Songs with a Surprise!

A few months back, I visited my cousin for a wedding. We had a lovely time and delightful memorable moments! All of us were enjoying the pre marriage functions and one day we started playing ‘Antakshari’. During the competition, I started singing, ‘Main Chali Main Chali’, before I could finish those four words, the opposite side reminded me that, I might kindly note that their team already had sung it. I remembered them singing the one from Shammi Kapoor’s movie, Professor. But I was quick enough to reply that, I’m singing another song from another movie, Padosan featuring Saira Bano. I fortunately remembered it in time and saved my team.

It was very interesting that the two unrelated songs should share the opening lines and the incidence got etched in my mind. The sharing of lines was just by chance and not on purpose. Obviously I was thrilled with the idea of having a post along same lines.

At first I could not remember a song, the more I stressed my memory, the least was the output. I let go of the thought, for a while! After my last post (the one on sea shore songs), the theme again sprung up in my mind, this time, thankfully, with a good number of songs. So let’s travel through this song list, I’ve compiled ten pairs of songs. Each pair has songs, that have same opening lines. They share the opening words just by chance. The lyrics are not identical on purpose.

I thought of some criteria and followed them while compiling the list

The words should be from the opening lines of the songs and not from the name, a song is popularly known by. This needs detailing. Let me give an example. There is a song, ‘Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega’ from Sangam. There also is a movie by the same name from year 2000 and the title song is popularly known by the words ‘Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega’. But the song opens with the words ‘Use Hasna Bhi Hoga’. So this pair doesn’t qualify.

The songs should share at least four words. I think four words are at least necessary to establish an identity of a song. There would be some songs with first three words common. I let those songs aside. So you won’t find, ‘Aankhon Aankhon Mein Kisike Baat Hui’ & ‘Aankhon Aankhon Mein Tujhko Bhulake’ or ‘Aankhon Aankhon Mein Baat Hone Do’

There are some songs inspired from a well known ghazal or a bhajan, let’s say by Ghalib or Meera Bai. Some films have their adapted versions, with hindi words instead of original language, maintaining the meaning intact. Some songs are based on traditional Thumari or a Bandish. Such songs share the opening line. But the songs are meant to share the line. And do not share it by chance. The opening line is purposely selected may be as it suits the situation, or it’s already a famous line and would make the song sound catchy and known. Many films have such adapted versions of Meerabai bhajans. These songs can’t be counted as two different songs. So ‘Mere To Giridhar Gopal’ from two different films or ‘Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat’ from two different films can’t be on the list. Nor there could be ‘Phool Gendwa Na Maro’ or ‘Inhi Logon Ne Le Lina’. The latter song is now considered a traditional Mujra, once (early decades of 1900s) very popular. These are some of the representative songs mentioned here as examples.

The songs should be from two different films. So the twin songs (दो पहलू वाले गीत, that obviously share the entire Mukhada) are not allowed. Let the pair be of two solos, or two duets or a solo and a duet.

I think I have put forth some reasonable criteria. Have you all started thinking about such songs? Wasn’t that a good mental exercise!

So let’s go, ten pairs of songs that share the opening lines by chance. The songs on my list are from pre-70s movies. But readers can add any pair that fits the criteria, from any film regardless of its release year.

1. Yeh To Kaho Kaun Ho Tum – Aashiq (1962) Mukesh & Chorus / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
He is wondering who she is, and how captivating she has been! The song actually speaks the dilemma, the character faces in the film. He’s attracted to Padmini who’s a dancer (and his fiancee’s sister) and his hope for creative satisfaction. Where as, his fiancee loves him a lot, but he is not much interested.
A dance number with Padmini and other dancers. I wasn’t aware of Nanda being a part of the film. RK is singing apparently for Padmini, but Nanda is also blushing.

Yeh To Kaho Kaun Ho Tum – Akeli Mat Jaiyo (1963) Lata Mangeshkar & Rafi / Madan Mohan – Majrooh
Ashiq was released in 1962, the next year saw a romantic song, being wasted in a film like Akeli Mat Jaiyo, where the lyrics were exactly repeated.
Though the song is melodious, the addition of English words seems unnecessary and obtrusive. Lata carries the song very well, but Rafi’s support with those words annoys me.

2. Ek Jhooti Si Tassali Woh Mujhe Deke Chale – Hulchul (1951) Lata Mangeshkar / Sajjad – Khumar Barabankavi
A song with deep anguish and it’s painful to listen to it mostly because of the soulful lyrics and partly because of the bad audio quality. But I couldn’t get a good one.

Ek Jhooti Si Tassali Woh Mujhe Deke Chale – Sheesham (1952) Mukesh / Roshan – Zia Sarhadi
I have no idea, how and why the entire mukhda was repeated in the song. But I think, this song is more popular than the former. Both the songs of course belong to sad mood. The verses are completely different.

3. Mere Pyar Mein Tujhe Kya Mila – Maan (1954) Lata Mangeshkar / Anil Biswas – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
A pair of songs with sad mood occupies this position. The first song emotes a lady’s feelings of despair, who thinks of herself as cruel and disloyal, and wonders what she gifted him? Just agony! So she asks him to forget her. She thinks of him as her God.

Mere Pyar Mein Tujhe Kya Mila – Suhagan (1964) Rafi / Madan Mohan – Hasrat Jaipuri
The second song from the pair emotes a gentleman’s emotions. Those who know the plot of the film, would not need any explanations. (for those who don’t, read the review on Dustedoff) Guru Dutt wonders what her wife got after marriage. He isn’t aware of his heart’s medical problem and that any physical strain (including having sex) could be fatal. Mala Sinha is not supposed to tell him the truth, yet is advised to stay away from it. The mental strain proves too much for her and she loses her peace of mind. But he considers himself responsible for that and even thinks himself unsuitable for living.

4. Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya – Mahal (1949) Lata Mangeshkar / Khemchand Prakash – Nakshab Jarchvi
Incidentally both the songs are picturised in a lake (at least in a part), with the singing character rowing the boat. Madhubala rowing the boat searching for Ashok Kumar, who’s she believes to be reincarnation of his love.
The songs of Mahal made Lata Mangeshkar popular among classes as well.

Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya – Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya (1966) Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur & Mukesh / Sonik Omi – G L Rawal
The film has a interesting story about two thick friends, ready to sacrifices everything for each other. Destiny forces them to face complicated twists, where fiancee of one of the friends also has to place her love at stake. Nutan is Rehman’s fiancee, who pretends to be Dharmendra’s girlfriend (they look alike) on Rehman’s request. Now listen and watch the song to understand the situation better.

5. Tera Khayal Dil Se Bhulaya Na Jayega – Dillagi (1947) Suraiya / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
Looking at the lyrics, no points for guessing, both songs are sad ones. Suraiya trying hard to forget about her love, but declares her inability to do so. One of the popular songs from the movie.

Tera Khayal Dil Se Bhulaya Na Ja Saka – Hatim Tai (1947) Arun Kumar / Arun Kumar – ??
Excuse me for the bad audio quality. But at least we’ve the audio. More of a ghazal like composition.

For a better audio, here’s the link for ‘Purani Filmon Ke Geet’ with the mentioned song, at number one position on the list.

6. Jo Hum Pe Guzarti Hai – Panna (1944) Rajkumari / Amir Ali -Wali Saheb
On this position, I’ve songs with contrasting moods. This song is in a romantic mood, where she talks about the state of her mind. She has sleepless nights and the days are spent thinking of him. She wonders how to convey her state to him? Nice expressions by Rajkumari.

Jo Hum Pe Guzarti Hai – Mohabbat Isko Kehte Hai (1966) Suman Kalyanpur / Khayyam – Majrooh
Nanda’s song however brings a different mood. The despair, the pain, all are expressed in the song quite deeply. She’s alone, he’s not within reach, she prays for him to come back at once. She’s waiting for the moment when they both would be together and she wouldn’t have to worry about being away.
And full marks to Suman Kalyanpur for excellent rendition.

7. Jate Ho To Jao – Khel (1950) Lata Mangeshkar / Sajjad – Saghar Nizami
The thread continues on the list. Two songs again have a contrast mood. The lady bids farewell to her beloved, and assures her survival with his sweet memories. She will go on in whatever way possible. But will never complain about her agony. If he wants to leave, let it be, she will manage with memories.

Jate Ho To Jao – Milap (1955) Geeta Dutt / N Datta – Sahir
From a depressing farewell to a delightful dance number, but conveyed with same opening lines. Though it sounds like a cabaret, actually it’s not. Geeta Bali trying to stop Dev Anand. Initially she comes with another mission, but soon falls for him. Her charm attracts him also.

8. Yeh Chand Yeh Sitare Yeh Saath – Halaku (1956) Lata Mangeshkar / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
One of the popular songs from the movie, with Meena Kumari looking very beautiful, even managing a few dance steps. She wants their love eternal as moon and stars. The influence of Arabic music is quite obvious.

Yeh Chand Yeh Sitare Yeh Raat – Lal e Yaman (1956) Asha Bhosle & Rafi / A R Qureshi – Kaif Irfani
The song was a new find for me, so was the movie, it belongs to. A soft melodious song, but having no specific feature of its own. Just a commonplace tune.

9. Ja Tose Nahin Bolun – Parivar (1956) Lata Mangeshkar & Manna Dey / Salil Choudhary – Shailendra
A beautiful classical based dance song, sung so very well by the singers. The song depicts the relationship between Radha and Krishna, former is angry and latter is trying to persuade her and finally coaxes her. A sweet melody with equally sweet and simple presentation.

Ja Tose Nahin Bolun – Samrat Chandragupt (1958) Lata Mangeshkar & Rafi / Kalyanji Virji Shah – Bharat Vyas
A romantic duet, from a historical film. She pretends anger towards him for watching her and wants her face veiled in ghoonghat. Bharat Vyas is clearly visible throughout the lyrics.

The last position is shared by a pair of songs with exactly similar expressions. Both the ladies in the song request the moon to go away at once. Even the soothing, soft moonlight burns their mind.

10. Ja Ja Re Chanda Teri Chandni – Albeli (1955) Lata Mangeshkar / Ravi – Ravi
The lady can’t enjoy the sparkling night without her beloved. Her attempts to bring him back have been futile and she is in deep agony.

Ja Ja Re Chanda Ja Re – Private Secretary (1962) Lata Mangeshkar / Dilip Dholakia – Prem Dhawan
The lady (Jayashree Gadkar) has own worries and doesn’t complain about her mate, in contrast to the earlier song. Every night she cries herself to sleep. She declares herself helpless.

Have you thought of a pair to add to the list?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image or song posted on the site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are from taken from YouTube and have been used here only for the music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the original owners.

64 Replies to “Songs with a Surprise!”

  1. Wow! This is such an unusual idea, and so well-executed. I would never have been able to think up ten pairs of songs to fit this theme, and you’ve done so brilliantly. As I went through your post, I kept thinking, “Arre, this song I know, but I didn’t know there was another song with the same opening words!” In one case, I’d actually seen both movies in question, and still didn’t remember. 😦

    Anyway, here’s another pair, both from movies that starred Shammi Kapoor.

    First, from Dil Deke Dekho, the very gentle and romantic Hum aur tum aur yeh samaa:

    And then, from College Girl, a song which I find very irritating because of that “lovely, lovely, lovely” in it (though the music itself isn’t bad):


    1. Thanks Madhuji!
      Thanks for the appreciation.
      And thanks for adding the songs, of course fit perfectly! I should have remembered the songs, as they share more than four words and I know both!
      So glad to see the songs there!
      I also find the College girl song irritating! And the one on my list, from Akeli Mat Jaiyo also irritates me a lot with that, ‘Yes My Darling!’

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Swanand, saw your active participation after a long time! and I’m glad for that.
      And about the songs shared by you,
      The purpose of the song list was to collect the songs sharing the names by coincidence. And not by selection.
      The mukhda of the song from Phir Hera Pheri might have been selected as it’s a popular song name from ‘Waqt’.

      About the second pair, as you haven’t shared the name of Kishore kumar’s song, I think you are referring to ‘Teri Duniya Se Hoke Majboor Chala’. It shares only three initial words with the Zabak song.

      So neither of the pairs fit the theme in my opinion.


  2. Keeping to his reputation, Anup has again come up with an innovative theme yet again!

    He does not make the parameters easy for himself, indicating that he really loves the work he is doing.
    At least half the songs I heard for the first time.

    And as usual, the commentary is equally lucid.
    Thoroughly enjoyable. Keep it up!


  3. Anup ji,
    An unusual theme… difficult to get the songs.
    I will surprise you with three songs starting with the same lines:
    1. Zindagi ke Safar mein akele the hum…
    Rafi, Shakeel Badayuni,Ravi.

    2. Zindagi ke Safar mein guzar jaati hai jo muqaam…
    AAP KI KASAM,1974.
    Kishore Kumar,Anand Bakshi,RDB.

    3. Zindagi ke Safar mein na jaane..
    Asha Bhonsle,Rafi; Yogesh; Hemant Bhonsle.


    1. You are spot on Pradeepji.
      Thanks for the songs. That really was a surprise!
      I like the one from Nartaki a lot, the other from Aap Ki Kasam is good too!
      The third I’m listening for the first time. But it’s also quite good.

      I’ve put the song links in your comment itself, so that the readers can enjoy the song there itself!
      Thanks a lot!


    1. Wow Pradeepji,
      Kya Baat Hai!
      This song was known to me as ‘Jao Ji Jao’, but the initial words are ‘Jaate Ho To Jao’. After those initial words, she never repeats those words again, and says,”Jao Ji Jao”
      So fits perfectly, though I don’t like it particularly!
      Thanks for adding it.


  4. Thanks for a very interesting and a unique theme.
    Here are 2 songs fitting the theme-
    1. Tera Jalwa Jisne Dekha | Lata Mangeshkar | Ujala | Shankar Jaikishan

    2.Tera jalwa jisne dekha wo deewaana ho gaya (Laila Majnu)(1945) Singers-S D Batish, Rafi, Lyrics-Tanveer Naqvi, MD-Pt Govindram


    1. Welcome back Siddharth!
      Seen you after a long time.
      And thanks for sharing the wonderful songs, of course fitting the theme.
      I heard the one from 1945, laila majnu for the first time, liked it a lot. One of the earlier songs of Rafi.


  5. Tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyad leke…
    CHOR BAZAR,1954
    Talat Mahmood, Shakeel Badayuni, Sardar Malik.

    Tere dar pe aaya hoon, kuch karke jalaoonga. .
    LAILA MAJNU,1976
    Rafi, Sahir Ludhianvi,Madan Mohan.


    1. Again a perfectly fitting pair Pradeepji!
      Actually, Tere Da Pe Aaya Hoon by Talat, firstly appeared in Laila Majnu (1953). It was composed by Sardar Malik, who composed for Chor Bazaar as well! Both the films had Shammi Kapoor in main lead and the song with its video was included ditto in Chor Bazaar.
      The one from Laila Majnu- 1976 is good too!
      Thanks for adding the pair.


  6. Hats off to u sir 💐💐👏🏻👏🏻
    U getting better and better
    Such a pleasant writer you have turned into
    No reader will be bored I guarantee
    Nice one again 👍🏻👍🏻
    Saira banu ka ek gana hota to atcha tha as she is my fav


  7. Anup ji, commendable idea of selecting pair of songs with first 4 words being common. There are not many.
    I have a pair of songs to fit into your criterion.
    Both are by Lataji.
    First one is Mane na mane na from madam xyz with music by Chitagupt and second is from Jagir with music by Madan Mohan.
    Both are classical based songs and hope that all will like them.


    1. Thanks for the praise Mohanji!
      The songs mentioned by you fit the bill perfectly!
      Let me add the links, here

      Mane Na Mane Na Manmohan from Madame XYZ

      Mane Na Mane Na Hay Balam from Jagir

      Thanks for adding these songs. I thought there won’t be much songs, but all the readers are really searching and posting songs sincerely.
      I’m grateful and thankful to all.

      And, here’s a surprise from my side,
      one more
      ‘Mane Na Mane Na’ from Savera (1958) by Geeta Dutt/ Shailesh-Prem Dhawan

      I hope all will like this one too.


    1. Thanks for the appreciation AKji.
      Initially I thought that this category might have a less number of songs. But actually there are a number of songs fitting it.

      And thanks for sharing the link for Ashokji’s post on your blog.
      I went through it, it was very interesting I must say!

      But I won’t call it a same theme, as his is a version song list based on classical traditional songs, bhajans etc. Whereas such songs were excluded from my list, as I have mentioned in my criteria for selecting the pairs of songs.
      The songs on my list just share the Mukhda by coincidence, Just by chance! where as it is obviously shared in version songs.

      Thanks again for visiting AKji.


    2. Later on, I had carried on this theme further in Gujarati as well. In that process I have had occasion to collect a few songs on this theme. I had actually had applied no filters in the selection of the songs, so my catch was, rather, bulky.

      Here is one song and its surprising pair, that should be of interest:

      Ghir Ghir Aaye Badarwa – Hamlet 1954 – Mohammad Rafi, Jagmohan Baxi – Music – Ramesh Naidu

      Ghir Ghir Aaye Badarwa Kare – Dak Babu 1954 – Talat Mahmood, Mubarak Begum – Music Dhaniram


      1. Yes, Ashokji,
        The songs fit perfectly. The first one from Hamlet was a new introduction, but the Dak Babu song was known to me!
        And, I went through your post as well, Akji mentioned the link in his comments.
        But, I listened to the Dak babu song after a long time, and I wonder, it reminds me of another song, the tune has been used in some other song as well! But I failed to recollect it. Do you remember the song Ashokji?


        1. Yes, the tune does sound very familiar.
          I am not able to recollect any of S N Tripathi tunes on a similar scale.
          May be it is the effect of the song being based on a Malahar based classical raags.


  8. I found one more pair of songs which fits your criterion of first 4 words being common.
    Ja ja Re ja Sajana by Lata in Adalat, music by Madan Mohan and the second one , again by Lata, Ja ja re ja balamawa from Basant Bahar with music by Shankar Jaikishan.
    Both are classical rags based songs.
    First one is sung by Asha Bhosle also in a different mood.


    1. Yes,
      The songs do fit!
      Thanks a lot Mohanji.
      I was aware of both of the songs, so the pair should have been on the list.
      Here are the vidoes

      Adalat- Ja Ja Re Ja Sajna

      Basant Bahar – Ja Ja Re Ja Balamwa


  9. Here is one more pair of songs that is quite unique:
    Grajat Barsat Bhijat Aayee Lo 9 Malhar (1951) – Roshan – Indeevar

    These wvery bol were used in Barsat Ki Raat, except Bhijat is changed to Sawan.

    Bot the songs have been used as credit title songs. However, it is the second one which was more popular than the former one.


  10. This is a real surprise.
    Mere Sapno ki Rani Roohi Roohi Roohi…
    KL Saigal,Mohammad Rafi and chorus; Majrooh Sultanpuri, Naushad.

    Mere Sapno ki Rani re…
    Mukhesh,Pt Narendra Sharma,Anil Biswas.

    Mere Sapno ki Rani kab aayegi tu..
    Kishore Kumar,AB,SDB.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh!
      Now it seems so obvious and straight forward, but of course, I didn’t think of it, while compiling the list.
      So thoughtful of you to add those songs. I’m not aware of the Veena song.
      Here are the songs,

      Veena song by Mukesh

      And of course, Aradhana

      Thanks a lot for increasing the list still further. I feels so good when someone like you keeps the thread on, and remembers the theme for so long.


      1. One more time
        “मेरे सपनो की रानी ”
        It is sung by Rafi , picturised on Shammi Kapoor , from the movie “जवाँ मुहब्बत ”
        “मेरे सपनों की रानी ,
        तुम नहीं हो , तुम नहीं हो
        तुम नहीं हो ”


        1. Oh Yes!
          One more song to make it the fourth in a row to share the lyrics. Thank you Pramod ji!
          I haven’t heard it before, it’s not a great one, but sounds ok.
          I think, it’s by S J in post 70s.
          It sounds like that at least.


  11. Main toh arti uharoon RadheShyam ki re..
    Leela Chitnis,Kavi Pradeep & chorus.
    Kavi Pradeep, Saraswati Devi.

    Mai toh aarti utharoon re Santhoshi Mata ki…
    Usha Mangeshkar & chorus.
    Kavi Pradeep,C Arjun.
    ( 37 years apart,Kavi Pradeep is a part of both the songs!)


    1. Hats off to you Pradeep ji!
      How do you remember these songs?
      The Kangan song was a new intro to me. I havent heard it before.
      Jai Santoshi Maa song is well known of course.
      It’s so kind of you and you are so enthusiastic! Really! It’s wonderful….
      Let me add the link for the Kangan song.



  12. Innovative Anup.. I would not have come up with more than two. Dr. Shetty is amazing he has added so many more.


  13. Two Rafi songs from the year 1965.

    Aise toh na dekho ke humko nasha ho jaaye..

    Aise toh na dekho ke behak jaaye kahin hum


  14. Anup ji,
    I have noticed people addressing you as Doctor. Which speciality are you and where are you working?
    I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon working near Mangalore, Karnataka.
    Please share your phone number by mail.


  15. Baat chalat nayi chunri rang daari..
    LADKI, 1953.
    Geeta Dutt, Rajinder Krishen, R Sudarshan/ Dhaniram.

    RANI ROOPMATI, 1957.
    Mohamed Rafi, Krishna Rao Chonkar, Bharat Vyas, S N Tripathi.


    1. Thanks for sharing the songs Pradeepji!
      But I think this is a traditional classical song, or based on such a song and shares the lyrics obviously.
      My second criteria was not to include songs based on traditional bandish or thumri or similar classical song. There I had given an example of ‘Inhi Logon Ne’.
      So I think, I should not include the pair.


  16. Anup ji , Namaste .
    ” Songs with a surprise ” – the theme itself is a surprise … What a research !!!
    Nd as many of the readers hav mentioned , I too , didn’t know that some of the songs had their जुडवा songs !
    As usual , Dr . Pradipkumar Shetty has played a class inning.
    Dr . Shetty Saheb , do U remember who suggested U to read this blog … ??!!!
    In case of a song , U hav posted 3 versions , let me giv U its fourth one also..
    Or let me post it there only …
    Well , I m toooooooooo late to giv comment on this post … Nd feel sorry for that.
    Thnx a lot Anup ji for such a हटके theme.


  17. Pramod Godbole ji,
    Of course, I remember who suggested to read this blog and thank you for the same.

    Anup ji,
    The iconic Mukhesh song from AWARA, 1951
    Hum tujhse mohabbat karke Sanam rote bhi rahe , haste bhi rahe…
    Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan.

    Mukesh again in WAHAN KE LOG, 1967.
    Hum tujhse mohabbat karke Sanam duniya ka fasana bhool gaye…
    Shakeel Badayuni, C Ramchandra.

    Interestingly, WKL has another song sharing it’s first four words of a SJ song.
    Tum kitni khoobsurat ho…

    WAHAN KE LOG, 1967.
    Mahinder Kapoor, SB, CR.

    Kishore Kumar, HJ ( ? Neeraj ..I am not sure because the movie had two lyricists), SJ.

    The second song starts with la la la…I don’t think that should disqualify it for this.


    1. Yes,
      The first pair fits perfectly!

      Hum Tujhse Mohhobat Karke from Aawara

      Hum Tujhse Mohhobat Karke from Waham ke log

      I wasn’t aware of both the songs from Wahan Ke Log, Thanks for introducing.

      Tum Kitani Khubsoorat Ho

      Tum Kitni Khubsoorat Ho from ‘Jungle Mein Mangal

      I’m really amazed, you still continue to add songs to the few months old theme.


  18. 1…….Kabhi kabhi mere dil khoob maza aata hai…

    MISS COCA COLA, 1955.
    Asha Bhonsle, Majrooh Sultanpuri, O P Nayyar.

    Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein

    KABHI KABHI, 1976.

    Mukhesh/ Mukhesh,Lata; Sahir Ludhianvi, Khayyam.

    2….. Pyar kiya nahin jaata ho jaata hai meri Jaan..

    BARKHA, 1959.
    Rafi, Rajinder Krishen, Chitragupta.
    ( Yes, the movie with the two famous duets of Lata…
    Ek raat mein do do Chand khile_ Mukhesh.
    Woh door jo nadiya behti hai_ Rafi)

    Pyar kiya nahin jaata ho jaata hai
    Dil diya nahin jaata kho jaata hai

    WOH SAAT DIN, 1983.
    Shabbir Kumar,Lata; AB,LP.


    1. Oh!
      Thank you Pradeepji for the songs.
      I am yet to listen to the second pair. I wasn’t aware of the Barkha song.
      Added the links in your comment itself. Listeners can just click the song name and video will open in a new window.


  19. Resp. Dr. Anupji,
    Good evening. I am truely amazed, impressed, ovrjoyed, and, most of all, deeply flbbergasted, by so many different ideas to prepare a wide variey of presentations, posts, and then work truely hard to realise them in existence. I really fall short to assess, and assauge the hard work put in by you to prepare one such post, make it extremely informative, deeply enjoyable, and soul satifying. ‘N’ number of words also are inadequate and insufficient to pay a just, n befitting tribute to you .
    May I add? That your such sincere efforts are richly fortified by contributions by such knowledgeble supporters, and colleagues like, Dr. Pratap, N Venkatramanji, Madhuji, with endless list of extremely helpful supporters, the post in bound to be, wholeheartedly well accepted, and appreciated.
    I have become an addict of reading your blogs, particularly, before I go to sleep. I, then enjoy a sound sleep.
    I can not thank you , enough, nor can I express all my feelings totally, as I just don’t have adequte and appropriate words for the same.
    However, please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for such quality n creative work you come up with, with impressive regularity.
    Deepak Desai.


    1. Oh!
      That’s such a beautiful comment! It’s so overwhelming!
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation Deepak ji.
      I’m touched.
      I hope I will fulfill the expectations of all the readers.
      Thank you again for the heart touching comment.


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A Mixed Bag

Science, Literature, Sports n more ............

Evergreen Indian film music

Great film music and great music directors

Rekha's Sousaphone

"Geet, beet, bajao baaja!"


The spice of life

Songs Of Yore

A Journey Through Golden Era Of Hindi Film Music

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