दास्तान- ए – हाल – ए -दिल

It seems, this month I would get more opportunities for theme based song lists. And obviously I find it more interesting!
I find the phrase ‘Haal e Dil’ enthralling. It’s usually reserved for sad and soulful songs, though sometimes, songs are happy, romantic as well.
It’s actually nothing but what a person feels on a particular occasion. But Urdu words always add a particular glamour to an ordinary term. We look at the Urdu word with a sort of dreamy attitude, which helps illuminate the term further.
Most of the occasions find the word woven in a soulful melody, and the anguish or agitation of the character resurfaces to express itself in a song. And come to think of it, it would sound ironic that a person singing in a dilemma, ‘how should I express my feelings’? (कैसे बयाँ करू हाल ए दिल?) actually sings a song with two or three stanzas! and still claims his (or her) failure to express his feelings. There could be faint expressions of remorse or resentment in the song.
On the other hand, we come across some romantic songs of haal e dil, where the concerned person openly confesses his feelings for his mate. While it’s a verbal phenomenon, a few may express haal e dil with the eyes, instead! These आँखों के इशारे (which are called ‘नेत्रपल्लवी’ in Marathi), often speak for a person without saying a word!

Enough of my ‘haal e dil’! Let’s pay attention to today’s song list. As usual the songs are from pre70s films and are in No particular order.

1. Haal e Dil Unko Sunana Tha – Fariyad (1964) Suman Kalyanpur / Snehal Bhatkar – Kedar Sharma
This song resurfaced in my mind, when I thought of the theme. It was obvious enough for me and it found first place on the list. It’s appreciated for the lyrics and Suman Kalyanpur’s flawless rendition. Kedar Sharma has penned the tender feelings of a woman, who falls for a man, but fails to express her love.The echo effect in the song sounds unnecessary to me and distracting from enjoying it at the fullest.
The vacant face of the actress, however fails to convey anything that is expressed in the song.

2. Haal e Dil Yun Unhe Sunaya Gaya – Jahan Ara (1964) Lata Mangeshkar / Madan Mohan – Rajendra Krishna
Talking about expressing the feelings with eyes, the song says just the same, ‘आँख ही को जुबा बनाया गया’.
It was again obvious to think of the song, as a follower to the previous one. I don’t want to compare and choose the best between the two, but still I can’t help feeling incomplete in the Jahan Ara song, despite the impressive lyrics, tune and sweetness and expressions being perfect. You don’t feel satisfied with it.

3. Humen Haal e Dil Tumse Kehna Hai – Choubees Ghante (1958) Asha Bhosle & Talat / Bipin Babul – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
What a delightful song it is! The couple wants to be with each other forever and they’re ready to oblige the other by doing so. A good example of a pleasant expression of ‘haal e dil’. It’s one of my favourite romantic duets.
I’m not very fond of Prem Nath, and can’t think of him as a good natured, caring, loving hero. Something in his facial expressions makes him a ‘bad guy’ on screen. But Shakila looks pretty and her expressions are apt too!

4. Haal e Dil Hamara Jane Na Bewafa – Shriman Satyawadi (1960) Mukesh / Dattaram – Hasrat Jaipuri
Raj Kapoor had a screen image of naif man. He used to have an introductory song to establish the image or highlight the image. This song is just it! to portray the philosophy of the character.
The straight forward man lives with his simple ideology, go on with your work honestly, keep your spirits high, don’t be pessimistic about the failures. If one has this kind of ‘haal e dil’, he’s sure to succeed.

5. Sunaye Haal e Dil Kya Hum Hamara – Madmast (1953) Lata Mangeshkar / V Balsara – Madhukar Rajasthani
Whom should one complain about one’s destiny? Unfortunate events turn our lives upside down. Happy days seem like a dream, it’s like the clouds shower fire than soothing rains and destroy a belvedere. The expressions of soreness are too touchy. The futility in Lata’s voice appears so real that the song makes us tearful.
One of the rarely heard songs, by V Balsara, a forgotten composer.

6. Hum Haal e Dil Sunayenge – Madhumati (1958) Mubarak Begum / Salil Choudhary – Shailendra
The opening lines are so wonderful, the comparison between the minds of the two. One can never be brutal, other can never be sensitive. Still she wants to express her feelings and doesn’t care if the other pays attention or not!
Shailendra’s deep thoughts woven in the song are thought provoking. One of the verses, ‘रहेगा इश्क़ तेरा ख़ाक में मिला के मुझे’ was used again in Teesri Kasam as opening lines for the song, ‘Aa Aa Bhi Ja’.
The song makes a brief appearance in the movie, where Dilip Kumar interrupts the dancer’s performance by suddenly butting in.

Let’s watch the brief video song in the movie,

7. Ab Haal e Dil Ya – Ek Thi Ladki (1949) Lata Mangeshkar & Rafi / Vinod – Aziz Kashmiri
From the soulful songs, to the romantic song. The meeting of eyes has profound effects on the couple. And by saying, “don’t ask me about it”, they are provoking each other to tell the tale of their haal e dil.
Can’t think of Motilal as a young romantic hero with that receding hairline, and a totally contrasting bubbly Meena Shorey looks too young for him.

8. Woh Puchhate Rahe, Hum Haal e Dil Suna Na Sake – Aap Beeti (1948) Rajkumari / Hari Bhai – G S Nepali
A song of pathos, rendered effectively by Rajkumari. She regrets the fact that she could not express her emotions to him, even after his repeated probing.
She counts herself among those, who fall in love but never dare to confess. The remorse in her voice suggests her fear she won’t ever get an opportunity again.

9. Haal E Dil Apna Suna Lu – Patal Pari (1957) Asha Bhosle / S Mohinder – Tanveer Naqvi
In an obscure film, with Jairaj and Shakila, S Mohinder composed such a lovely song! Her pleas to stay back are quite adorable and cute. She would convey her tender emotions for him, if he waits there for a while.
Asha’s sweet, honey dipped voice, along with a catchy tune and good lyrics makes it a perfect song. I heard it for the first time, but it impressed me.

10. Zara Thehro Main Haal e Dil – Inaam (1955) Suraiya / S N Tripathi – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
The lady wants her mate to spare her a bit of time, so as to let out her emotions once for all. This is her last meeting, and she wants to cut all the ties with him, though with heavy heart.
A very rare combination of Suraiya and S N Tripathi.

And I couldn’t resist myself to add this one, as a bonus track

§§ Sunaun Haal e Dil Kaise – Andhon Ki Duniya (1947) Zohrabai Ambalewali / Vasant Desai – Deewan Sharar §§
A song representing the vintage era, the typical style of orchestration and interludes unmistakably 40s. The lady wonders what exactly happened to her? Her heart is the same, but still she feels a difference! She’s confused about her ‘haal e dil’.
The raw quality of Zohrabai’s voice impressed me no end. At higher notes, it sort of breaks, still sounds good, at least for me.

Would you express your ‘haal e dil’?

Disclaimer –
Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image or song posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are from YouTube and have been used here only for the music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners.

28 Replies to “दास्तान- ए – हाल – ए -दिल”

  1. HEER RANJHA,1970
    Rafi, Kaifi Azmi, Madan Mohan

    Ye duniya ye mehfil
    Mere kaam ki nahin…

    Kisko sunaye haal e dil bekaraar ka..


  2. Haale dil mai kya kahun mushkil hai mere samne in Uran Khatola. One of the best songs of Lata you have missed. In your list.
    Otherwise everything is fine.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Welcome Mohanji to Mehfil!
      The Udan Khatola song was there on my longlist, but I dropped it later. For me other songs scored a little more. I always try to limit my song lists to ten songs, occasionally I have crossed the limit! I liked the song by Zohrabai so much that I selected it as a bonus track. What a different quality of voice she had! That raw voice sounds so amazing! I completely adored it.

      Udan khatola song is a wonderful song of course.
      Nice to see the song in the comments section, I take the opportunity to add its video. Haal E Dil Main Kya Kahoon


    Two versions: Lata Mangeshkar/ Bhupinder Singh.
    Amit Mohile, Khayyam.

    Dil aakhir dil hai
    Kisko sunaye haal e dil,haal e dil…


    1. Thanks Dr Pradeepji for adding this soulful song, it was a new introduction for me! It’s a god song
      It has two versions in the movie, it seems, the longer one is Lata’s version & Bhupendra’s version is shorter one in the movie.

      Here’s Lata’s version, I liked it a lot. What meaningful lyrics it has! Of course Khayyam always looked for quality lyrics only throughout his career. So It’s obvious that, the song should have good lyrics.
      Dil Akhir Dil Hai, Kisko Sunaye Haal E Dil……………..


  4. Anup,
    This is such a nice post and so many of great favourites. Thanks a lot. I was very happy to see my two top favourites at #1 and #2. The first song that came to my mind was from ‘Udankhatola’ – Haal-e-dil main kya kahun. But it has already been posted.


    1. Thank you AKji for the appreciation!
      I think the top two songs for this post would be the same for majority of the readers.
      I wanted to ask you, If there is any specific word for these kind words in Urdu?
      I mean the words with ‘E’ in the middle! Like Deedar E Yaar or Haal E Dil etc. Is it known by a specific phrase in Urdu?
      Is it similar to Figures of speech in English?


      1. Anup,
        Interesting question. I would have to ask some experts of Urdu language. Such words do have a name in Hindi/Sanskrit grammar – you might remember समास. These words are mostly षष्ठी तत्पुरुष.


        1. Thank you AKji for responding.
          Of course I know, षष्ठी तत्पुरुष.
          But I was interested if that has a Urdu name?
          In fact I was planning a song list with these kind of Urdu words (words with e in the middle) in the mukhda.
          Not a very brilliant idea, I guess. But interesting and funny.
          That’s why I was interested.


  5. Great list, and two of my favourites – Humein haal-e-dil tumse kehna hai and Haal-e-dil hamaara jaane na – featured on it, so I’m very happy. 🙂

    Though it doesn’t qualify (since haal-e-dil only appears in the middle of the song), may I just mention Phir tumhaari yaad aayi ae sanam from Rustom Sohrab? What stands out here is that the couplet in question (Haal-e-dil yaar ko likhoon kaise, haath dil se judaa nahin hota) is a slight variation of a couplet written originally by the Urdu poet Momin Khan ‘Momin’.


    1. Thank you Madhuji! Glad you liked the list!
      The first five or six songs are the ones that came to my mind, when I had thought of the post. Humen Haal E Dil is a wonderful song and I liked it from the first day I herad it.

      “Haal-e-dil yaar ko likhoon kaise, haath dil se judaa nahin hota”
      I had no idea about the couplet being originally written by someone else! Good lines!
      AND, the same question to you too, (I’ve asked AKji )
      I wanted to ask, If there is any specific word for these kind words in Urdu?
      I mean the words with ‘E’ in the middle! Like Deedar E Yaar or Haal E Dil etc. Is it known by a specific phrase in Urdu?
      Is it similar to Figures of speech in English?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Anup ji ,
    आप का ” हाल ए दिल ” पढने और सुनने के बाद मेरा ” हाल ए दिल ” क्या बयाँ करुँ ?!!!
    बहोत खूब !
    Very nice post
    I was familiar with song no.1 2 4 nd 6 only ( + dil aakhir dil hai )

    Thnx for all other new ones.
    Besides this , I liked the narration about song no . 5
    Anup ji , thnx .


  7. Anup thanks to you I discovered this OPN Rafi song from unreleased movie Jawani Ki Reet kisi se haal e dil apna

    BTW nice theme good selection


    1. Oh!
      You are welcome Ashrafji!
      Isi bahane I also got to hear this song, which I haven’t heard before. And please go through the earlier posts as well, if you get time.
      And Thank you for appreciating the theme.


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