Lata sings for Chitragupt

In my post on music director Chitragupt in November, I mentioned about his charismatic and majestic musical association with Lata Mangeshkar. The duo has created
wonderful master pieces in a magical way. The list of Lata’s solos with Chitragupt is endless and for me, the gems are among the sweetest songs of Lata Mangeshkar.
Today on the occasion of Chitragupt’s death anniversary, I am presenting my ten favourite Lata solos with him.
The songs are so magical that I think Lata Mangeshkar used to bring all the sweetness and softness in her voice for his songs. Her voice in majority of the songs appears
completely different and more modulated (as per the situation). She has sung all types of songs, from romantic to bhajans, from sad songs to lori songs. I have tried today to incorporate songs of all the types.

Lata-Chitragupt (2)
Their association started with the film, Shiv Bhakta (1955) which was a mythological movie under AVM productions. Here she sang ‘Kahan Jake Ye Naina Lade‘ & ‘Kailash Nath Prabhu Avinashi‘ and few other songs under his music direction. The latter song had a beautiful dance, performed by Padmini & it became popular. This was a turning point in Chitragupt’s career as he got his first big social film Bhabhi (under the same AVM productions) due to success of the songs.
From this point on wards, the duo created a number of musical wonders for more than a decade, which find place in the hearts of people till now. This unforgettable association is cherished in people’s memory in the form of those melodious songs.

Chitragupt was a really talented music director, though always underrated and neglected due to his association with low budget & action-stunt movies.
But never the less the songs are always ‘A’ grade with great melody, simplicity and sweetness. He was at home for classical songs as well as for western music oriented songs. He composed a Bhajan & a Mujara song with equal devotion, simplicity & ease. His catchy tunes used to become popular, and Lata’s contribution to this success is in equal share. The list of songs is comparable to any top rated music director of that era.
Lata sang for social as well as stunt movies under his music direction. So majority of the heroines got opportunity of having Lata’s playback.
Let’s start the journey with one of my most favourite songs …………..

1. Muskurao Ke Jee Nahin Lagta – Kangan (1959) / Lyrics – Rajendra Krishna
For a die hard fan like me, this song is a wonderful example of the association. The film had Ashok Kumar & Nirupa Roy in the lead & the song is picturised on the both.
This song is absolutely magical with a mesmerizing interlude music. The video song has only two stanzas, where as the original audio track has three. So far I haven’t come
across a good audio quality track.

2. Dil Ka Diya Jala Ke Gaya – Aakashdeep (1965) / Lyrics – Majrooh
This is one of the examples of the absolute gems being wasted for an average film. Lata’s rendition is absolutely flawless. Listen to the whisper like opening words of the
song, followed by a similar kind of softly hummed silken voice. The interlude music is my one of the most favourite interludes of Hindi film songs. It creates such a cheerful
atmosphere. Oh! I am speechless! Better listen to it yourself & decide.

3. Tie Lagake Mana Ban Gaye – Bhabhi (1957) / Lyrics – Rajendra Krishna
This film transformed Chitragupt’s career. Up till now he was typecast for stunt-action movies, costume dramas and other low budget films. But he took full advantage of this golden opportunity and came out with a basket full of melodious song for his first big budget social film. Lata sang three solos and two duets for him, all masterpieces! Even after sixty years, the songs appear as fresh as a soft breeze. This is picturised on Nanda and Jagdeep and she is teasing him, calling him a fool, to be a zero in his education. She advises him to borrow intelligence from somewhere! Let him be a hero wearing a smart tie, his intelligence and sharpness would always be zero. A cheerful song.

4. Balma Mane Na- Opera House (1962) / Lyrics – Majrooh
B Saroja Devi’s dance is the highlight of this song. I had thought of Padmini, when I first saw this song! You can see in the video below, she looks like her. Her talent gets underlined in this Maalkans raag based song. Excellent rendition by Lata. The song describes how he is torturing her by holding her hand when she is alone and helpless. She is of course pretending to be angry, she is telling her tale to the audience as if she is adoring him.

5. Deewane Tum Deewane Hum – Bezubaan (1962) / Lyrics – Prem Dhawan
A gem from an obscure film. The opening music creats a romantic atmosphere, the begining of antara changes the rhythm to that of Tabla and at the end again it turns into Waltz like rhythm. Listen to the last line of each Antara, it has been sung with such a energy still appearing smooth & romantic and the rhythm changes smoothly
to a western one! Such a wonderful orchestration. The on screen pair is Helen and Aroopkumar, about whom I heard for the first time. Helen rocks as usual!

6. Chanda Loriyan Sunaye – Naya Sansaar (1959) / Lyrics – Prem Dhawan
A very well composed & sung lori again from a less known film. This is surely one of the best lullaby songs bt Lata. Her voice exudes motherly love & care for her child. Of course, when we have Prem Dhawan, the composition can never fail! The dreams of a mother goes even up to the marriage of her little boy. A must hear song for Lata fans.

7. Jadu Bhari Yeh Chandani – Madame X Y Z (1959) / Lyrics – Prem Dhawan
Yet another romantic gem from an obscure film. The song opens with a guitar ( I think So!) piece followed by mouth organ, which we find being used again in the interlude.
I wish this song had endless stanzas that keep on playing for an endless night. It’s full of romance and fit for a date on a full moon night with your mate.

8. Zulfein Ulajhi Hai – Burma Road (1962) / Lyrics – Majrooh
This time we have Lata in a sensuous mood. She hasn’t sung many of such songs. But nevertheless, she hits the target on the spot. What a rendition!
Here again we find a similar scenario of Indian & western styles fused together, the latter being used for opening & interlude music. The rhythm again shifts to Tabla in antara.
This also happens to be one of my favourite songs picturised on Kumkum. Her expressions with the help of Lata’s voice show very well the lust & the desire.

9. Jai Jai Hey Jagdambe Mata – (with chorus) Ganga Ki Leheren (1964) / Lyrics – Majrooh
A devotional song this time. Again we have Kumkum to lip sync to this song. He is at home for bhajan songs as well. Lata’s voice sounds as sacred as the God himself. The song describes the Goddess as the ultimate power that rules the world, and her being there to help her devotees find the right path. The supporting chorus adds to the depth of the composition. Both the actresses are singing in Lata’s voice in same song. The other actress in unknown to me.

10. Na To Dard Gaya- Kali Topi Laal Rumal (1959) / Lyrics – Majrooh
The film is more famous for ‘Daga Daga Wai Wai Wai’ picturised on Kumkum. But I chose this one, as for me, this is one of the best sad songs she sang for Chitragupt. It is pictrused on tearful Shakila who looks as gorgeous as ever. She is miserable after her love disappears, and she can’t find him anywhere. She has been to temples & mosques to pray for him, she has visited each and every corner of her village, she has tried everything she could to find him. But Alas! It’s like, he has disappeared into thin air. Lata’s voice does full justice to Majrooh’s poignant lyrics.


Bonus Track

Tujhe Iski Khabar Kya – Baghi(1964) / Lyrics – Hasrat Jaipuri

I finally found at least the audio of the song. It’s a very good Mujra song sung excellently by Lata Mangeshkar. Perhaps it’s Chitragupt’s only muslim social movie. (edited on 21/04/2020)

Do you want a song to the list?

Disclaimer –

Mehfil Mein Meri, claims no credit for any image, screenshots or songs posted on this site. Images on this blog are posted to make the text interesting. The images and screenshots are the copyright of their original owners. The song links are shared from YouTube, only for the listening convenience of music lovers. The copyright of these songs rests with the respective owners, producers and music companies.

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  1. Chitragupt belongs to the golden era of Hindi films and his contribution is much more than what is remembered. He has extracted extra sweetness from Lata’s voice and together they have created memorable melodies.


  2. अनुप , तू पोस्ट केलेली गाणी जेवढी श्रवणीय आहेत
    तेवढेच त्यांचे रसग्रहणही वाचनीय आहे .


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