) while Hum To Chale Pardes had two solos.

And Let me select songs,

Dil Ki Is Dehleez Tak – Kabhi Ajnabi The (1984) / Vijay Singh – Dev Kohli
The song is too sweet and melodious. A simple mukhada, but slightly different stanzas. Very well arranged and composed. Of course sung excellently too. The saxophone pieces and violin pieces make it attractive. It’s a recording studio song, as well as a radio song (getting aired live on the radio). I think in the mid 80s, when western music was overpowering, such melodious songs were neglected. Very unfortunate! The film had Sandeep Patil in the lead role and he did look good too.

Geet Mere Hothon Ko – Kabhi Ajnabi The (1984) / Vijay Singh – Dev Kohli
Another song from the same movie. It’s as melodious as the previous one, though musical arrangement is not very impressive. Still it’s catchy tune and Lata’s fresh voice brings a wave of happiness.

Is Daffa Hum – Kabhi Ajnabi The (1984) / Vijay Singh – Dev Kohli
I couldn’t resist adding a third song from the same movie. The mukhada is very energetic and catchy, though the verses sound quite commonplace. But Vijay Singh couldn’t recreate the magic in any of his later films. Though he remained active and even composed for his daughter Bhagyashree in the film, Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi (1992), the songs were not popular.

11. Meena Mangeshkar (Khadikar) –

meena mangeshkar

She needs no introduction. She is the elder sister to Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. She has sung for a few Hindi films as well in the 1950s. But I think she was more inclined to family life than career. After her marriage, she composed children’s songs in Marathi, which were sung by her own son, Yogesh Khadikar. A couple of children’s songs are still popular in Maharashtra and Meena Mangeshkar would be immortal forever. Meena Tai remembers what her father used to sing during Riyaz and also she adopted the tunes when she composed. If she finds it befitting the song, she would use it.
She also composed for a few Marathi films, and Lata Mangeshkar sang for her. As far as Hindi films are concerned, she composed for just one movie, Kanoon Ka Shikar (Asambhav) and all her sisters sang for her. Lata Mangeshkar sang just one song, which I’m presenting today.

Jaane Kahan Deke Gaya – Asambhav alias Kanoon Ka Shikar (1978) / Meena Mangeshkar – Yogesh
A very different song, from what the era had. The antara is a bit longer and composed in a different rhythm. The tune is a bit complicated and the song can’t be hummed easily. The tune of antara is particularly difficult to remember and hum.

12. Shrikant Telang –
I couldn’t get much info about him. He has composed for a few Marathi films. Otherwise I wasn’t aware of his Hindi film. He apparently composed only for a single Hindi film. Lata Mangeshkar sang only one song for the movie which qualifies for the post.

Hriday Mein Jinke Saare Teerath – Sant Dnyaneshwar (1981) / Shrikant Telang – Bharat Vyas
Religious film, with a song praising Sant Dnyaneshwar.

13. Vanraj Bhatia –

Image Souce – Wikipedia

Mentioning his name reminds us of films by Shyam Benegal. Even if his journey as a Hindi film composer started in 1963, it was not until 1974 that his name came in limelight with Shyam Benegal’s ‘Ankur’. He composed background score for Ankur. He continued his journey with Benegal in Nishant (1975), Manthan (1976), Bhumika (1977), Junoon (1978), Mandi (1983), Mammo (1994), Sardari Begum (1996) etc.
Vanraj Bhatia is equally fluent in Indian and Western classical music. Though his career revolved around art films, his journey has been wonderful. Bhumika, Mandi and Sardari Begum could be said to be his best films. His favourite singers are Asha Bhosle, Preeti Sagar. In later years he offered songs to Aarti Ankalikar – Tikekar, Peenaz Masani, Shubha Joshi, Jagjit Singh. I haven’t heard much of his songs, but surely his musical journey is very interesting.

Still interestingly enough, I have only one song to consider for today’s post.
Let me present it,

Barse Ghan Sari Raat – Tarang (1984) / Vanraj Bhatia – Raghuvir Sahay
A slow paced song of desperate longing of a lady for her beloved. Though it is a good composition, it’s not a song that would be popular. Shows the strength of the composer in composing songs with ठहराव, and the singer’s expertise in singing such songs with keen attention and dedication. I think one needs patience for singing such songs. As the song is not energetic, you have maintain your inner strength for completing it. And without getting emotionally involved in a song, one can’t give hundred percent.

14. Chand Pardesi –
In the third part of the series, I mentioned music director Pardesi, who composed for Banjarin in 1960. One more film, Khufiya Mahal (1964) is also credited to him. Then while I was going through books and references once again, I found a mention of Chand Pardesi. He has composed songs in the 1970s – 80s. I couldn’t confirm if he was the same person, or a different composer altogether. Giving him a benefit of doubt, I decided to include him on today’s list.
Chand Pardesi started his career with the composer, S K Pujari in the film, Pariwartan (1972). He also composed for a Rajasthani film, Laaj Rakho Rani Sati (1973). Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1976) was one of his popular films, that has the song, ‘Mere Mehboob Shayad Aaj Kucch Naraz Hai’, by Chandrani Mukherjee. In the 1980s as well he composed for a few films, of which, ‘Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai’ and ‘Ek Baar Chale Aao’ would be the most popular. But the commercial failure of the films led him to work as a Harmonium player in stage orchestra. It is said that he was an essential part of Peenaz Masani’s stage shows.

For today’s post, I’ve only one song to present,

Ek Baar Chale Aao – Ek Baar Chale Aao (1982) / Chand Pardesi – Sameer
For me it is a good song, though not a song that would be remembered for long on first hearing.

15. Jagjit Singh –

jagjit - chitra
Jagjit & Chitra Singh

He was better known for his private ghazals. But in the 1980s, he composed for Hindi films. His wife Chitra Singh used to help him as assistant composer.
His first released film as a composer was, Prem Geet (1981). It was followed by Arth (1982) which was successful musically. He went on to compose for films in the 1980s. Rawan (1983), Sitam (1984) had good songs though not popular. Ashiana (1986), Aaj (1987) were acclaimed by classes. In general the late 1980s were not so successful for him. The couple, Jagjit and Chitra were busy with their Ghazal performances, so they couldn’t dedicate themselves as full time composers. His own private albums were highly popular and his songs used to feature in films as well.

And for today’s post, I found only one song.

Mera Jug Jug Jiye Sawariya – Kanoon Ki Aawaz (1989) / Jagjit Singh – Indeevar
I’ve added it just to complete the list. For me it’s not a great song.

And before I end the post, I want to add a composer from the 60s, whom I missed in the previous posts.

Malay Chakraborty –
I couldn’t get much info about him, but all the search results led to actor and classical singer, Malay Chakraborty. I don’t know if he is the same person or not. I request knowledgeable readers to throw light on the matter.
Lata Mangeshkar has only one solo for him. Let me add it,

Dil Lubha Ke Mere Sathi – Mukti (1960) / Malay Chakraborty – Munir Kazmi
A very catchy rhythm and excellent performance by Lata Mangeshkar. While I was listening to the song, I automatically started tapping feet to its rhythm. And it was for the first time I heard it. I could appreciate a clear difference between the song and other songs from the 1980s mentioned above. It’s pretty clear that the songs of the 50s & 60s had a charm and charisma. That makes them stand out prominently among other songs.

At this point, I think I would take a break again from the series. If I decide to add to it further, let me think about the lines, I would work along. I thank the readers for being patient, and encouraging me, helping me. I particularly want to mention Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh and Dr Ravindra Shrikhande for helping me to collect information.
Though the journey was very interesting, it was mentally exhausting too. I used to get completely blank sometimes. I confused at times two composers with the same name, and wondered if I have already included him on earlier lists. But in spite of all this, I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe that I covered 100+ composers. I may return after a gap of few months.

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

12 Replies to “(Part 8) Lata with Forgotten / Lesser Known Composers”

  1. Jagjit Singh and vanraj Bhatia were the only people here whom I knew of, and I didn’t know of them as composers!

    Thank you, Anupji. I’ve been learning so much through these posts of yours.


  2. A series including 100 + forgotten / lesser known music directors !!!
    Anup ji , hats off to U .!!! 💐

    Many of the names nd songs were new … Njoyed all info nd songs .

    साँवरे मत जा … a masterpiece !!! …

    I liked Ur narration about बरसे घन सारी रात

    Nd the conclusion one can draw from the complete series is ….Lata ….our Lata didi , had nt underrated any music director …she sang for all of them irrespective of their being famous or nt …she had tried her best in singing their tunes .

    I , hereby , want to add a marathi song sung by Lata in the music direction of her sister Meenatai Mangeshkar (Khadikar )

    The meaningful lyrics r of the gr8
    वि .स . खांडेकर .
    It is from the movie माणसाला पंख असतात.
    Usha Kiran nd Suryakant look very charming in the song .
    ” ये जवळी , घे जवळी , प्रिय सखया भगवंता ,
    वेढुनि मज राहसी का दूर दूर आता ”

    Anup ji , I congratulate U for completing such a grand series . This is going to b a gr8 documentation for the रसिक of hindi movies nd especially for the दीवाना fans of Lata .

    Thnx a lot .


    1. Thank you Pramodji for the appreciation.
      Lata Mangeshkar has sung for a lot of composers, let them be popular or not! The number of songs she sang for an individual composer was only one for the majority of composers, as far as today’s post goes. But still we should appreciate that she did sing for them.
      Thanks for sharing one of my most favourite songs composed by Meena Mangeshkar. I absolutely love it, though I haven’t seen its video.
      Let me find it. Oh! Here it is!

      ये जवळी , घे जवळी , प्रिय सखया भगवंता

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the series as well! You have always been supporting and encouraging me. Thanks Pramodji.


  3. Duo Mahesh and Naresh probably belongs to Maheshkumar and Party a very popular orchestra in ’70s and 80’s. I remember attending it in my childhood. I found a twin vinyl record to their credit.Orchestras were quite popular those days, Melody makers, Babla orchestra to name a few.
    As legend singers started live concerts and were seen frequently on television, craze of orchestra declined. https://www.discogs.com/Maheshkumar-Party-Maheshkumar-Party-Live/release/9968612


  4. I am not able to take as much time to read this post at a go, as you have dedicated to make it. The entire series is truly great.
    Are you really taking a break till July?
    Will be waiting for some new awesome series.


  5. Great article. Loved the detail. By the way, I have the audio of the Meri Mehndi Rachayenge – Naasamajh in case you want it. Also, the Aafat song had both Jaishree T and Faryal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vikas ji,
      Welcome to Mehfil.
      Thanks for your appreciation. I’m glad you liked it.
      Plz share the song from Naasamajh with me. You can send it by filling the contact form on the page. As I haven’t heard it ever I’m curious about it.
      Thank you for sharing the information about the song from Aafat.
      Hope you see you commenting on other posts old and new both.



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