1991 – My favourites

In the first week of April this year, I started my series on the songs of the 1990s. It was an introductory post and I talked about the films of the late 1980s, that built the foundation for the mini golden era that followed.
Now it’s exactly three months and I ‘m actually starting the series.
As I said in the introductory post, I’ll now review the film songs year wise. The years 1988-1990 brought back a promise of a musical decade. The music became the main attraction once again and films were successful because of the melodious songs and the cast or the story assumed a secondary position. Composers like Nadeem Shravan, Anand Milind, Jatin Lalit started composing the songs with dedication and again the films were studded with songs. Eight to ten songs per film became a usual story and more than 90% of songs from a single movie used to be popular.
It was a ‘Khan decade’, all three Khans had heydays and were roaringly popular. By the end of the 80s, Amir Khan and Salman Khan, representing the young generation of Bollywood, were heartthrobs of the nation. Except a few, majority of their films were successful at the box office in 1991. More so for Salman Khan! To start the career opposite Salman was a big achievement for the heroine and the year saw a few debutantes opposite Salman Khan.

Debutante opposite Salman Khan –
Raveena Tandon in Patthar Ke Phool
Ayesha Jhulka in Kurbaan
Revathi making Bollywood debut in Love
Chandani in Sanam Bewafa

Other debutantes include,

Karishma Kapoor in Prem Qaidi opposite Harish
Ajay Devgan and Madhu ( Bollywood debut) in Phool Aur Kaante
Akshay Kumar and Shantipriya in Saugandh
Zeba Bakhtiyar & Ashwini Bhave (Bollywood debut) in Henna
Manisha Koirala and Vivek Mushran in Saudagar
Ravi Behl and Urmila Matondkar (as main lead) in Narsimha

It was Ajay Devgan, who carved his name on the debutante trophy at the Filmfare Awards.

Let’s now have a quick glance at the prominent films, released in 1991. I have already included my top favourites in the song list, and won’t talk about those films here. We’ll consider some other films, that were good, but couldn’t make a mark, Or the songs were popular but the movie failed at the box office, Or were much hyped, but were disastrous on all fronts. I won’t categorise by name. But from my comments, it would be understood! (Or so I expect!)
Rishi Kappor & Amitabh starrer ‘Ajooba’ was a high budget film, was much talked about. It was directed by Shashi Kapoor, and was also made in Russian. But I think, it took a long time to shoot and even if it had special effects, the overall impact of the film was not so great. It failed at the Box office. The film had Dimple & Sonam as leading ladies, and a few Russian actors as well. I remember, one of the old actresses was not speaking Hindi on screen and her lip movements were not in sync with the Hindi dialogues. It had a couple of songs with catchy tunes, but nothing helped it survive in the cinemas. The same happened with ‘Akayla’. So even though, the year started with a hit ‘Hum’, for Amitabh Bachchan, his next two releases that year were failures.
SaugandhAkshay Kumar was introduced, with the movie, ‘Saugandh’. It was released in January 1991. Rakhi and Shantipriya were the co stars. His next movie, ‘Dancer’ was released in the later half of the year. Both the films were average, and in spite of having a good looking, action hero, no one really regarded the films (and Akshay Kumar) seriously. But the movies were in tune with his general image of macho Action hero, that stuck to him for a long time in the 1990s.
The film, ‘Aayi Milan Ki Raat’ was not successful, but the songs were extremely popular. ‘Kala Sha Kala’, ‘Ishq Da Rog Laga’ etc were among the popular songs. But the film couldn’t survive at the box office. In the 1990s, a number of films, produced by Gulshan Kumar, with the music on ‘T series’ were released. All the movies vigorously promoted playback singer, Anuradha Paudwal. She was quite popular in those days. At this point, I remember an obscure movie, ‘Naag Mani’ featuring Shikha Swarup & Sumit Sehgal. A song sung by Anuradha Paudwal, called, ‘Mera Laung Gawacha’ was bombarded daily on TV and was hugely popular. The film wasn’t a success.
JTGMOne more film, called, ‘Jeena Teri Gali Mein’ had a bunch of hugely popular songs. The music was by Babul Bose. It was actually a home viewing video movie. But due to immensely popular songs, it was ultimately released in theatres. I don’t remember it’s fate, but actress Kavita Kapoor made her debut in the film.  Here you can enjoy all the songs from the movie.
Some offbeat films like, ‘Benaam Badsha’ and ‘Prahaar’ were also released that year. The former was a remake of a South Indian film, and had violence at its core. Juhi Chawla was offered a different role, where she could show her acting talent. Anil Kapoor and Rohini Hattangadi were also in main roles. But the film, though had a good plot, could not leave any impact and failed to attract the audience. The movie, ‘Maa’ with Jitendra & Jayaprada in the lead roles, was also released this year. The film couldn’t perform well, nor the songs stood the test of time. Narsimha, directed by N Chandra, was a typical action film, with Sunny Deol in the title role. Urmila Matondkar & Ravi Behl joined the film industry through the film. Urmila was a child artiste and had appeared in small roles in a few films already. But this is regarded as her debut as a leading lady. A couple of songs picturised on the debutante couple were popular, but couldn’t make it to my list.
A film called ‘First Love Letter’ starring Vivek Mushran & Manisha Koirala was also released in 1991. It is mentioned on the internet that, it was actually the launching film for the actors and was completed before Saudagar. But Subhash Ghai wanted to launch them with his film ‘Saudagar’. And so it was released first. A couple of songs from ‘First Love Letter’ were popular too. After ‘Kabutar Ja Ja Ja’ from MPK, we had ‘Tota Tota Sandesa Kehna’ in the film. Even after the success of Suadagar, the film was not a success at the box office.KurbanAyesha Jhulka made her debut opposite Salman in the movie, ‘Kurban’. It was not at all successful, but a couple of songs were popular. The songs haven’t stood the test of time. sanam bewafaThe same is the case with ‘Sanam Bewafa’, where a new face ‘Chandani’ made her appearance. It was a surprise hit of the year. I won’t say it had great music, but it’s songs were popular then. I’m not particularly fond of them, so you won’t find them on the list. In all Salman enjoyed success in 1991. Two hits and one superhit were credited to him.

Randhir Kapoor’s daughter, Karishma Kapoor made her debut opposite Harish in Prem Qaidi in 1991. prem qaidiShe was the first actress from the Kapoors, who usually don’t allow their daughters to join films. Her mother Babita stood by her and she even worked as a dress designer for a few of Karishma’s films. Again I’m not particularly a fan of the songs from Prem Qaidi and would give them a skip.

In all, it was a mixed year for the industry. Some hyped films couldn’t create magic, and there were some unexpected hits as well! It’s really an unpredictable industry. There is no specific genre of films for the success. No formula for guaranteed success! Offbeat films had their own audience, who faithfully watched and admired them. Romance was the focus as usual for the majority of the films.
Nadeem Shravan were at the top, with Anand Milind following closely. Jatin Lalit had their first hit song, though movie remained unnoticed. Laxmikant Pyarelal were still active, as such they had no threat from the newly arriving composers. Their legendary status was maintained. Sameer was the most successful lyricist, writing consistently for the top two composers. Majrooh and Anand Bakshi were again, far ahead from the other lyricists. Both were active and maintaining the quality.
In general, the lyrics were not great, but still a few songs had good lyrics. The tunes had melody, and a few managed to interlock it with the rhythm and beats.

Let’s have a look at the song list, my favourites from the year 1991, in no particular order.

1. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai – Sajan – Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu / Nadeem Shravan – Sameer
The most popular song from Sajan was, ‘Dekha Hai Pehli Baar’. But this was most melodious, filled with emotions. The tune is soft and sweet, not overpowered by orchestration, just enough to help the tune flow smoothly. Shot at a hill station, the visual appeal is equally good.
Sajan was a usual love triangle, with two friends in love with the same girl. But someone has to sacrifice so Sanjay Dutt does, proving that friendship and loyalty is beyond blood relations. Sanjay Dutt (Aman) is an orphan supported by Salman’s (Akash) family. They’ve always treated him as their own son. He writes poetry with a pseudonym ‘Sagar’. Madhuri (Pooja) is a huge fan of Sagar. After usual twists and turns finally Madhuri and Sanjay Dutt come together.
It was a good movie, Madhuri and Salman look their best. The film also talked about to some extent about the individuality of a woman, her feelings, her desires. Her right to choose someone for her. She should not be taken for granted.

2. Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin – Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin – Kumar Sanu & Anuradha Paudwal / Nadeem Shravan – Sameer
It was a remake of Chori Chori, which in turn was a remake of a Hollywood classic, ‘It Happened One Night’. The film was studded with melodious songs, thanks to the lyricist – composer duo. The song is the most popular and my most favourite from the movie. The song’s is driven by melody and no noisy orchestration, just a peaceful tune.
Amir Khan as a journalist (Raghu Jetli, I think his name was) was well appreciated, Pooja Bhatt also did her part well. Anupam Kher as her father was a delight to watch. Galyat Sakhali Sonyachi was a popular कोळीगीत, and the mukhada was taken for a song in the film. Deepak Tijori danced on its tune in a guest appearance. B R Chopra’s Mahabharat was also very popular then, and one of the actors from Mahabharat, Sameer Chitre also made his film debut with a small role.

3. Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Kasam Khayi Hai – Sadak – Kumar Sanu / Nadeem Shravan – Sameer
Sadak wasn’t a conventional love story, the villain played by Sadashiv Amrapurkar, stole the show. He received Filmfare award for negative role in Sadak. The songs were hugely popular, though the story revolved around violence. The melodious songs were a great relief to the otherwise serious film. And the songs blended well with the story.

4. Sathiya Tune Kya Kiya – Love – S P Balasubramanium & Chitra / Anand Milind – Majrooh
A cute love story it was, and for me, full credit goes to Revathi. She brings life to the film, she is energetic, her expressions are excellent. She’s the girl next door! She’s bubbly with chubby cheeks. She manages to live happily and spreads cheerfulness in the home, despite a very strict, adamant mother (Rita Bhaduri). She’s so natural in the movie. Amjed Khan tried a comeback, but in vain. The film had five songs, and one of them had various brands mentioned in it. It’s remembered for different theme.
Maggie (Revathi) waits for Prithvi (Salman Khan) in a cemetery. The latter forgets his date, but Maggie waits for him, till he returns at night. He’s surprised by her dedication and overwhelmed too.

5. Tum Se Jo Dekhte Hi – Patthar Ke Phool – Lata Mangeshkar & S P Balasubramanium / Ram Laxman – Ravindra Rawal
It’s a particularly interesting song, firstly it mentions many road names of Mumbai. Secondly, it is picturised at an unconventional location like a skating rink, to start with and moves onto the actual roads later. Thirdly Salman wears the skating shoes for the majority of the song. It’s a catchy melodious song by Ram Laxman, who were in full form after the grand success of MPK.
Ravina’s Bollywood debut with Salman was successful. The film has good music and it takes a completely serious turn after the interval. All the popular numbers are over by then. Still it manages to retain audience in the next half. It was Vinod Mehra ‘s last film, who played Salman’s father.

6. Main Hoon Khushrang Heena – Heena – Lata Mangeshkar / Ravindra Jain – Ravindra Jain
Henna was Raj Kapoor’s dream project. He died before it was completed. Randhir Kapoor directed the film and is mainly remembered for its songs. All the songs were popular, and the film did well in certain parts of north India, though the response wasn’t the same throughout India. Ashwini Bhave got a very good opportunity to enter Hindi films.
This song appears as an introductory song of Henna. Zeba Bakhtiyar looked very innocent and acted well too. It is shot in luscious green valleys and the camera has captured the nature’s beauty in a magnificent way

7. Morni Bagama Bole Aadhi Raat – Lamhe – Lata Mangeshkar & Ila Arun / Shiv Hari – Anand Bakshi
A Rajsthani folk based song. Ila Arun’s raw, raucous voice is in full contrast with Lata’s thin, soothing, soft voice. These polls apart voices add a different appeal to the song. Not to mention, Sridevi who adds another dimension with her expressions and dance.
Lamhe was a movie, ahead of its time. A daughter falling in love with someone who loved her mother, was not digestible for the general public. So even if it had a good response abroad and metros of India, it wasn’t among the top five movies of the year. But over the period, it has grown as a classic Bollywood movie and it was acclaimed by critics as one of the finest films by Yash Chopra and Sridevi’s excellent performance in double role. Waheeda Rehman was offered a good role after a long period. It was talked about for its different theme, for its melodious songs and for Anil Kapoor without his mustache. He looked quite young for his age. Someday I should get around watching the film again. I think I would appreciate it more now.

8. Bin Tere Sanam Mar Mitenge Hum – Yaara Dildara – Udit Narayan & Kavita Krishnamurthy / Jatin Lalit – Majrooh
It was the first film for the composer duo and they scored a six by composing the wonderful song. It has been remixed already, I think more than once and the movie is remembered today just for the song. I obviously haven’t seen the movie, though I have been a fan of the song since school days. When I got an opportunity for karaoke, I selected the song. But I’m not a singer and the results were disastrous.

9. Har Ghadi Mere Pyar Ka Saaya – Pyar Ka Saaya – Asha Bhosle & Kumar Sanu / Nadeem Shravan – Sameer
I happened to watch this movie on television much later than its actual release. But the songs were very popular in 1991. The film was a remake of a Hollywood movie, Ghost. The spirit of Rahul Roy helps his wife Sheeba reach his assassin. It could have been much better than it actually was! Some of the songs including this one were wasted in the film. The main highlight of the film other than songs was Amrita Singh, who was a surprise package for me. She enters very late in the movie but steals the show entirely. Her expressions and gestures when she happens to encounter Rahul Roy’s spirit for the first time is hilarious. In all, after watching the film I could only remember the songs and Amrita Singh. Give it a try just for her.

10. Ek Doosre Se Karte Hai Pyar – Hum – Sudesh Bhosle, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Mohd Aziz & Sonali Bajpayi / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Anand Bakshi
Hum was one of the top five films of 1991. The song, ‘Jumma Chumma De De’ was a hit and was considered vulgar. However, its popularity hasn’t declined ever yet. Sudesh Bhosle entered limelight, when he sang it in Amitabh’s voice. Even Big B was confused when he sang the song. The voice was that close.
The story of Tiger, his family and his love, Jumma was well appreciated. Rajnikanth, Govinda and Deepa Sahi were also seen in impressive roles.
The mentioned song is regarded as a theme song in the movie. It’s happy and sad versions appear in the movie, the latter of course during climax. I like the song for its freshness and its picturisation.

11. Dhadkan Zara Ruk Gayi Hai – Prahaar (1991) Suresh Wadkar / Laxmikant Pyarelal – Mangesh Kulkarni
A romantic dance performance in a party by Madhuri and Goutam Jogalekar. The person playing the violin and lip syncing to Suresh Wadkar’s voice is Adesh Shrivastav himself. What a soft romantic song! I still remember it after all these years, just because of the melody, and its rendition.
‘Prahaar’ was a movie, directed by Nana Patekar, who insisted Madhuri dixit to act without makeup. Nana Patekar, Dimple, Madhuri Dixit, Gautam Jogalekar were the main actors. The film talked about many social issues, and was well received. But I may not call it a musical superhit of the year. It was also an unconventional film, though a few commercial elements were included in the film. The songs were good. It even had a wonderful Thumri by Shobha Gurtu. in the movie, Nana Patekar’s mother is shown as a Kothewali, hence the song. Manna Dey after a long gap, sang for a film, ‘Hamari Hi Mutthi Mein’ is memorable in that sense.

12. Sun Beliya Shukriya Meherbani – 100 Days – Lata Mangeshkar & S P Balasubramaniam / Ram Laxman – Dalip Tahir
The song was very popular before the film was released and it helped the murder mystery run successfully. The film was a hit. The fast paced song has a foot tapping rhythm. It enchants you and you keep on humming the song with your hands playing the tabla notes on a table. A couple of songs were also popular, in addition to it. ‘Gabbar Singh Yeh Kehkar Gaya’ was also much talked about along with an excellent dance performance by Javed Jeffry and Madhuri Dixit. Enjoy the songs.

Would you add your favourite song from 1991?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners.

18 Replies to “1991 – My favourites”

  1. Anup,
    Now I know I can refer to your blog for filling my knowledge gap about the later films. Among the three Khans, Salman Khan’s superstardom is most surprising. In his younger days he was a soft, romantic lovable boy. Later he became all body and ripping muscles. In some films though, such as ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ he has done very well.

    ‘Dil Hai Ki Maanata Nahin’, ‘Chori Chori’: These films bear closer resemblance to ‘It Happened One Night’, than ‘Roman Holiday’, and these are regarded as remakes of or ‘inspired’ from the former film.

    Very comprehensive as usual.


    1. Thank you so much AKji!
      About Salman Khan, his early years were of superstardom. Especially 1991, he delivered three hits back to back. And I agree, his image that time was of a romantic chocolate boy! After he started the body building stuff, his romantic image was affected somewhat! For me he looked his best till 1994-95.
      I will correct about DHKMN, so negligent of me!
      Thanks for the correction!


  2. I missed two posts. I even missed your comment on my post. Anyway better late than never.
    I remember all those songs. They were such huge hits. And sung in schools, antaksharis, or kids danced on few. One of these is from Sanam Bewafa- I think- “Chudi maza na degi”. The songs from Love & Prahhar in your list are melodious, I like them. All other one’s used to be favourites back then. I can also recount another one from Patthar Ke Phool (the dream sequence)- “Kabhi tu juli lagti hai”.
    And finally the song “Bin tere sanam”. You know I was waiting for this part of you 90’s posts. I recently watched that song and it was the biggest surprise to learn it was picturised on Asif Sheikh. He may not have been successful as a hero but he is a good actor. I especially liked him in serial “Tanhaa”


    1. Yes,
      I can very well imagine your views, because they are nearly equal to my own views.
      Chudi Maza Na Degi was hugely popular indeed. Though I don’t like it, But it was a huge hit and I will add it here.

      I think majority of the songs From patthar ke phhol were popular, and still are I guess! My most favourite has been the one I added to the list.
      Bin Tere Sanam was a hit, it still is and will continue. It’s a good song, very catchy tune, good performances by singers too!
      Asif Shaikh wasn’t a success in films, though he is popular in TV serials. I remember, ‘Tanhaa’ very well. His character was named Ali, if I remember it correctly! And he is a good actor, I agree.


  3. Dr. Anup,
    A nice list and an excellent review of 1991 films and songs.
    I have a fond memory of 1991 as it was my first year of post-graduation and I remember seeing many new movies those days.
    That year, there were many movies with newcomers and good music. I guess, the film makers were trying to encash on the success of MPK and Aashiqui.

    I like the way you divide the post into two parts – First, the overview of the prominent films of the year and then the list of your favourite songs. Additionally, you also mention the popular songs which do not find place in the favourites list.
    Specially, glad to see the songs of Prahaar and Pyar Ka Saaya in the list. In fact, I like all the 3 songs of Prahaar.
    The Pyaar Ka Saaya duet mentioned by you also had a nice sad solo version sung by Kumar Sanu.

    As you rightly said, a nice score was lost in this unimpressive remake of Ghost.
    Same thing with Afsana Pyar Ka. The movie failed despite the Aamir Khan- Neelam pair and some popular songs such as Tip tip tip baarish and Dil mera diwana pyar Ka.
    I didn’t see any coverage of Saudagar and Phool aur Kaante in your prominent films list. They are only mentioned in reference. I guess, the songs are not among your favourites.
    Indeed, both the movies were box-office hits and had nice popular songs. Saudagar, more in the news for the Dilip Kumar- Raj Kumar reunion, had catchy songs by LP such as Ilu Ilu, Saudagar sauda kar and Imli ka boota
    And Phool Aur Kaante was a big success, memorable for its hero (Ajay Devgan still going strong even after nearly 30 years), well-executed action sequences, a different romantic story and chartbuster songs.
    Lamhe and PAK were released on the same day, one was critically acclaimed while the other became a blockbuster.
    In fact, the entire score of PAK was popular and enjoyable, the songs are heard even now.
    My pick is Dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai followed by Maine pyar tumhi se kiya hai and Tumse milne ko dil karta hai.

    Late S P Balasubramaniam, who lost his life to covid19 last month, had a great year in 1991. He had many chartbusters to his credit – the Salman Movies as well as 100 Days, First Love Letter etc.
    A poignant song by him for Patthar Ke Phool – Maut se kya darna use to aana hai


    1. Dr Rajesh,
      Thanks for the appreciation.
      It’s my mistake to forget Phool Aur Kante. I’m wondering how I missed it. Saudagar is also missed, though I’ve no regrets for the latter. I do remember deciding about the songs to add, but I think later the fact skipped my attention. And I totally forgot to add songs from both the movies.
      My pick from Phool aur kante would have been of course, dheere dheere pyar ko
      Thanks for adding the link.
      I was aware of the sad version of Pyar ka saaya, though I didn’t mention it. Thanks for the link too.
      S P Balasubramanium had a great year I agree. Maut Ke Kya Darna is a good song too. In fact all the songs were hugely popular, as mentioned by you.
      I think my original 15 song list would have had Saudagar, Phool aur kante and Afsana Pyar Ka. And I accidentally skipped the last three. You can find the songs from the latter movie, on other 1990s lists.

      Thanks for pointing out mistakes, and I think some song links are to be rejuvenated too. I’ll do that.



  4. Thanks, Dr. Anup, for your feedback.

    Sharing some of my favorite songs from the films already mentioned by you.

    Henna – Der na ho jaye kahin
    Ashwini Bhave has danced quite well in the latter half of this qawwali song!!

    Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin – Tu pyar hai kisi aur ka

    Lamhe – I have always enjoyed the medley song.
    It is pleasure to see Waheeda Rehman dancing gracefully to aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai

    Unfortunately, the video song on YT is incomplete while the audio one is a full song


  5. I was surfing music channels the other day and came across another song of Yaara Dildara, which I used to like those days. Was listening and watching it after a long time.
    A soft soulful romantic song, it was overshadowed by the popularity of the favorite Bin Tere Sanam.

    Thought of sharing this song here….

    Tum hi hamari ho manzil my love – Udit, Anuradha.

    As you have rightly mentioned, Aasif Shaikh couldn’t succeed as a hero in movies, despite being a good actor. He shifted to negative roles and then to TV serials where he got good roles.
    However, he finally found his niche in comedy on TV. with Yes Boss. Today he is famous as Vibhutiji from the very successful Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain.


  6. This is an interesting series, Anupji. The recap of 1991 was good and brought back many memories. One movie that I missed in your write-up is Mahesh Bhatt’s Saathi. It had some nice performances, especially by Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan and Varsha Usgaonkar, and an excellent one by Aditya Pancholi. It did decent business too at the box-office. The songs were good too with Anuradha Paudwal’s “Hui aankh num” finding a place in the weekly cibaca geetmala:

    though my own favourite is Kumar Sanu’s “Zindagi ki talash mein hum”


    On to read the other posts…


    1. Oh!
      Thank you for your appreciation. Actually very few visitors comment on my 90s series, as my blog primarily focuses on the golden era of Hindi films, mostly till 1970. So whenever someone comments on the 90s series, I’ll good

      Thank you for adding your favourite songs from Saathi. I fo remember the film, though I wasn’t much fond of the songs. Varsha Usgaonkar is a big name in Marathi films and television, but she couldn’t make a mark on Hindi cinema, despite being a good actress.
      I’ll wait for your comments on the other posts of the 90s.


  7. Apart from the ones from “Lamhe,” “Henna,” and “Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin,” many of the songs you mention are new to me! I was vaguely aware of “Prahaar” as a war movie (which I tend not to like) and would never have guessed that it would include a song so beautiful as “Yaad Piya Ki Aaye.” I have added it to my watchlist. As for “Tum Se Jo Dekhte,” it cannot help but remind me of all those amazing/baffling roller-skating songs in “Aa Gale Lag Jaa”!

    A little note about “Galyat Sakhali Sonyachi.” I was recently rewatching “Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin” with a Marathi friend, who pointed out that not only the lyrics but the picturization blend Marathi with Hindi characteristics, such as the ladies wearing the marathi navari-style sari and a particular type of naath. I have never liked that song, but her explanation of the regional imagery brought a new appreciation to it.

    There is one film I am very surprised to see omitted from your discussion: “Lekin.” I have no clue if the movie itself was considered a success or a failure, but the songs by Balasaheb are certainly noteworthy. “Yaaa Seeli Seeli” seems to be the best known of them, but I also love “Jhoothe Naina,” “Ja Ja Re Ja Re,” and the two versions of “Kesariya Balma.” Most are in a light-classical style–another example of how ’90s films with historical or village settings tended to attract a more old-fashioned style of music than ones that have contemporary or urban stories.

    Finally, other assorted songs from this year that I enjoy:
    “Main Tujhpe Kurbaan” from “Kurbaan”;
    “Bhai Bahen Ka Pyaar” from “Farishtay”;
    “Main Matti Ka Gudda Tu Sone Ki Gudiya” from “Ajooba”;
    “Kabhi Tum Hamse Karo” from “Khoon Ka Karz”;
    And while it is completely undignified, I must admit that “Angoor Ka Dana Hoon” from “Sanam Bewafa” gets stuck in my head not infrequently ( ;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for visiting the post. I inadvertently included the songs of Lekin in the first post, as it was censor certified in 1990. But it was actually released in 1991.
      I know the background of Galyat Sankhali Sonyachi, as I’m a Maharashtrian. I’m glad you looked at it in the light of a trivia and appreciated it. It was on my list of ‘By the sea shore – 2’.
      Prahaar is a good movie, do watch it and post a review on your blog.
      Off hand, I could recollect, Main Mati Ka Gudda from Ajooba. And the song, Angoor ka dana hoon, had slipped my memory completely. In fact I wasn’t even remembering it at all.


      1. I feel silly that I read your 1990/late ’80s post just last week and had already forgotten that you discussed the “Lekin” songs there! No matter; my confusion gave me an excuse to listen to them this week, which is always nice.

        I thought “Main Matti Ka Gudda” was soooooooooo romantic when I was a little girl ( ; I understand why “Ajooba” was not a success with audiences in general, but as a children’s movie it plays wonderfully.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh!
          Don’t worry about Lekin. It was my mistake to add it in the earlier list, which I got to know only when Dr Rajesh pointed out it to me. So I’m a sort of silly too. 😉
          Never thought of Ajooba as a children’s movie. Don’t know if the director had that too in mind! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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Songs Of Yore

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

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