By the Sea Shore – 2

In the month of February this year, I compiled a song list picturised on a seashore. The theme was well appreciated and the readers contributed many songs too. At the end of the post, I promised the readers to come back with the theme, now with songs from the later era. My last post had only one song from the 1970s, and readers too added a few songs from the 1970s. So this time, I thought of coming back with songs of the 1980s and the 1990s. I started the 1990s series a few months back and I thought it would be a good idea to come up with the 90s songs picturised on a sea shore, along with a few of my favourites from the 1980s.

sea shore 2

The first part had Hindi movie songs of various moods, from the 1950s-60s. The songs have a decency, maintained in the picturisation and the attire of the actors and actresses. With the passage of time, the beauty of nature was swept aside and the focus of the picturisation on a sea shore also moved onto another kind of beauty. So even if the majority of the songs on the list have a basic decency, some songs have other things focused more than the nature’s beauty.

And, as with the previous list, the romantic songs predominate the list, though a couple of soulful sad songs feature on the list. I tried to include only the songs that have a maximum length of shooting on a sea shore. I hope the readers would like the second part of the post.

So here I’m with the songs picturised on a sea shore, from the Hindi films of the 1980s-90s. The songs are in no particular order.

1. Kisi Haseen Yaar Ki Talash Hai – Nishchaiy (1992) Amit Kumar & Kavita Krishnamurthy / O P Nayyar – Qamar Jalalabadi
Salman Khan trying to persuade Karishma who is angry with him due to some misunderstanding. He finally manages to cheer her up. Both of them look good. But wasn’t much successful in their early films. A good beach, clean and neat it looks! with plenty of space for sports. Early 1990s, decency is maintained. A good song to start the list.
O P Nayyar tried a comeback with the movie, but even after composing songs in his typical style, the songs were not popular. Even with his favourite lyricist, Qamar Jalalabadi, he could not recreate the magic. It’s interesting to note that, though Kishore Kumar wasn’t a favourite of O P Nayyar, he offered the majority of the songs to his son, Amit Kumar in the movie. Otherwise singers sing energetically, the tune is catchy too.

2. Yaad Teri Aati Hai – Afsana Pyar Ka (1991) Alka Yagnik / Bappi Lahiri – Sameer
Afsana Pyar Ka was a story about a boy who starts his love affair as a bet with the college mates and finally ends up falling in love with the girl. The girl becomes aware of it, but continues the drama on her side too. Finally both really fall in love. But, there is family rivalry, unknown to both of them. And the families are not ready for the alliance. Instead the families insist them to get married to a suitable alliance of their choice. The couple is heartbroken. The girl expresses her grief, while her would be fiancé enjoys with his friends at a beach.
Alka Yagnik got just a song in the film, but she did a good job. Similarly Sameer wrote only one song for the movie. The song has good pieces of violin, to highlight the sorrow. The picturisation is eye pleasing too, the seashore, the rocks, the splanshing sea waves, all add to the overall effect.
Neelam looks beautiful in the white dress. She debuted in the late 1980s, and her pair with Govinda was quite popular. But in the 1990s, though she did a few films with ‘The Khans’, none could attract an audience. Her career didn’t shape well in the 1990s.

3. Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena – Rangeela (1995) Asha Bhosle / A R Rahman – Mehboob
The song was shot on foreign locations, and captures the picturesque places, a beautiful sunset, and the greenery around the beach. The song would rank higher in capturing the ‘other’ beauty as well. The song is, if I remember correctly, shown as a part of the movie, Urmila acts in. All the Rangeela songs were a rage. Asha Bhosle sang a couple of songs for the movie. She was awarded especially for the songs at the annual Filmfare Awards. I think it was her first film with A R Rahman.
Urmila Matondkar had a sober image before the release of Rangeela. But Ram Gopal Verma presented her in a glamorous look, much to the surprise of the audience. Some admired her for the role and the boldness, she carried throughout the film, while others criticized her for being a bit too bold.

4. Ghar Se Nikalte Hi – Papa Kehte Hai (1996) Udit Narayan / Rajesh Roshan – Javed Akhtar
The film was shot in Seychelles, if my memory is working well. We see a very attractive sea shore, with a soothing sea and whitish sand. The sea waves are delicate and suit the romantic song. The last stanza, shot on an aeroplane runway, is a bit different location for a song.
The song was immensely popular in those days. Majority of the songs from the movie were hits. The film introduced Mayuri Kango (daughter of popular Marathi theater actress, Sujata Kango), who had beautiful long hair and as the song mentions them, we got to see her hair in simple hairdos. Jugal Hansraj, though very popular as a child artist, couldn’t establish himself as a leading man.

5. Mere Piya Maine Jise Yeh Dil Diya – Tere Mere Sapne (1997) Sadhna Sargam & Udit Narayan / Viju Shah – Anand Bakshi
One of my great favourites from the 1990s. The lady is in great anguish. She had full faith in him, but he lied to her about himself. She thinks, he is not the man she loved so much. She loved an honest and innocent man, though he was poor. Actually he fakes his religion, which comes as a big blow to her. Finally they reunite.
Great picturisation along the coast and big rocks on the shore. Tidal waves roaring and beating the rocks highlight the distress. And very decent lady, not a trace of vulgarity. Priya Gill looks really pretty and innocent in the simple attire.

6. Karte Hai Hum Pyar Mr India Se – Mr India (1988) Kishore Kumar & Kavita Krishnamurthy /Laxmikant Pyarelal – Javed Akhtar
I could instantly remember the song, when I thought of the list. Sridevi declares her love for Mr India, unaware of the fact that Anil Kapoor himself is the said person. He pulls her leg about the imaginary person, and adds that he is real and surely better than him. But he is secretly delighted at the thought of their alliance. He daydreams about their life together. The children add to the hoopla and tease both of them. I really enjoy watching the song.

7. Aake Teri Bahon Mein – Vansh (1992) Lata Mangeshkar & S P Balasubramaniam / Anand Milind – Sameer
The song was very popular in those days and I think still maintains its charm. The song is partly background, partly lip synced. It evokes intense emotions, due to a touch of sensuality in its picturisation. The beach is beautiful, the camera captures, the sunset, the exotic pinkish orange sky at sunset, the grey rocks, slowly unfolding sea waves, in an eye pleasing way.

8. Galyan Sakhali Sonyachi – Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin (1991) Anuradha Paudwal & Babla Mehta / Nadeem Shravan – Sameer
Based on a popular Konkani Koli Geet, the song also became very popular. Entire song is actually picturised by the seashore, though the waves of the sea aren’t visible throughout.
Pooja Bhatt, runs away from home in search of her Prince Charming. The police closely following her, also arrive there. But the kolis dancing on the sea shore allow her to escape.

9. Main Teri Rani Tu Raja Mera – Lootere (1993) Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu / Anand Milind – Dharmesh Darshan
Juhi Chawla had an image of sweet bubbly girl next door. Dharmesh Darshan presented her in a glamorous way. But her innocent smile and charming manners were untouched. She looks glamorous, but miles away from vulgarity. Still, the look was very much talked about and criticised to a certain extent.
She sings about the prince in her dreams and Sunny Deol secretly watches her. In a cottage near the sea, he declares his love for her. But she appears irritated by the thought. In all a good song.

10. Sagar Kinare Dil Ye Pukare – Sagar (1985) Lata Mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar / R D Burman – Javed Akhtar
A popular romantic song. The pair looks great together. It was Dimple’s comeback film and also fetched her Best Actress Filmfare trophy too.
The sea shore formed an important part of the story and was there throughout the film. The fisherman’s boats, fishing nets, the rocky sea shore, and sea waves, at times smoothly unfolding, roaring and splashing the other times, all formed an important part of the aura of the film, taking place in Goa.

11. Tere Mere Beech Mein – Ek Duje Ke Liye (1981) Lata Mangeshkar & S P Balasubramaniam / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Anand Bakshi
Again a super hit song, from an immensely popular movie. A story of two young people from different states of India. Vasu and Sapna were a hit pair of the 80s. The beach appears to be from a South Indian region. Long beach, luscious green plantations in the vicinity and big rocks. I imagined that, the waves traveling through the rocks signify the youth. The waves are energetic and uncontrollable.

12. Kaho Na Pyar Hai – Kaho Na Pyar Hai (2000) Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik / Rajesh Roshan – Ibrahim Ashq
And, to end the list, I have a song from the last year of the 90s decade. The turn of the century saw a rising star, who reached heights of popularity with his first film. In 2000, Hritik Roshan was introduced by his father, Rakesh Roshan, in a romantic love story. He was a refreshing change to the audience. The songs too, added a lot to the popularity of the film. The couple, apparently on a lonely island announce their love. The sun sets in and the camera captures the beautiful sun set, the greyish black clouds gathering in the sky. A very beautiful beach, greenish blue water, whitish sand, picturesque nature. A charming pair on a stunningly beautiful beach. The dance step also became iconic.

Which song would you add?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube and dailymotion, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

11 Replies to “By the Sea Shore – 2”

  1. Wow. What a flash back.
    1st song – 8th are
    3rd song – 11th std
    4th song- 12th std and many memories with this …
    Really great effort to twirl such lovely collection.
    Keep it up Anup


    1. Bhalchandra,
      Welcome to Mehfil! It’s nice see a school mate, that too a very close friend commenting on one’s blog.
      Thanks for your complements and wishes.
      It really is a nostalgia for me to write the 90s posts.


  2. Anup ji,
    Sea , sea shore, rivers will feature in our film songs no matter what changes occur in film making and the audience taste.
    Nice compilation.

    PUKAR, 1983.

    Gulshan Bawra, RDB, RDB.

    Samundar mein naha ke
    Tum aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho..

    SAMUNDAR, 1987.
    Lata, Kishore; AB, RDB.

    Ae Saagar ke lehron
    Hum bhi aate hain tehro..


    1. Yes,
      Sea and sea shore form an important parts of Hindi cinema.
      The Pukar song is not one of my favourites, so I skipped it. But here it is.

      The Samundar song would more suit as a ‘Boat song’ than a sea shore song.


  3. Saagar kinare …has to be there in any selection of sea related songs list.
    You correctly mentioned Dimple Kapadia winning the Best Actress Filmfare trophy for her comeback film ( She had won the same trophy for her debut film BOBBY, 1973, sharing it with Jaya Bhaduri for ABHIMAN. Soon after, they went on to marry the Superstars of Indian Cinema, one fading away and the other coming up, respectively).
    But you forgot to mention that Kishore Kumar won the Best Male Playback singer award for the very song selected by you. ( Kamalhasan… Best Actor and S M Anwar… Best Cinematography were the other winners. Besides them the film had 6 more nominations including the best lyricist and music director plus, interestingly, the best Supporting Actor for Kamalhasan. More interesting is the case of MAIN TULSI TERE AANGAN KI, 1978. Nutan , nominated for both the Best Actress and the Best Supporting Actress won in the former category. Asha Parekh was also nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category for the same movie. But , the trophy went to Reena Roy for APNAPAN. )

    Besides Saagar kinare, Chehra hai ya phool khila will also qualify for the theme. Furthermore, there is a less heard second version of Saagar Kinare by Lata Mangeshkar bringing up the film’s climax.


    1. Yes,
      I came across all the info, you shared in your comment. But to avoid overload of information, I did not mention it. 😉
      I had no idea about Main Tulsi Tere aangan Ki, thanks for the same. It’s really interesting that an actress in nominated in two categories for the same role.
      Chahra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai suits of course!
      But I usually avoid two songs from the same film, So I had to skip it. nice to see it here.
      Let me ue the link too,



  4. The magical BOMBAY song
    Tu hi re ,Tu hi re
    Tere bina main kaise jiyoon…


    Haaye mera dil
    Chura ke le gaya…

    Apun bola tu meri Laila…

    Mere khayalon ki Mallika…


    Saagar sang kinare hain…

    Aana mere pyar ko na tum
    Jhoota samjho Jaana….

    Mausam masthana Rasta anjaana…

    Har kisi ko nahin milta
    Yahan pyar zindagi mein…


    1. Yes,
      A lot of songs there.
      Bombay of course, a lovely song!
      and perfect for the theme, here it is
      Tu Hi Re

      The songs from Josh were there on my long list, but none had a sea shore for a significant time, in the picturisation. So I skipped all three.

      Sagar Sang Kinare Hai has comparatively better coverage of sea shore, I would add its link too.

      Mausam Mastana fits of course!

      Aana Mere Pyar Ko has sea shore for the last one and half minutes only. But I think that would be ok, as the song revolves around the sea though not actually on the sea shore.

      And, of course, the JaanBaz song fits too! I had it on my list, but to limit the number close to ten, I skipped it. Good to see it here.
      Har Kisi Ko Nahin Milta




    Kishore Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar; AB,RDB.

    Koi ladki mujhe kal raat sapne mein mili
    Badi pyari si soorat thi
    Bala sa naam tha…


    1. Oh! Yes!
      I completely forgot about the song Pradeepji.
      Thanks for adding it. The opening flute piece is so good, I like it a lot!

      Welcome back. Saw you after a very long time.

      Koi Ladki Mujhe Kal Raat



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