Mehfil celebrates 2nd Anniversary!

Would you believe it ! its two years already. Oh boy! When first anniversary was approaching, I had to patiently wait for it. But the second year passed so fast! One day I suddenly realized, its July and second anniversary will follow soon!
I’m delighted to invite all the readers, well wishers and friends who supported me, to celebrate with me on today’s post, which is 80th post on the blog. And of course my family, continuously supporting me, without whom, I’m really helpless.
I was struggling to find a topic for the event! I thought of and rejected many themes! Finally it was as if, the theme was there in front of me all the time. Yes!!!

When I say, I love my family and my family members are my strengths and weaknesses, I mean it! For a healthy and happy family, all the members should be in harmony and should understand each other. No grudges or rebellions! Of course minor differences would be there, but usually they don’t matter much.
In today’s era of nuclear families, the children don’t usually live with their grandparents. In my childhood, we were fortunate enough to be with my paternal grandparents. My grandmother used to love all her grandchildren and used to care for them a lot! She used to cook our favourite dishes. My mother with my grandma were the ones who introduced us to the rich heritage of India. They made us aware of the various traditions and cultures. And now, my daughter is attached to her grandparents too, Dadi & Nani, both. And the adorable little cutie always shelters behind her granny if someone scolds her for a mistake. And my observation is that, the children obey and respect most of the things, they get to know from grandparents.

A firmly supporting family definitely boosts a person to overcome any obstacle in his/ her path to success. You can always be open with your family about all your worries and the mere discussion will help alleviate the distress. Joint families are now a days very rare to find. There are pros and cons with everything, joint family is not an exception of course! But the support of all the members certainly helps an individual, though you may face problems getting privacy. But the children do get opportunities to mix up with other siblings, they play, they interact, they learn things from each other. There is a positive impact on their outlook and they learn to adjust with other members, in severe contrast to single child, who gets constant attention, doesn’t share things with others. Me, my elder sister used to play with the children in the neighborhood. Our pretend fights used to resolve spontaneously, though I was a little introverted and occasionally used to return home crying about something.

So I started thinking in this direction and an idea sparkled! Why not enjoy songs that mention the family relations! I mean, the songs that actually clearly mention any family relation. Let it be, Mother, father, husband, siblings or any other. But I restrict it to the family members this time!

Our Hindi films, mostly I remember the films from South Indian production houses, used to portray joint families. The hero would be with the good people. His mother would be a goddess of sacrifice and goodness. She will never think evil about anyone in the family, even though her Jethani will torment her like anything. The ‘Bad Party’ would be an uncle (at times stepmother or step brother) or an aunt, who would be jealous of the good party and make their life miserable. Or a mother in law with devilish or witchish character, to make the daughter in law’s life miserable. The hero would be her Devar and always take her side. In the end, everything will be well and they live happily ever after.

Some films celebrate the festival of life on the screen. We get to celebrate with them. Of course, I’m pointing to ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?’. But more about the film, in my 1994 songs review.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun 2
‘Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun’ – Full Family emjoying together in a song

A number of songs from the movie, mention the family relationships. The entire film is a family album celebrating the marriage of the elder son of the family and the events thereafter.
It’s apt to remember the song from Chandni, ‘Main Sasural Nahin Jaoongi’. The song mentions all the in law relationships in the verses.

Main sasural nahin
Main Sasural Nahi Jaoongi – Look at Sridevi’s expressions, as she says “Saal Do Saal Nahi Jaoongi!”

But as my criteria was to select the songs with the relationship mentioned in Mukhada, I am skipping it. But I thought it important to mention here.

I also remember a track from Hum, that features the entire family of Amitabh’s.

Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyar Hum

The song was an attraction for the audience and still maintains popularity. The family that stood united in every situation and defended obstacles. The song obviously featured on my 1991 favourites.

Some films have the protagonist, who’s an orphan and has his life ruined because of that. There was no one to guide him about the good and the bad, he had to work hard for livelihood, and now he’s grown up and extremely bitter about society. He gets acquainted with a good, supporting, understanding family and they bring about a change in his mentality and his hostility towards the society turns into goodness. Or a criminal transforming into a good civilian after meeting loving and caring lady. This also has appeared on the silver screen several times.

When I started collecting songs, it was not that difficult at all. Some songs were obvious enough to include, I mean the songs are so well known, that we can think of them at once. Majority of the songs actually address the person, the lines in the song actually converse with that person from the singing character’s point of view. Or the song talks about that person in general. At first I thought of restricting myself to pre 70s songs, but later I decided to go beyond the timeline and include songs post 70s as well! After all, it’s a second anniversary celebration, and I recently started my 1990s posts. So the timeline has been extended anyway.

So without further ado, let’s celebrate my blog’s second anniversary with the songs that actually mention any blood relation in the opening lines. I’ve tried selecting the happy songs for the list, though readers may add song of any mood. And as I had decided to mention the family relationship in English as well, I came to know how rich our Indian languages are! We have a separate word for each relation. In English, all relations end up with uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin etc etc. (Or at least, I’m not aware of the separate terms if any!)

1. Brother
Bhaiya Mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan Ko – Chhoti Behen (1959) Lata Mangeshkar / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
No need to say anything about the iconic song! It’s one of the most popular Raksha Bandhan songs of Hindi cinema. It was a Prasad Productions film and was full of a typical family melodrama. How the brothers and sister’s relation turns sore and how the family suffers as the things turn bad to worst. Nanda in the title role was much acclaimed and all the songs were immensely popular. The mentioned song is the most popular and was my obvious first choice for the list. Sister singing and tying a Rakhi is a common scene in Hindi films.

2. Sister
Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka – Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1972) Lata Mangeshkar / R D Burman – Majrooh
Making an exception to my rule, I’m including an emotional song. And it’s not a sad song at all, and one of my great favourites. I always get overwhelmed with emotions, when I listen to it. Lata has literally poured all her emotions into it. And I haven’t yet watched the song completely, I always get emotional in between and stop watching it. I feel sorry for the poor little kid in the movie. I remember watching the film in school days on DD, and that time too, I was worried about the kid. She suffers a lot in vain! Only if the parents would have cared for her!

3. Father and Son
O Daddy Ji, Bolo Mere Beta Ji – Aakhri Goli (1977) Kishore Kumar & Mahendra Kapoor / Kalyanji Anandji – Verma Malik
Sunil Dutt and Om Prakash sing the song at a party, thrown to celebrate the success of the former in a shooting championship.
A fun song, celebrating the era belonging to the youth. And the old generation claiming their being young at heart. An adorable wrangling between the generations. I don’t know, if the song’s popular or not, but fits perfectly to today’s theme.
Kishore Kumar’s lively and young voice rocks. But Sunil Dutt looks quite old to represent the young generation.

4. Mother
Mummy O Mummy Tu Kab Saas Banegi – Khatta Meetha (1981) Kishore Kumar / Rajesh Roshan – Gulzar
Though I could have selected an emotional song, I chose this one for a celebration post. A cute son desperately waiting for his marriage and teasing his mother about it. Just amazing how Kishore Kumar expresses the naughtiness and the desperation at the same time in a delightfully fresh voice.

5. Father and Husband
Main To Bhool Chali Babul Ka Des – Saraswatichandra (1968 ) Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus / Kalyanji Anandji – Indeevar
A beautiful Garba song, mentioning the father. The newly wed bride is enjoying the Sasural so much that she hardly remembers her Maayka. Though she didn’t at all like her husband, she is pretending happiness. The typical rhythm of the song makes it an ideal for Garba dance and the song is a must on a Navaratri celebrations. The first verse also mentions about the in laws, which is a bonus, as far as this post is concerned.
The song, however, doesn’t talk much about the father-daughter relationship. But as I was not going to include melancholy songs, I skipped many songs mentioning father.

6. Paternal Grandma
Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao – Gharana (1961) Asha Bhosle & Kamal Barot / Ravi – Shakeel Badayuni
The granny is angry with something and her cute little grandchildren are trying to coax her. Can there be any cuter situation than this?
The granny can’t hold her pretend anger for long, who falls prey to the cute little’s innocence. Lalita Pawar was not beautiful, but I must say, in the song she looks cute as a loving grandma. Her facial expressions are so wonderful!

7. Maternal Grandparents
Nana Se Kehti Thi Nani Hamari – Renuka (1947) Baby Shaila with unknown male singer / Sardar Malik – Qamar Jalalabadi
I came across the song accidentally, while researching for the post. The grandchildren are talking about their grandparents and how young at heart they were! They feel their love story superior to that of Laila Majanu. The cute song was a discovery from me, I think it’s not a well known song.

8. Sister in law (Brother’s wife)
Meri Aayi Hai Teen Bhabhiyan – Hum Sab Ek Hai (1946) Amirbai Karnataki & Zohrabai Ambalewali / Husnalal Bhagatram – P L Santoshi
What an interesting song it is! I wasn’t aware of it, until I found it during the research. The film was about a mother who raises orphans as her own children along with her biological son. The other two brothers follow their own religion and the film was to spread national integration among the religions. The song talks about the sisters in law of a young woman, who’s thrilled at the idea of having three bhabhis each of a different religion. She adores all three of them and they also equally enjoy her company. Many nanadiyas of Hindi films torture their Bhabhis, but for a refreshing change, a 1946 film depicts a friendly relationship between the two. And it’s a typical vintage era song and a typical Husnalal Bhagatram composition too!

9. Brother in law (Husband’s brother)
Bhabhi Kare Appeal Aur Phir Devar Bane Vakil – Ghar Sansar (1958) Asha Bhosle / Ravi – Majrooh
A proud Bhabhi adores her Devar, who has passed the L L B exam and become a lawyer. She daydreams about his cases in the court and how he will win the case by referring his books and save an innocent. Even the Judge will get impressed by his fluent English. Bhabhi and Devar share a very different relationship. They are more of friends than the actual relationship. Hindi film Devars and Bhabhis always portray a deep bond of love and care. So I thought of the song as apt for the post.

10. Maternal Uncle
Mama O Mama O Mama – Parvarish (1958) Rafi & Manna Dey / Dattaram – Harsat Jaipuri
Not that I’m particularly fond of the song, but I guess it’s quite popular and fits the theme. It’s also among one of the most popular male singer duets too! Uncle and nephews interacting with each other. The verses of the song are sung in a style similar to qawwali.

11. Uncle and Nephew
Suno Bhai Chacha Kahe Bhatija – Murder On Highway (1970) Manna Dey & Mahendra Kapoor / C Arjun – Asad Bhopali
Rather a philosophical song, composed in a playful way. Wasn’t aware of the song, of course! Must have been an obscure film. But nevertheless, the song isn’t at all obscure. It has a character of its own!
It’s like ‘काम की बात बता दी, कॉमेडी गाना गाके’. Though the characters do not sound like each others’ Chacha and Bhatija, the song does mention the relationship, I think in a generalized way!

12. Paternal Uncle and Aunt
Chachi Akad Gayi Ji – Panchayat (1958) Usha Mangeshkar / Iqbal Qureshi – Shakeel Numani
I found this song last year, when I was compiling solos of Usha Mangeshkar.
A cute song portraying a playful quarrel between the uncle and aunt of a little kid. It describes in detail the pretend wrangling between the two. How Chachi puffs her cheeks, how Chachu tries to persuade her, how he fails and the cat-fight continues even at the end of the song. It’s fun to watch Raj Kumar in a playful mood.

13. Brother in law (Sister’s Husband)
Jijaji Jijaji Hone Wale Jijaji – Sajan Bina Suhagan (1978) Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha Paudwal & Dilraj Kaur / Usha Khanna – Sawan Kumar
A cute and playful argument between the saaliyan and would be Jiju. The sisters of the bride put forth some of their conditions, which ‘would be groom’ has to agree before marrying their sister. It’s interesting to hear how their quick witted ‘would be Jiju’ answers them.
Little Padmini Kolhapure had a spark clearly visible in the song. Vinod Mehra looks as handsome as ever!

14. Samdhi and Samdhan
Aaj Hamare Dil Mein – Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (1994) Lata Mangeshkar, Kumar Sanu & Chorus / Ram Laxman – Ravindra Rawal
I don’t know if there is a word for Samdhi or Samdhan in English. I guess, there won’t be! I do think, it would perhaps be the only song mentioning these relations. The two Samadhis are college friends and the Samdhan is also their batch-mate. And Reema Lagu looks gorgeous as a mother definitely. The song is otherwise playful, but takes an emotional turn in the third verse, where the mother thinks of her daughter’s Bidai and asks her samadhi to take care of her daughter.

And, anymore to mention? Oh! Of course. I have left the most important for the last position! Guessed? Yes! Wife of course!

15. Wife
Ghar Ki Raunak Hai Gharwali – Bandi (1957) Kishore Kumar & Geeta Dutt / Hemant Kumar – Rajendra Krishan
The cute and meaningful song from Bandi highlights the value of an understanding and caring wife, in a man’s life. For smooth running of the house, both the wheels should run in harmony. The song also mentions about the ‘in laws’ as a gift that a man gets automatically. Though the song portrays the facts in a playful and comic way, it’s actual importance can’t be overlooked.

Would you add a song?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners.

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  1. Great Collections Doctor.

    I must appreciate your Research efforts.

    “Mai to Bhul Gayi” is my favorite heard few songs for the first time while few like “Mummy O Mummy tu kab Saans Banegi” after a long period.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Happy Anniversary,Anup ji.
    Family bonds are very strong in our country and hence we have them depicted in our art forms. Nice selection of songs.
    About two dozens of very apt songs are running in my head.
    Shall post shortly.
    May the blog go from strength to strength.


    1. Thank you Pradeepji for the wishes.
      And you have put it correctly, family bonds in our country are fortunately very strong that is reflected in our films as well!
      And I’m ready for the shower of songs.


  3. Happy 2nd anniversary to your blog, Anupji! Time’s really flown, I hadn’t realized your blog had already been around 2 years. Wow.

    And, a delightful post. I think you’ve pretty much covered every relationship here… except daughter, perhaps? This song isn’t from a film as far as I know, but it’s a lovely one – Meri beti meri noor-e-nazar. I think Rafi fills it with all the emotion he felt for his own daughter (there’s a very sweet anecdote about him singing Baabul ki duaayein leti jaa with a lot of feeling because it was recorded shortly after his daughter’s wedding):


    1. Thank you Madhuji for the wishes!
      It has been two years indeed. As usual you have helped me in this year too.
      I could not get a happy song mentioning a daughter, as I had decided not to include sad songs of Bidai.
      I think, Ab Ke Baras Bhej Bhaiyya Ko Babul would have shed some light on father-daughter relationship to some extent. But No sad songs. so I skipped it.
      I had thought of Juhi Ki Kali Meri Ladli, but it lacks actual literal mention of the word daughter, So I skipped that too. A very good song mentioning the word Beti was on my list, but I dropped it.
      The Rafi song is very good, full of emotions.
      And thanks for the anecdote with the song Babul Ki Duvayen .

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It was the song from
          Veer Amarsingh Rathode (1970), with lyrics and music by Prem Dhawan.
          sung by Mahendra Kapoor.
          A bidai song it is, but the lyrics were good, so I had thought of it.
          Ja Meri Beti Ja Lado Rani



    Naari kaisi Shaan hai teri
    Har tasveer mahan hai teri

    ..Tu hai Maa BEHAN aur biwi…
    Mukhesh. Qamar Jalalabadi,Sharda.


  5. DAADI MAA, 1966.

    Usko nahin dekha humne kabhi..

    Ae Maa, ae Maa teri soorat se alag
    Bhagwan ka moorat kya hogi?
    Manna Dey, Mahinder Kapoor; Majrooh Sultanpuri, Roshan.

    JAAGRITI, 1954.

    Chalo chale Maa
    Sapnon ke gaaon mein..

    Asha Bhonsle,Kavi Pradeep, Hemant Kumar,


    Meri duniya hai Maa
    Teri Aanchal mein..

    SDB, Majrooh Sultanpuri,SDB.

    RAJA AUR RANK,1968.

    Tu kitni achchi hai..
    O Maa O Maa…

    Lata Mangeshkar,AB,LP.

    ANDAZ, 1971.

    Hai na bolo bolo..

    . Pappa bolo bolo
    Mummy bolo bolo..

    Sushma Shrestha,Prathibha,Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur; HJ,SJ.

    KALICHARAN, 1976.

    Ek bata do Do bate char
    Mummy Daddy ka pyar..

    Kanchan, Anuradha Paudwal; Indrajeet Singh Tulsi,KA.


    Mere Bhaiya Mere Chanda
    Mere Anmol Ratan…

    Asha Bhonsle,Sahir Ludhianvi, Ravi.

    RESHAM KI DORI,1974.

    Behana ne Bhai ki kalai pe
    Pyar bandha hai..

    Suman Kalyanpur,Indervar,SJ.


    Meri pyari behaniya banegi dulhaniya..

    Bhaiya Raja bajayega baaja..

    Kishore Kumar,Indeewar,KA.

    ADAALAT, 1976.

    Behana O behana teri doli main sajaoonga

    Mukhesh, Gulshan Bawra,KA.


    Bhabhi ki ungli mein heere ka challa

    Bhaiya makkan hai Bhabhi malai

    Hemlata, Chandrani Mukherjee; M G Hashmat, Ravindra Jain.

    JORU KA BHAI,1955.

    JORU ka Bhai magar kahalaye ye Saala mera
    Bhai Bahen ke pyar ne ghar baar khaa daala mera

    Saari Khudai ek taraf
    Joru ka Bhai ek taraf..

    S Balbir, S D Batish; Vishwamitra Adil,Jaidev.


    Mujhe meri Biwi se bacha lo..

    Kishore Kumar, HJ,SJ.

    MANMAUJI, 1962.

    Zaroorat hai Zaroorat Hai Zaroorat Hai
    Ek Shrimati ki
    Kalavathi ki
    Seva kare jo Pati ki..

    Kishore Kumar, Rajinder Krishen,MM.


    Jeejaa ji Didi ko dekhe
    Deedi Jeejaa ji ki
    Main bhookhi pyasi baithi hoon
    Ye nahin hosh kisi ko..
    Chhup Saali..
    Saali nahin
    Sister In Law
    Sister In Law…


    1. Oh my God!
      What a flow of songs Pradeepji!
      enjoyed all the songs. I’ve added the links in your comment, to the ones that were new for me.
      Quite a lot of songs these are.
      Aaj Ki Taza Khabar
      Kiran Kumar looks so young, I have not seen him like that. And for a change, a man singing a full song in a bathroom!

      And, I could not find the song from Insaaf Ka Tarazu

      I haven’t added the links for well known songs.
      Thanks a lot for all these songs!



    The movie based on Bhabhi Devar relation , which is no lesser than Mother Son relation has the superlative Lata number Jyot Kalash chalke…

    Pandit Narendra Sharma, Sudhir Phadke.

    Tumse hi ghar ghar kehalaya..
    Rahne do mere maathe par Maa
    Tum jo haath badaya.

    Ghoda nachave mere Laadla Samdhi ke dear..
    Asha Bhonsle.

    Meri laaj rakho Girdhari
    Main lakh jatan kar haari re..
    Kyon Maa ka dil diya mujhe..
    Chiranjeev ho Nand Kanhiya..
    Lata Mangeshkar.

    Mera nanha Kanhiya ghar aaya re..
    Laadle tujhko paakar main sara jag paaya re.
    Lata Mangeshkar.


  7. PATI PATNI,1966.
    Meri patni mujhe sataati hai…
    Manna Dey, Mehmood, Surendra; AB,RDB.

    Tera Mera Chacha Zindabad..
    Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar; RK,MM.



    1. Koi maane ya na maane
    Sach keh gaye hain log purane
    Bure kaam ka bura nateeja
    Kyon bhai Chacha?
    Haan Bhateeja.

    Shailendra Singh,Rafi.

    2. Maa ne kaha tha O Beta
    Kabhi dil kisi ka na thodo..
    Shailendra Singh.

    BOOT POLISH,1953.

    Raat gayi phir din aata hai…

    John Chacha tum kitne achche..

    Manna Dey,Asha Bhonsle,chorus; Shailendra,SJ.


    1. Wow!
      I always wonder how can you remember all these songs? I mean, all of the songs are not well known! Some are really rare. I haven’t even known their existence.
      Here is hillarious song from Pati Patni

      The Chacha Bhatija song is very similar to the one on the list, from Murder On Highway.
      Here it is,


      Interestingly, the song with Maa Beta from the same movie,

      The Chacha Zindabad song is very good, it’s my favourite too!
      Tonga rhythm, similar to O P Nayyar,


  8. KUNWARA BAAP, 1974.

    Saj rahe gali teri Maa chunari gote mein
    Saj rahe gali teri Amma…
    ..Amma tere Munne ki gazab hai baat

    ..Tu Maa ka bachcha…Haan ji
    Na Baap na jachcha…Haan ji..

    Rafi, Mahmood & chorus; Majrooh Sultanpuri

    Eventful debut of Rajesh Roshan. Mumtaz Ali’s lively performance.

    SUNTAN, 1976.

    Pappu ki Mummy , Tu badi nikammi..
    Pappu ki Pappa,Tu bhool ke waada
    Ye line lagaa di bachchon ki
    Kya hai fayda?


    Munne ki Amma ye toh bata
    Tere Bete ke Abba ka Naam kya hai?


    Shaayad meri shaadi ka khayal
    Dil mein aaya hai
    Isi liye Mummy ne meri
    Tumhe chai pe bulaya hai..


    Pappa kehte hain bada naam karega
    Beta humara aisa kaam karega…


    Mujhe maaf karna Om Sai Ram
    Sab se pehle loonga Mummy Daddy ka Naam.


    Murga murgi pyar se dekhe

    Main kisko boloon
    Jo mere Maat Pita ka mel kare..


    Main kabhi batlata nahin
    Par andhere se darta hoon main Maa

    Tujhe sab hai pata meri Maa..
    (An iconic song.)

    TAQDEER, 1966.

    Saath Samundar paar se
    Gudiyon ki Baazaar se
    Achchi si gudiya laana
    Gudiya chahe na laana
    Pappa jaldi aa jaana..


    Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye
    Baaki jo bacha kaali chor le Gaye

    Rani Mukherjee, Shailendra, Hemant Kumar.

    AASHIRWAD, 1968.

    Vasant Desai.

    1.Naaon Chali
    Naani ki naaon Chali
    Neena ke naani ki naaon Chali…

    Ashok Kumar, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya.

    2. Ek tha Bachpan Ek tha Bachpan..
    Bachpan ke ik Babuji the
    Achche sachche Babuji the..

    Lata Mangeshkar, Gulzar.


    1. Oh!
      Coming to this flood of songs, I got drowned!
      Let me add the links here for selected songs
      1. Nani Ki Naav Chali
      Such a cute and enjoyable song.

      2. Saat Samundar Paar se
      Made me emotional, It’s touchy

      3. Main Kabhi Batalata Nahi
      Of course an iconic song. All like it a lot!

      4. Munne Ki amma Yeh To bata
      fun song

      5. Saj Rahi Gali

      and of course,
      the cute one,
      Nani Teri morni Ko. I thought it would be too obvious to include it, but I like it a lot
      By Ranu Mukherji, Hemant Da’s daughter.



    Jhansi pe rail gaadi atak gayi Amma
    Phansi pe teri beti latak gayi Amma..
    ( I bet hardly anyone would have heard this one!)


    1. Yes,
      I haven’t heard of it before and I was aware of a film by same name, by from 1960 with songs composed by Sardar Malik.
      This one was a new addition, though I didn’t like the song.


  10. Chupdi chupdi Chachi Chachi re…..
    CHACHI 420.

    Ek baat Suna hai Chacha ji….NARAM GARAM.

    Chacha Chachi le aao…..PREM JAAL.

    Chandamama se pyara mere Maama…


  11. Ae mere Bete sun mera kehna
    Chahe dukh hoye hanste hi rehna..

    Ae mere Pappa sun mere kehna
    Chahe dukh hoye hanste hi rehna…


  12. Mahalon ka Raja Mila
    Rani Beti Raaj karei….ANOKHI RAAT.

    I remember reading that the song was composed by Roshan’s wife Ira Roshan after the sudden demise of Roshan.


  13. The lovely DELHI 6 song Sasural ghenda phool mentions Sainya, Saas, Devar, Nanad and Babul.

    Mera sasura. bade paisewala….BIDAI.


    1. Yes,
      A wonderful fusion song from Delhi 6
      I like it a lot, Glad to see it here.
      Saural Genda Phool

      the second on, I haven’t heard ever.

      one song from my side,
      Sasuji Tune Meri Kadar Na Jani I had thought of it for the list, but dropped later.


  14. DIDI, 1959

    1. Mama ji ke rocket par
    Chand ke sair ko jaayenge
    Wahan ke bachchon se miljul ke
    Doodh malai khayenge…

    Didi saath na jaayegi toh
    kaun Tumhe nahalayega?

    2. Mere Bhaiya ko sandesa pahunchana
    Re Chanda tere jyoth bade ho…

    ZINDAGI, 1976.

    Mama ji O Mama ji
    Are bole Saregama ji..

    ( Deven Varma of Mummy O Mummy is here,too.)


  15. Anup,
    It was as if you started blogging yesterday. How time flies! Heartiest congratulations on your anniversary. Nice songs. Especially the one in the comments section: ‘Mere bhaiya ko sandesa panhuchana, ki chanda teri jyot badhe ho’.


  16. Very nice collection, anup!!

    I was thinking about the daughter song too..
    And recollected this..

    मेरे घर आयी एक नन्ही परी, चाँदनी के हसीन रथ पे सवार
    It doesn’t necessarily depicts the father daughter relationship but much better than the ’bidaai’ songs!!


    1. Thank you so much Shilpa! And welcome to Mehfil!
      It’s so nice and exciting to see a school friend commenting on ones blog.
      I also had thought of ‘Juhi Ki Kali Meri Ladli’ which is on similar lines with ‘Mere Ghar Aayi Ek’.
      But As I was looking for a literal mention of the relationship, I skipped it.
      And many of the songs that have the word ‘Beti’, are Bidai songs.
      Mere Ghar Aayi is a very good song, I used to sing it for my daughter when she was very small.
      But it didn’t fit the theme for the reasons I already mentioned.
      Hope to see you commenting regularly on my blog. Go through the earlier posts, if you get time.


  17. HI,
    Great idea for anniversary of the blog. Happy second anniversary.
    Aren’t there any songs about mausi or bua. I really don’t recall any right now. Maybe it will come later.
    But I did come across a song from “Purnima” once- “Fufaji zara sach-2 kaho”. I don’t remember the lines after that.
    Will add any other songs if I recall.


    1. Thanks Aditi ji for the wishes!
      And Yes! I didn’t come across any ‘Buva’ or ‘Fufi’ song. And there may not be any. Dr Pradeep has added two dozens of songs I think, and there is no Fufi or buva song among it.
      about the song from Purnima,
      I don’t know the song, by let me search for it,

      I found it, such a fun song! Thanks a lot for introducing me the song.
      Here it is
      Phoophaji Zara Sach Sach Kaho


  18. Dear Anup ji ,
    Congratulations !!! 💐
    I was the very first person to wish U last year on the first anniversary , exactly to say , on 16th July , 11:21 a.m. nd this year ,
    I m joining the party so late , I apologize for that , dear friend .
    Well , what a gr8 year we had here on Ur blog !!!
    We got to read about 43 posts with a very wide range of variety —- the theme songs , posts about famous personalities like SDB , Roshan , Ravi to the somewhat underrated SNTripathy , Usha tai , Ghulam Mohammad , Lalita Deolkar etc. , Posts on the less-talked songs of the 90’s. ,2 parts on Asha sings for Madan Mohan , 3 parts on Bharat Vyas , a gr8 series of 3 parts on the Classical music giants ….. ..
    OMG !!! Such a fantastic job Anup ji.

    In this year , U surprised me by 2 posts ….
    The one U did on ” songs with a surprise ”
    Nd the best of all ” Shamshad sings with Mangeshkar sisters ”

    Well , let me wish the same which I had wished last year in the first anniversary Post : ” Let we get to read more nd more interesting nd innovative posts from U”

    With lots of best wishes nd blessings ,

    Pramod Godbole , Thane .

    Nd of course , I m going to add a song on this very interesting theme U hav posted.

    It is a song dedicated to a

    Step – mother .

    From the movie ” Beta ” sung by Anuradha Paudwal.


    1. Thank you so much Pramod ji for the heart warming comment!
      I’m really touched.
      And thanks for the statistics too!
      And I miss your comments! Still I must appreciate that you comment on the older unread posts whenever you get time!
      That’s so good!
      But, have you commented on ‘Songs with a surprise!’?
      Thanks for adding the song from ‘Beta’. It obviously fits!


  19. Quality of time is like that. It is fleet of foot and passes very fast and two years is miniscule in the scale. Yet 80 posts in two years is certainly great. You must have been very busy and inventive in compiling posts after posts yourself with probably no guest post. In fact you had been ploughing a lonely furrow. The theme selected is a great one and close to one’s heart. Your acceptance of the support of your family is a gospel truth. Behind the success of every man is a woman as the saying goes. I can think of the picture ‘Anuradha” where Leela Naidu is the steel frame behind success of her doctor husband Balraj Sahni. I would call your reminiscenes a zeitgeist. I am not a diligent searcher of songs like Dr. Shetty. I can think of a song sung by wife in praise of her family from Bhai Bhai (1956), music Madan Mohan and sung by Lata Mangeshkar.


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